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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The two sadistic campus cops continue their abuse of innocent young Andy who was raped.

This work is a fantasy and all characters are over eighteen years of age.











Andy had never been so embarrassed and humiliated in his life. The two cops forced him to sit on the edge of the table, still totally naked, with his legs spread wide, and masturbate his eighteen-year-old dick for the camera. He’d come across things like this on the internet every now and then, and of course, being a normal, straight teenage boy, he had been disgusted by them. Why would any good looking young man, sit and pump his dick in front of a camera for other people to watch? Andy couldn’t understand it. Andy was as cute as any of the twinks on the internet, but he had morals and was naturally shy. The cops told him it was for the official report of the rape, and that he had to jerk off to provide a sperm sample to match against the cum they had taken from his ass. They told him they had to make certain, he had not shoved his own cum up his teenage asshole as prank against the police.


It was a stupid reason and just an excuse for the cops to be even more sadistic toward the small, college freshman. Andy knew it, but what could he do? He just prayed they would finish with their perverted games and leave him alone. What the campus police were doing to him was worse than what the rapist had done. Andy had every intention of reporting their sick, twisted behavior, but on the other hand, it just might get worse for him then. He had never been so scared in his entire life.


“Lift your head a little and smile, for Christ’s sake. Really pump your dick. Come on, give it some enthusiasm. Pretend you are watching some really hunky hung stud fuck the shit out of a young high school boy.”


“I’ve told you a thousand times, I’m not gay…” Andy sobbed, tears running down his cheeks as he masturbated his dick in front of the camera.


“Oh, yeah, I forgot,” big, blond, Officer Krause chuckled. Both campus cops were totally naked now, the muscular, blond, Nordic, giant Krause and the slightly smaller, compact manly dark-haired Officer Brett. Both had muscles that rippled, and the room had begun to smell of their huge dicks and large swinging balls.


“Please, just go. This is so sick…” Andy cried, his hand pumping his teenage prick.


“Look, Fag Face, you reported being ass raped. We got to finish the report. We need a fresh sperm sample to match against the cum we spooned from your ass. You could just be a faggot freak, trying to pull one over on us. NOW PUMP THAT DICK HARDER. I WANT TO SEE THOSE BALLS BOUNCING!”


Poor young Andy was masturbating his dick in front of two campus police officers, who were filming the act! How fucking humiliating was that? How disgusting. The thick pricks of the cops were both leaking long trails of pre-fuck that Andy found to be revolting, dirty and perverse. Long strings of slime hung from the cop’s peckers. Officer Brett had an uncut dick, and even though the thick, uncut foreskin was pulled back, the pre-fuck bubbled and dripped and clotted around the constantly moving heavy prick skin. Officer Krause had a clean, pink, cut dick with an enormous cock knob with a pisshole the size of a canyon. The piss hole opened and closed, sending out spurts and running little rivers of pre-cum. Both guys had huge, low handing ball sacks with walnut sized nuts inside.


“Beat that meat, boy!” Krause barked. Little, terrified Andy wanked his teen fuckmeat harder and harder. His hair, wet with sweat, hung over his eyes. He chewed his lower lips as he thwacked his pecker, praying he would soon cum so the nightmare would end. At one point, Officer Krause moved over to Officer Brett who was at the camera, recording the wank. Krause stood very close to Officer Brett, pretending to adjust the lens on the camera. Andy was totally freaked out to see Officer Krause’s huge prick knob rub up against Brett’s swollen dickhead. The two dick heads rubbed against each other. Neither officer seemed to mind the obscenity, and when Krause stepped back, a long string of pre-fuck slime connected his cock knob to Officer Brett’s dick pisshole. Andy couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Cock slime had run down the shaft of both cops and was now coating their big balls. Andy had never seen so much dick juice. Long trails of pungent sweat ran from the armpits of each cop, and the college freshman’s small apartment stank of male sex!


“I’m ready to cum…” Andy shouted at last, wanting the whole thing to end. Krause took a small dish and held it under the boy’s throbbing penis.

“Shoot your load into this dish. We will take it down to the station. This should clear you.”


If Andy had not been so out of it from hours of sexual abuse, he might have questioned why he had to be cleared, but he didn’t.  He couldn’t. His cute face turned red and he frowned as he pumped his teen pecker even harder. His young nuts drew up tight against the prick base. The boys’ breathing became jagged and shaky. He had always had terribly powerful, sensitive ejaculations, and this one was no exception. His entire small, young, lithe body shook, his tummy fluttered. His chest heaved and his nipples puckered into hard little pebbles. He grunted and sprayed a strong, thick load of boy cum into the dish. Four, five, six, huge spurts. At that moment, he became an eighteen-year-old fuck machine, like most boys his age. For a few seconds, all that mattered in the world was “FUCK!” As guys grow older, into their twenties, cumming is still amazing, but it is never again that mind and world blowing extra-terrestrial all-consuming thing that that it is to a teenage boy. Andy’s young tight body heaved and twisted as he emptied his balls into the dish. At last he finished, and his prick hung limp but still thick.


Officer Krause chuckled again. “Good. We’ll get this over to the office as soon as we finish up here.”


Andy’s beautiful long eyelashes fluttered. “Aren’t you finished?” His voice was thin, weak, almost girlish.


“Well, we’ve got to clean you out. We can’t run the risk that your attacker, if that’s what he was, might have deposited some disease in you. We’ve got to clean your pussy to prevent infection.”


“I’m a boy, and it’s not a pussy, and I want you to leave!” Andy managed, mustering all of his strength. He didn’t expect the hard slap to his cheek that sent his head spinning.


“You just watch your behavior, Faggot. Officer Brett and I have been patient and tolerant with you. For all we know, we could pick up some foul faggot disease from you, so you just be polite and respectful!” Then he turned to his buddy “Officer Brett, fetch the cleaning equipment from the car, will you please. We need to make sure this fairy isn’t carrying some disease.” 

Andy tried to crawl from the table, but Krause was too fast for him, and held the boy down. “Officer, please leave me, I beg you. I can’t take any more. I just want to go to bed.”  


HOLY SHIT! Officer Krause grabbed the boy by the hair with one hand and by the nipple with the other. “WHAT THE FUCK? YOU WANT TO GO TO BED? ARE YOU TRYING TO PROPOSITION ME? ARE YOU TRYING TO PROPOSITION AN OFFICER OF THE LAW?” Andy howled from the pain in his boy tit.


“No, no, I swear!  I just want to go to sleep. I hurt so bad. I feel so sick! I can’t take any more.”


“Jesus, what a fucking eighteen-year-old little sissy. You make me sick, you really do. I feel like I could just puke all over your face. All over your fucking sissy-boy face!” He didn’t puke, thankfully, but he did spit gobs of thick yellow spit into the kid’s face. Gob after gob! The thick trails of slime coursed down the kid’s face over his lips and into his mouth. He sat on the table like a broken puppet.


And then Officer Brett re-entered with the “cleaning equipment.”  It was a large tin funnel, like you might use to put oil into a car. Attached to the bottom of the funnel was a metal hose about a foot and a half long.


Officer Krause smile a big, blond, Nordic smile. “Okay, time to clean out your cunt, so that you don’t get sick from your attack. We are doing this for your own good you know. On your back on the table, and throw your legs up over your head, so your little dick is dangling over your face. What knows, you might get turned on and want to suck your own little pecker.”  The teenager’s pecker which was not abnormally small, but which seemed that way in front of the two dicks of the campus cops, dangled over Andy’s face, and a few drops from his orgasm squeezed out of the pisshole and dripped onto the boy’s exhausted face.


“Look at that, Krause, the little faggot loves the flavor of his own jizz!” Brett observed.


“Yeah, I am starting to doubt this was a rape at all. Faggot Freshman Twink here invited some dude back here to suck his dick. The dude decided he wanted to fuck that cute little femmy boy ass, and let’s face it, it is a cute, inviting ass. And little Andy here, changed his mind. What you have to learn Andy is that if a real man decides to grant you the honor of fucking your boyhole, you need to be grateful and thankful, no matter how much it hurts. That’s your job as a twinky little boy hole. You are the campus cuntboy! At least you will be when word of this gets out!”


There was poor young Andy, lying naked on a table with his legs thrown up over his head, scared out of his mind. “What do you mean when word gets out?”


“Well, we’re going to post some of these photos of your abuse on the college website for sure. Not the main college website…but the student website. So pretty much every guy and ever gal on campus will know you were ass fucked. And of course, some of them will get a kick out of your naked pictures.”




“OF COURSE WE CAN! OFFICER BRETT H AS ALREADY STARTED.”  Krause scooped a few drops of cum from the head of the boy’s dick onto his fingers and rubbed them across Andy’s lips. When the boy groaned and twisted, Krause slapped the kid’s ass hard. “Hold the fuck still!”


He then took the funnel and metal tube and brought it to the teenager’s upturned ass. With no lube and no grace, he rammed the tube into Andy’s ass. “Gotta’ clean you out good, so you don’t get no diseases!”  Andy screamed bloody murder as the tube was shoved deep into his guts, until the funnel reached his asshole. Then the funnel was rammed into the boy’s already stretched and battered pucker. “There…that’s in you nice and snug. Now you just be a good boy and lay there real still, while we pour some nice disinfectant into you!”


The camera was running. “DISINFECTANT? GOD NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Officer Krause hopped up on the table, straddling Andy. God, he was a muscular giant. He grunted and held his huge slab of dickmeat over the boy, and then, he began to piss into the funnel! He was using young Andy as a toilet. As a urinal! He was pissing into Andy. The heavy spray of strong yellow piss bubbled and swirled in the funnel and then entered the boy’s body. Krause lovingly fingered his thick pissing hose of a dick. No doubt about it, the cop was in love with his own dick. And to be honest, who wouldn’t love such a huge, meaty thing? The stream of piss was strong and Andy could feel is fizzing and bubbling inside of him. His guts began to react at once. Andy could feel himself filling up. He could feel his tummy expanding. Oh, Jesus, it was the most uncomfortable feeling he had ever experienced. Almost as bad, or maybe even worse than getting fucked in the ass. The piss stung. More and more…torrents of piss. Piss splashing into the funnel and then being sucked in to the teenage boy’s body. Andy heaved and gagged, but the piss kept coming. He began to feel like he was pregnant with piss.


Krause shook the last few drops into the funnel and hopped off the table, only to be replaced by Officer Brett. Andy groaned and begged, pleaded and prayed. It had to stop. And then for some reason, to add to the boy’s total humiliation, Andy himself began to piss, right down onto his own face. His own uncontrolled stream of piss covered his eyes, nose, cheeks, and lips.  He howled in humiliation. Then, Officer Brett’s strong, pungent cascade of piss sloshed into the funnel and down into the kid’s guts. Andy thought he would die. He really did. His stomach was swollen like he was nine months pregnant. He thought he would burst. If possible, Brett’s piss was even longer and stronger than Krause’s had been.  Andy groaned and grunted like he was giving birth. At last Brett finished, and both cops stood at the table, one on either side of Andy’s had. They wiped their pissy dicks on the boy’s face. Andy was almost incoherent by now.


“Now listen to me, Faggot, and listen good. We are going to take out the funnel and the tube, but you are not going to leak out even one drop of our piss. NOT A SINGLE FUCKING DROP, DO YOU HEAR? IF YOU LOSE EVEN ONE DROP OF OUR PRECIOUS COP PISS, YOU WILL BE THE SORRIEST FUCKER WHO EVER LIVED!”


Andy squeezed his eyes together. “I can’t hold it. Honest, I can’t hold it!” he wailed.


Krause grabbed Andy’s flaccid dick and squeezed and yanked. “You will hold it. You will hold it for one half hour! When we pull the funnel out, you will hold our piss inside of you for one half-hour WITHOUT LOSING A FUCKING DROP!”


“OH, GOD NO…NO, I CAN’T” Andy trembled as the funnel was removed. He clenched his rectum muscles. He tried to tighten his recently raped asshole. How could he possibly hold it in. His stomach was huge. AND THEN THE CRAMPS BEGAN!

Submitted: May 13, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Jezus Dale you’re really on a roll with this one. Super hot and great pacing!
Can’t wait for more of this investigation!

Tue, May 16th, 2023 10:39pm

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