Chapter 1: Welcome to Rockville

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Today turned to shit fast.  Today was my day off from working at the local bar I managed.  But, my dumbass of a brother needed my help.  He worked at the local radio station that was planned to be working a booth at Rockville for the weekend and today of all days he's tested positive for the virus and can't come.  So, of all things he calls me begging for help since he paid a fee to to have a booth to interview some rockstars before or after they hit the stage this weekend.  

"What the hell, Nick? Can't you use one of the other DJs, who are actually qualified to do interviews?"  

"All you have to do is go sit at the booth, check in the artist as they come for the interview time slot, I'm trying to get Starr to fill in for me, but I still need someone else there the whole time.  The booth can't be vacant," he was begging. Of course I would help him. 

I had planned myself to go to Rockville myself to enjoy the bands. But now, if I was doing his booth I wouldn't get to see the bands.  

"You owe me so much, if you weren't on your death bed I'd already threaten to kill you," 


"You are the best baby sister ever.  Come by my house I'll have everthing waiting for you outside.  You will need my laminate to get in and such and then I have the schedule of which artist is suppose to stop by when.  Just check them in.  I'm gonna keep trying to get a hold of Starr," he assured me.


"And if precious Starr doesn't show up?  What then?"

"You know how it works.  This will be your chance to finally ask Synyster Gates if he'll leave his wife for you," he tried to joke. 

"Is he on the list?!" I suddenly squealed like a fan girl. 

"I don't think he is, but there's a few other guys you can be a groupie with," 

"Ugh you're an ass you know this,"

"get your ass up and get moving check in is at 10 am" 

I hung up with my brother and decided to still wear what I had planned to wear to the festival. Dark denim cut offs, white low converse, and a black T shirt.  I had long brown wavy hair so that was definitely going up being out in the sun all day. 


I checked in explaining that I was covering Nicks radio station booth and the security directed me to a white tent with a table and a few chairs.  

Damnit.  I wanted to be on the front row rocking out not meeting the boring bands since he obviously didn't have the big guys on his schedule. 

I text Nick explaining how this was going. He decided to FaceTime me. 

"You're an asshole, this sucks no one is here." I set the phone on the table while digging through the box of things he sent with me.  T shirts, cups, posters to hang on the tent and table.  

"I know Starr isn't going so you're gonna be on your own," I did feel bad he was sick and missing out.  "I owe you big time!" 

"yeah yeah," I was trying to hang some things around the tent and make it look presentable there were also some string lights so I hung them as well. 

"Look at the schedule there should be about 5 guests coming to the booth each hour, just ask some questions about being at the festival and such, you know how this works,"

"I'm not doing shit unless I can interview Syn, which when they come on stage I'm leaving this booth vacant just so you know," I was still hollering towards my phone as I was hanging the lights.

"I figure as much, just do the best you can, use that extra phone and stand to record them,"

"Yeah I hear you," 



Submitted: May 22, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Ava Gates. All rights reserved.


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This is turning to be a good story… fast

Wed, May 24th, 2023 4:13am

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