Mischa: The Balaclava

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Spyguy

A quiet suburban cul-de-sac has a prowler.

My dad and mum were older parents when I was born. You know, early forties. So, when I graduated from Uni in my early twenties, they were already enjoying their self-funded retirement. So, I agreed to house-sit while they jaunted the expensive grand tour of South East Asia. My payback was a huge house, an indoor heated pool and a loyal but aging cocker spaniel in Sinbad to keep me company. A sweet mutt but useless as a burglar or prowler deterrent.

After a recent bumpy relationship and a tough cheater break-up, I was solo.

Rather not be, but I had my girl fun toys and fingers when alone.

As for the house, I had been asked to set the alarm codes for the monitored security when I went out or from their bedside just before I went to sleep. My parents were those overly concerned break-in type.

Their regular breakfast conversation started: You know a prowler is always lurking.

They had coordinated the local Neighbourhood Watch with a like-minded family, the Austins, across the cul-de-sac.

Well, as if I could be bothered with an expensive, complex alarm system. 

No, I couldn't

I mean, if a girl needed a pee in the middle of the night, there's no way I'd remember the frickin internal sensor alarm. If it went off, it would make me wet myself before I got to the spare loo. Drat, my ensuite was only half renovated.

Being single, apart from a canine as a friend, can be bliss. Though a twenty-four-year-old lass should treat herself to cock occasionally or more regularly. 

Was I ready, though, to get back in the saddle? I was wary of guys my own age!

Still, I knew how to take care of myself. I wasn't a complete emotional wreck because I used the home gym each day and did a few laps of the pool. I kept my pits and legs very demure, lady shaved, and my pubes carefully tidy and trimmed. 

Yeah, I like my manicured, crinkly fuzz. So much so that I was having a love affair with the spa jets on my cute girly lipettes and pink erect clitty. I enjoyed the privacy of getting the jets on max speed and turbo blasting my budette with high-velocity water pressure up close and personal. I mean, I could scream my head off in complete confidentiality. The advantage of being home alone.

My "ahs" of delight were scaling the decibels.

Polite petite whimpered near whispered, “Ooh’s”

Then baby gurgles of near drool delight. The wetness of my mouth paced my pussy secretions.

Next, dovey like, “whew, whew,” getting panty.

“Oof, oof, oof,” as the tension mounted, loud enough to echo around the bathroom and down the hallway.

Maybe to the garden, if that peeping tom prowler really existed?

I could feel my clitty throb as jets of water pulsed against it. Hard and fast. I mean, this was the rapid sensational multiple-orgasm territory. As the warm jets hit my open pussy and aroused pink pea, I was in a filthy tirade of high-pitched "Oohs" and deep "Aaraghs."

So good. So good. 

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," I started.

"Ugghh, ugghh, orrgh, oh fuck yeah, yes, orrgh," as I approached a climax.

I could feel the water bubble and swoosh where it shouldn't be, but it was in the right place for me. The pressure on my clitty was so intense that I was cumming within minutes because I was gyrating my pussy up and down and around with the pummelling jet. It was like the water jet was actually designed to stimulate a clitty. A frickin perfect pairing. 

I mean, I was a dirty, dirty girl, oh, I know that doesn't sound right in the context of water, but I was spread so wide to get the stream of pressure pounding into my pussy's inner sanctum. My so sensitive internal girly being as I let the jets batter my clitty. At the same time, I got one finger rimming my arse and then poking in my ring. A blur of cascading pleasure. 

“Ugguh, Ugghh, orrgh, Ughh!”

Fuckin' lucky no one was in the house.

My climax was delivered in a breathless whir of being as I collapsed back into the spa bubbles.

It was so intense that my body demanded it again. Still, I know my clitty couldn't handle it immediately, so being the fun seeker I am, I can't ignore my demanding arsehole. So, I prop my leg to the jet and let the heavenly cannon blast into my spread-puckered slot. 

"Orrgh shit, Orrgh Fuck, Ah, Ah, Ah," is all I manage before a sensory arse crack overload overpowered me. I started shaking, yet I released one hand to claw at my titties. My nipples were so hard. I convulsed in blissful arse spasm pleasure. There was no stopping me. I embraced the dangerous excess of being home alone as I grabbed a slink deviant pleasure toy, and I got ready to pummel my clitty again. 

God, will I sleep well.

I hear the doorbell just before my clit and the spa jet are about to renew their slutty love affair.

"Oh shit," I say aloud, "Go away."

I want to ignore it. 

I buzz the toy over my nipples.

My love-bead is poised for more water lovin' but denied as the doorbell is rudely chiming.

I turn the vibrator off.

Geez, I could do with a finger pressing that intensely on my clitty, because the front door is getting the full chime workout.

I give up, as the finger working the chime isn't giving up. 

I grab a large soft white towel, wrap it around myself with my long hair still dripping and head for the front door. 

Yeah, too many lights still on in the house.

I check through the peephole; it's young Shane Austin from across the road: 

So, what the hell does he want at nine frickin o’clock?

I unlock and open the door. It stops the chiming. Shane looks at me in that surprised male way. The jackpot look. Me in a towel. All wet.

He knows I'm home alone, and I know he pervs on me when he thinks I'm unaware of it, like when I go outside the house. When I hang up the washing or take Sinbad for a walk. Well, Shane can't help himself, at a virginal eighteen.

He blushes but blurts out, "Dad asked me to come across the road and tell you, Mischa-a, there's been a prowler sighted about the last couple of nights." 

He paused and rubbed his hands. My green eyes seduced him.

Shane took a good prowl over my body. The itch in his fingers wanted to unwrap the towel.

I could see his hands twitching to touch me; then he added: "Oh, you know, Neighbourhood Watch and all that."

"Oh, "I said, leaning into the door frame, "You'd know all about Neighbourhood Watch, like watching me." 

I knew the prick must have eagerly volunteered to call in on me.

He got the uncomfortable squirm. I suspected immediately that he had some serious wanking off issues over me. But it crossed my mind; I hoped he had a chock cock full of juice right now.

I was swiftly in the mood for a boy toy. 

Yes, he was a bit young for me, but he was needy, and I liked the idea of being in control and being the experienced one at just twenty-four. 

Shane blustered and flustered like I had caught him prowling around. No more like I had caught him masturbating.

Or maybe it was the late arrival of Sinbad at the door, who started dry humping against my leg till I eased him back.

"Well, if there is a prowler, you better come in and show me how to set my parent's alarm system. I'm hopeless at it."

"Sure," he said, not believing his luck but not knowing where this was leading.

His light blue eyes followed my swaggering booty under the tight-wrapped towel along the hallway and even closer up the stairs to the master security alarm console inside my parent's bedroom.

He turned to the console like a good boy, thinking he had all he would get. My booty bouncing up the stairs. He'd have a wank frenzy over imagining what was under the towel later, I supposed. 

The poor sod, unless I took his cock in hand for him now.

I watched my neighbour, my polite young Shane, trying to work out the console configuration. But I didn't give him time. With one hand, I grabbed his arse and with the other, his man package. All he could do was groan in surprised male delight. I was kneading his arse cheeks and rubbing his quickly developing hard-on in his trapped jeans. The lad was caught between pleasure and the uncomfortable pressure of his burgeoning ensnared cock.

"Uh, uh, uh," he groaned as I dropped his pants, dropped his red boxers and dropped my towel and myself to my knees and took his cock delicately in my mouth.

I slurped along its length, top side and underneath from his ball sack. Shane pinned to the wall whilst his cock stuck out into the room, and he enjoyed seeing my mouth cruise along his dick's length till it gobbled up to his pubic bone. Then my mouth was back in a leisurely saunter for a jaywalk around and around his cute thick cock knob. I was enjoying cock and enjoying a guy really getting to know his cock in a girl's mouth for the first time.

I liked the control.

His precum warned me to ease off. I had a slot for this good-sized boner to fill, but only after the lad appreciated fem-clitty power. I was up; he was down. I pushed his head in a spot-on specific direction. I wasn't having this novice lost down there.

"See this button," I said, popping out my hard rigid clitty, "Press it with your tongue like it's the frickin doorbell, and you'll please any girl. Now get to it."

Well, for an acolyte, he was on task. 

"Yes, ah yes, ah yes, just like that, ooh yes, ooh yes!"

The doorbell analogy made him very focussed. He utilised a terrific tongue press, and with a bit of gyrating by me, he understood the key technique of getting his tongue flicking around and around my clit. 

"Orrgh yeah...faster...faster... harder...harder...fast and hard...yeah! OrRGH, ah ... oooh," I went as Shane picked up the skills quickly.

He did such a good job that he deserved my pussy as his reward. Well, he would have got it anyway, but now he was in for the full treat. 

I grabbed his hand, got his top off and plonked him back onto my parent's queen-sized bed. His cock pointed to the ceiling. So young and straight and hard. My sopping slit eased down his length so easily, and I rode him. I planted my hands back behind me on his thighs and rocked backwards and forwards off his cock giving the lad the total eyeful of his pecker in action. I enjoyed the pressure and my squeezing muscles, which I probably shouldn't have added to his pleasure because it was clear Shane wouldn't last. However, he youthfully hung in. The pleasure configuration for two was exponentially good. 

He grunted, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh Mischaaa, I love you!"

He was getting carried away, but I forgave him. 

I was enjoying a terrific hard cock for the first time in ages. 

Back in the saddle

The dominating cowgirl. 

At twenty-four, strangely, the older woman I embraced taking advantage of a virginal eighteen-year-old cock. 

But hell, Shane was ready. 

He stabbed and thrust in an increasingly better way as I clenched and rocked down and backed away from his pecker. 

In the sexual moment, like any random or opportunistic pairing, we deserved each other. 

I got the fingers of one hand over my clit to jill myself off because Shane was coming fast, and as he shot his load in me, I was only just behind him in reaching a climax myself.

"Uggghhh, ugghh," he jolted and released.

"Fuck yeah, yes, yes, yes, ooooh, oooh, "I chorused.

Well, that settled the neighbourhood watching, I hoped.

In my mind, I already planned to invite him back over.

Shane relaxed for a minute, then said, "Oh shit, Dad will wonder where I am. I better get home."

"Okay," I replied, "But come back anytime you can find an excuse."

"What about the security alarm?" he queried. "I can still do that."

"Nah, waste of time. I only used that to get you up here."

I put the towel back around me as he quickly redressed and was going to show Shane out the front door, but when we got there, it was open. He hadn't shut it behind himself when he followed me inside. 

Oh well, I thought, it doesn't matter

The only guy lurking with lewd intent in this neighbourhood is going home with a satisfied dick. 

But as I shut and deadlocked the door, I sighed; I could have done with a mature bastard with some lasting experience to have stabbed my arse for a while and creamed that, as good as a decent pussy shag had been. 

I really liked a doubleheader, pussy banging, and then my arse plundered.

Well, a girl can't always have everything in one night. I was getting a tad excited about training up Shane as an arse fucker tomorrow. I expected him back. Knew he would be back.

I got Sinbad off to his basket in the laundry. He didn't even seem to care about Shane being in the house. A prowler could lurk here right now, and the mutt would only sidle up to them.

I went to the toilet, did a quick vag douche and headed warmly, happily naked for bed. I was having a raunchy conversation with my very satisfied pussy and telling my arse not to get upset. It was party time for it tomorrow, even if I had to ring Shane and get him over.

I tried to sleep but couldn't get there. My body was still hyped up. I knew I failed my arse. Nothing for it but to give it some pleasure and then ask it to let me rest. A bit of flexi prep for tomorrow.

I threw back my doona, buried my face in my pillows, and spread my legs wide doggy to gape my arse so my spit-wet fingers could get busy quickly, two at a time. 

Yeah, okay, I'm a skank tart with my own arse.

But hey, I know its capacity. I know my need.

Fuck it felt good plying my arse cavity, gawping my gaped pucker with my spreading digging fingers. 

"Orrgh fuck...oh shit...oh my...yes...yes...yes...ahh ...ahh," because suddenly my fingers were yanked out and replaced by a thrusting stiff cock gouging out a flesh tube deep in my ring, for its enjoyment and mine.

A hefty meat stick burrowed in my arse crack beyond the realm of dreams. Reality dominates life. An unexpected, unknown cock in the dark had never been so appreciated.

I arched my buttocks back to greet its greedy taking.

In my heightened excitement, my bladder released dribbles.

I embraced a stunning, bum penetrative moment. An intruding cock prowled in my arse, and I craved its expansive capacity. 

Yeah, I winced. 

"Orrgh, Orrgh!"

Yeah, I groaned.

"Uugghh, uugghh!"

But fuck, it was good. A surprise anal marauder was a true-arse bandit.

"Oh, Shane," I said as I gathered my wits in a rhythm of arse-filled bliss, "You bad, bad boy, prowling? But how did you get in and bugger me? You are good back there."

There was a deep mature laugh, and I realised but didn’t care that it wasn't Shane ploughing my arse beautifully. 

Though, who the fuck could it be?

My bedside lamp was suddenly flicked on. 

I half-craned and noticed a full black balaclava face mask and rude blue eyes.

It flashed through my mind, Mr Austin!!!

Then lost in anal passion. My arse detonated in cock filled elation.

Oh shit, the prowler, ploughing my arse.

Did I care? Hell yes! My arse ignited in constant spasmed pleasure. I ceded all control.

The hooded stranger delved rampant, driving, cock digging and bludgeoning into my tight buggery space. He shafted me with a kinky animal passion. He surpassed a suburban girl's own twisted levels of defilement. He arched high over my curved spine, spearing into my arse with the pleasure of a stranger having caught out a slutty young chick in the dark. 

He stole the last vestige of decency from my being, and I was joyful to see it go. 

“Uugghh, oh fuck, uuggh, uugghh!”

My vocal appreciation.

The rippling anal intensity was more memorable by not seeing his face, only his seducing piercing eyes through the woven dark balaclava and his warm huffing, panting exertion as he towered fully bent over me. Driving and diving into my spread-captivated arse depths.

My perverse house-breaking night prowler was full of anal prowess. A cunning, crafty intruder, no doubt, he fully knew how to burgle an arse; mine was the lucky one. 

I was fully bareback broken. His cock hammered with talent in my back end. He lanced unforgiving in his shafting. My rilled starfish humbled into raw submission by pecker.

I loved mature cock. I needed a mature cock in my arse. 

Expressed as, "Orrgh fuck, oh yes, orrgh fuck. Oh yes, yes, orrgh!"

He finished my buggery to perfection with a shallow creaming of my tailpipe. 

His knob flexing where I was most sensitive and equally most appreciative of his warm copious gooey jizz spread. 

My arse smarted but salved in a comforting cum lather and slather while his fingers found my clit and ensured my arse and pussy gave their all in my climactic release. 

I realised when getting the arse buggerising of your life, it is better if your parents are not home. 

I unleashed a cascading shrill, pitched kinky orgasm, “Ooohhh yessss!”

My climax cry freed everything naughtily pleasurable, the hidden salacious within, and every saucy wish indecently craved. They rolled together as both my stunning and selfish ego, my intense and giving identity and my euphoric and bawdy self. 

So happy, so happy, so happy...

I collapsed in euphoria.

A minute later, my chest pounding and my brow still wet with sweat, I savoured the evidence. I licked the cum seeping from my bum. The dark web of my mind spooled anal-binging eyes through an arousing mask. Stencilled on my smutty ego was a balaclava.

Yet, in stealth silence, my prowler had withdrawn from the room.

Of course, in the following days, I wanted it all in the absence of my parents.

I took command of the sexual education of young Shane Austin during the day. He youthfully, happily surrendered to the authoritative clout of pussy. I flourished near dominatrix.

While the prowler, I never knew where he lurked as I, tentatively in a state of trembly sexual wetness, toured the house each night.

Very late, with the lights off. The front door was always left unlocked. 

I blissfully submitted the exceptional tutoring of my arse to a mysterious mature stranger. The prowler raided my bum with intense brazen insolence radiating from his Austin blue eyes because I goaded him by wearing a homemade balaclava.

Only the balaclava.


Submitted: May 15, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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If only I were a prowler!!!

Mon, May 15th, 2023 9:28pm


wow... I just had a good cut-in-the-sack reading this... good job

Wed, May 17th, 2023 8:31pm

Amy F. Turner

There is nothing in the world better than the kindness of neighbors to see after you in times of need. Quite the fun twist for a lady home alone. :)

Sat, May 20th, 2023 12:06pm

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