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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Ryan finishes his first night as master with a flourish. Danny's mom doesn't believe things can get worse. Boy, is she wrong.









I licked my teenage son’s asshole. He was my dear, sweet boy, I kept telling myself, and so nothing about him could repulse me. But it was revolting. My son Danny’s best friend Ryan had masturbated his thick dick and shot a huge load of cum, one of the largest I had ever seen in my limited sexual exposure, all over Danny’s asshole, the back of his balls and his thighs. The thick, mucus-like white slime clung to the pucker of my son’s asshole rosette. When Danny moved at all, his asshole opened and closed, and some of the teenage sperm seeped into the hole itself. Some clung in long icicle-like spears to his smooth been ball sack. Can’t you please understand that the whole thing was disgusting, humiliating and revolting.


That my own son should have fallen under the spell of a twisted, sadistic, teenage thug like Ryan was beyond belief. He had always been a gentle, obedient, loving boy. I know he blamed me for his father leaving, but could such an Incident bring on this twisted aspect in his nature? He gripped his ass cheeks and thrust his butt out at me.


“Get to work, Mrs. Logan. I want to see all my cum licked up and swallowed, Ryan laughed, squeezing more drops of fuck out of his still swollen penis. These fresh drops of cum he deposited on my son’s swollen, throbbing dick.


With a sob and a shudder, I leaned in, stuck out my tongue and touched it to Danny’s pink puckered asshole. His hole seemed sweaty but relatively clean, that was a blessing. I scooped up some fuck on my tongue. It really was like pasty slime. During our marriage, Danny’s father had wanted to eat his cum, but I refused. Being a shy, religious girl, I felt that ingesting sperm was somehow sinful and filthy. I remembering him telling me that it was a wife’s duty to swallow her husband’s spunk, and that if I didn’t suck him off and swallow, he would have to look for that satisfaction elsewhere. I don’t know at what point in our marriage, he began to stray, but it was when Danny was still a little boy. After a while, my ex-husband stopped bothering me for sex.


The fuck slime ran over my tongue, as I scooped up another dollop from Danny’s asshole. To think that I was licking my son’s hole, and that he was enjoying it was really sick. I felt I would never recover from the shame.


“You’re going to have to lick faster and harder than that, Mrs. Logan, you don’t want my delicious cum to dry on his body, do you? If his asshole smells and tastes a little musky, it’s because he took a dump earlier and hasn’t showered.  Don’t be shy. After all he is your own sweet son. Lick the back of his nutsack where some cum has dripped.”


As if on cue, Danny spread his legs more and squatted ever so slightly, so I could get at the rear of his scrotum.  I remember thinking that my son had a nice big, full ball sack. I know that is a sinful, filthy thought to have, and I would be punished by God for having it. As I licked the back of his ball bag, it wobbled and danced. I had to push my head forward to keep my tongue on the sack.


“Jeez, Mom, that fucking tickles…” Danny giggled. “Hey, I think some of Ryan’s disgusting cum seeped up inside my asshole. You better get your tongue in there to see, okay?” Both boys laughed, but Ryan reminded Danny that his suck sauce was delicious, as all the girls at school reported, and that if Danny wasn’t more respectful of his friend, he’s be tasting the sperm himself. Obviously, Ryan had Danny under his control as well as me.


There was not cum and ass sweat and my own saliva all over my face. It was a horrid smell and a sticky feeling. Danny spread his ass cheeks wider, and I shoved the tip of my tongue into my son’s asshole itself. The warm, soft interior of his rectum enclosed my tongue. Ryan snapped photos. I thrust my tongue deep into the teenage asshole, until I felt wet cum on my tongue, some had indeed seeped into the boy hole.


“Jeez, Dan, I hope I didn’t get you pregnant,” Ryan laughed, his now flaccid prick swinging over his sweaty low hanging balls.


“Fuck you, Man!” Danny angrily snapped at him.


Ryan raised a finger. “No, watch the way you talk to me, or I will fuck you!” He sounded threatening. I could not see him, of course, my face was in my son’s all.

After I had cleaned out my son’s asshole and licked the trails of sperm from his upper legs, I thought I was through with the horrible task. But Ryan reminded me; “Hey, Bitch, don’t forget that I shot my last few spurts of baby batter onto your son’s dick. Better lick that off too.”


I began to tremble. I could not, I would not become my own son’s cocksucker. I was his mother. I had given birth to him and loved him more than anything in the world.


“Come on, Mom, better do what Ryan says.” Danny urged in a serious, quiet voice.  He released his smooth muscular ass globes and turned to face me. Seeing him naked like this in his full-fledged teenage masculinity did something horrible to me. How can I admit this? I became wet… you know… down there. I cannot tell you how many times I have cried thinking about that moment, because for me, it signifies the start of all the horror that followed.  There I was on my knees, facing my son Danny’s seven and a half inch naked, bouncing teenage dick. With each bounce, small drops of pre-fuck flew from the pisshole. The prick was pink and smooth and looked strong, and the wide pisshole opened and closed like a little mouth. I hated myself for even looking at it. THIS WAS MY SON. THIS WAS HIS PENIS! He must have tightened his already tight, smooth stomach, because the pecker bounced up higher, almost slapping his own body. He put his hands on his hips and smiled down at me.


“Come on, Mom, my prick is all covered with Ryan’s sperm. I don’t want his dick slop on my cock, that’s’ too gay. Help me out, Mom, lick my fucker clean for me, will you?” He said it in the softest, sweetest, young boy voice, the kind of voice he used when he told me how much he loved me.


I stuck out my tongue and began to lick my son Danny’s penis.  I saw a few globs of Ryan’s cum in Danny’s small jungle of pubic hair, so I leaned in and sucked on Danny’s prick hair. My heart heaved so heavily that my tits bounced. The safety pins through my nipples no longer hurt, but they made my tit-tips extra sensitive. It was like my nipples stayed hard and would not relax and go soft. Meanwhile, the safety pin through my clit, kept it erect and tingling. When would this horror end? I licked up and down the shaft of my son’s dick, then swiped my tongue over the swollen cockhead. I began to wonder now if my son, whom I thought of as still an innocent, young, virgin, boy, was fucking school girls. Had he had his dick in the cunts of girls at his school? At what age today did boys and girls begin to fuck? I’d read someplace that it was younger and younger.


At last Danny’s dick was clean of Ryan’s spunk, and I leaned back, breasts heaving and tears running down my face.


“Good job, Mrs. Logan. We’re almost finished for tonight. You must be tired. This is all so new to you, I know, ulness you been sucking off schoolboys behind our back!” Ryan laughed at his little joke. “There is just one little job left to do tonight. Your dear son, Danny has not cum, has he? We can’t leave him like that, now, can we? He might develop a nervous condition.”


I froze, still on my knees. He could not mean that I should perform an act on my own son that was an abomination and a sin. I had licked the boy’s dick, wasn’t that enough? My face was already covered in Ryan’s cum and my son’s ass sweat. I felt like a cheap whore. I had lost all of my dignity.


Ryan chuckled. “Don’t freak out. I won’t make you suck Dan off. Not tonight. You just kneel there and let your son jerk off into your mouth.”


“Really, Ryan?” Danny asked like a kid at Christmas.


“Why not, buddy. Can you get into that?”


And my own beloved son almost growled, “Oh, yeah, totally!”


Ryan laughed again. “Now hold your head back and open your mouth as wide as you can, Mrs. Logan. Turn your face into a kind of toilet, okay? I got a hunch, our boy Dan here has dumped a load into the bathroom toilet more than a few times. Well, from now on, you are going to be his toilet, his cum rag, his face cunt. If you don’t open wide enough, I will get myself hard again and we will both shove our dicks down your useless throat at the same time.”


I held my head back and my mouth open as wide as I could. Ryan walked around me, inspecting me. He raised one shoe and with it, gently tapped my tits.

He made them wobble and swing. “Cunts, just got to learn what their real job in life is.  All of this equality crap is just bullshit. Cunts are on this earth for two reasons only. To breed babies, and to take care of dudes’ dicks! Every fucking bitch knows this, but she pretends like she doesn’t. She pretends she is worth more. A cunt’s job in life is to service cock! Any and all cock! At all times! We are going to teach you that, Mrs. Logan. We are going to teach you that real good. The entire male student body of Westmont High School is going to use you as a dick dump! You will live with all your holes available at all times. You will dress from now on like the sewer you will become. We are going to get your breast implants, until your tits are fucking grotesque. We are gonna get you lactating, so we can squeeze your tits and milk will shoot out across the room. We are going to have your body tattooed with the filthiest obscenities. And that is just the start of your future as Danny Logan’s cunt mother!”  Ryan smiled, and Danny giggled and stepped up to me, masturbating his dick.


I cannot tell you the shame I felt. I knew half of what he was threatening must not be true. He could not do those terrible things to me, but I still felt the shame.

I know teenage boys have filthy, dirty, sinful thoughts. But I could not believe any of them actually acted on them.


And that was when I felt the strong jet of sperm shooting from my own son’s pecker hit the inside of my mouth. Was that the worst moment of my life? Well, at that moment, I thought so. The teen cum pooled into a lake in my mouth. Four huge spurts of boy fuck. I moaned more in grief than any kind of pain or anything. As Danny shot his load in my mouth, Ryan lifted his foot and rubbed my sore, swollen, safety-pinned clit with the toe of his shoe. My entire body trembled and shook, and I am still not sure why? Was I having an orgasm? Could that be happening? My mouth was full of my son’s pecker slime, his baby batter. What could I do? I began to swallow. Hard to believe that boys shoot this stuff three or four times a day, every day. The taste, as some of you know, is salty and bitter, but it tasted somehow sweeter than Ryan’s had. I pictured all of those tiny sperms swimming around in my mouth and going down my throat.


“Does the taste bother you, Mrs. Logan?” Ryan asked, acting all concerned. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the taste once you are sucking the entire soccer team!”


After that, I was allowed to go to bed, but not to wash until morning, and not to remove the safety pins. I was so exhausted, I slept at once, curled up and shaking from my torment. Once during the night, I was roughly shaken awake.

Danny was standing by the side of my bed, totally naked.


I thought he had come to apologize and to help me. “Danny…” I said, lovingly, reaching out to him.


But he grabbed me by the hair and dragged my head to the side of the bed.


“Open your mouth, Cunt,” he barked, half asleep. Half in a daze, I obeyed. He roughly yanked on his dick and almost without emotion, shot another load into my mouth. The fuck sauce ran over my tongue and down my throat. I began to fear that this was going to become a regular occurrence. Little did I know, it was going to get much worse. After he finished shooting, he growled, “Lick it clean.”


I still wasn’t finished swallowing, but I extended my tongue and licked the still hard, pink fuck flesh clean. Without another word, he tuned and left my bedroom.

In days to come, Ryan would suggest that I sleep on the hard wood floor next to Danny’s bed, so that he didn’t have so far to walk to dump his dick load.


The next morning, I awoke to find Ryan at our house, setting a bowl on the floor of my bedroom. “Oh, you’re awake, Cunt. Good. I need to talk to you. I want you to come to the high school today at 1:45. Don’t be late. Come down to the boy’s locker room. If anyone asks you what you are doing, say you have a meeting with Coach Anderson. Don’t worry, he’s not around.  You will wear no bra and no panties. Last night, I had this one chick I am fucking shorten one of her cheerleading skirts for you. The hem will hand about an inch below your cunt. The waist band will come to just above your pubic bone, so good thing we shaved you.

If the lower hem is lower than an inch below your cunt, you will be punished. On top you will wear one of Danny’s thin tank tops, so your nipples and safety pins show through. On your feet, wear your highest heels.”


I shook my head, noticing that I smelled like a pig from not being able to wash the night before.  My mouth was dry and tasted of my son’s sperm. “I can’t go to your school dressed like that. What will everyone think?”


Ryan laughed. “They’ll think you are a dirty whore cunt. Which you are!”  He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me from the bed onto the floor. “I made breakfast for you, I hope you like waffles. Now hurry and eat them before they get cold.” Suddenly I felt my stomach rumble. I was starving. All I had in my tummy was piss and cum.


“Oh, Shit!” Ryan shouted. “I forgot the fucking maple syrup. Oh, well,” He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his big teenage dick. Just seeing it, sent a shudder of fear through me.  I knelt there on the floor watching the boy masturbate coldly and efficiently, without any passion. I wondered how many times a day, Ryan came. My heart dropped into my stomach when a few moments later, the boy climaxed and shot a huge load of sperm all over the waffles. “There you go, Bitch. I’m sure you like that more than maple syrup anyway. And I think I’ve got something for you to drink as well.” He flipped his softening dick back and forth, pressed on his lower stomach, and a heavy spray of piss shot out to fill a large glass he had set next to the waffle plate. “Nothing like a good healthy breakfast.”


Danny had wandered into the room. He must have just showered, as his hair was wet and he wore nothing but a towel around his slender waist. God, he was handsome. “Oh, is Mom, eating breakfast? Morning, Mom, I love you.”


Can any of you imagine having to start your day this way. As I forced myself to eat the cum soggy waffles, I could not help but notice my son’s erection pushing out the front of his bath towel. “Don’t forget your drink, Mom, you need to keep hydrated.”  I ate Ryan’s cum and drank his piss. And my day had just started.

Submitted: April 28, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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