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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The two campus cops continue their abuse of rape victim Andy, inspecting him most intimately.













Poor little eighteen-year-old Andy was almost hysterical. No, he was hysterical. He tried to physically bat Officer Krause away, but the big blond cop easily held the naked abused boy down. The officer had stripped naked, claiming that the apartment was too hot. He apologized for getting naked but said,”Hell, we’re all guys here. We are all guys, aren’t we? Unless this little sissy boy is a fucking faggot.”


Andy went wild. ‘I’M NOT A FAGGOT. PLEASE GO. GET OUT. I’M SORRY I EVER REPORTED THE RAPE. JUST GET OUT AND LEAVE ME ALONE” He was so out of control, the campus police officer had no choice but to slap the boy hard. Andy’s head flew to one side, spit and pre-cum flying off his cute, young face. The cop’s large hand left a red imprint on the boy’s cheek. Krause turned to officer Brett who was filming the whole thing.


“I don’t like to do that, slap a possible rape victim, but when they go hysterical, I don’t got any choice.” Using his other hand, he slapped Andy again, so the boy’s head flew in the opposite direction. Poor Andy saw stars. Everything spun. Officer Krause saw that he had gotten pre-fuck and spit on his hands and made a disgusted sound. He wiped his hands on the boy’s chest.


“You see, Andy, if you have been cockteasing around campus… you know, sticking that fairy faggot ass of yours out and pouting those cocksucker lips of yours, well then, we can’t really blame a healthy, normal, straight, college jock from having to empty his nuts into you. I mean, you would be soliciting, right? So, How do we know?  On the other hand, if you are a little sissy boy who was really raped, then we are totally on your side and want to help you. So, one of the things we do is get a sample of the fuck sauce up your cute little faggy ass, and we compare it to the jizz from your own dick. That way, we know if you were really raped, or just shoved some of your own cum up your boy pussy to play games with us. If youa re telling the truth, you got nothing to fear. Now with this table spoon, I am just going to get a little more cum out of your pussy hole.”


“Please, don’t call it that. I am not gay!” Andy protested, his face red from the slaps and tears running down his cheeks.


“Keep those fucking legs spread so the camera can catch this.” He roughly dug the large spoon into the kid’s already red, raw, swollen asshole. He scraped the spoon around the inner ass, further irritating the already bruised rectum. Andy screamed, and Officer Krause had to push the boy back down into his back on the table. ‘If you close your fucking legs again, you will really be sorry, Bitch!” He growled at the poor, small kid. Andy Spread his legs as far apart as he could.  Officer Krause, whose dick was throbbingly erect and leaking all over the place, tapped the spoon against a plastic container he had to collect the ass sperm. Then he roughly rammed the spoon up the kid’s hole again.




“I know, Homo, but this sample is to compare with the sperm from your dick. Almost finished.”  He shoved the entire spoon up deep into the kid’s asshole. ‘I wonder if the rapist’s sperm is making babies up in that faggot pussy? What do you think Lee?”


“I think we better clean the kid out for his own good.”


“Oh, we will. We’ll clean him out real good, both ends.” Krause’s dick gave a giant lurch and slapped up against his hard stomach, the head reaching his chest.

“Fuck, why the hell am I so fucking horny? I tell you, Andy, I only get this horny when I am with a really hot bitch, or a really cock hungry faggot. That is not good for your case.” Then he cursed in a frustrated way. “OH FUCK!” Then he laughed. “I shoved the spoon so far up the kid’s cunt, I can’t get it out. We may have to take him down the station and dig the fucker out.”


At that, Andy sobbed pathetically. He couldn’t stand any more humiliation and any more abuse. Wasn’t it bad enough he had been raped?


“Tell you what, faggot…” Krause said.


“I AM NOT A FAGGOT! I AM NOT A FAGGOT! I AM NOT A FUCKING FAGGOT!” Andy screamed, his voice going hoarse. He threw himself on the table, and it took a hard gut-punch from Krause to calm him down. Andy almost fainted from the wind being knocked out of him. A fired began in his lower gut.


“Jeez, calm down. I’m sorry I called you a faggot, it’s just that you act so much like one. And look at you. Small body, tiny worthless dick no chick would want! Can you blame me?” The officer used his strength, his sweaty muscles bulging to hold the squirming boy in place. If anything, the struggle seemed to make the cop’s already terrifying prick almost larger. “OH, shit, if I don’t get off, soon, my poor little sister is really in for it tonight.”


“Hey, can I come over to your house and join in? My dick is about to explode,” moaned Officer Brett, still filming everything.


Krause laughed. He had a really deep, testosterone thick laugh. “Yeah, sure, of course. Don’t best buds share everything? Even little sisters.”


Poor little Andy, couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He knew that he had to quite college before it had even begun. He had to go back home where it was safe. He had to get away.


“We gotta get that fucking spoon out, Fa… sorry, Andy. So you gotta lift your legs to your chest, and squeeze like hell, like you were taking a giant dump. You gotta shit the spoon out of you. Officer Brett, make sure catch all of this on camera with some nice close-ups.”


A sobbing Andy bent his legs and brought his knees up to his chest, opening up his recently fucked teenage asshole. Red in the face he grunted and strained.

“Nothing is happening. It won’t come out,” he moaned in panic.


“Come on, Pussy, squeeze like you were taking the biggest dump of your life. Shit out that spoon!” Andy cried and grunted and moaned and squeezed! He hurt badly, deep inside, where he had been raped. He could feel the spoon inside.


“Listen to him, Luke, he sounds like a fucking mewling baby crying for his mommy’s teat! I think he wants something to suck on. Do we got anything the baby can suck on to make him feel better?”


Officer Brett laughed. “I think we got at least two things he can suck on to make him feel better.” He rubbed his own swollen uncut dick, and the thick foreskin pulled back and pre-fuck gushed out of the red pisshole.


Andy screamed again. “YOU ARE POLICE. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO ACT LIKE THIS. YOU ARE ACTING AS BAD AS THE RAPIST!” Officer Krause did not like that. The muscular blond moved around the table and grabbed Andy by his sweat slick hair. He yanked the boy’s head to the left and to the right. He gobbed into his face twice, two heavy loogies. Andy screeched like a terrified bird.


“Look, you fucking asswipe! Do you want us to help you or not? Do you want us to help you expel the soup spoon up your cunt, or should we leave, and you can hobble to a hospital yourself and beg the doctors to get it out? They’ll really think you’re a sick faggot…a soup spoon up your hole!”  He slammed Andy’s head down on the table. The poor kid’s head was throbbing so badly, he thought he would pass out.


“Help me… help me… please, help me!” He begged.


“That’s what I like to hear. That’s the right attitude. Do you got a pliers in the kitchen?”


“HUH? A what?”


“A pliers. A fucking pliers. I’m going to shove the pliers up your asshole and grab the spoon, and pull the fucker out.”


Andy’s body was cold with sweat and shook so badly, Officer Krause had to hold him down. “NO, DON’T HURT ME ANY MORE. PLEASE, I BEG YOU, I AM SO SORE DOWN THERE…PLEASE DON’T HURT ME ANY MORE!”


“Jeez, look how swollen the kid’s ass lips are. It could be he is telling the truth about being raped.”

“I am… I am… I swear I am,” Andy sobbed.


“Yeah, or you could just be a fuck hungry faggot who takes it up the ass so much, his cunt lips are permanently swollen.” Krause went into the kitchen.


“Look at the camera, Andy. Can you smile for us?” Officer Brett asked.


Andy was so confused, so out of it, that lying naked on the table, his legs up to his chest and his asshole on display, he smiled at the camera. He looked like a cheap slut displaying himself.


Brett used his phone to get a few still shots of Andy that way. “You know, if you ever do become a faggot, this would be a great profile picture for you. You look like a fucking little gay whore!”


Krause came back into the room carrying a huge Plummer’s pliers. “This should do the trick. We’ll have that spoon out of your womb in no time.”


Andy actually tried to crawl off the table, and it took both cops to drag him back and bitch slap him into submission. They slapped and slapped and slapped, until Andy’s ears rang.


“Jeez, you’re worse than my girlfriend when I wanna play a little rough. We are here to help you, Andy. Now knees up against your chest and open up that pussyhole.”


For some sick reason, young Andy was beginning to feel less masculine. He felt weak and powerless. He felt submissive in front of these two muscle hunks. And Officer’s Krause, totally naked with a huge dick that never stopped leaking was truly frightening. The big pisshole pulsed and long strings of pre-fuck hung from the cockhead and dripped onto the floor. Officer Krause casually wiped his leaking dick on Andy’s arm.


“Hey, dude, does your little sister like the taste of your pre-fuck? My girlfriend hates slurping up mine for some reason.”


“Your girlfriend is fucking nuts, Luke, everybody knows that pre-fuck hardly has any flavor at all. Besides my sister has sucked so much of mine she’s used to it by now. We’ll ask her if yours tastes any different than mine. How about it Andy?

Does pre-fuck have much of a taste?”


Andy screwed up his red, sweaty face. “How the fuck should I know?”


Krause grabbed him by the hair. “Well, if you were throat raped, you would have tasted your rapist’s pre-fuck, right?”


“I was so scared and he hurt me so much, I don’t remember…” the boy cried.


“Well, I accidently got some of my dick leak on your face before… on your lips.

Did you happen to taste any of that? I mean, was it good? Like something you would like to taste again?”


Andy spit. “How can you even ask me that? What kind of sadistic monsters are you?”


“LOOK, ASSWIPE, WE ARE JUST DOING OUR JOB. WE ARE TRYING TO BE CIVIL TO YOU AND GIVE YOU THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.” Officer Brett held the boy down, while Officer Krause pushed the pliers into the kid’s asshole. “Sorry if it’s cold.”


“Oh, my God, it’s too big. It hurts. Please take it out.”


“Kid, I haven’t even opened it yet. I gotta grasp the handle of the spoon to get it out. Besides, it’s probably not as big as the dick that raped you, if you are telling the truth.”


“BUT IT’S METAL. IT’S HARD METAL! IT REALLY HURTS UP MY ASS!”  the boy’s toes curled in pain, and both cops found that amusing.


“This won’t take long. Just relax. It’s just like getting a tooth pulled.” He forced the pliers open, and it stretched Andy’s poor already abused rectum agonizingly.

“Yeah, let’s just open the pliers all the way, for good measure.” The boy would have flung himself off the table, had not Officer Brett held him. He had his hands on Andy’s chest and his fingers pinched and twisted the kid’s nipples. When Andy’s legs began to stray out or down, Brett let go of a nipple and slapped the boy. Sweat was pouring off of all three of them, and Officer Brett realized he would have to strip naked too, so as not to ruin his uniform.


“And I think I got it. Sorry, kid if I got some of your inner rectum skin in the pliers. I think I got the spoon. Now to pull it out!”


Is a cute teenage boy’s face even cuter when it is in agony? Some people think so. Some people love nothing more than to see a teenage boy cry. Was Andy more adorable when he was happy and peaceful, or now, twisted with pain and humiliation? Would Andy ever be the same again? Krause withdrew the spoon, and not touching it, but carrying it in the pliers, he walked it into the kitchen and tossed it into the sink. “We’ll save that for later…” he chuckled.


He turned back to Andy, who was lying exhausted, draped on the table, his whole body trembling. His dick was shrunken to a nub and his tits were red and raw and pointy. His mouth hung open, and saliva ran from it, down over his neck.

His breathing was labored and irregular.


“Take it easy, kid, we’re just trying to help,” Officer Brett soothed, pushing back the boy’s sweat slick hair. As he did this he moved close, and his huge uncut dickhead rubbed on the boy’s neck and cheek. Andy tried to move his head away, but Officer Brett held the kid’s head still and continued to rub the leaking fuckmeat on his cheek. There was no longer mistaking the sadism of the two officers for any kind of assistance. Officer Brett hummed quietly as he rubbed his prick head on the boy’s cheek, then with gentle, but firm force, he turned the kid’s face, so the big uncut prick began to rub and leak on Andy’s lips. “I still think he’s a faggot… “ he said quietly, his voice almost soothing as he deposited gobs of pre-fuck on Andy’s lips.


“We’ll find out,” officer Krause said, giving his own huge prick a few pulls. “Now, Andy, we need a sperm sample from you to compare with the anal deposit.

So if you would just be a good boy and sit on the edge of the table and masturbate for us, we’ll film you.”

Submitted: May 06, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Fucking awesome story Dale, really enjoying these two sadist brutes messing around

Sat, May 6th, 2023 10:43pm


For this genre, Dale, I'm giving your intensity a 10! Brutal, explicit, relentless, and unyielding. It brings law enforcement to a whole new level, not to mention silverware. For a minute there, I had a totally different vision of Bob Villa with a pair of pliers and the concept of 'spooning'. Wow. These two are the Siegfried and Roy of rectum wrecking. Just give them a whip and a chair.

Mon, May 8th, 2023 4:03am

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