Chapter 3: Full Body Skin Examination

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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All these stories and the names of the people are fictional.  They bear no resemblance to any person living or dead.

Chapter Three

Full Body Skin Examination

The client’s name was Jeff Watson.  He was an accountant, married with 2 children.  I decided on cosplay.  We would play doctor.  I arranged to do this in an actual dermatologist’s office.  I dressed up as a nurse practitioner giving a full body skin exam.  When he came in, he was met by a receptionist and sat in a waiting room.  Shortly a faux, 18-year-old female medical assistant named Shirley Smith, came into the waiting room and called his name.  He followed the medical assistant into the examination room.  She asked him what he was there for.  He said, “I am here for a full body skin examination.”

She asked, “Do you have a specific problem?”

He said, “No, the nurse practitioner recommended it.”

The medical assistant responded, “I see.  Take off all your clothes and put them on the chair.”

He said, “You want me completely naked.”

She said, “Yes, it is required.  If we look for any cancerous growths, we have to examine all of your skin.”

He then proceeded to undress, and Shirley stayed to watch.  Mr. Watson stopped and asked, “Aren’t you going to leave?
Shirley said, “I have to assist the doctor.  I am going to see you naked eventually anyway and there are preliminary things to have to do before the doctor arrives.”

Soon Mr. Watson was totally naked.  Shirley said, “Follow me.”  She took him naked out in the hall to weigh and measure him.  While she was doing that a mother with a 9-year-old girl passed by.  The little girl said to her mother, “Mommy, why is that man naked.”

The mother responded, “I don’t know dear.”

The little girl then asked, “What is that thing between his legs?”

The mother said, “Those are his penis and testicles.  That is what men have instead of a vagina.”

The little girl then asked, “What is a vagina?”

The mother responded, “That is what you and I have?”

Shirley finished weighing and measuring Mr. Watson and took him back inside the examination room.  Once inside she took his temperature and blood pressure.  Both were acceptable.  Then Shirley said, “Stand in front of me.”  He did.  Shirley said, “I am going to check you for a hernia.”  She stuck her longest finger into through his scrotum into his inguinal ring and said, “Turn your head and cough.”  He did.  Then Shirley did the other side.  He did.  Then she grasped both testicles and said, “Turn your head and cough.” He did.

Mr. Watson then asked, “Isn’t a hernia something that the nurse practitioner usually does.”

Shirley said, “Yes, it is.  It is not a part of a full body skin exam.  We do it here through an abundance of caution.  That is why I do it instead of the nurse practitioner.”

Mr. Watson asked, “So you do this to all your male patients?”
Shirley said, “I think so, I don’t really know.  You are my first patient?”

Mr. Watson asked, “Have you even seen a naked man before?”

Shirley said, “No, you are my first one.”

Mr. Watson then asked, “Now that you have seen on, what do you think?”

Shirley said, “I think it is easier for you men to pee.”

Mr. Watson asked, “Did you like it?”

Shirley said, “Of course, I like it, I had never seen a naked male before.”

Mr. Watson asked, “Did it stimulate you?”

Shirley said, “Not really, the context was all wrong.”

Mr. Watson asked, “What does that mean?”

Shirley answered, “You are a patient.”

Mr. Watson asked, “What does being a patient have to do with it?”

Shirley said, “I am just doing my job.”

Mr. Watson asked, “Why don’t I get a hospital gown?”

Shirley answered, “If you have to be naked for the examination, what do you need a hospital gown for?”

Shirley continued, “You are ready now.  I’ll go and get the nurse practitioner.”

I entered almost immediately followed by my medical assistant.  I said, “Do you have anything you want to tell me.”

He said, “No, I am here upon your recommendation.”

I then took a magnifying glass and commenced the examination starting from the top of his head.  At that point in time the door opened, and two young girls came in.  They walked over in front of the table I was laying on and sat down.  They were in a position to see everything.  They were looking right up between his legs.  I said, “These are two nursing students, they are here to shadow me for the day.”

At this point Mr. Watson thought, “Ohmigod, I am starting to grow an erection.”

I continued my examination without finding anything.  I came to the point where I had to examine his genitals.  I said, “Slide down a bit, lift up your legs and grab your knees so that I can examine your genitals.”  He did as I said.  It was a most ignominious position.  It was at this time that I noticed that his cock was growing. 

Suddenly, the door opened, and the actual receptionist, Betty, came in.  She immediately noticed Mr. Watson lying on the examination table with his legs up in the air, completely naked and with a growing erection.  She said, “You have an emergency telephone call.”

I left immediately and went with the receptionist to purportedly answer the fake telephone call leaving Mr. Watson naked and exposed to the three women in the room. 

I stayed out for three minutes before I returned.  When I returned Mr. Watson was in the same ignominious position and with a full erection. 

I began to examine his penis with my magnifying glass.  I manipulated his penis so that I could see any its sides.  I then started manipulating his testicles.

At this point the door opened, and the faux Dr. Alice Barnes came in.  She said, “How are you doing?” 

I said, “I am examining his testicles right now.  I just finished examining his penis.”

Dr. Barnes said, “Have you found anything so far?”

I said, “No, I haven’t.”

I noticed little black spots all over his scrotum.  I said to Dr. Barnes, ‘Is that Angio Keratoma of Fordyce?”

Dr. Barnes said, “Yes, it is.”

I continued to manipulate Mr. Watson’s testicles until I was sure I had seen everything.  Before I finished Mr. Watson asked, “Do you have your medical assistant examine your patients for a hernia?”

I said,” No, she hasn’t been trained for that.”

Mr. Watson said, “Well, she examined me.”

I looked at Shirley and said, “Oh, you dirty girl.”

Mr. Watson said, “Aren’t you going to punish her.”

I said, “Why should I punish her.  She was just having a little fun.”

Mr. Watson said, “She was having fun at my expense?”

I said, “There is nothing wrong with enjoying your work?”

Mr. Watson said, “It would be if the genders were changed?”

I said, “You are a man.  You have no reason to be modest.”

When I finished, I said to Dr. Barnes, “Would you like to examine the patient?”

Dr. Barnes said, “Yes, I would.  She began to examine Mr. Watson’s genitals as thoroughly as I did.”

Then she said, “I have other patients.” At just the second the fire alarm rang.  I said, “We have to leave.”

Mr. Watson said, “I have to get dressed.”

I said, “No time.”  I grabbed him by one arm and Shirley and I marched him out the door.

By the time we got outside people had already gathered in the street.  Mr. Watson’s nude presence made an immediate impression.  He tried to cover himself with his hands, but Dr. Barnes and I had him by his arms.  The fact that he had a full erection didn’t help his situation.

While we were waiting a couple of female police officers came by and wanted to know what was going on.  We said he was in the middle of a full body examination when the fire alarm went on and we took him directly outside.  I am not sure they believed us because they engaged in a stop and first.  Naturally the stop and frisk consisted in part of a pat down of his cock and testicles. 

Dr. Barnes and I held on to him a full 15 minutes before the fire department would let us go back inside.  He maintained his erection the entire time.  The entire time people were glancing at him and us, wondering what the heck was going on.  It would have been impossible to explain.  We didn’t even try.

The cops allowed us to take him inside but only into the waiting room.  He had to wait there until the station told them what to do.  He had to stand there naked in front of all the other patients until the police released him.

Then we finished his cosplay and let him go home.



Submitted: April 25, 2023

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