Mrs Miller: Mother’s Day Surprise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Amy F. Turner

Giving my stepmom breakfast in bed.

I was guilty, no doubt about it. So, as it was Sunday morning and Mother's Day, I decided that because I had returned to the nest at nineteen, after a year of trying to live with my mates in a rented house, all of us failed. So, I chose my youthful stamping ground because life was too easy home-based. Besides, my stepmom, Lillian, or my occasional childhood reminiscence, Mrs Miller, was a fabulous, caring mum who looked after me from age five. She always had been way too good for my dad, now long gone.

So, it was payback time for her kindness to me. The least I could do was give her breakfast in bed.

Boy, I slaved in the kitchen. I concentrated on getting everything right. I organised smooth vanilla yoghurt and a few strawberries and blueberries. I freshly squeezed the orange juice, and did I go through a learning curve as a male novice in the kitchen with the juicer. But man, it looked good. This brekkie was a labour of love.

The coffee was fine; self-interest operated with that machine every morning. I knew I was out of my depth trying to flip two eggs, grill a sausage and cook two pieces of toast simultaneously, but she needed something hot and warm and filling.

The wobbly eggs had me thinking of breasts.

Soon enough, I loaded the stable table and headed up the stairs to her room. I smiled, proud of my effort.

Then I realised I was still in my tiger print boxers and a red T-shirt on the landing. I hadn't changed in my rush to do this right; I should have gotten out of my usual nightwear.

Oh well, she won’t notice my attire; the focus is on her and the genuinely fantastic spread in front of me.

My hands supported the edges of the tray, so I didn't do the polite bedroom door knock. Instead, I just pushed the door open.

Nothing prepares a young man to see a mature woman on her bed, facing away, her head in her plush pillows, her bum cheeks pointing to high heaven, her brunette trimmed slit stuffed with a whirling carnation vibrator, reverberating at what I took to be maximum speed.

Plus, her fingers through her legs stimulated her own jellybean-sized pink clitty. Talk about hot. She flushed in sexual release. So close to a frickin intense orgasm. It was a compelling sight: boner-inciting. My hard-on poked straight out of my boxer slit. The tray couldn't hide my pecker stiffness seeing her clit boner!

I was about to turn around and leave.

I'd knock loudly. I'd attempt to think of last night’s rugby game to get my cock down. I suppose I'd hear her finish. But, God, she groaned as her assured climax approached.

Suddenly a mother's intuition or a woman's feeling she is being watched or that sixth sense reaction that a cock is at hand led her to open her eyes. Well, whatever it was, she rolled over, her legs splayed. So there loomed her glorious spread womanhood on the bed. Whilst the vibrator seriously whirred, ready to go in again when she looked: she saw my boner, then my eyes, then breakfast.

"Oh, Brad honey, don't be shy, and such a sweetie. Come here, and you can have breakfast too." 

She remained unembarrassed, unlike me. Geez, I was cunt struck dumb. I thought she meant to share the yoghurt and eggs or the sausage.

Any thought of breasts being eggs disappeared. Instead, Mrs Miller’s hooters released were massive milk jugs. Fucking fresh, plump Yorkshire dumplings. Snuggle puppies! Knockout Juggernauts!

"Oh quick, you randy bugger, eat me out, have breakfast in bed." 

She could see my eyes, mind and dick were cunt fixated.

I know my cock took over from there. My brain caught up much later. The tray was down. I lunged onto the bed. My tongue took the lead, and boy, was she pungently musky between her legs. Her body exuded wetness and lust for sex. It was the easiest, slickest, moistest lick out I had ever given a female. Her juices swirled in my mouth like creamy yoghurt as her stiff clit popped so sensitively to meet my sweeping tongue. Her pussy secreted her sacred fem-sap. She was through foreplay already; I delivered bonus attention, her Mother's Day treat. 

"Your sausage, give me your hot cock, ram your dick into me, you wild tiger," she pleaded as she bounced up and spread herself doggy.

My pecker eased straight into her warm, sopping, inviting cunt. It was breathtakingly satisfying. I thrust between her quivering thighs. Her bum cheeks squashed into my pummelling pelvis. We created a combination of the ages. Amazing sex with an older woman, a step-mom in her forties.

Mum, Mrs Miller was still so hot.

My man club slid into home base.

She pulsed a superb clenched cunt grip. Super skilled, so experienced with a cock inside her. I manfully did my boyish best to keep pumping her pussy. I engaged in every marvellous stroke I was able to muster. Hell, I lasted longer than I thought, given the divine cock workout I received between her legs.

My hands fondled her hooters. Believe me, at sea; she wouldn’t need a life jacket. Instead, nature gave her two natural buoyancy aids.

"Fuck me harder. Yeah, Harder. Just like that. Make mummy cum!"

"Orrgh," I went, "I'm gonna…," I warned her. 

Mummy dearest turned swiftly and snaffled my baby batter between her sweet, accommodating lips. My stud gel dribbled down her chin. An excess of pole spunk swirled around her tongue. A surfeit of man gravy slid down her throat.

Now that was the Mother's Day surprise! 

Submitted: May 12, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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No doubt she enjoyed it as much as you did! Very hot.

Fri, May 12th, 2023 1:07pm

Amy F. Turner

My, my, what a thoughtful son to feed the hunger they both had on such a special day. Wow! Hot is definitely an understatement here!

Fri, May 12th, 2023 7:58pm

Dick Wood

She wanted it bad the nasty stepmom. Hot story

Sat, May 13th, 2023 10:56am

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