meg and joshua

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

tale of two sluts enthralled with each other's writings and more

For Meg and Joshua, there  was instant chemistry.  She knew it early when they were going over likes and dislikes and Joshua told her how he liked buying sexy clothes for women and would like to do so for her.  She liked the sound of that and asked  him how sexy do you like it, and his response was, the sluttier the better. clothes make up, it all adds to the excitement and the allure.

They were both self professed sluts.  They talked about it up front and Meg said, that the term slut was usually applied to women but she had never given much thought to the idea of men identifying that way.  
For Meg, she was totally consumed by the prospects of all things sexual. Married with children including a six month old, she embraced each day with thoughts of what things she could do in her unyielding needs to satiate her hunger and thirst for sexual attention and interaction.

She had over time  rendered her hubby a cuck. She needed more love and more sex than he was capable of giving her, and besides he worked all day and often later hours sometimes was away from home for several days.  That only drove he compulsion to interact with others to feed her unquenchable lust.

Joshua told her that in years past they referred to women who sought constant sexual gratification as nymphos and over time such descriptions had given way to such things as hedonistic and sexual addiction. He said, if you spend more than two hours a day thinking about sex, having sex, there is a good chance one is addicted to sex at least that is what the clinicians had written in medical literature.

Joshua was brutally candid with Meg, and he wanted the same from her. He told her that pure lust was almost animal like and was all consuming, it knew no boundaries and couldn't be characterized with terms like hetro, gay it bi, and didn't follow patterns characterized by dominant or submissive.
 What he spoke of was sexual energy that they each craved, it was the drug of choice that fueled their engines, that fed their passion, and they found no trouble tapping into that energy daily, early and often.
More than the physical release of bodily fluids, more than the endorphin releases, their bodies minds and souls needed to feed a hungry monster daily and often in order to sooth their insatiable sexual appetites.
Meg observed that Joshua was touch starved, he loved her touch, and particularly liked that she was a touchy feel kind of person.  She assumed an immediate degree of familiarity with him and as if they had known one another for years, she was comfortable undressing him with her eyes as well has her hands. 
Joshua liked it when she touched the sides of his head when she kissed him, and how she would run her finger across his lips or poke her finger in his mouth for him to suck.
When they first met in person she told him later that she was damp on the way to their rendezvous and ten minutes after sitting and chatting she was soaked.
She surprised herself when she put her hand down her pants and penetrated her pussy with two fingers and captured some of her wetness which she promptly inserted in his mouth.
It was that boldness, that assertive approach that he cherished.
But it was other things too, Meg knew just how and where to touch him, what his vulnerable spots were, including his neck, his ears when she licked them with her tongue, and his nipples which she teased with her fingers and then her mouth. 
 Meg told Joshua that sometimes she couldn't wait to get hubby out the door in the morning so she could get on her phone and have phone sex with one of her guy or girl friends. She would remove whatever she was wearing slip into something that made her feel sexy and hot and with toys spread out on the bed she would go to erotic reading sites, then maybe take in a chat room or two, or call or text someone and lead the conversation till each party was self indulging.
On occasions when she had other men visit her during the day, she would be thinking about the next guy she could screw or chat with after she was done with the guy fucking her. She also liked sending men away with the smell of sex on them.  Sometimes she would rub some of their cum on her body and let it dry there so she would have them with her after the departed.
She liked what Joshua had said about their lust having no boundaries characterized as dominant or submissive, he derived as much fulfillment blindfolding her, running ice cubes on her naked body, using toys on her, or lashing a hand whip to warm  her soft skin.
Joshua confided that he loved the chase, he loved the buildup, the teasing, tantalizing foreplay that brought each of them to the threshold of orgasm. He enjoyed when they dined out and she would rub her nylon feet in him to the point he had make adjustments when he stood up.  Alone at her place or elsewhere, Meg was at home sitting on his lap facing him as if building up to giving him a lap dance. It was a coin toss if she enjoyed teasing him as much as he craved having her tease him.
 In the context of such foreplay, he enjoyed it when her feet moved from his  cock and balls,  into his neck or pushing her foot up to his mouth for him to grovel and suck and bite her toes as she teased him unmercifully.
He told Meg that he had the good fortune at a very young age of being the boy toy to women in their late thirties and forties, who taught him among other things that the woman always cums first.  Somehow it had been ingrained in his mind that he had an obligation to extract as much orgasmic lust from women as possible before he allowed himself or his mate to bring him to climax.

Joshua took his phychie of needing to please the woman to amazing ends and did not let it hinder his sense of self.  He didn't let it impede his masculinity or confine him to some superficial macho persona. If the woman he was with wanted something more than he was able to render, he found not shame in donning a strap on that boasted greater length and girth, if in using it, it brought his lover to the levels of fulfillment she wanted, needed and craved.

He told her up front that he tended to be more of a giver than a taker, and couldn't be totally satisfied with a woman unless he knew he fulfilled all of her needs. He was not a wam bam thank you man finish on your own time kind of guy.
 He couldn't understand why other men were so self absorbed, didn't they share his zest for knowing all the joy and pleasure he brought to the woman?
Meg told Joshua that she enjoyed his writing and immediately loved his mind.  She knew he was well educated by the way he wrote, and she loved to read his notes, email, letters to her, and they made her damp or wet and always pushed her to self indulge after reading them. Meg told Joshua she liked what he shared with her when he said, sometimes I like my sex dirty.  He told her, he longed to go down on her when she had her period and and liked it when women mounted his face so he could orally pleasure them.  He wasn't adverse to being cum kissed and even said he liked it and over time came to like licking his cum off a woman's tits or other body parts.
He was a virgin in his ass until he hooked up with Meg, but she not only popped his anal cherry but took him on a tour from fingers to butt plugs to toys, to strap ons and despite the initial  pain he knew Meg got a power surge each time she donned the strap on sex toy and penetrated him.  Over time she said the toys would increase in size and thickness.  Joshua's thinking though was, my pain is but a small sacrifice to yield for her pleasure.  His commitment to be the catalyst in insuring Meg attained the maximum amount of pleasure and gratification was in his view, UNYIELDING.
Another thing that Meg loved about Joshua was that he was fairly open minded for a guy.  He allowed himself the freedom to let his mind wander in the realm of kinky endeavors that may have pushed other men aside.  Joshua was comfortable enough with who he was, what he was, that he didn't bring shame or belittlement as mantle pieces on certain modes of behavior or certain interactions.  Meg asked him if he knew what a cream pie was and if had ever had one?  He knew what it was and said he had not so engaged.  But he didn't leave it there, he said, if that is something you want, something that will add excitement to your needs, work me in our play by having me ejaculate on your tits or other body parts and cum kiss me more till I get used to consuming it and then when you think I'm ready we can have me do down on you after I fill you with my juice.
 Meg asked if he could see an instance where he consumed another man's cum from her pussy. She loved that he was honest and candid when he said, "It would never be my first choice or something I would seek out, but if we ever so embark on that, you'll have to tease the shit out of me and edge me without letting me cum before I attempt to pleasure you that way."
So on this day, the two had flipped a coin and Joshua drew the side that rendered him to assume a submissive and or subordinate role to Meg.
She dressed him in his navy blue silk jersey and blue satin pajama bottoms and restrained his arms with wrists crisscrossed resting on his chest. He laid on his back and she had a chair on the bed and told him she was going to use her silk stocking feet to tease and rub over his chest, his nipples, on his cock and balls.
 She would also press her feet, sometimes with high heels sometimes with just the nylon thigh highs on parts of his body.  She envisioned putting the stiletto heel in her pussy and getting it wet and putting the shoe back on her foot and putting it in his mouth to lick off.
 She knew how much he loved sucking her pussy and she would tease him for a least a couple of hours before she would squat over him and let him inhale her aroma and maybe taste her juices.
Then she told him that her friend Cheryl and her friend would be stopping by soon.  
Joshua's mind flashed to prior conversations when Meg said she would one day have two ladies assist her in fucking him three ways at once on mounting his face, one riding his cock and one penetrating his ass with a strap on.
She knew that is what he was thinking as she moved her feet about teasing him. He was hard and wet and she pulled his pants down and licked his cock like a lollipop, drew it in her mouth then stopped pulled up his pants and began to tease him again with her feet.  After a few moments as she could see how wet he was getting from the precum that stained his satin pj bottoms she said,
When I said Cheryl and her friend, it's not another person, rather her monthly friend, She got her period and I know how much you love going down on bloody women and she is really excited about it too, she is a heavy bleeder and a she squirts too, so your lust for dirt sex today will be realized.  
She moved her feet from his cock and balls to his chest and nipples then she put on her stilettos and pressed the heels into his nipples through the silk jersey and rubbed them, then extended her foot and pushed the sole of the shoe into his throat then his mouth then shed the shoe and had him suck and nibble on her hot red painted toes beneath the black stockings.
Meg loved it when Joshua groveled, she felt it was a fitting behavior as she fancied herself his Goddess when they engaged in role playing.
Meg shared with Joshua a tidbit telling him that Cheryl had designed a new kink way of playing.  She would entertain other men and women and have them cum in panties then she would put them in plastic bags and freeze them.  She said she would also pee in panties until they were soaked then put them in plastic bags and freeze them. Sort of a Sex Freeze Pop
She would bring those with her and use them as gags when the two women were having there way with Joshua, so as the heat from his mouth warmed the material, the liquid would go from ice to wetness and be consumed by him.
 So sometimes he  might be sucking on on her pee and other times he might be sucking on some guys cum. She thought it would be a good blend with all the blood she would have sucked out of her cunt.  Meg told Joshua she was bringing some toys too.  She was sure he would like Cheryl, she was a little taller then Meg,heavier with DD breasts that longed to have oral adoration and biting on them.  Meg said, if she leave here without sustainable black and blue marks all over her tits, you be rendered by her a disappointment. She likes rough play and for her that goes both ways, so be ready to be slapped and have her nails claw at your skin babe.
 She suggested I should milk you before we get to work on you that way it will make it harder on you to withstand all of the things we have in mind doing to you, but I'm not going to do that, I like having you eager my love, we may try that game another day, Then Meg picked up her quart size water bottle and drank a big gulp, and said, Cheryl told me she has a funnel beside her bed and when she needs to pee at 2 in the morning she will tell a sub she allowed to sleep on the floor next to her to put the funnel in their mouth so She doesn't have to get up to go to the bathroom. 
That one intrigues me, but I still  like it when we empty our bladders on you in the tub, I find that very exciting and profoundly intimate.  Then there was a knock on the door, it was Cheryl, and the day's activities were about to begin.
Cheryl entered saying,
"So this your bitch huh, he's tall and  handsome too.  She tells me you are proficient going down, well today we are going to turn that tongue of yours into a tampon.  She took off her top and showed her very large breasts and her very tanned skin. Her eyes were dark and she had heavy eye make up on and lots of jewelry.  Stripped down to her panties those soon hit the floor as she climbed onto the bed and straddled one of Joshua's legs and leaned into Meg with there breasts touching and kissed passionately for a good amount of time.
She proclaimed,
"That's the ultimate tease for guys, being there restrained, helpless and watching two gorgeous women make out."
She looked at his erect cock and said to Meg
"you didn't milk him first did you?"
"No I thought we would try that another day, since you will be a regular here at least once a month right?"
At that Cheryl began to edge her way up his body inching her way across his stomach, and chest then she stopped pulled the string and removed the tampon before straddling Joshua's head and perching there indefinitely.  Meg moved to grope and suck on Cheryl's large breasts and to kiss her as the two embraced and stroked each other's hair.
Cheryl was enjoying the oral adoration Joshua provided and she told Meg,
"He's really quite good, I guess that makes him a keeper for you huh, has he met your hubby yet?"


Submitted: May 10, 2023

© Copyright 2023 j.d. davis757. All rights reserved.

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This is so HOT, baby! My baby was actually born the Friday before Easter.

I can't wait to bring Cheryl over for round two. We both love your tongue!

Wed, May 10th, 2023 4:44pm


I'm not into foot play and definitely not into period sex but otherwise, Joshua is a lucky man. I think a little more dialogue and actual individual sex scenes could have made this a book or a series. Lots of good sex in it.

Fri, May 12th, 2023 1:14pm

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