Chapter 3: (v.3) From the Stage

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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"Come on!" Tuk was pulling me still through the crowd of people and the field rushing towards the stage. 

"What are you doing!" I was trying to keep up with him dragging me he was quick!

I was practically out of breath when we came to a small platform on the side of the stage. 

"You're with the band now, it's time to do your homework," he took his laminate from around his neck and placed it around my neck.  This man.....he smiled at me.  I think I was blushing at this point.  

"Don't go anywhere, stay here," he said. And with that he took off around the stage behind some curtains.  

I definitely felt out of place right now.  What the hell was he doing and why was I standing practically on the stage.  That joker still had my phone.  Damnit. 

A few moments later I was standing still looking like an idiot watching everyone moving equipment around and all the noise was overwhelming.  I guess the crowd knew who was coming on stage next.  Righhhhht, oh my gosh.....

I stood there and watched as the bass player and guitar player put their equipment on and the drummer take his place. They all messed around with sounds. 
Where is Tuk?

"Ladies and gentlemen.....Tuk!" Was announced over the speakers and the crowd went wild.  

Holy hell....

He walked across the stage with a guitar strapped to him, he had since changed clothes in those five minutes.  He was now wearing black jeans, black boots a black shirt with a denim vest and some heavy jewelery around his neck. He had since lost the sunglasses and I could see his arms heavily covered in bright ink.  

"Yall ready to rock!?" He yelled. I was definitely smiling hard now. 
They began with a heavy rock song and the crowd was feeling them.  I can't believe I've never heard this. He was amazing. 

"Okay, so this next song ... is for my friend Renee, she's over there hiding on the side of the stage now.  Anyway, she lost her phone so if anyone finds a phone with some hot pink glitter shit on it...". He was definitely a crowd favorite.  They loved him. I'm gonna kill him.  

They began playing again.  This was not how my day was suppose to go.  Just then a cute girl with wild blue hair stood beside me. "Renee?" She asked.  

I just nodded at her.  "Steph-" she shook my hand.  "The drummer is my brother," 

"Oh it's nice to meet you," 

"He didn't mention you were coming," she said trying to start a conversation.  It was kinda hard to hear over the speakers with loud guitars.

"Yeah, this wasn't planned, I just met him!" I laughed.

"He's harmless, they all are they are all like my brothers, best group of guys ." She assured me.  

We stood watching them rock out.  I'm definitely a fan now.  The drummer was trying to get her attention to come over while she was rocking out beside me.  "Be right back," she ran to the drum kit while he steady beat the drums and he was trying to tell her something.  He was hot, they all were but I was doing my homework on Tuk as ordered.  




Submitted: May 24, 2023

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