Chapter 9: Trial and New Beginnings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 9


Trial And New Beginnings


Three days later, Tsod, Theresa, Bernie, Harmon, April, Philip, and Greta met back up and drove to the facility. They were escorted into the room where Putin's case would be handled. A series of cameras and monitors were set up, and Putin was brought into the room, shackled. He looked tired and angry but healthy. He glared at Theresa, taking in her near-nude form, before sitting in his chair.

The large monitor in front of the room came to life, and they found themselves looking at what appeared to be a typical courtroom. On one side of the room sat a large, leafy Gingravik male.

“That's the prosecuting attorney,” Tsod whispered to Philip. A door slid open, and a tall reptilian being entered the room.

“All rise!” a similar being ordered from one side of the room. Everyone stood as the judge entered the room. He sat, and everyone else did the same after a nod of his green scaly head.

“That's Judge Tf'rnk,” Tsod told a wide-eyed Philip. “I'm told he has a reputation as a hanging judge.” The judge's bright yellow eyes blinked as he looked through the paperwork in front of him. Then he looked toward Putin. Everyone remained quiet as he read the list of charges against Putin. When he finished, he addressed Putin's defense attorney.

“How does the defendant plead?” Tf'rnk asked. A humanoid male rose to respond.

“The defendant pleads not guilty, Your Honor,” the attorney said.

“So noted,” the judge said as the lawyer remained standing. “Yes, counselor, what is it?”

“Your Honor, I have submitted a motion to dismiss this case as Earth is not a member of the Interstellar Criminal Court,” the defense attorney said. Tf'rnk turned to the prosecuting attorney.

“Your response, counselor?” the judge asked. The Gingravik lawyer shook his branches as he spoke into the translation device.

“We recognize that Earth is not a signatory of the ICC, however, the victims of the defendant's crimes...”

“Alleged crimes, counselor,” the judge said, interrupting the lawyer.

“Alleged crimes... are subjects of the Interstellar Gingravik Consortium, which is a signatory of the ICC. In fact, one of the victims is Tere, Queen Mother of the Gingravik Prefect of Earth.”

“Very well,” the judge said. “Motion denied,” he added, looking at Putin and his attorney. They spent the next several hours examining and cross-examining the evidence, including the video of Putin speaking with Tsod. They also put Theresa, April, Bernie, Harmon, and Tsod on the stand to testify, taking only one half-hour break for lunch.

When they returned, it was the defense attorney's turn to make his case. When Putin stood to testify, he erupted in anger.

“I do not recognize this CIA joke,” he screamed. “This isn't a court of law, it's a Star Wars bar scene! I do not recognize your authority! When I am out of here, I will nuke you all out of existence!” The judge picked up what looked like a rock and pounded his bench with it.

“SILENCE!” he thundered. “I know nothing of a CIA and I certainly know nothing of a Star Wars bar scene, whatever that is. I do, however, know disrespect, and it will not be tolerated in my court. Counselor, you will advise your client to remain respectful or I will have him restrained and gagged. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Your Honor,” the defense attorney said. He turned to Putin and said something in Russian, causing Putin's face to turn white. The testimony resumed when the defense attorney finished counseling his client, and Putin remained respectful. However, he gave short, terse answers to questions put to him.

Both sides rested their cases, and the judge adjourned for the day, giving instructions that closing arguments would start in the morning. Two giant guards led Putin back to his cell, his attorney close behind. The others left the detention facility and headed back to the Capitol, stopping only to eat.

“Well. What do you think so far?” Tsod asked Philip.

“It went smoother than I thought it would,” Philip said. “By the way, how many other species are out there?”

“Quite a few,” Tsod said. “Almost all of the space-going species are members of the court. Perhaps one day, humanity will join them.”

“You really think that's possible?” Philip asked.

“Anything is possible,” Tsod said. “Isn't that right, My Queen?”

“Yes, it is,” Theresa said. “If anyone had told me ten or fifteen years ago that I'd be a queen with a husband as wonderful as Bernie, I would have told them they were insane.” Their attention was drawn to a Gingravik Broadcasting Network news report of the day's trial.

“The war crimes trial of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin began today on New South Marsookia with testimony provided by several individuals, including Putin and Her Majesty, Queen Mother Tere of the Gingravik Prefect of Earth. While the Queen Mother and others told harrowing stories of their captivity by the Russians, Putin exploded, with threats to use nuclear weapons against the court and everyone involved in his trial,” the nude female news anchor said.

The reporter then showed a video of Putin screaming in Russian at a monitor, his face red, spittle flying out of his mouth. After the short video, the broadcast returned to the reporter.

“Court observers told GBN they believe Putin may be suffering from a form of mental illness, but they doubt it will impact the court's decision. In a statement provided earlier, the Queen Mother's office says she is happy to assist the court in any way possible and trusts that justice will be done.

“Putin's attorney told GBN the Russian strongman is under great stress but will cooperate with the court and accept whatever verdict is handed down. Closing arguments are set to begin early tomorrow morning. A verdict will be announced within two days of closing arguments.

“Efforts to post news or video of the day's proceedings to social media outlets on Earth were unsuccessful, with tech giants calling the reports 'disinformation' and 'fake news.' Fact-checkers on Earth continue to say there is no such thing as the Gingravik Consortium.

“In somewhat related news, the crisis in Russia continues to take its toll on millions of people in that country as the weeks-old power outage drags on. In a scene somewhat reminiscent of old American western movies, horse-drawn wagon trains made their way into Russia with loads of portable camping stoves, fuel, kerosene lanterns, drinking water, and dehydrated food packets known as MREs.

“The provisions were donated to the Russian people by several charitable organizations, including the Red Cross. We have heard many stories of people – including some who used to work for the government security forces – forced to eat rat meat cooked over open campfires. One Russian man told us this was the first real hot meal his family has eaten in two weeks.”

The scene changed to a video of a distraught Russian man who spoke in rapid Russian as tears fell down his face. A translation was provided at the bottom of the screen.

“Thank you so very much,” he cried as he held a food packet close to his chest. “This is the first hot meal my family has had in more than two weeks. All of our food is spoiled and we have no clean running water.”

“Who do you fault for this?” an off-camera male reporter asked. The man listened as the question was translated. Then he gave his answer.

“I blame Vladimir Putin for this,” he said in Russian as a translation was provided. “I hope he rots in hell,” the man added, spitting on the ground. The male reporter appeared on camera.

“That is the response we've heard from many here on the ground just outside the Russian border,” he said. “Mike Johnson, GBN News. Back to you, Tia.”

“Thank you, Mike,” the female anchor said. “A group of Russian government officials finally arrived in Kaliningrad to set up provisional offices. They say they intend to reach out to the world and coordinate recovery efforts in Russia. They maintain the power outage is the result of an American CIA operation.

“When asked about Putin's location, they claimed the Russian President is still very much in control and is leading efforts in Moscow,” she added with a raised eyebrow. “One minister said they intend to rain nuclear fire on whoever is responsible for what happened to the power in Russia.

“Meanwhile, calls are growing for new elections and regime change in Russia, with opposition leader Ivan Federov said to be crisscrossing the country on horseback, speaking to Russians wherever he goes. Federov is calling for eliminating the old system, which he says has oppressed the Russian people for many years.

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is offering help in the form of humanitarian aid said to have been paid for by selling two luxury yachts believed to be owned by Putin. The move by a man whose country was invaded by Putin's forces just a month ago has been lauded by world leaders.

“And that's it for this edition of News Wire. For the Gingravik Broadcast Network, I'm Tia Yar. Good night.” The scene ended, and viewers were treated to a triple-headed remote-control dildo advertisement.

“I bet you won't hear that back in the States,” Tsod told Philip.

“No,” Philip said. “You won't. In fact, this is the first I've heard of some of this. I'm beginning to appreciate your frustration, Ambassador. You must think the whole planet has either turned stupid or deliberately gone mad.

“I admit, I have begun to wonder a time or two,” Tsod said.

“So, what do you think will happen tomorrow?” Philip asked.

“Both sides will offer their closing arguments, then the judge will make his decision,”

Tsod said. “He's tough, but fair, so I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't render a verdict tomorrow.”

“What if Putin is found guilty?” Philip asked. “What will happen to him?”

“That's hard to say,” Tsod told him. “Cases like this usually end up with a death penalty. They're rare, but they do happen. I honestly don't know.”

“I guess we'll find out tomorrow,” Philip said.

They all filed back into the room the next day and watched as the attorneys made their closing arguments. Both sides made excellent points in support of their position. The reptilian judge listened quietly, taking notes as the attorneys spoke. When they finished, he looked over his notes for a few minutes before speaking.

“In the interest of justice, I will confer with the ICC Board of Directors and review all of the evidence presented over the last two days,” he said. “In addition, I will review the history of this planet Earth and of this... Russia. I expect to render a decision within five Earth days. Court is dismissed.” The court emptied with a bang of his rock, and Putin was taken back to his cell as the others went their way.

As promised, the judge called the court back into session on the morning of the fifth day. Theresa, Tsod, and Philip went back to the detention facility. She watched as Putin was led into the room, still in chains.

They stood when the judge entered the chambers and sat at his direction. He cleared his throat and looked at everyone on his monitor before starting.

“Will the defendant please rise?” he asked. Putin and his attorney stood up. “Vladimir Putin, it is the judgment of this court, in consultation with the ICC Board of Directors, that you are found guilty of all charges.

“But never let it be said that this court is without mercy. In reviewing your case, along with the history of your state and planet and the briefs provided by your defense team, the court feels that you have been rendered ignorant by the information gatekeepers of your planet and your own intelligence services. Whether that is deliberate or by accident, this court cannot decide. But it does not matter. Even though you were woefully uninformed, you STILL made the wrong decisions.

“Therefore, the sentence of death is commuted. In reviewing the history of your planet, this court found there is nothing more frightening to a person like you than to face the wrath of those you have oppressed. In that light, this court orders you to be returned to your sovereign state at the Queen Mother's earliest convenience, where you will be incarcerated for the remainder of your life, however long that may be.” Putin looked around, and his gaze fell on Theresa.

“My Queen, when do you think you can return the defendant to his homeland?” the judge asked.

“It could be a few days, Your Honor,” she said. “Russia is still in the grip of a nationwide power outage and I just learned this morning that a new election will happen this week. It could take a few days for the result of that election to be made public.”

“I understand,” the judge said. “I will leave that in your capable hands. In the meantime, the defendant is remanded into custody. Court adjourned!” The court cleared with a bang of his rock, and Putin was hauled back to his cell to await transport. On his way out, he looked at Theresa.

“You should know my FSB operatives will take care of my opposition,” he growled in Russian. His lawyer translated for him, and Theresa chuckled at that.

“You should know that your entire operation has collapsed, convict,” she said. “Your FSB operatives have been running like rats from the people you oppressed. There is no place they can hide. Your time is up.” His face turned white when the lawyer translated her words for him. “Get this slimy meatbag out of my sight,” she told the guards.

“Yes, My Queen,” they said in unison before pushing Putin forward.

“We just received the word from our surveillance satellites and the squadron over Russia, My Queen,” Margaret said a week after Putin's conviction. Just then, Tsod and Bernie came into the room.

“Have you heard?” Tsod asked.

“What? What?” Theresa asked.

“The election results are in,” Tsod said. “Federov won in a landslide. He received 78 percent of the vote.”

“That is good news,” Theresa said.

“He's set to make his acceptance speech in just a few minutes in Gorkiy Central Park,” Tsod said. “Our orbital surveillance satellites are in place. We can see it, but we won't be able to hear anything.” He picked up a remote and turned the monitor to the right channel. As they watched, a large, muscular man with short dark hair strode to the stage.

He picked up an old-style horn and spoke to the large crowd gathered in the park. They couldn't hear him, but they did see the positive reaction he got from the group. Tsod looked at Theresa, who nodded her head. He pulled out his cell phone and touched an icon before putting it back in his pocket.

They both knew it would take a few minutes for the dampening field to completely dissipate and a few more minutes after that for any change. A few minutes later, they noticed Ivan had put the horn down and reached into his pocket.

He pulled out what appeared to be a smartphone. His face lit up, and he held the phone aloft so others could see it had power for the first time in weeks. Then they saw others reacting the same way. As they watched, lights began to flicker on and off in the park.

Shocked and emotional, Ivan dropped to his knees and held his hands in the air. Others looked around, surprised at the sudden change taking place around them. They saw people jumping up and down in the crowd, hugging each other. Theresa smiled as she looked at Tsod.

“It will probably take a few days for their grid to stabilize,” he told her. “So I would hold on getting in touch with him if I were you.”

“Of course,” Theresa said.

The restoration of Russia's power was the main story on the news that night. Neither Theresa nor Bernie were surprised to hear the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church call it a “sign from above” that the Russian people had done the right thing by electing a new leader. In a way, they thought, he was right...

Theresa decided to wait a whole week before contacting the new Russian president. In the meantime, she kept the satellites and ships on station, just in case something happened. She was pleased to see reports that life in Russia was slowly returning to normal. She was equally delighted to hear the old leadership had been arrested or fired. At the end of the week, Bernie and Jake established a connection to Moscow.

“Good morning, Mr. President,” she said. Ivan looked up and smiled.

“Good morning, Your Majesty,” he said. “I spoke with Ambassador Tsod yesterday, and he indicated you would reach out to me. It is an honor to meet you.”

“And an honor for me as well, Mr. President,” she said.

“Please, call me Ivan,” he said. “I get the feeling from talking with your ambassador that you are the ones responsible for our recent power situation.”

“Yes,” she said. “I apologize for the inconvenience to your people. I had hoped to limit the outage somewhat, but I was informed that was not a realistic expectation.” He smiled at that.

“I... understand,” he said. “Ambassador Tsod explained the entire situation. I suppose it was far preferable to something... worse, no?”

“I tend to agree,” she said.

“There are many here who see it as divine intervention or at the very least, a sign from the heavens,” he said. “I'm not sure how people will respond knowing it was done by someone on Earth.”

“Well, we can just make it our little secret,” she said. He smiled and nodded his head.

“Of course,” he said. “What can I do for you this morning, Your Majesty?”

“We have something here that belongs to you,” Theresa said. “Specifically, a certain former president.”

“Ah, yes,” he said. “I understand he is now a convicted interstellar war criminal. The first human to have such a designation.”

“Yes he is. You do not seem surprised or shocked by that,” she said.

“No. I have long believed that we are not alone in the universe,” he said. “There are simply too many stars and galaxies for it to be otherwise. Amateur astronomy has long been a favorite hobby of mine. As a boy, I used to look into the night sky and dream of meeting people from other planets. Besides, I saw the surveillance video of your... apprehension of Mr. Putin.”

“Oh,” Theresa said. “Then you've seen my husband in action.”

“Your husband was part of that raid?” Ivan asked. “Which one was he?”

“He was the bushy one in the camouflage cart,” Theresa said.

“THAT was your husband?” Ivan asked. “I thought that might've been a remote controlled unit.”

“No, Mr. President. That was my husband,” Theresa said.

“Not exactly how I would've imagined an extraterrestrial being. So much for preconceived notions, yes?” Theresa laughed at that. “Who else knows of this?”

“The Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Ukrainians,” she said. He nodded his head in acknowledgment.

“I have had my own issues with the UN for some time,” he said.

“What about the Ukrainians? What are your intentions regarding them?” Theresa asked.

“If you're asking if I intend to continue Putin's war of aggression, Your Majesty, the answer is no. I intend to live in peace with our neighbors,” he said. “We have our own concerns at the moment.”

“Of course,” she said. “So, what do we do about Putin?”

“Are you prepared to return him to us?” he asked.

“I am,” she said. “I just have one small favor to ask, if I may.”

“What is that?”

“I understand your penal colony number six in the Orenburg Oblast is one of your harshest prisons,” Theresa said. “I would be... grateful... if you could see to it that Putin serves his time there.” Ivan smiled as he considered Theresa's request.

“The Black Dolphin,” he said with a knowing smile. “I see you have done your homework, Your Majesty. I believe we can make that happen. When do you think you can have him brought back?”

“I can have him at Sheremetyevo Airport in, say, three hours,” she said.

“Three hours?” he asked, shocked. “You certainly do not waste time, Your Majesty. Our airspace is still closed to commercial flights, but I can clear the way for your aircraft to land there.”

“I would appreciate that, Mr. President,” she said. “I will see you then.”

“Of course,” he responded, still somewhat surprised.

Ivan Federov stood with a camera crew and a security detail on the tarmac at Sheremetyevo Airport as he watched for the aircraft carrying Vladimir Putin to land. He glanced at his watch and noted the three hours were almost over. He had been in constant contact with the control tower, who reported no aircraft had been spotted in the vicinity.

Suddenly, they all heard an ungodly noise above them. An enormous, strange-looking craft materialized out of thin air as they watched. It hovered over the tarmac for a few seconds, then slowly descended as it extended its landing gear. Everyone standing on the tarmac almost expected the thing to open fire on them.

After the GA-745E stealth aircraft settled on the ground, a large door opened in the front and a ramp extended to the deck. They saw a woman wearing a long red cloak next to something that looked like a large plant in a cart. On the other side was the tallest man any of them had ever seen. As the woman walked down the ramp, they saw that she was completely naked underneath the garment. The plant in the cart appeared to drive it next to her.

Behind them was a formation of armed soldiers escorting a man in an orange jumpsuit, a blindfold over his eyes. He wore a collar around his neck, and the lead soldier held a leash as he pulled the man along. Ivan recognized the woman as Queen Tere and was slightly flummoxed at seeing her nearly naked in public.

“Welcome to Moscow, Your Majesty,” he said with a slight bow of his head, trying to keep his eyes off her nudity.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” she said, offering a hand he accepted. “This is my husband, Lord Bernard, High Master of the Grand Order of Marsook, Knight of the Gingravik Empire,” she added, looking at Bernie. Ivan looked at the giant, bushy alien next to the nearly-nude queen and bowed his head slightly.

“Lord Bernard, it is a pleasure to meet you as well,” he said. He noticed what looked like a dozen large penises among the leaves and wondered...

“And I, you, Mr. President,” Bernie said through his attached speakers.

“This is Ambassador Tsod,” Theresa said, indicating the six-foot-eight-inch man next to her. “I believe you've spoken to each other before.” Ivan looked up at him as he offered his hand, and Tsod took it in one of his large hands.

“A pleasure to meet you, Ambassador,” Ivan said.

“And you as well, Mr. President,” Tsod said.

“We have something for you, Mr. President,” Theresa said, taking the leash from the lead soldier. She handed it to Ivan, then pulled the blindfold off Vladimir's head. The former president blinked his eyes to get used to the light and looked at Ivan before speaking.

“Federov,” he hissed. “Your president is back. Get these shackles off me, then stand aside so I may take my rightful place,” he added in Russian. Ivan laughed out loud, encouraging the others to do the same.

“No, Vladimir,” he said. “I AM your president now. And the shackles remain.” He handed the leash to one of the soldiers standing next to him. “Take this prisoner to Penal Colony Number Six in Orenburg, immediately.” The soldier snapped to attention and acknowledged the order. “Make sure he arrives safely, otherwise you and your whole detail will find yourselves taking his place,” Ivan added firmly. “Am I clear?”

“Yes, Mr. President,” the soldier said, his face turning white. He had heard stories about the Black Dolphin and had no desire to spend time there. After the soldiers took Putin away, Ivan turned back to Theresa.

“My apologies, Your Majesty,” he said. “The former president still has supporters among the military. It will take much time to reform a country like ours and we are only just beginning.”

“I understand, Mr. President,” she said with a smile.

“I have been told that Facebook says you do not exist,” Ivan said. “Yet, here you are.”

“Here we are,” Theresa said. “In living color.” Ivan chuckled at that.

“Thank you for returning Putin, and for helping me realize a life-long dream,” he said, glancing at Bernie. “Perhaps one day, I could visit your land and learn more about you.”

“Perhaps,” Theresa said. “I would like that very much, Mr. President. And thank you for helping to restore my faith in humanity. If you will excuse me, I have duties I must attend to.”

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Ivan said. “As do I.” After saying their farewells, Theresa and her delegation turned and went back into the giant aircraft.

“A new friend, My Queen?” Tsod asked when they got back inside the GA-745E.

“Perhaps,” Theresa said. “At least we haven't gained a new enemy.” The giant craft lifted off the tarmac and disappeared as it raised its landing gear. Everyone present heard a tremendous roar as the plane left the field.

Jones turned the monitor feed off when the strange-looking aircraft lifted off the tarmac and disappeared from view. He considered the two FBI agents and the other operatives at the table.

“You realize this will probably never be seen outside the Russian Federation?” he asked them.

“Something like this can't be completely erased,” Smith said. “It's bound to get out.”

“And it'll be squashed the second it does,” Jones said.

“What was that thing in that cart?” Harrison asked.

“Looked like a giant plant to me,” Jones said.

“A giant plant with about a dozen penises driving itself in a cart? Speaking to the Russian president? How can we possibly explain that?” Smith asked.

“We don't,” Jones said. “As far as the outside world is concerned, that doesn't exist.” Smith and Jones looked at each other, confused, before turning back to their CIA boss.

“So, what do we do now?” Smith asked.

“I will need to consult with my superiors,” Jones said.

“Why not just open diplomatic relations with them?” Harrison asked.

“Then we would have to admit they exist,” Jones said. “And that is out of the question. At least for now. But I think we know where their main base of operations is located. This isn't over, gentlemen.”

Theresa, Tsod, and Bernie got back to the Capitol building a couple hours after leaving Moscow. Margaret came into Theresa's office.

“The squadron has departed, My Queen,” she said. Theresa nodded her head.

“Did you take care of that package for me?” Theresa asked.

“Yes,” Margaret said. “And the Emperor said the embryos would be loved and well-cared for. Three designated caretakers and one Matron volunteered to go with them. They'll be in stasis for most of the trip. I also sent some necessities for the children.” The Empire's scientists had wanted to get their hands on actual female embryos to see if they could find an answer to the problem that had plagued the female population of the Empire for years.

“They understand this could be a one-way trip?” Theresa asked.

“Yes, they do,” Margaret said.

“You have done a remarkable job as always. Thank you, Margaret,” Theresa said.

“With your permission, My Queen, I would like to go spend some time with my mate,” Tsod said.

“Of course, Tsod,” Theresa said. She also wanted to spend some quality time with her mate, and left shortly after Tsod, Bernie in tow.

Vladimir Putin was not happy about the treatment he received at the hands of the guards at the penal colony known as the “Black Dolphin.” He was escorted to a tiny 50-square-foot cell that already held one inmate. He looked at the thin man, who didn't appear to be very friendly.

“What are you here for?” Vladimir asked.

“Cannibalism,” the man said, his grim smile revealing blackened teeth. Vladimir's blood ran cold...



More to come...


Notes: The Scheherazade is an actual yacht, said to cost over $750 million, and believed to be one of two owned by Vladimir Putin. According to photos posted online, the vessel sports gold toilet paper holders, self-leveling pool tables and a dance floor that drops to become a pool.


The Atlantic Council article mentioned in this story is real, as is the penal facility known as the “Black Dolphin.” According to an online documentary I watched, one of the inmates was sentenced to life for murder. He reportedly ate his victims...


For those who say this or that wouldn't happen, please remember this is speculative fiction and I exercised quite a bit of artistic license.

Submitted: May 10, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Saddletramp1956. All rights reserved.


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