If the shoe fits.

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Kinky Foot Fetish. Old and Young.

Henry Cavendish always kissed his wife of over thirty years marriage goodbye as she left for work each weekday morning about half an hour before he did. It gave him quiet male time away from her chatty, gossipy voice and time for another coffee, the newspaper's sports pages and occasionally a squiz at some internet porn. But Henry had drifted into the realm of foot fetish recently. Maybe it was his wife's stunning shoe collection that was responsible. He didn't reflect too much. He just took in shapely screen sluts with sweet toes, gorgeous shaped calves and generous, fleshy thighs and the lure of slits and the hint of scrunchy self-twisted pussy lips.

The heat was sadly out of his marriage though he still dearly loved Penelope. They just needed a spark to get the old fire burning again.

Penelope was aware Henry had lost interest in her sexually and taken to the occasional lesbian tryst that came with the opportunity of running a classy boutique shoe shop as an independent business in a side arcade off the central mall of the city centre. She, too, had developed a penchant for foot fetish, which had alarmed her, then not surprised her given her interest in shoes.

The first encounter was the most intense; she had had one more since she tried to recapture that sweet intensity. She got close, and it was enjoyable and sexually fulfilling in its own way. However, she craved and wanted the absolute thrill of the new again.

She recalled that primary stumble of mutual self-discovery. It was with Margot. A widow about her age. The polished lady was attending her niece's wedding and needed new shoes. Margot looked good for her age, like Penelope. They chatted as Penelope always did with customers, making them feel good about themselves. This led to the credit card splurge because when customers felt good about themselves, they purchased to the max.

Margot and Penelope had a lot in common. Only one child each, sons. Their offspring were young professionals working far away in different state capitals. Margot ran her own cake-making business from home. She loved shoes and was drawn in by the classic black flats in the window. Suave, stylish but sensible; a rare combination. Penelope agreed. 

Margot was trying them on, but the exquisite shape and unyielding new leather needed the shoe horn for assistance. They would give as quality leather does and would be a perfect fit. They just needed a tad of help today. As Penelope touched Margot's ankle, it thrilled her. One finger set the tingle through the widow's body and her own. The heat emerged from the slight rousing and stirred between her bent legs and spread across her face. 

Margot let escape, the slightest, "Ah." 

Suddenly galvanised and moved unexpectedly by touch on her calf. She liked it and instantly wanted more. The meeting of their eyes confirmed desire and aged lust.

Penelope massaged Margot's calf sending surges of craving rousing through her body. All the delight of the sensual moment centred on her calf. The base longing needed to be released through her leaking pussy. Her fingers demanded touching and caressing this other woman. The craving to know her body intimately. Yet she had never had a lesbian thought in her life. She certainly didn't see this as a gay moment. Need dominated. Just the need. The need for another body. This woman's body. Right here and right now.

Penelope massaged her toes through her stocking, but Margot's pantyhose soon disappeared. It fast-forwarded, outrageously daredevil and deliciously naughty as the shop was still open. There were passers-by, but neither cared in their newfound fresh, flesh fixation.

Anyone could have entered the shop or got the full eye if they paused and window shopped.

Penelope sucked her customer's toes. One by one.

"Ooh, my, that's nice. Ohh, my, I'm wet. Ohh sweet, oh yes, oh yes."

Margot nearly came as she squeezed her thighs at the same time. The sucking was delectable, and it was tantalising. 

She thought this was hell-sexy whilst releasing discreet muffled 'orrgh's' and 'ahs' of surprise at the sensation and the sheer raunchy enjoyment of it.

It was all Penelope could do to tear herself away for a few agonising seconds: flip the shop sign to 'Back in Fifteen Minutes' and draw the shutters. 

She had Margot in her own dim privacy now. Well, Penelope thought she had Margo. But, the reality, it was actually the other way around. 

Margot's hand was under her skirt and through her pantyhose and knickers, directly feeling up her now moist, hairy, clammy slit flesh. 

"Mmm, mmm, mmm, "moaned Penelope as her Henry-neglected pussy got sensational treatment.

Penelope gasped.

Then she sought Margot's tongue, and her hand, too, hunted flesh. Next, she found mounds of marshmallow softness by releasing through the woman's open blouse and unclipped brassiere her copious large breasts.

Penelope licked teats, but she wanted something more. Her mind flicked to the taboo.

Through the first rush of lust, Penelope eased Margot back onto the fitting seat. Her dress hitched around her waist, and her legs spread. Her cute lacey, light mauve knickers were off as she guided her big toe over and around and penetrated her prominent hairy wet fulsome lips and peeking engorged clit.

"Oh, fuck yeah," mouthed Margot, who never swore, "Ooh, Ooh, Ooh."

Penelope's big toe pushed and circled on her sensitive erect clit

Margot escalated into shuddering, wobbling ecstasy.

“Oh, Christ! Oh, Jesus! Orrgh, Orrgh, Orrgh!”

Margot's orgasm built, unlike any climax in her married life. A toe caused sensual mayhem. Nay, carnal anarchy. The complete victory of her senses over her rational mind.

The widow caved into self and the rush of pleasure. A big toe excited her. A toe delved into her pussy. Her juices leaked in natural abundance. A fluid rampage.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my," she yelped as she climaxed, pushing her pussy and clit into a pressing toe as she willed her orgasm to its shattering peak.

"Orrghhhh!" so loud as her orgasm trilled through delectable after-waves of a sticky, secreting, seeping gel of fem-cum created by a big toe.

Margot collapsed in trembling, quivering, uncontrollable delight.

Her mind insisted she close her legs. Not her pussy; it had a love affair with toes that would never end despite her plus fifty years of life.

The unbelievable had occurred. The max intense. The moment of the sexual beautiful. Her mind couldn't frickin absorb or accept anymore in the reflex capitulating instance of a lifetime sexual high. The fucking horny perfect!

Penelope was staggered, utterly stunned at her capacity to induce this delight and Margot's uninhibited acceptance. She had never done this before. Never even thought of using her toe. Yet, in a flash, her trash whore side emerged forever. 

Margot purchased the shoes, of course. Replete in herself but shocked with herself, too, as she happily left the shop and the mall.

Even though they exchanged phone numbers, Penelope knew she wouldn't be back. Sometimes you know. 

The flawless encounter with a stranger that will remain forever that.

The next time Penelope entered the opportunity to engage in her fetish, it was more controlled and calculated. It involved a younger woman around thirty with a wedding band. A bit of a shy sparrow, the easily scared type, but clearly sexually coiled and hungry for sex, though not realising it until lust unfolded right before her.

The young woman's eyes darted around as she tried to choose shoes to please her husband, not herself. 

Penelope got her relaxed with a cup of tea and a chat. 

God, offered tea and a biscuit. The history of spontaneous lesbian sex lies here!

The youngish woman was named Rebecca, and she really wanted children. Still, her husband kept telling her to wait until he earned his promotion, which meant many absences interstate. Finally, Rebecca confessed her biological clock was over-ticking. Relaxed, she confided all to her new friend.

Penelope only had to touch her arm in sympathy, and the young woman's hunger for touch was ignited. She was on the path to her first lesbian encounter. 

She nested closer with touch. Drawn into intimate space quickly. Seduced with a soft touch. It was way too simple to take consensual advantage of Rebecca. Petting her face, teasing her nipples, and then lovingly sucking and licking her cute toes, one by one. Licking the sole of her foot and massaging her whole foot.

"Ooh, my, Oh my, oh yes, Ooh, fuck, ooh, ooh, fuck, oooh!"

Rebecca's sucked toes appeared to have an erogenous apex akin to her clit!

Penelope had deliberately left her seated 'victims' white silky knickers till last. She removed them very leisurely and kissed both her legs. Then oh so slowly, working her way alternately from one calf to the other, one thigh to the next. Until she lingered mushily and tenderly on both inner thighs. Finally, she feasted on the softest of white creamy inner flesh. 

Then the tempo changed to full pace. She drew the young woman's legs over her shoulders and went face to full muff in what can only be described as: 'eating her out'. 

"Oh, My God! Oh, fuck me! Yes, yes, yes," guttural from Rebecca.

The cunt invasion was launched, slurpy and slushy. It was wild and carnal. Rebecca's pussy presented sodden and soppy with Penelope's richly shared spit and probing tongue. No sexual refinement here. It was a base lust attack. A pussy foray. A sortie of rabid tongue flicking which left the waft of the younger woman's cunt, permeating the older woman's skin and hair. 

Penelope smelt the rich, dense muskiness exuded from Rebecca's close, now writhing pubic gooey mound. As the younger woman tried to close her legs as the growing sweet sensation grew intensely pleasurably, rising to the unbearable, the older woman's lips went into a suction motion, drawing Rebecca's lips and clit from her body. Then her tongue probed indecently deep into the young woman's slutiness and captured her leaking juices as Rebecca collapsed in incredible previously unreached bliss.

Expressed as, "Orrgh, fuck! Orrgh fuck! Orrgh, I'm cumming. I'm fucking cumming. Ooh, Ooh, Oooh!"

Rebecca purchased two pairs of shoes. One to suit her husband's tastes. 

The other for her fucking self. 

She felt great. The next time Penelope saw her in the mall, she was with a friend, and both women were tummy bump pregnant. 


Henry's retrenchment about a month later shocked their sedate, ordered, sequenced sexless home life. At a total loose end and of no interest to any employment agencies given his age: Henry volunteered to come in and sort out his wife's storeroom. It needed ordering.

Henry had boxes everywhere reasonably organised in precarious piles as boots, flats, heels and casuals in every colour and fashion style, neatly rearranged. 

Occasionally he would sneak a peek in a box and smell the leather, or his fingers would linger over a longish stiletto. One sling-back soft, leathered light red stiletto nearly had this male 'swooning' in secret delight. He sneaked and touched them when Penelope was busy. It gave him a hard-on as he rubbed the shoe against his crotch.

His most recent furtive tease was interrupted by a sweet petite redhead entering the store carefully carrying a dress bag. He heard glimpses of her earnest conversation.

"I need shoes to match my college end-of-year formal dress."

 Henry took a peek at the girl. 

Ah, senior college, unsure of herself but out to make an impression. Cute button nose, sharpish chin and warm light brown eyes. No piercing, makeup or tattoos in sight. Just young, fresh and happy to shop.

Penelope was her chatty mother-hen self, and the girl volunteered her name over a cup of tea and a butter cookie.

Louise, the college girl… finished her tea and opened the dress bag. It revelled an evening style, strapless and glowingly scarlet red, and Henry knew instantly the perfect matching shoes were the fire ones that had aroused his cock recently. 

His wife remembered that pair, too and was flustered. She hoped Henry had retained them several layers deep in the storeroom rearrangements.

Penelope told Louise, "I have the ideal pair. You wait here, petal." 

About to enter the storeroom to get them when Henry came out carrying the exquisite, super-expensive pair. 

Henry offered to assist the college girl in fitting them. Penelope hadn't seen Henry so insistent in years. She consented.

Penelope nearly had an orgasm as she squeezed her thighs tight. She watched her husband's hands fit the shoe on the young woman's foot and support her ankle as the sling back was carefully pulled over her delicate tight skin. 

Louise was taken aback pleasurably by the strange sensation that started in her leg but quickly centred between her legs and spiked through her mind, wafting unexpected pleasurable sensations of fingers on her ankle and a supple gliding caressing of fingertips over her calf. 

Shit, she felt good.

It was Penelope who suggested there and then that Louise try on her dress in the storeroom and see how it really complimented the shoes.

"Honey, the shoes and dress are a partnership. Go see for yourself."

Henry held the delicate red shoes and absent-mindedly stroked the stiletto point. Penelope became aware of his playful behaviour. Her excitement rose as she took the shoes and headed to the backroom.

Louise stood in her skin-toned garments, standard bra and panties. However, her youthful flesh shone with the lustre of the excitement of finding the shoes to match her dress. She didn't notice Henry until his hand stroked her stiletto.

Her imagination shocked her as fantasy and reality coalesced. 

He touched her exposed naked flesh with the soft red leather of the second shoe. The texture moulded into her supple soft white skin under the harsh windowless light of the storeroom. 

Louise murmured her approval as she let her expensive dress slip to the floor. 

"Mmm, yeah! Oh, my! Fuck, that shoe on my skin is absolutely divine. Mmm, mmm, mmm!"

Penelope was now behind the lass, but her hands were under her bra, tweaking her quickly erect nipples. 

Kisses were then showered over her body by the older woman. At the same time, the older man removed her panties, revealing her wiry full light reddish fanning mound. A cute lush girly fanny.

Henry teased the stiletto around her glistening, swollen red lips and carefully inserted the point into her exposed wetness.

"Oh, Fuckin' God! Oh my! Sweet Jesus, Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!"

Louise shuddered, and her thighs quivered in squirming girly ecstasy. 

His wife gasped a delighted surprise whilst one hand massaged the girl's breasts because her husband's erect member pressed into her body from constricted pants.

Penelope unzipped and stroked his pecker lovingly.

Louise saw the passion building between the older couple and got more aroused personally to share in the ribald intensity. 

The tip of the shoe circulated around her clit hood. Her clit invited her like an opened envelope. Her lips parted. Her desire ached. Sexual expression radiated.

"Ohh, ooh, oooh, ooh, "as the stiletto heel drove clit magic!

Louise's pent-up sexual desire that was only usually for her boyfriend jolted, inflamed and whipped shards of bewitching personal indulgence with stunning regular muscular contractions of thrilling throbbing tipsy pleasure.

 As Louise was pushed back against the shoe shelf, she instinctively arched her pussy forward so as not to lose contact with the soft leather. 

"Yes, yes, yes! Oh Fuckin', God! Yes! I'm cumming! I'm fuckin cumming!"

Henry watched the red point separate two scarlet pleats of flesh repeatedly. Penelope fondled frenetically fast two very bright strawberry nipples at the same time. 

Louise yelped, "Oh Fuck! Yeah. Oh Fuck, orrgh, orrgh, orrgh!”

Henry dropped the fem-cum glistening shoe and guided his cock into the college lass's fiery mound. Her pussy was heated. Her slut slit exuded wetness. Her gash clenched delectably nice. So awesome, so wonderfully tight. 

Penelope surprised Henry by suddenly being naked behind him. She dropped his pants and sucked his balls, now dripping in the young girl's juices. 

Louise gasped in shocked, delighted surprise at mature sexual antics and her sodden cloud-nine pussy.

Penelope removed Henry's pecker from the college girl. Then, she sucked her husband's rigid length. 

My, he was hard!

Then Henry's cock was back in Louise's demanding coochie. Caught in a silky, expansive and pliable grip in the same instance. 

Sweet, sweet youthful pussy. 

Penelope, though, had the shoe and rubbed the toe point gently over her husband's ball sac between his legs as he pumped furiously into Louise. 

The touch of leather between his legs drove Henry wild. He was stiffer than he had been in years. He was pounding the charming young thing now. Indecently deep. Ball slapping deep.

Yet she responded with keen enthusiasm as he drove into her. 

Penelope rose and imitated pelvic thrusting behind her husband

The combined married couple pushed into the college lass. 

His wife's bushy pubes caressed Henry's butt. A wonderful and exhilarating feeling.

"Oh, shag the bitches’ arse," Penelope demanded from God knows where.

Henry, without begging your pardon or any, by your leave, rammed straight into the college girls' starfish!

"Oh Fuck! Oh, Fuck! Yeah, yes, Fuck, ooooh, orrgh!!" from the anal virgin. 

In her sluttiest moment, Penelope raised her foot and used her big toe to rim her husband.

"OrRGH, OrRGH," groaned Henry as he wildly pumped the college girl's butthole.

Then greedily, Penelope reached down for the shoe for one last something. She didn't know what it would be. Her hand led her mind. She teased the stiletto heel around the lass's exposed clit. 

"Ooh, Ooh, oorggh, orrgh, oorgh," as multiple pleasure points, leveraged their maximum delight in her young body. 

Louise's areshole spasmed. Her sphincter clenched. Her clit pulsated under the heel. 

She swooned and nearly passed out in a rasping, "Ugghh, Ugghh!"

As she convulsed in the throes of an epic-gasm, she grabbed both Henry's legs in a vice grip matching her arse's clasp and clutch and tottered the group under a tumbling pile of shoe boxes.

Pushing cardboard aside, they all laughed before the naked embarrassment hit home and the realisation that youthful naked flesh was exposed before two people who were old enough to be a college girl's grandparents.

Louise thought, What the fuck have I done?

The lass grabbed and hastily put her clothes back on and seemed unsure what to do next. She started automatically tidying up the boxes with Henry. Onto the shelves to make an aisle out of the storeroom. Penelope disappeared out to the shop front.

Penelope called Louise and Henry to the shop's front counter a few minutes later. She had gift-wrapped two pairs of shoes for Louise. The college girl was slightly embarrassed at the older woman's generosity. 

"I can't," she said.

"Oh yes, you can. It's a gift. The perfect match for your gorgeous evening dress. The sports shoes are just an extra because budgeting college minimum wages is difficult. And you are a sweet girl."

Louise stood surrounded by designer shoes and two adults, obviously in their fifties.

Her dress bag was over one arm, and suddenly new shoes were in a shopping bag, dangling and swinging slightly from the other. 

She wanted to say thank you but didn't want it misconstrued. 

Christ, she had engaged in a kinky threesome and her first anal at her tender age with only her first boyfriend as her previous entire sexual experience repertoire.

"Sweetie, it's okay," said Penelope, "have a great formal. Give your boyfriend a treat. Use the stiletto heel on his balls. He will be yours for life. No one will tell your parents, and we don't know your friends or use that Face-novel online nonsense."

Louise realised the mature woman meant Facebook but didn't correct her. 

She smiled at the couple and left the shop happy, swinging her shoe bag back and forth.

This was her secret for the moment. Thank God.

After lunch, when the afternoon shopping lull hit about two thirty, Henry called Penelope into the storeroom. 

Penelope thought: My, he has tidied up fast in there.

Greeting Penelope's surprised eyes was a fully naked and already erect Henry with what she knew were the most expensive shoes in the whole store.

A stunning pair of creamy yellow stilettos. One was already massaging his groin, and the other he twirled suggestively, pointing at her pussy.

He added, "This pair has a date with your kitten hole and your tradesman's entrance."

Penelope dropped her skirt like an eighteen-year-old.

If the shoe fits…well…

Submitted: April 23, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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This was amazing in that, something as simple a a foot fetish could lead to so much delicious sex and even a threesome! I particularly liked the phrase "Mound of marshmallow softness" and "carnal anarchy". Wonderful.

Sun, April 23rd, 2023 10:10pm

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