Helpful Hints for Strip-Humiliation Fun

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A short tutorial on how to do it right.

Question: What are some of the reasons guys get subjected to strip humiliation?


Answer: Well, there are so many. One reason is if a boy is a straight-A student or the teacher’s pet. Other boys will want to knock him down a peg by stripping him after school.

Or if he is popular and arrogant. The macho type also needs reminding that a few determined classmates can remove that arrogance by removing his clothes.

Of course, an unpopular boy can be reminded of his unpopularity by showing how everyone enjoys seeing him embarrassed in his underwear.

Authority figures can be wonderful targets for strip-humiliation. See the story “Strip Humiliation of Arrogant Abusive Male Teacher.” When an adult like a teacher or a cop gets overrun and undressed by young hoodlums. Their authority just melts away! 

How about theft? If a fellow is foolish enough to wear expensive clothes, a small gang of youths will want to steal those clothes, either to wear or to sell off. The former “dandy” won’t look so fancy robbed and stranded in his BVDs! 

Bottom line: there really is no reason needed at all.


Q: Sometimes a guy who has been stripped and humiliated in public gets ridiculed, and passersby call him a fag or faggot. That seems wrong. Is it?

A: Not really. Those are not polite words, but either his friends stripped him, or his enemies did. Either way, it looks like he did not put up enough of a fight, so he comes off as a loser and fag. He certainly looks pathetic in his underwear! If the aggressors leave him stranded in his tighty whities but he has a black eye or a fat lip, that shows he fought back and took some punches. So he is less of a loser, but is doubly ridiculous because clearly he did not fight back hard enough, and got both humiliated and hurt.

And remember that some submissive fellows secretly enjoy the thrill of being stripped in public. That kind of male also secretly enjoys being called names.


Q: What’s the most humiliating state he can be left in—in his boxer shorts, briefs, or naked?

A: Leaving a guy naked in just his socks and shoes is perfectly wonderful! He’s so panicky that he can’t think straight. On the other hand, underwear gives spectator something extra to laugh at. Full-cut boxer shorts mean a lot of exposed underwear. Classic white briefs are the gold standard of strip humiliation, though, for the good reason that they are seen as dorky, boyish, and embarrassing—you can read the brand right on the exposed waistband, and that adds a good layer of embarrassment. The more private details are exposed, the more humiliating—perfect strangers gaining the intimate knowledge the Johnnie wears Fruit of the Loom underpants or Look at Timmy in his white Hanes! 

There is an additional reason that classic white underwear is so perfect for strip humiliation, which is that it is thin and skimpy. Briefs tightly hug a fellow’s buttocks and in front, you can usually discern the shape of his cock and balls even from a distance. And if the humiliation scene lasts a long time, white underwear reveals his panicky sweatiness—at the top of his buttocks right below the waistband, his armpits, and his back between the shoulder blades. A white T-shirt lets you see exactly how scared and panicky he is becoming, by reading the growing sweat stains.

Q: Should he get his clothes back?

A: If the whole point is to humiliate him, no. His embarrassment is open-ended if he is not only publicly humiliated, but has no idea how long it is going to last or how it is going to end. Some high school and college bullies have a good compromise—throwing his clothes up in tree branches, for example, so that he can try and get them back, but it’s nearly impossible, and of course he can’t escape and hide his embarrassment if he is stuck there making ridiculous and hopeless efforts to retrieve his pants.


Q: Should both sexes be involved?

A: Why not? I’m talking about males here, because the “strong” sex is the one that usually needs to be humiliated, but we know girls strip girls, and that’s delightful. Even more delightful is femdom humiliation where mean girls target and strip boys. I just love mean girls, as you can tell by the story “Preston’s Petticoat Punishment” and the “Strip Humiliation on the Wrong Side of Town” series.

Speaking of petticoat punishment, which isn’t for everyone, remember that it always involves strip humiliation, since fellow can’ be petticoated until all his boy clothes have been taken off him. In some instances, girls even force a naked boy to wear girl’s undies before putting him in petticoats. If they take the further step of publicly humiliating him in his sissy dress, they can strip the dress off of him. The hilarious result is the poor little “manly man” not only exposed in a training bra and frilly panties, but forced to beg for his dress back!


Q: What’s the best location?


A: The most public one. The mall, the parking lot, the schoolyard, a street in a wealthy neighborhood, a street in a lousy neighborhood. There are no wrong answers here.



Submitted: May 12, 2023

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