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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Contemporary erotica

"She waited by the doorstep and straightened her stance. As the minutes rolled by, she slouched. Clear disappointment dominated her expression. She found herself, gazing demure, past the lace-white curtains blocking her view from seeing inside the house from the side window nearest to the door..."

(This is a fictional sample of writing. I do not intend to be held liable for the pleasure of writing it. All comments, likes, and more are highly favorable!)


She waited by the doorstep and straightened her stance. As the minutes rolled by, she slouched. Clear disappointment dominated her expression. She found herself, gazing demure, past the lace-white curtains blocking her view from seeing inside the house from the side window nearest to the door...

"Look! I know you’re in there!" She finally shouted aloud past her shyness, having knocked quite a bit, dirtying her white gloves. Often her tone was sweet really, but right now, her irritations were at an all high. From the side window, a pair of button eyes peeked past the curtains. She caught them, but kept still, staring her frustrations to the door. If there had been a doorbell, we know she would have pressed its button twentyfold.

"Mama, the crazy lady is at the door..."

"For fucks sake, Mildred," Bella hollered, "Are we really going to have this out today? My son is home! Fuck!"

"Fuck you!" Mildred replied, tightening her grip on her very own hips, just outside the door.

The door was paint-chipped, yellowing, and vintage. Mildred loved the look of it, but could not linger on the details, as the door swung open. There in its place before her, stood a rather tall woman, with impish expression. Bella wore nothing but a pair of short-cut overalls, and a torn t-shirt beneath. The butterfly tattoos that seemed to fly up the side of her left leg, looked well against the flex of her fresh tan. Mildred did well herself, not to let her gaze follow the trail of tattoos she had never seen before.

"Your late..." Mildred said, shy again, but stern.

"Yeah, and you know I always call to plan payment pick-ups, so why are you even here? Do you miss me or something? Are you my stalker or my landlord?"

"Mama, why do you call her a s-taulker"

A little boy, with the same impish expression, came to halt behind Bella's tattooed leg. He looked up to Mildred, whom was closer to his height than his own mother's and smiled half-heartedly as if he was sick! Mildred looked down at him coldly, careful not to smirk, or suggest any form of friendliness. So, Bella had been calling Mildred a stalker behind her back to her son, that’s rich Mildred thought angrily.

"I’m your landlord, Bitch, and I’m missing the money for rent."

"HEY! My kid is right here! Are we sure this can't wait?"

"Wait for what, another two weeks?"

"Mama, are we going to be vindicted?"

"I'm not going to evict you, but I might speak with my lawyer if this shit doesn’t get corrected...you know my husband just died, so why would you add another problem to my plate?"

Bella relaxed slightly, truly feeling guilty now, but she wasn't ready for this conversation just yet. Mildred, kept herself tame enough, feeling she sent the right message to Bella today, on their current situation as this behavior needed to be corrected. It wasn't like Mildred was a bad lady by any means, in fact if the two were compared, Bella would be seen as the little deadly demon of the two women as Mildred was often a saint. Believe this or not, she really was. 

Mildred was well known as a wealthy and recent widow in the county. She would volunteer her time monthly to the local library, and read books to preschoolers. Her husband was a decorated war hero who owned multiple properties, and a bowling alley, of which she inherited after his unfortunate passing to cancer. Of course, it soothed her mentally, to aid her ex-friend and lover, Bella, by providing a property for her to afford to live in—but what was left of their relationship, which had become very professional now, seemed straining to Mildred.

Bella was paying rent later, and later it seemed over the last three months. Normally these things weren’t made into a big deal but the money from her rent, was secretly put separate by Mildred as funds for a secret vacation she was planning to go on alone. It was very hush, hush business, though the slow retrieval of rent sent her worrying for Bella's sake, also a very hush, hush matter.

"I-I understand...My god, Mildred. You’ve never really raised a voice to me for quite some time now. I forgot how prissy you can get, I'm sorry I seem to be all screwed up. The truth is, I'm in the middle of fixing a leak in the kitchen that I didn't really want to tell you about..."

"I'll send someone over then..." Mildred said with a sigh. She felt so ashamed to have ever bothered Bella, that maybe with a second thought, she should have just called for the sixth time and left another message. Both women looked at each other, for what could be mistaken as longing, but really, it was the disparity in them that seemed to be mirrored. Mildred couldn’t blame Bella for everything, and knew better than to take her anger out on her when she was really upset about the recent passing of her husband.

"I guess... I should have you come inside," Bella said lowly.

"A-alright, but not for long then..."

"Yay, the crazy lady came to see me," the boy screamed.

"Shut up Robbie," Bella snipped, "go on to your bedroom, while I speak with my 'stalker.'"

Mildred rolled her eyes. She hated how Bella would turn the narrative on her. In a thought of immediate irritation, she thought she might turn away and drive off. Perhaps yelling out the side window with her manicured middle finger out. She wanted to be violent with Bella, but she really didn't know how to meet in the middle with conservative decency. 

Robbie, ran down the floorboards to the door before the kitchen entrance and went into the side room. He slammed his door, and both women could hear him speaking to himself angrily. A couple 'moms not fair', and 'she never lets me meet anybody,' and 'why can't I have a stalker too?' Bella then knocked at his bedroom door gently, telling her son to do something productive, like cleaning his room. 

Mildred was led to a little rickety table in the kitchen, where she took a seat on the closest chair without observation and immediately fell through it into a puddle of sink water on the floor. Bella pressed her hand over her face and sighed harshly, a deep blush spreading over her bust. Mildred, in pause, took a couple deep breathes, and gathered herself up. She grabbed the nearest kitchen towel and began to dry the floor herself. Bella gulped, looking over Mildred’s figure on the floor, not sure whether she should help, or…?

"I think I'm going to purchase you a new table set, my dear," Mildred said.

"I don't know if today is the right day for this..."

"Well, I've ruined my new floral skirt, your shitty kitchen chair, and I'm still here, aren’t I? Maybe we get this over with, don't you think?" Mildred said standing up now.

"Are you planning on evicting me..."

"Of course not. I meant what I said, but frankly, I’m fucking pissed, as you know."

"I know. I just have been under extreme stress, and very busy. I do actually have the money. I can get it together right now--"

"You know Belladonna...I can wait until next month. It's just, I’m very concerned with your declination. I want to be there for you, not because of our past, but because I didn't have to worry about this situation until your payments started to average out to a couple weeks late. I know you have your baby to care for, but do you need any assistance...money isn't really the issue, and you know it. You haven’t been picking up my calls..."

"I'm pregnant."

“Oh…well why didn’t you just say so. You know I’m more than happy—”


“Excuse me?”

“I don’t want anymore money Milly. I don’t even want this baby.”

Both women stood there awkwardly for some time. For the first time in a long time, Mildred looked into Bella’s blood-shot eyes, and felt herself over-whelmed with emotion. Mildred thought of her secret plans again without hesitation. She thought of her idea’s. Meeting a man, living somewhere new, and perhaps having a child herself.

Though she watched Bella’s struggle, and knew, without a doubt, money would have helped her immensely. Mildred never let Bella think for a second, that she could ever really walk in her footsteps when it came to being a parent, for all she knew was how to take care of pre-mature adults. Irony, was as it ever was for them. Mildred knew she couldn’t be co-dependent further with Bella or else.

“Do you think…you’d of been with me, instead of Gerald, back in our days of college? If I had proposed to you on a whim before he could?” Bella asked gently.

Mildred swallowed, just the mentioning of her recently deceased husband, made her sick. Her mind was full of sorrow and anger. Something not even money could replace. She wanted to be lost in her thoughts of running off to an island, but it was Bella who dragged her back down to this hell of a moment.

“You left first, remember? …I think I might just leave. Rent can be for the first of next month. I’ll send a repair man, some groceries, and a new table set…” Mildred said, cold-toned.

“You were so angry, I thought maybe we were going to fight…you know…like we used to…”

“For fucks sake Bells. Like right now? After Gerald’s passing and with your son watching? I don’t think so you—you hussy.”

“Milly…” she said, her voice, cracking with heartbreak, “I-I need someone…I-I’ve been…so alone. I am becoming a mess—I thought no one knew—I—”

“Yeah, it’s always about you Bells…I better leave…”


Mildred puffed her chest out slightly and brushed her legs off. The water on her skirt had become nearly dry. She realized that Bella’s problem was she was trying to fix the sink after having smoked a bowl. Like a game of I spy, Mildred found Bella’s old pipe from their college days, sitting full of burnt marijuana, and the smell became evident. Mildred pointed to the pipe on the counter and shook her head with disappointment.

Mildred looked over Bella’s figure carefully, gulping gently at the torn expression blooming of need and desperation beneath the tassels of her black-dyed hair. Though she hadn’t thought of Bella provocatively for quite some time, she did enjoy the feeling of squashing her now. Mildred was practically ready to join Gerald, wondering why random cancer and a blood-clot aneurism didn’t just kill her too.

“Yuck, Bells,” that’s all Mildred said a she stepped over the towel left on the floor. Mildred walked out of the kitchen. Robbie was peeking behind his bedroom door, with the same expression he held at the window. Robbie didn’t understand much of the moment that just transpired, Mildred was a very beautiful woman to whom he thought might be an angel. He could tell, that she was important to his mother, but he hardly saw this side of either woman, ever.

“Are we going to get a new table then?” Robbie whispered to Mildred as she looked at him. She smiled gently and nodded.

“…and some treats,” Mildred said, making it quickly out of the house.


Mildred tossed and turned that night in the empty master bed of her room. Her sheets were luxurious, her comforter decorated with floral beading and patterns. The pillows were freshly fluffed, and the cases, just laundered. She lay there in the quiet and let her mind travel.

Was it selfish, cruel, and heartless for her to knock Bella down like a stack of blocks? Perhaps. Though Mildred was well known for her charity and genuinely respectable nature, she wanted nothing more than to use her husband’s old belt around her neck. She wanted to be with him, and she knew the whole county practically pretended to not know that. But, there was always the tropics to run to at least…

It had come to Mildred’s attention that maybe Bella’s recent blunder, an obvious rush of arousal, was because she knew how badly Mildred needed release. Mildred used to be so easy to take advantage of, that even Gerald, her husband could have her whenever he so pleased as the dominant of the household.

His random death, just months after they publicly attended this year’s local carnival, left Mildred in shambles. She focused now on her secret plan of leaving the county for a lavish trip, so much, to outrun her pain of his passing, that maybe it was her behavior that seemed lofty in its aloofness to the people she would frequent as of late. She wished, God took another man in his place, but God did not.

There was a chord of anger in her, being pulled like a metal ball to metal chain. Pain over the things she could not control like late rent. Bella’s flightiness, and timing was most angering. Mildred couldn’t even believe that her tantrum resulted in such a conversation earlier in the day, that even her eyes fluttered open in irritation to the ceiling.

“Bella always wins the spotlight with me…” Mildred whispered. She found herself in reluctance. Remembering the heat, they shared in a college dorm, before she was married many years back. If Gerald had known who Bella was and what she used to mean to Mildred, he’d of never of helped Mildred lend the property for so low of rent to Bella. Gerald was a fine-tempered man, but he was the kind to control Mildred, and often claim ownership of her person. Nothing of this seemed a problem, until now…

Mildred lay there staring up at the ceiling, as if she was following the butterfly tattoos with her very own fingers mimicking a walk, one by one, up Bella’s very tan leg. She arched her back into the bed slightly, thinking of that time they stared hungrily at each other during a lecture, across the heads of other students. At that time, Bella was actually called Stella, for she didn’t want the class to know her real name.

Stella, was a very tall and androgynous character. She, had a short bob of hair that would look rather boyish and punk at different angles. Her eyes would be so determined when fixed on problem-solving, or answering tough questions that the professor posed, that Mildred would secretly fantasize as a school girl that Stella was giving her the answers personally. Even now, Mildred found herself tense in her silk nightgown, thinking of Stella—not Bella…and yes, in this moment, she turned to her frustration and settled on being selfish.

Stella in memory could have her, own her, and surpass Gerald. This made fresh hot tears roll down Mildred’s cheek in feelings of betrayal, how she never thought she’d be touching herself so soon after the death of Gerald, but she was in need now after today’s events. She missed her husband more than ever, for he could silence these longing thoughts and make her submissive to his touch. Though here she was, submissive to her own touch.

Pretending that her hand was Stella’s, just like the first night they were ever alone, Mildred focused in remembrance. At first, in the day, Stella had been clearly smitten with curiosity at Mildred’s obvious affections when the professor made them partners on a project. It was a final, they would have to turn in before the semester ended, adding a last grade in before new grads could graduate with degrees. Stella’s stud-like friends joked at the awkwardness of Mildred, and goofed off with Stella over how gawky the nerd girl was. Stella, remained charming though, offering to walk Mildred to her dorm room to work on their project for the evening. Mildred practically gushed.

Mildred didn’t know much of Stella at the time, but held onto her observational details of her. She noticed how Stella held herself confidently, like a bad boy. She often dressed rather masculine in jeans, a leather jacket, and cologne permeating a black V-neck shirt. She got on well with the other male students, goofing off mostly, and spent most of her time smoking in a van she lived in off-school property. Mildred had observed this a few times herself, even watching Stella sneak one of the college dancers into the back of her van one afternoon.

Stella was very popular in the class they shared, claiming to be a foreign exchange student from Europe. She was very attractive, so much, Mildred hyper-focused on how her body used to look back then. Before children, Stella’s chest was almost non-existent, and she was tattoo-less, and toned. Mildred remembered that.

Mildred licked her lips, as her fingers found her nub. She moved her index and thumb around gently, feeling stimulation flood her senses, as she re-focused her attentions, to the memory of putting together a paper with Stella in her dorm.

Both would have to submit their own written portion and put it together with citations. The paper would need to be on average of seven pages, where of course, Mildred had already prepped for most of the work, and Stella could plan on rolling in with picked quotes, and a few paragraphs. At the time, Mildred was a little thing herself, skinnier, having a mouth full of braces, and a row of self-harm cuts hidden under her sleeves—those were nearly healed now however. This was something Stella would never discover until much later…

When the two found themselves, an hour and a half in, arguing over what citations to use or how to draw-up a proper written argument over what makes a victim a victim for their psychological paper, Stella had crossed the line. Right as Mildred was about to break her sweet-cracked tone to call Stella a myopic idiot, over some disagreement forgotten by now, Stella grabbed Mildred’s face with one hand and squeezed her lips out to a pucker. With doll-like confusion, Mildred salivated over Stella’s expression.

“You really are cute, aren’t you?” Stella said cockily.

“I-I am?”


“Hot diggity- darn—"

Stella cut off Mildreds words with a big hungry kiss. That moment, etched in Mildreds brain forever, made her moan aloud now, moving her hand over her own sticky flesh with a deep-rooted need to climax. Her breathing quickened, and her eyes squeezed shut, just at the idea of being taken by Stella once more and feeling so vulnerable again, made her wince. They had made out so passionately, so careful of her braces, that it could never be something to forget.

Stella forced Mildred’s legs apart, as they gasped for air between tongue and cheek. Her hand, first squeezed at the softness of Mildred’s inner thighs, heated, and then gripped possessively over the fabric of her cotton underwear. At the time Mildred, moaned as a wounded animal might, in complete feminine harmony, to which Stella smirked at.

“Now you listen here Milly…” Stella said with a raspy growl, “I’m not myopic in the slightest!”

“W-what?” Mildred sputtered, shocked, “h-how…d-did you even—do you read minds or something?”

“I might, bitch,” Stella said confidently.

Mildred pushed herself apart from Stella’s hold by lifting her leg to Stella’s chest. Her dirty sneaker, pressed a piece of crushed gum to Stella’s shirt, and the moment of silence between them could have seemingly lasted for eons. Stella looked at Mildred confused.

“Do not call me ugly names. I may be flattered by you now, I’ll admit, but you do seem kind of idiotic and thoughtless yourself, especially in class…goofing off with other boys…”

“Oh, and does me with other boys bother you?” Stella said, amused, looking down at the gum rubbing shoe on her shirt.

“I don’t know…should it bother me?” Mildred asked, confused now herself.

Stella put her hands up by the sides of her head as if she was to be arrested, and it was this look of evil, or mischievous intention that arrested Mildred in the middle of masturbation. Quickly she removed her hand from herself, and began to sob. Realizing now, how Mildred’s true nature was selfish since it lacked any reservations when it came to sexual prowess.

“Fuck you,” Mildred said aloud in her bed, wishing she had said that to Stella all those years ago instead. Then Mildred pursued herself once more, rubbing determined against her pulsing clit. Moaning gently into the night.

Stella then had ripped Mildred’s leg from her shirt, and watched the gum patch off like Velcro. Mildred was then made into an apologetic mess, being pulled onto her back completely as Stella gripped Mildred’s ankle up into the air. Mildred now frightened, found her legs shaking on either side of Stella’s torso. In an instant, Stella pulled Mildred’s feeble dress up and over her head, past her starry eyes and open mouth. Stella tore Mildred’s underwear from her legs, to Mildreds shock.

“N-now you just wait a minute here S-stella!” Stammered Mildred, “I’ve never done this before…”

“Well then,” Stella said as she sank down between Mildred’s thighs, “your welcome my little victim.”

Mildred found herself heaving in memory under the moonlight escaping her window, then ferociously pulled her silken night gown up her body. She wasn’t the school girl that Bella once knew, but she didn’t have time to care, as she focused intensely on Stella’s aggression. Simultaneous to her past reflection, she found herself on the tipping point of a possible crescendo of gluttonous pleasure. In those days, she fell for Stella hard, and whimpered.…and it was Mildred now, ironically, that moaned out into the night in response.

“Thank you! Oh, God! …fuck me!”


Bella had pulled herself together by evening, thankful that Mildred had stopped by, even if the entire circumstance was put together by mistakes. She made sure that dinner was especially tasteful this evening, as chicken nuggets and mac -n-cheese, so that Robbie could possibly forget the earlier event. Though, Mildred was all he talked about whenever he would see her, and this day, he had gotten to know more than he ever had. His conversation would toss between monster trucks and Mildred until the 8 o’clock showing of his favorite cartoon came on the television.

Bella had cleaned up the kitchen while he was in the living room eating. She had felt horrible inside, but kept her demeanor calm. She knew Mildred was worried not angry, hence the show. Though, Milly’s money wasn’t something Bella wanted, the few things that would be arriving did make her feel much calmer. Life really couldn’t have been made any more comfortable for Bella…so why didn’t she just pay rent on time?

Somewhere in the middle of the night, she awoke to a peculiar feeling. There was a tingling between her legs, even though there was no one near to arouse her. Bella ignored this feeling, and got up from her rickety bed to check on Robbie. He was fast asleep in his race-car bed, clutching onto a large old stuffed animal that once resembled a bear. Bella shook her head, and held back from smiling. Happy to know the day wasn’t all that bad then.

However, once back in her room, a pang of need made her vulva tingle, and her mind roll back to the events of earlier. Mildred’s demanding demeanor had been quite enough to send her over the edge. In personal thought, Bella was quietly shocked in a prideful feeling, remembering how easy it was to silence Mildred. Bella closed her eyes in pain, while mixed feelings overcame her.

She never told a soul this before, but she truly hated God for what felt like her displacement for her entire life. She hated herself, for being pregnant again, when all she truly wanted to fill the lonely hole inside her heart, was Mildred, ever since their college days together. Bella hated the butterfly tattoos on her leg that she got on a whim in Vegas with a man double her age whom she hardly knew. Bella wished, she could have been Robbie’s father, and Mildred his mother…she was a mess for reasons she could once easily hide, but the connection with Milly might have started to catch again, and Bella really had no one to blame for this, then herself. She really tried to stay away for years, but here she was again.

Bella could find secret relief in the fact that Gerald was finally dead. There was no guilt in Bella at this kind of thinking, possibly because she herself did not really care for the company of men for long periods of time. If karma were real, she selfishly thought, let cancer eat her away as it did to Gerald, for he was who she wished she could have been. If the Stella in her could have been just an ounce of who Gerald was, perhaps Mildred would have considered their “fling” as something worth taking forever.

When Bella is honest with herself, in moments of darkness and stillness like now, then the truth crawls in like a demon. Almost possessed, the Stella in her, hyper focuses in complete hunger, for nothing really could compare, to the way she bare-humped Mildred like a rag doll multiple nights during their college days. How Mildred would look sick and soft every time after, where they’d find themselves in obsession, cuddling naked in her dorm until early morning, until they could do it all over again after classroom space would eat their sanity. They had been in love, and no one knew it, not even Mildred’s decorated ken-doll husband.

Nothing could replace the agony of attending Mildred’s wedding, just months after they secretly wept their confessions of love to each other after skinny-dipping in the local lake. With her own irritation, Bella knew why she wasn’t paying rent on time anymore; she always knew. Just like now, with sweet sacrilegious relief, she could tell, that Mildred must be close again.

She hoped, that Mildred was cumming for her again…possibly…

Submitted: May 18, 2023

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Jesus, you're a deep writer. This sort of introspective narrative is atypical for this site, and it's admittedly a challenge to produce something like this that competes adequately with hard action and hot dialogue. I think it's refreshing and intellectual, but slow to develop.

I find this relationship between Mildred and Bella fascinating on a few levels - first, that they've clearly stayed close for most of their lives having been so intimately involved, and secondly that their true relationship has remained an utmost secrecy.

Bella's son and unborn baby further complicate what might have been something of a homecoming under different circumstances, but these two women are really very different creatures with widely different life experiences no matter how closely they've watched each other from their respective windows.

I'm all about the intricate nature of relationships, but I would suggest (strictly from a literary perspective) that we buff up the intensity and maybe allow something physical to happen between them at the rental or elsewhere. I like the personal history, Midred's marriage and recent loss of her husband - and particularly the recollections of college. Sometimes if you volley these memories between present day activity it makes for an interesting literary effect, particularly if you make the present mirror the past.

In a way, the piece is kind of courageous, focusing almost completely on emotion, but there's a self-loathing quality about both of these characters that needs to be conquered by release, and the reader is left wanting.

Mon, May 29th, 2023 4:17am

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