Sexual Truths Acknowledged

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Recalling what really happened when Darcy courted Ms Lizzy: including a guest appearance by the regiment officers for Kitty and Lydia.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single guy in possession of a more than useful private appendage is constantly in search of pussy or arse, but preferably both.

In the early afternoon, Darcy Pemberton's classic Austin skidded to a fast halt outside the quaint Venerable's double-storey Georgian country house. Standard etiquette calling time. 

Well, in truth, the crumbling mansion had seen better days. Old Venerable lost his fortune gambling, and his five stepdaughters now all needed husbands and boy, were they a desperate household.

Especially the younger ones just out of college chasing anything in; but preferring it out of their uniforms. 

While at the same time, their unashamed mother pushed her daughters into the pants of any man who came through the doors, including the clergy.

Darcy knocked politely, but there was no answer. He rapped again slightly harder. Good manners dictated that a gentleman should wait and probably knock again.

He cursed under his breath, “Stop being so well-mannered.”

Unfortunately, his non-conformist Puritan church upbringing held him back. He hadn't even felt up the girl he was going to see today, whom he intended to old fashionably ask the father for her hand in marriage. After two months of knowing the lass, he finally kissed his sweet intended's cheek in the orchard last week. 

Mr Darcy’s loins tensed. He had the hots for Lizzy, the second stepdaughter at a sweet twenty-two. Darcy believed her to be a virgin like himself. Well, he was a gentleman virgin: following the advice of his uncle: taking whores up the arse didn't count and fitted as ideal practice till married life.

He pictured the eldest sister, Jane, racking, the years at twenty-five and unsuccessfully chasing a friend of his. The middle sister, Mary, maybe aged twenty; he couldn't work her out; she always read what seemed plain cover books. And the two youngest, both at eighteen; skittish and immature; though they could be cock teasers or shameless pleasers. Katherine, Kitty for short, was large-eyed with huge breasts. A curly-headed perv who caught Darcy out just before he got up the courage to put his tongue in Lizzy's mouth and his hand under her bra. As for Lydia, she looked like jail bait but technically, no. The lass sported a perpetual pout, probably because her same-age sister received all the world's tit gene, leaving her very flat-chested, even in underwire push-up bras. Her best feature, beyond doubt, was her cute auburn mane.

Darcy knocked more firmly, and the unlocked door swung slowly open, revealing the hallway. Again, manners dictated Darcy to wait. His ears pricked. He heard low, arousing murmurs and groans of the most pleasurable kind coming from further down the hallway and more than one voice.

He cocked his head and listened. He heard; the pitch rising in one, then more throats; there were intense groans in another and undertones of general satisfied 'mmm's' and 'ahh's' all around.

My God, thought Darcy, as his cock flexed aroused, sexual moans of pleasure

All mixed, nonetheless, a group of women. The timbre rose compellingly sensuous and smutty. No harmony in the sound, yet the guttural refrains echoed coordinated pleasure. A primal stirring in a compelling vulgarity. More than one woman sustained arousal and shared pleasure secrets only women divulged with women.

Darcy craved as a man to see female-to-female smut. So, he followed his erectness up the hall.

For some reason, Darcy visualised Kitty and Lydia in a mutual sixty-nine on the Persian carpet as he well; snuck up to the open day-room doorway. There are, in the end, pleasures a guy doesn't want to interrupt like girls caught out licking mutual pussy. He could only hope: that these were the sounds driving him wild with desire. 

An intense sexual scene takes our breath away and focuses our eyes and our hands. Darcy’s mouth gaped, agog and speechless, while his trouser snake throbbed. His eyes roved, brain-filming carnal debauchery.

Two young women munched mutual fur patches on the lush brown velvet sofa. Tongues flicked in complementary waves, a correlative of glistening pink fleshy pleasure. A pair of young women taking turns moaning, then groaning in delight.  Darcy witnessed flicking stabs of pleasure onto hard erect clits and tongue tips delving delicately but dirtily deep into their mutual moist pussy canals. The scene exploded as enjoyable to Darcy because it combined Lydia and Kitty and his suspicions of these sluts. 

If that were the complete scene, it would have seared into Darcy's memory as a guilty pleasure. But, instead, the competing overlayed sounds he heard in the hallway belonged to Jane and Mary. A duo on the Persian rug next to the sofa, fingering each other's arseholes while paying attention to each other's full range of demanding private equipment. And man, oh man, they shared pussy flaps with wings spread in abundance.

Stunning, stunning, naked women, all having fun.

All the girls sensuously engaged in personal pleasure crafting and sharing. They knew what they wanted, and they certainly knew how to get each other off.  Flick the clit, tongue stuffed in a cunt hole!

Darcy unconsciously unzipped. Bugger his upbringing; this was stroke worthy.

He touched himself as he watched the two masses of writhing flesh mingling and moulding. Legs interlacing, hands massaging cute rump flesh, and svelte tongues fusing in a pleasure embrace to make pinker, elegantly flappy or crinkled girly parts glisten laden with spit. A mesh of flesh in its search for orgasm. So intense. So actively alive. A synthesis of gratification unfolding and enveloping bodies. Body climaxes, locking together. 

Suddenly a hand grabbed his cock from behind. Nevertheless, his sexually detonated mind revelled in being caught out. This scene demanded his cock join. An orgy to participate in. 

Thankfully, the fingers were Ms Lizzy's and not her mother's: Darcy's immediate thought.

Lizzy gasped: "Oh my, you have been hiding a very useful one," as she hit her knees, sucking her Darcy off.

Our male lead nearly lost his load. Lizzy sucked cock sweetly, and he relished her purposeful, diligent attention to his trouser pipe. Sucking it off with pride. No prejudice in her action.  Suck the meat. Slurp the boner. Spit and drizzle the rod.

“Orrgh, Orrgh,” moaned Darcy.

Ms Lizzy gulped cock; her wealthy landowning stock broker caught. She wasn't losing him; as it turned out, he possessed a mouth-filling whopper, a trouser estate. So life looked good; besides, she had had enough of sharing her bed with her stepsisters, even though there were four to rotate through. And her stepfather's energy in the sack recently flagged.

Darcy's deep guttural male groans brought all eyes in the sitting room to his cock. Four women on the cusp of powerful orgasms suddenly needed more than each other's tongues. 

Pecker appeared erect. Cock paraded available. Lizzy would have to share her prize.

The slattern’s Kitty and Lydia unabashedly joined Lizzy on her knees; no prejudice in sharing. Darcy’s proud cock and balls were enough to go around. 

A slutty Kitty unceremoniously dropped Darcy's pants and underwear.

Well, it's the beautiful design of a cock; it can handle multiple tongues and manifold girly, graceful-seeking fingers. Lizzy focussed. She had Darcy's pecker head sucking him off. Kitty appeared to like his soft silky ball pouch, fondling it, massaging, and stretching the skin with her fingers. So young, yet she knew how to treat a ball bag: as her private pouch of pleasure. With her jailbait eyes, Lydia had her tongue tip exploring his sensitive arsehole. And it aroused—an unexpected source of joy.  Her tongue tip delved straight into his private starfish.

Darcy experienced a triple pecker treatment, like being elevated to the peerage. Darcy's cock enjoyed a lavish deluge of girly spit in a display of ribald cock lust. Lizzy worked his now glistening shaft, his eyes momentarily transfixed by her perfectly shaped cock sucking lips. That balls could be licked and swayed so pleasurably by a young woman; Kitty was a purry delight, and Darcy greedily accepted every deft touch. Though he remained amazed, he could divide the three rising centres of pleasure between his legs. A trio of girls delivering slightly different but divine bodily sensations. And the kinkily compelling about Lydia's finger now rimming his arse and then prodding in and out, slowly with randy speed.

Three young women worked his body, and then heaven occurred. Mary and Jane worked in tandem with his mouth and chest. Stripping off his shirt and tie, their hands were all over his torso. Jane sucked, tweaked and scratched Darcy's nipples. Mary savoured tongue to tongue and invited Darcy's fingers into her exposed, ripe lesbian-activated wet cleft.

Jane participated, too, as she guided Darcy's other hand to mould her chest melons in a predatory male manner.

Darcy hunted Lizzy's slit.

Bugger his mother and upbringing; being a virgin on your wedding day portended nonsense.

The Venerable girls launched in front of him. Kitty’s furry pussy presented spread on the sofa. Lydia and Jane held her legs high. Miss Lizzy guided Darcy's pecker into a stunningly tight, delectable, warm moist fem fissure. He prodded her gash, so silky smooth, complementing his hardness. Mary, behind him, ground her pubic bone firmly into his butt.

Darcy could have humped the little minx Kitty till he exploded in her. Still, Lydia, who shared everything with her stepsister, demanded Darcy on the sofa.

“Oh, share your cock, you fricking bastard,” demanded the minx,

Suddenly Darcy rode Lydia. She slattern poised high, then letting cock drill her deep, at that point of maximum penetration, raising herself on the shaft to the cusp of encirclement and enjoying each swiftly repeated, delectable movement in turn. The wonderful, in the moment, the continuous up and down of sex.  The base fucking riding of sex, both parties wrapped in enjoyment.

Our male hero, though, paused at that moment when he compared pussy. Basically, they are the same but amazingly different. Both twins were wet and tight but as diverse as their personalities. Kitty possessed that tacky yummy warmth to her pussy like a sticky sweet pink, melted marshmallow. Yum, we love melted marshmallows- kitten-hole tack sweet.

Lydia, in comparison, exuded emerging womanly sexiness, as comforting to a cock as freshly baked bread is to your nostrils. Then Darcy realised he could smell her sexual excess; the musky power of her lesbian activity now transferred to his happy-ridden pecker.

The elder stepsisters owned patience, tempered when only one cock presented to share.

Mary and Jane spread their arse cheeks on the edge of the sofa, and Ms Lizzy took control of the action as she guided Darcy's excited pole between their bodies. Again, Darcy saw two unique amazing gashes to work. Mary’s puffy wrapping pussy, and Jane’s spongy, soppy, sweet cock contouring and containing crevice. Equally delightful. Nearly too satisfying as the tartlette Kitty somehow got between his legs to lick his balls. 

Darcy experienced it max, except Ms Lizzy, who now held centre stage on the sofa. Well, the centre, her gaped arsehole, which winked at him. Nonetheless, of course, Darcy expected her pussy. Still, he took everything given, and why wouldn't you with five delightful stepsisters.

Oh God, Lizzy manifested tight. Oh God, she was divine. Oh God, her pussy would have competition on her wedding night; these thoughts briefly passed through Darcy's mind before the constricting pleasure dominated. Ms Lizzy understood her arsehole need and how to share the bliss. This rich guy was hers for keeps. Her raunchy, constricted enjoyment left every whore Darcy ever butt fucked a distant memory. Her beau loved Ms Lizzy's accommodating butt hole.

Ms Lizzy let her suitor cream her butt cheeks: holding many internal anal skills in reserve, like her skill of squeezing both her sphincter and pussy muscles on stand-by for her wedding night.

Meanwhile, Kitty and Lydia finger fucked each other as Darcy exploded over their sister's peachy rump.

Mary and Jane, more demurely, caressed each other's breasts gently with a sigh.

The stepsisters shared the same thought; not enough cock to go around!

"Oh, Mamma, you are the best," yelled Kitty as she grabbed the first officer of the regiment coming into the sitting room, following her mother as a rare sexual lull nearly happened in the room.

Lydia already unzipped another lieutenant and sucked up cock. There would be time to thank mummy later.

Old Venerables went straight for quiet Mary-Ann, his favourite. With five stepdaughters, it took a while to get around the girls.

Mother checked out Darcy's private equipment while Lizzy gently kissed him.

The other officer couldn't believe his fucking luck as Jane quickly stripped him, and boy, this woman was already nicely wet for a sensational fuck.

Any invitation to afternoon tea with young ladies would never again hold the Earl Grey, scones, cream and strawberry jam, with too many delicate cucumber finger sandwiches and boring chaperoning mother's images for these military lads.

"Orrhh, Orrhh," from the males in the room.

“Mmm, Mmm, Mmm," from the tarts in the room.

Plenty of pride in their own shapely exposed private delights from the ladies and no prejudice from the cocks in the salon, exploring every cavity.

Ah, the sweetest of afternoon treats, pussy and arse in natural abundance shaped by willing drilling peckers.

Equally: it is also a truth universally acknowledged that a household full of randy stepsisters is desperately in need of more than an indecent finger fucking from each other.

Submitted: April 14, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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What a wonderful way in which Mr. Darcy could lose his "virginity". Exquisitely written. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Fri, April 14th, 2023 1:52pm

Sammy D

Bold, saucy, and masterfully written.

Fri, April 14th, 2023 4:22pm

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