Chapter 7: Sorority House

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Sorority House

My next submissive was Charles Downing.  He was 35-year-old car salesman with 3 kids.  I refused to tell him what I was going to do to him.  I arranged with the nerdy girls’ sorority, Gamma.  I wanted girls who weren’t experienced with boys.

I brought him to a sorority meeting.  At the end of the meeting, I stripped him naked in front of the girls and tied his hands to an overhead stair railing.  He could move about but could not get free.  Most importantly, he was fully exposed to being molested by the girls.  I stayed to watch, and I filmed the whole thing.

The president of the sorority, Barbara Wilson, said to the members, “Let’s see if he can get an erection.”  They then proceeded to fondling him by taking turns, 2 minutes each. Before the third girl finished, he was fully erect.  Before we do anything else I want everyone here to experience what it is like to feel a hard cock and feel his balls.  The girls all lined up and took their turns. 

When they finished the Vice President, Alice Brown, said, “Let’s play Puppetry of the Penis.” 

Diane Smith said, “I have one.”  She proceeded to Charles, took his cock and pumped it like a pump.

Marjorie Allen said, “How about a baseball bat?”  She proceeded to stand behind him, reach around him, grasp his cock with both hands and swing it like a bat.

Denise Downs said, “How about a metronome.  She approached Charles and moved his cock back and forth in time.

Eloise Favor said, “How about a popsicle?”  She got down on her knees in front of Charles and proceeded to lick his cock and balls.

Anita Harvey said, “I want him to hump my leg like a dog.  He will need to be released.”

Charles was released and required to hump her leg like a dog.

Joan Fleet then said, “I want him to pee like a dog.” 

The president, Barbara Wilson, immediately said, “Not in the sorority house.  Take him outside.”

When the girls and Charles got outside, Barbara Wilson said, “Not on our lawn.  Let him pee on the Delta’s lawn.” 

The Delta sorority house was next door.  It was the pretty girls’ sorority.  Charles was taken next door and required to ask permission to pee on their lawn like a dog.  He knocked on their door in the nude and when a girl answered Charles said, “The neighboring sorority wants me to pee like a dog but won’t let me use their lawn.  May I use yours?”
The girl standing at the door, Mary Barnes, looked at Charles standing there naked, immediately turned and said to her sorority sister, “Come here girls, you have to see this.” 

Soon a dozen girls appeared at the door and Charles had to repeat what he said.  Then there was a long discussion about whether he should be allowed to pee on their lawn.  Finally, the matter was settled when Mary Barnes said, “I really want to see this!” 

It was thus agreed, and Charles got down on all fours, lifted his leg and peed in the nude in front of approximately 30 sorority girls.

Then one of the nerdy girls said, “I want to see him walk the gauntlet.”  When she was done explaining what it was, the girls from both sororities agreed.  The girls formed two lines.  One sorority on each side.  First Charles’s hands were tied and then he walked down the middle naked while the girls molested him.  Charles had to pause in front of every pair of girls for a minute while both girls molested him.  The variety of the things done to Charles was amazing.  He was felt up, his erect cock was slapped, his was spanked on the butt and his nipples pinched.  When one girl tried to kick him in the nuts she was stopped. 

In the meantime, June White had gone back to her room and retrieved a dildo.  When the gauntlet was finished, June said, “I want to fuck him like a dog.”  Charles resumed his position on all fours while June tied the dildo to herself and greased it with Vaseline.  Then she got behind him and slowly inserted the dildo into his anal cavity.  When it was fully inside, she started to fuck his anus to the cheers of the bystanders.  At the same time, Kathy Sylvester, stroked his cock.  After about 5 minutes of fucking, he came, and I stopped the humiliation.  He had had enough!  I gave him back his clothes, allowed him to get dressed and took him home.  Before he left my car, he turned to me and said, “Well, that was fun, wasn’t it!”



Submitted: May 24, 2023

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