Madison: Limbered Up

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Sammy D

Perfect, wobbling booty.

I had the perfect view of her arse. I was under it.

I could have done with being closer, but Maddy had a taut, sensational bubble butt.

Madison was going for it. Man, oh man, she was lithe and limber for a college lass. Agile, deft and lissom, excellent qualities for humping a young chick.

The problem: she angled away from me, perched high on the overhang of the indoor climbing wall. Her final prep for the upcoming state under nineteen championships; this weekend.

Still, there is nothing like coaching a nubile: alone.

Top arse is great arse, even at a distance, provided the view stays uninterrupted. Maddy perched approximately twelve metres up. She combined balanced weight and timed reach, perfectly blended. Her gripping technique was lithe and relaxed, which is the key to not overstraining.  As a wall climber, you must believe in your ability to perform under pressure, like delivering the goodies in great sex.

Madison scaled smoothly and fluidly as she perched under the difficult overhang, getting her energy back for the last push to the top of the wall: her body was fully centred on balance despite her legs being spread. God, her red lycra stretched tight over her arse cheeks. I knew where my eyes centred.

Maddy pressed her body exceptionally close to the wall.

I’d like my pecker really close to her cute backside.

The competent minx negotiated the last difficult section and reached her goal. She waved from the top, easing her climbing glasses to her sweating forehead.

There was only a relaxed rappel to follow. Her shapely thighs caught my roving glance.

Few things in life are more pleasurable than a butt descending over a guy’s face.  Pert, youthful and shapely and coming directly at you.

Pity she wasn’t face-sitting me.

My job, her belayer.

I’d prefer to have her laid.

Still, I concentrated on letting out the rope. Technically her safety was in my hands.

I’d like her compact breasts under my fingers.

The nuanced feel for her descent was mine. I controlled the slack as I watched her toned, bronzed upper arm muscles relax.

I bet her pussy is really tight and her butt hole even more so. No slack holes; in youth.

Maddy was nearly down, and I locked her off. I braked her before she hit the ground. Very naughty. Leaving her butt hanging there in her harness.

Utter dirty-minded opportunism. God, I was heading for trouble big time.

I blamed her shiny lycra; the material was so tight across her arse that she couldn’t be wearing any underwear. And it wasn’t just because some pants are made to be worn without underwear. The hussy just didn’t have underwear.

I male knew from the look of her arse.

She swayed, suspended about a metre off the wall, and I pinched her bottom.

Her reaction could have ended my coaching career.

Maddy turned, her feet planted on the wall, her body rocking in her harness, her blue eyes sharp, and said: “Oh, you prick. I always knew you were eventually going to do that, coach, but I thought it would be in the locker room. Okay, let me down for some real fun.”

I slapped her arse.

She bobbed and eddied, “Ouch, you sod. Let me down.”

I smacked her arse again, hard enough to leave a hidden, hot spot welt.

She jounced. The wobble of her butt cheek ascended to the divine.

“Ow...Fuck you... Mr James...let me down!”

She hung trapped at the perfect vulnerable arse height.

Off course, I wasn’t letting her down.

Madison’s harness held her body weight around her waist and her thighs, leaving her arse dangling. Her rump cheeks pushed out in the shape of a plump ripe peach.

I gouged my thumbnail in her tight, bright red lycra seam. The fabric poised to split along the join. So, tense, it tore and spread like I was unzipping her butt.

God, the sound of the fabric ripping made me horny. Bugger the expensive designer label. My mission was accessing her arse.

“Hoy, Shit! You bastard! Mmm, mmm, mmm, I love it,” Maddy said.

Well, my tongue was currently curled inside her crinkled star, licking the rilled edges of her balloon knot, and her sampled private doughnut was cinnamon ring sweetness.

My coquette climber, as I deduced, had no underwear. And a pinkish welt made her backside the stuff of dreams.

Her girly slit lay puffy in tandem with her rear eyelet. Her twin folds pouted, bulbed feminine design, sleek and silky to my fondling fingers touch. So smoothly shaved. Yet, rapidly wet.

“Oh, my God! Mmm, mmm. Yes. Yes,” from Madison dangling and swaying but now reacting to my multiple fingers and their smutty smearing of her cunny juices.

Plus, my copious, bulls-eyed spit straight into her gaped mussy tacky freckle.

“Brace yourself on the wall with your feet, you tart,” I ordered, using the authoritative, no-argument coach’s voice.

Sticking a finger into her tight pink patootie to steady her where I wanted her.

“Orrgh, you bugger. You dirty old faggot,” Madison mouthed enjoyably.

I popped my finger in and out of her gaping booty candy, enjoying her excitement as her pussy queefed.

“For Christ’s sake, let me down. You have my fanny farting!” she exclaimed.

My thumb in her tight rear chamber and two digits in her squelchy fem-cum leaking gash, and her mouth only uttered, “Uh, uh, uh,” faster and faster.

Her slender fingers grasped the ropes, centred in her harness, her feet sturdy to the wall. My hands were suddenly full of her generous but fetchingly perfect butt, and my tongue tip prodded and poked straight into her mellow arsehole. Gawped and sensitive to my sweeping dirty ministrations.

I basted her arsehole with my saliva, daubed and drizzled in a slaver of tongue-swept drool, making her crimped rim our mutual aperitif to heightened sensual stimulation.

“Oh shit! Yeah! Oh fuck. You prick. You dirty, dirty prick. Orrgh,” from Maddy as I finally gang-banged her arse with two and then three fingers.

I eased and relocked the rope ten centimetres lower. To set her arse at the perfect cock drilling height. I nudged and poked my hard pecker around her sleek wet pussy hole.

“You bastard, stick it in, stick it in,” she repeated.

I kept toying around her soft entry point with my rigid dick.

Her bobble and jiggle in the harness added to the mutual escalating sensation. Akin to our privates snogging and sweat-snuggle-sliding together.

Eventually, I gave in because I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

My hands latched on her hips. Her pert arse bounced off my thighs and swayed, trapped in the climbing harness. Maddy was fully limber for penetration.

“Ooh, ooh, oooh!” from the college lass.

 Broken by, “Orrgh, Orrgh, Orrgh,” my interjections.

Her butt flounce and cock tunnel delivered the super-sensational because her poised pussy was suspended just above my cock. I pushed in, and her cunny funnel held my cock in its tight liquid warmth. Her snatch, a private steamy sauna for my pecker.

Maddy sensed, too, the delicious difference the harness jounce made to our combination.

Expressed as, “Fuck yeah! Fuck me! Fuck that’s good. Mmm, mmm, mmm.”

A blur of a heady, heaving surge of oscillating action followed. The undulation of the harness, the pushing thrusting from my hips and thighs and Maddy’s legs doing squats against the vertical wall created explicit bodily pleasure for two.

Her arse constantly wobbled. It was startling sexual contact.

“Orrgh! Oh shit! Drill me, drill me harder, you sod,” she panted.

She got the idea of pushing her feet in a rhythm off the climbing wall, which enabled her to flex her cock prodded pussy deeper onto my pubic bone and then rise up with my cock as I pumped back into her.

Her extended securing ring of vag- flesh embracing my pecker captivated me.

Maddy was reduced to fem-moans and concentrating on maximising her hold on my cock and joining the eddy and gyrations of our bodies together.

“Aah, aah, aah, aaah!” captured it all.

Aah, as I pumped. Aah, as her constricted canal hoisted my cock upwards. Aah, as my pecker chased her sensual duct higher. And aaah as her cushy, lush snatch descended and spread her juices on my balls.

I was on the point of creaming her. Yet her cheek wobble, the quivering jerk and jiggle of nubile taut bubble booty, led to my resisting immediate pleasure.

My debauchery started with Madison’s arse. So logically, my rakishness had to end there.

I couldn’t resist inserting a couple of spit-smeared fingers to reacquaint myself with her rilled gape.

She writhed in anticipation. A bitch on heat and over-ready.

“You prick, fuck my arse. Give it to my arse now. Shove your frickin cock in my arse. Please. Please,” she insisted.

Petite blonde Madison got the meatworks.

I burrowed in, boring and drilling right in where it was most satisfying. My cock was encased in youthful, fem-arse tighter than her waist buckle.

“Oh, fuck me. Yeah, give me that hard cock. Oh, fuck me. Yes. Yes.”

Then panting groans from Madison, who writhed, pinioned by my cock. Her body bounced in the harness.

Abruptly her jaw shot up. Her cute white helmet bobbed. The strap stretched taut under her chin. Tight yeah, but not as body-hugging as her clutching arsehole on my cock.

I was doing everything right. I treated her arse. I staged a pleasure extravaganza centred on her butt hole, and man, oh man, was it good. Too amazing to last.

Her balloon knots clench and squeeze, fastened around my cock —perfect.

“You dirty, dirty bastard, make me happy. Cream my arse! Make me cum! Orrgh! Orrgh!”

Madison received a total cock walloping, the full wham, bam, ball bursting, totally indecent pecker-arse shoving of my life.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” she managed to articulate; in her delirious harness rocking motion.

Her starfish was truly gouged as I shot off easily one of the biggest jizz bursts of my life.

I let her dangle a bit while my own cock swayed, satisfied. I enjoyed watching her raw pucker drip my cream to the floor.

Finally, I released the rope lock, and her feet touched the tiles. However, her head, legs, and torso were still caught deep in the trembly sexual energy of the astounding encounter. I watched her still her blonde braid.

As Madison clambered out of the leg loops of her harness, she said, slightly short of breath: “You bugger! You owe me a new pair of pants, but right now, we shower together.”

Swinging her harness, she looped my arm and led the way.


Madison generated by NightCafe.

Submitted: April 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Sammy D

A must-read! Madison gets the full monty in this steamily detailed, poke-on-a-rope extravaganza!

Tue, April 25th, 2023 7:05am

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