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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

College Freshman Andy who reported a rape to the campus cops, suffers more from them than he did from his attacker.


(This is a fantasy and all characters are 18 yrs of age or older.)


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Eighteen-year old Andy lay on the table totally exhausted, thoroughly humiliated and degraded, and in considerable pain. His little five-foot five college freshman body couldn’t take much more abuse. He regretted ever reporting the horrific rape to the campus police, but what is a kid to do? Brand new at college, away from his girlfriend and family, brutally raped and no one to comfort or console him.


And these campus cops, Officers Krause and Brett, were just plain weird and rather sadistic and inconsiderate to say the least. And now, six-foot-four inch Officer Krause had released his ten inch flashlight thick dick from his uniform trousers.


“Sorry about this, Andy, but I just got to give the fucker some relief. It feels so trapped in these tight uniform pants. The tall muscular blond stood there in his full uniform with his thickly erect dick swaying before him and leaking pre-fuck.

WHAT WAS GOING ON? The sight of the dick reminded Andy of the vicious rape he has suffered all over again, and he began to tremble and whimper.


“Jeez, kid, get a handle on it. Calm down. It you were raped, okay, so you got to get over it. There are worse things in life than getting a dick up the ass. My girlfriend gets that almost every night, and she loves it. Officer Brett know that to be true because he’s fucked my girlfriend too, right Luke?”


Officer Brett who was in charge of the camera recording the whole police visit laughed and nodded. “Shit, yeah, we even double penetrated her. First our two dicks up her cunt, and then our two dicks up her asshole. And she’s not a whimpering little wimp like you, crying and trembling.”


Poor young Andy was so confused. The whole room spun. He was so exhausted, all he wanted to do was sleep. “Please, just go…” he almost whispered.


Handsome Nordic Officer Krause shook his head. “Sorry, we got to do a thorough report or it might reflect badly on us. Once you called us…we are obligated to follow through. OH, SHIT!” He suddenly shouted, his hard dick sticking ten inches out of his pants and throbbing. “I forgot the penis test. Captain Martin will really be pissed if we are not complete. Rape is a serious charge, even from a weak little sissy boy like this.”


“PUH…PLEASE FELLAS, JUST GO. I CAN REPORT TO THE OFFICE TOMORROW. I NEED SOME REST… “ Andy was totally wiped out and freaked out.


“No, this is important. How do we know you didn’t concoct this whole thing yourself as some kind of perverted game? Now, don’t get me wrong, sissyboy, we believe you. But it has to be proven for the records. You could have jerked off and shoved your own cum up your ass using something like a huge dildo or a cucumber or a baseball bat or something… don’t know what you faggot freaks all get up to, but I heard stories.”


Naked Andy still on the table, struggled to sit up. “NOW JUST A MINUTE. I AM NOT GAY. I TOLD YOU THAT. I AM NOT A FAGGOT AND I RESENT BEING CALLED THOSE NAMES!”  Wow! It was brave of this thin, small teenager to stand up to these two bullish brutes of campus cops.


“Hold on, Nancy, just clam your thin little sissy body down. We hear stories all the time of sick, twisted things faggots do for fun. They shove small animals up their assholes. They molest and rape children. We read about this. We get official reports. So you got to gotta understand why we are skeptical.”


Andy shook his head, tears flying out of his eyes. That really turned the cops on, and Officer Krause’s huge dick squirted a spray of pre-fuck.


Officer Brett was also in dick constriction pain, so he undid his uniform trousers and released his monster of a fucker as well. His was uncut with a thick foreskin. The meat was over nine inches in length. “Shit,” he moaned. “I ain’t got off since that high school boy gave us a blow job this afternoon.”


Officer Krause roared with laughter. ‘Yeah, his jaw is going to take a while to mend. We must have dumped a gallon of cum into his tummy. He too kept screaming and crying that he was not a faggot, but we could tell differently at once. He certainly wasn’t a jock, and the fucking twerp was collecting money for the high school swing choir!


Andy lay on the table, freaking out.  Cum and ass slime, and even a little blood ran from his fucked asshole in tiny rivers, pooling on the table.


“What we gotta do, kid, is make sure you didn’t implant your own sperm up your own ass, just to play some kind of sick game with us. So we’ll take a sample of what leaked out of your ass down to the office for testing, along with a sample of your own sperm. We wanna believe you, we really do.” Officer Krause smiled, standing with his big wet cock only inches from Andy. It was obscene. Andy could smell the sweat from the dick, and it reminded him of his rapist once again.


“We’ll get a sperm sample, a few other things, and then, we’ll be out of here.” Officer Brett said, re-adjusting the camera.


“Yeah, a few other things,” officer Krause laughed.


“So, after all I have been through, you want me to jerk off?” Andy could not believe it. His dick was like a little boy’s next to theirs. Like a pre-pubescent little boy’s .  He felt so terribly inadequate. 


Officer Krause studied Andy’s dick for a minute and then sneered. “Does your girlfriend really like that little thing in her? Can she even feel it?” 


Andy mustered what courage he had left. “I do all right!” he snapped.


Krause nodded, laughing. ‘Yeah, I bet you do a whole lot of pussy eating.”


Andy felt pathetic. There was no other word for it. He felt less than a man, less than a teenage boy even. He felt helpless and useless. That’s it. he was a loser. He remembered suddenly something he had forgotten or blocked from his mind. Back in seventh grade, there had been this bully who had pantsed him more than a few times in front of girls and boys of the school, and made fun of his ‘little dick.” No one’s dicks were very big in those days, but being stripped naked and having everyone stare at him was so terribly destructive to a boy of that age.

Officer Krause reached out and gently but with strength pushed Andy back onto his back on the table. Andy was now lying with Officer’s Krause’s enormous leaking prick only inches from his face.


“We wanna help you, kid, but you gotta be honest with us. Now tell me the truth. How much cock have you sucked in your life?”


“NONE…” Andy tried to sit up in protest but was pushed back down, the dick of the officer now only inches from his mouth. “Never before tonight. Never until that rapist made me.”


“Be honest now, Andy. Did you like the taste of it?”


Andy was almost hysterical. “NO, I HATED IT. IT WAS AWFUL. JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME SICK.” His cute young face twisted in agony, and Officer Krause had to reach out to restrain the tormented youth. In moving, drops of pre-fuck from the swollen tip of Officer Krause’s big prick flew off the cockhead and hit Andy right in the face. A splash of dick slime slapped Andy on the nose and cheek. He started to wretch and convulse in disgust and fear and horror.


“Hey, hey, hey, take it easy kid, we are here to help you.” The cop had to hold the boy down, and more prick leak spurted onto Andy’s face, this time hitting him on the mouth. “Hey, I’m sorry to imply that you are a cocksucker, it’s just that you look and act like one. I mean, face it, you are small and faggy, just like the ass-fuck boys we arrest for hustling ever few days. And you do have a really pretty cocksucker mouth. You got those nice full cocksucker lips. It’s not our fault. So it’s up to you to prove us wrong.” As he held down the struggling teenager, Krause’s massive wet dick brushed against the boy’s face, freaking him out even more. After ll he had been through and suffered to have the campus cop’s meaty, slime coated fucker rubbing up and down across his face was almost too much for poor Andy to bear. He truly thought he would lose his mind.


“I know we been through this before, but tell me kid, when your rapist fucked your face, did he ram his dick way down into your throat?”


“Ye… yea…yeah…”  Andy sobbed, unable to speak clearly. The cop’s pre-cum glistened on  his lips.

“His fucker went right down into your throat? How could you breath? Have you had practice having things shoved down your throat before?”


Andy shook his cute head furiously. Krause held a firm hand on the boy’s chest and began to work his nipple between his fingers. “A lot of faggots have extra sensitive tits like cunts that straight guys do not. Are your tits extra-sensitive, Andy” He took both of the boy’s nipples in his fingers and began kneading and twisting and pulling on them. Andy twisted and groaned.


Officer Brett focused in on the boy’s tits and his face. “Looks to me, Officer Krause like this sissy boy has really sensitive faggot tits.


‘I’M NOT… I DON’T,” poor young Andy grunted as Officer Krause stretched the boy’s nipples so far out that the boy’s torso lifted off the table.


“Yeah, he very well could be a sick perverted faggot just trying to fool us. I don’t take well to being fooled!”  He let go of the left nipple and reached down and grabbed the teen by his already swollen and beaten ball sack. He squeezed the swollen nuts in the fleshy sack hard, causing Andy to writhed on the table. Then he leaned in and spit right in Andy’s face.  “I hope to God you are not some slimy dirty fucking faggot trying to play games with us.”  He spit another huge gob into the boy’s face where it mixed with the pre-fuck. Still grabbing the kid by his right nipple and his ball sack, he lifted Andy off the table, and like a wrestler slammed him down again.


“MOTHER FUCK, MY DICK IS HARD!” Officer Krause howled, grabbing Andy by the hair and rubbing his gigantic wet dick all over the kid’s face, getting cock leak up his nostrils and in his eyes and mouth.


Andy was totally freaking out. His face was coated with dick slime. His body was wracked with pain. He shook with fear.


“This fucking uniform is strangling me,” Krause growled, almost ripping off his shirt. His muscular body, covered with sweat, glistened in the light of the small apartment. He dug gown into his already open trousers and hauled out his balls.

They were huge, sweaty and coated with light blond hair. “Jesus, I hope this kid is not trying to pull one over on us. We’d have to fucking kill him!”

Submitted: April 15, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Awesome continuation of this one! Really loving the unhinged Krause vibe - just a huge overgrown cop ruled by testosterone

Tue, April 18th, 2023 8:30pm

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