I like you, but I like your stepbrother even more

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Dick Wood

“Sweetie, I like you, but your stepbrother, wow! We both need cock. Let’s go get it.”

“Your stepbrother is hot,” said Vivian, twisting her brunette locks.

“Eh…are you serious...if you knew him as I do,” replied Pippa. 

“No, Mark looks packaged up fine, and besides, I think you have the hots for Ross.”

‘Yeah …maybe…but how can you talk about your stepbrother like that and get me thinking about my steppies body…yuck," spat out Pippa.

“They are just guys, sweetie…relax a bit…maybe we should see what they are up to, probably in the garage playing table tennis,” said an excited Vivian.

Then she added, “Geez, I could give him something to play with.”

“Whoa, girl, calm the hormones; you’re putting strange images in my head. Your legs spread, and my stepbrother. Oh, stop, honey, please.”

“No, I can see you are getting excited like I am. Besides, how long since you had some action? You told me about Aaron, but that was weeks back,” indicated Vivian.

Pippa added quickly, “Speak for yourself. Michael was how long ago? Your love canal must have re-virginized honey.” 

“Yeah, nearly, sweetie, but I keep it company. I bet you do too.”

She watched her blonde bestie blush.

“Geez, girl, are we discussing touching ourselves here, or are you? Are you into me randily like you are my steppie?”

Pippa wasn’t sure where all this was heading though she secretly liked peeking at Vivian’s breasts in her skimpy pj’s when they had a sleepover and shared the bathroom. 

“Sweetie,” said Vivian nudging into Pippa’s space," If you’re game. I’m on."

“Whoa, if you think honey…I …I …really like you…. But…”

“No buts, sweetie. I’ve seen the way you peek at my breasts. I always thought you would reach out one night, and I was ready.”

Pippa’s face flushed: “You are serious, aren’t you? No teasing me!”

Vivian put her face to her friend’s face. She dragged her willingly to her mouth for a quick sensual explorative full mutual tongue kiss. They just kept at it. They were into each other. Nothing held back.

“Wow,” said Pippa catching her breath after intense and mushy face work with her friend.

“Mmm,” said Vivian, then the glint was in her eyes, “Come here baby, now,” and she dragged her friend onto her bed.

Pippa didn’t care where this led. She was leaking between her legs more quickly than in Aaron’s car.

Vivian had her blouse open and her hand under her bra. Fuck it felt good. Her friend’s fingers on her breast and nipple and more sensitive and arousing than a guy’s. A girl, it seemed, knew exactly how to touch another girl, and Pippa wanted to touch Vivian’s breasts.

No resistance.

Vivian’s bouncy joy cups found release from restraint. Her t-shirt was off, and her bra was unclasped. Pippa had to go for a sweet morsel taste—the gently nibbling, sucking and caressing with her tongue. 

Shit, Vivian was moaning.

They quickly lay side by side across the bed, except their faces lay buried between each other’s thighs. Their girly bits were shared speedily. There was the rapid exhilaration of pleasure coursing through two bodies. They embraced the new. A guided exploration, launching beyond exciting. A close examination and sampling. This was fun, and above all, yeah, shit, it felt delicious and felicitous!

Their thighs locked around each other. Their hands wandered everywhere, including the slight taboo balloon knot touching. A hint for next time. A mutually stored thought.

It was raunchy, rollicking and randy. Finally, they split from each other, satisfied, sated and stuffed. They needed a break.

They kissed gently and hugged close in that girly after-girly sex mood. The realisation of the power of what they shared. The incredible capacity of fem-bodies and the replete knowledge that they had finally done it. What they yearned for. What they couldn’t bring each other to ask. Yet now they would so easily do it again and again. 

Vivian watched Pippa get dressed. Pippa watched Vivian get dressed. Nothing surreptitious, sneaky or out of the corner of the eye. They watched openly and lasciviously. Full of present lust and future salacious behaviour. They were imprinting each other’s gorgeous young sexy bodies in their minds, like a road map highlighting favourite stopovers. They both had spots on each other’s bodies that they wanted to return to. Namely, cute rilled starfishes!

They went downstairs to the kitchen for a drink and a snack. They couldn’t keep their filthy little mitts off each other as they descended the stairs. They were lost in an array of sexually suggestive nudges, tickles, pinches, and handfuls of malleable supple breasts and ripe booty flesh. They had to keep taking it all, and boy, they still wanted it all.

What is more delightful in the universe than a girl craving her bosom buddy thought Pippa.

Vivian peeled a banana from the fruit bowl on the bench. Then openly pretended to suck it like a cock before looking Pippa straight in the eyes and saying: “Bet you wish you were doing this to Ross’ cock.”

Pippa screwed up her face “Yuck, that’s your brother’s cock you are pretending to suck!”

“Relax, honey. I was thinking of your stepbrother’s cock. That’s the one I want. I just wanted to get you excited too. Here take it. Show me how you would handle a cock. Any cock. Please, sweetie”

Pippa settled a bit and wanted to show Vivian she could suck as well as her. When it came to cock or banana, in the interim.

Pippa was doing a fabulous job on the fruit. Vivian was impressed by her technique.

Still, she peeled another banana and said, “Watch me. This is how I would suck Mark’s fat throbbing hot sausage”, and she licked the fruit from end to end, flicking a few times at the apex of the banana.

“Oh, fuck it," said Pippa, “This is how Ross will get it. Very soon.” 

Pippa deep-throated her banana. 

Vivian’s eyes grew wide in surprise. Wow, Pippa was ready, ready for Ross.

“Sweetie, I like you, but I like your brother even more. We both need real cock. So let us go and get it.”

Vivian didn’t wait for Pippa to move.

They were at the garage door, peeking together, watching their stepbrothers play table tennis. The guys didn’t notice them in their intense, fierce concentration and gamesmanship.

Vivian grabbed a box of white table tennis balls as they approached the guys. She gave Pippa two spare balls. Shaking them out of their box into her cupped hands and carefully took two for herself. The young lasses were then over by the table—one on each side of the table net. The guys stopped momentarily between the point and served, ignoring the girls. 

Stupid buff boys and their games, even when randy girls are directly in front of them.

“Eighteen all,” said Mark with a top spinning serve, and the high-level focus and skill were evident from both players. 

Pippa thought, yeah, eighteen, they were all the perfect fucking age.

The two lads wanted the crucial point. So, game on. Topspin and forehand counter were hit, and then deep positioning. Followed by a backhand topspin which was countered by…

However, the girls distracted them, making a very different point.

Vivian started with the two table tennis balls in her hand, rolling them, then rubbing her thumb over both. Then giving the ping-pongs the gentlest squeeze- while looking Mark straight in the eye and saying: “Mark, wouldn’t you like this to be your nuts.”

Pippa was even more confronting to Ross. She licked the two table tennis balls and eyed off Ross with the invitation: “Are you ready for some real ball action? Ross?”

Ross tried to take in the two girls at once. His mates’ sister and his stepsister. Actively sexual like himself. 

Though, well, he could never have imagined this. And never even ventured there. But, yes, his stepsister had nice curves for a girl. Mark’s stepsister was his mate’s sister. He hadn’t even considered her sexually. Though Wow! It was all happening before his eyes. Right here and now.

Mark had already dropped his bat, his pants, and his boxers. 

The fucking opportunist. Vivian rubbed his balls and sucked his hot dog right before his sister. Pippa took in her brother’s stiff rod for a moment. Watching it grow. Watching cock throb. Observing her brother’s ecstatic face and Vivian’s tarty enjoyment too. Her girlfriend sucked off her brother in her garage.

Oh my God, so compelling.

She needed this base physical human pleasure too.

Now, now. Right now.

Pippa, too lurched greedily to chase cock. 

Ross, she unzipped him and eased his growing randy meat out. His cock was raised, cute and uncut. She enjoyed a quick suck before massaging the foreskin back and forth with her fingers.

Vivian’s hand worked Mark’s pecker a treat, and she, too, looked over to see her own brother’s cock getting quality girlfriend treatment.

These two guys thought they had experienced quality time with girls. A few hand and head jobs in their cars and unexpected fucks they could both number on the one hand. The rapid quick boy pleasers in their vehicles.

However, what pussy really looked like! The pleasure of licking the flaps and stabbing a fully gaped coochie from behind. Hell, no! Here was their sexual education. Amazingly, all there. Total revelation! And your mate’s cock in your sister and you in your wingman’s sister.

Fuck, any sexual opportunity was as unpredictable as their girl’s positions would be in the next several minutes. 

That your sister was a hot sexual being. So, randy, mirroring you.

Vivian watched her girlfriend get licked out from behind and screwed like a dog. 

“Orrgh fuck, yes, yes, yes, bet you like seeing me gaped, you filthy bugger!”

One leg up on the table. Her brother’s cock was primed in action. Pumping into Pippa’s moist flappy coochie, Turning her on. Prodding her to a climax!

Maybe it was just the sex, but she knew it was more. 

The secret pleasure of seeing her best friend dogged and the more profound taboo. Salivating as her brother’s cock thrusts deep into another girl.

“Oohh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard,” she demanded

Pippa couldn’t believe how excited she was by the cock in her and watching her friend get her flappy pink pussy licked between her cute butt cheeks and then rooted in a frenzy of moaning abandonment.

“Orrgh, fuck, yes, fuckin hell, fuck me hard, hard, you frickin sod!”

Christ, Vivian was super-hot.

Though even hotter was the fact it was by her brother. That her stepbrother’s cocks was so hard and attractive

There was something about cock, whomever it is attached to. Even her brother. Pecker was fantastic, but her brother’s rod - the always meant to be unseen- here exposed to her. While she was fully naked and shagging, he was fucking her girlfriend senseless at the same time.

“Orrhh, fuck, yeah, sweet Jesus, keep pounding me, you filthy dog!”

Human fucking sexuality. Human fucking delight. Human fucking sexual mayhem. Praise heaven! Amen.

Vivian couldn’t believe her sexual daring. Here they were sharing with their stepbrothers their most important natural bodily adornment. Their pussy flapettes, their exposed hard nubs and cute creamy cunny holes. The usually private bits were shared with other boys. Not each other’s siblings, yet the pleasure was more exquisite and heightened by the taboo. The trespass of self seemingly, yet it felt so friggin good.

“Ooh, yeah, drill me! Orrgh fuck, gape me!”

Both girls joined in, providing explosive headwork after their sweet tight fucks. Side by side on their knees. Their brothers were next to each other. Young men enjoying a pecker treat. No morality about who provided the pleasure. Cock accepts. It doesn’t discriminate between offered mouths or pussies.

And the boys were ecstatic sharing their goddamn exposed giant personal decorations right there before their sister. Their key enjoyment piece for girls. Their multiple parts combined for a peacock display. Spit, slurp, slobber and slaver. A total girl-inspired cock party!

Then Pippa insisted, “Fuck our arses, now!”

The lads obeyed. 

Two tarts were rear-ended ploughed.

“Orrgh, cock, cock, fuck yeah, cock in my arse,” yelped Vivian.

“Sweet Jesus, bugger me, bugger me,” demanded Pippa.

“Oh fuck, exactly what I wanted, exactly what I need. Stab deeper, you sod, stab your fuckin’ cock deeper in my arse, right now!” insisted Pippa.

“Oh My God, your cock is so good. I want every fucking inch buried in me! Now you prick. Orrgh, Orrgh, Oooh!” wailed Vivian.

“Yeah, you miscreant, burrow deeper! Oh, sweet Jesus! Fuck, yeah, just like that!” Pippa gasped.

“OMG! Fuck I love it deep inside my areshole. So fuckin’ deep! Oh fuck, yeah!” swore Vivian.

“Mmm, mmm, oh God, you love my arse! I love my arse. Spike my arse. Buffet, my arse! Bugger, you bastard, cream my arse,” commanded Pippa as her sweet starfish expanded in waves of bliss.

“Oh, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Orrgh, Aaggh, Arragh, my arse, my arse!” cried Pippa as Ross, her stepbrother, invaded her arsehole. He raked her hole. He buggered her date locker. He bulldozed her tight, rilled canal of delight. His pecker ram-jammed and indecently smashed her tushy. 

Ross and Mark creamed their stepsister’s tight, horny holes.

Neither missed a beat as Vivian necessitated, “Lick our buttholes clean, you perverts!”

The boys slurped their cum from a pair of rilled, raw pink starfishes.

“Our fuckin mouths, drool the fuckin cum in our mouths,” howled Pippa.

The guys were way out of their league, yet they drizzled their own cum wads and transferred jizz to waiting stepsister’s gobs.

Pippa took Ross’s jizzed, warm load in her mouth. 

She enjoyed the warmth, rolling it around with her tongue.

Vivian did the same, opening wide to receive Mark’s burst of male happiness. 

The guys were looking down. So, goddam male over excited and cock happy.

Then both were surprised as Vivian opened her mouth and urged Pippa to do the same. Vivian combined the guy’s cum in her mouth before sharing it with Pippa. Then Pippa dribbled part of the cum wad over Vivian’s titties and, using both her hand, smeared the rest across her breasts.

Two stupefied guys watched an unreal performance from their stepsisters until Vivian started massaging Mark’s cock with the combined jizz from both guys between her cupped breasts. Then, Pippa did the same for Ross between her generous doughy white cupcakes.

The table tennis game was never completed. Instead, four youngsters spent the afternoon exploring all sorts of new games. Very entertaining. Very riveting. So exciting and equally apparent, but they didn’t care, supposedly off limits, beyond the pale. The taboo, yet how could something so intoxicating, so compulsively feel good, be wrong? 

Not to these four. No performance dilemmas for young guys and the response from the girls? Let’s say they were modern women. As sexually explorative, they let their libidos expand beyond the known and embraced the new.

Submitted: April 17, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Dick Wood

Hot story. Everyone doing everyone.

Wed, April 19th, 2023 10:50am

Sammy D

Vivian and Pippa are out to whip their stepbrother's dicks. Time to drop the game ball, boys, and get in on the real action.

Fri, April 21st, 2023 5:31pm

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