The Seduction of Jonathan part III

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The Seduction of Jonathan continues

Part III

"Go ahead my pet grovel and show me your adoration of your new "Goddess"  Welcome to my world, I will take you to places beyond your ability to dream or fantacize."
Jonathan took her foot in his hand, he began to lick and suck her stiletto high heels then removed the shoe and kissed the top of her foot, he kissed each toe then put her toes in his mouth and sucked on them and nibbled on them.  Then he moved on to the other foot and did the same only a bit longer before the drink he was consuming got the better of him.
A few hours later Jonathan found himself laying on Dianna's bed, the lights were down low, there was soft music on and he wasn't sure how he got there.  She leaned into him and kissed him passionately on the mouth and said,
"you are waking up I am glad, did you have a good nap?"
Very tactile she ran her hands over his satin pj's touching his nipples then his legs and then his groin, She bit his neck and told him she had some fangs that her friend Lauren had given to her that actually had needles in them that when the person wore them and bit down the needles would pierce the skin causing the person to bleed.  She would then lick the blood and it would leave a mark that would last for several days.  By this point he was silly puddy in her hands and she could engage him in any manner she wished.  The chimes on the hall clock struck 9:00 :P.M. he had last remembered it being 6:00 P.M. and was still groggy as he tried to clear away the fog that seemed to surround him.
"I would be happy to have you use those on me."
He thought
' it would be a mark to brag about to his friends, but beyond that he felt it would symbolize her ownership of him.'
  He had never thought such a thought with another girl or woman but he felt that way now.  He couldn't account for the feeling or the desire that seemed to burn deep within him but he liked it and wanted to feed it, whatever that meant and wherever that took him. She unbuttoned his sation top ran her hands across the hair on his chest and told him that would have to go, she like her men to have the adonis look and be smooth all over.  She squeezed his nipples before licking them, kissing them sucking on them and nibbling on them.  She saw his reaction and knew she had found his most erogenous point, his weak spot, the area that rendered him  helpless and she proceeded to spend long amounts of time sucking and suckling on each of his nipples.
Time seemed frozen for Jonathan, he was so enamored with Dianna, and so drawn in to her he thought he was walking on clouds.  Was he dreaming or was this real?  Could she have hypnotised him, was he in some kind of trance, maybe the tropical drink had something in it that worked like a love spell, or maybe that telepath things she spoke of was at work and she had invaded his mind, Whatever it was, he didn't want it to end.
She reached into the night stand draw and took out the fangs and put them in her mouth.  She told him that when a vampire bite's its victims neck, it does more to the victim then suck it's blood, it makes the victim the Vampire's permanent servant.  She asked if upon her using her fangs on his neck, and leaving her territorial mark for others to see, was he sure he was ready to be her newest servant for life.  Without hesitation, he said YES. 
And so she used the toy fangs to poke two holes in his neck, and she licked and sucked the blood up and smiled at him.  It hurt and would continue to hurt for a few  days, but despite the pain, a part of him wished the fangs and their needles were still stuck inside of his neck or maybe other parts of his body.  He wasn't what he would later learn was a "pain slut":, but he felt this longing and pulling of his mind body and soul to be permanently possessed by Dianna.  It was a feeling unlike anything he had ever known, and he felt honored that she had set her sights on him and wished to have him do her bidding as her new lover, male whore and male slut.
She kissed and licked his nipples sucked on them and said
"wait till one of my lady friends joins us and you have a mouth on each nipple, you think you are melting now, then you will really melt." 
As she kissed and licked her way down his chest and stomach she made her way to his cock and she stroked it a few times before licking it like a lollypop, and using her tongue and lips to arouse the soft underside or the sweet part the extra sensitive part on the bottom top of his circumsized cock.  She took the clear pre cum that emerged and rubbed in on her nipple then moved up and lowered her breasts to his wanting mouth.

"You like it?  wait till we get the thick gray stuff, that I want you to like and lick off my tongue, off by tits, off my body, sometimes my feet, eventually, when I decide after I let you cum inside me, you will have earned the right to have a creampie, but that is in your future my love."

She took her satin robe that was on the bed and laid it across his chest and rubbed in over his nipples and neck. 
"You like it don't you?  the feeling, the material is it just comforting or arousing for you?"
"it's both"
She thought to herself,
"perhaps if he wore more silk and satin around the house, he would be constantly aroused, and eager to play with me.  She knew the expression a stiff cock had no conscience was vividly true with most men, and she recalled other men who had sensitive nipples had other fetishes too, including lingerie, and usually liked the silks and the satin"
She told him to rub the satin on his nipples while she toyed with him below, and she told him that in the morning his mustache , body hair and pubic hair would be shaved and washed away, she preferred her boys (men) to have the adonnis look and she liked their bodies smooth next to hers.  What she wasn't telling him that when she brought him to party with her other lady friends, the deal was, they could bring a date or a significant other, but everyone had to appear in the female form.  tomorrow she would fill him in on more of the details and tell him to think of it like a costume party where he was going dressed like a hooker.  They would put makeup on him and make him look slutty and he would enjoy it. 
She told him that she thoroughly enjoyed teasing men and women, she said it gave her a certain thrill to know she could bring a person to the edge of climax and hold off just enough that only the slightest touch with something like a fingernail could put the other person over the edge and make them erupt into an exploding orgasm.  She told him it was a feeling similar to when she used her strap on toys on men's asses and hit their g spot and you knew they were about to explode with an enhannced anal orgasm, that would soon render them almost helpless as they sailed off in to sub space from the euphoric release of the seaman from their cock.
She told him she had some nice strap on toys that he would use on her, when the cum was all gone from his cock, and he couldn't get as hard as she liked, it would slide over his cock like a plastic extension only longer and thicker at the end, and he would use that to attempt to quench her insatiable thirst for sexual release.
She straddled him and he could feel the heat of her pussy near his cock and thought
"Is she going to fuck me now?" 
But she continued to move up his body over the stomach and chest that would be shaved or washed away with foamed hair remover, till she was purched on his chest only inches from his face.  He could smell her aroma and he longed to have her move forward and let  him orally devour her warm and wet pussy.For Jonathan,  he was that rare man who, when it came to oral sex, preferred giving head to a woman over getting a blow job from her.  He found older women much more into oral sex ie him eating them than girls his own age.  He even liked licking a woman when she had her period but rarely found women his age who let  him.  the thought he was some kind of weirdo for asking, or were too self conscious about their hygene to engage in any kind of sex at that time of the  month.  Dianna was too old to have her period, but he wanted to prove his value to her that he could be the kind of lover she wanted, needed and demanded  So when she moved to straddle his face it was so much of what he longed for even though in his mind he knew it was supposed to be all about her.  With any luck he would turn in a good performance and she would covet his talents and have him to it to her often.  He had told friends and other lady lover, if the chord on his tongue was not sore or felt stretched the following day then they didn't get their money's worth out of him.
She inserted two fingers into her pussy after unsnapping the snaps at the crotch of her black teddy.  she played with herself for a few moments with his eyes riveted to her every movement.  Then she took them out and put them in his mouth for him to suck off her juices and he loved the way she tasted.  Then she moved forward and lowered herself on to his mouth where his tongue flicked back and fourth on her clit before he moved his tongue to move up and down her vaginal lips and suck on her pussy alternating between her pussy and her clit to stimulate them both repeatedly with want, desire and eagerness.
His Mistress experienced what she termed Mini's for orgasms, in the begining and then after some time her pelvis elevated some she began to draw in her legs as if trying to use the muscles of her vagina to press and squeeze Jonathan's lips, then she leaned forward to hold onto the head board and in unicen with his licks she dragged her pussy back and fourth across his face sometimes going past his mouth to his nose and forehead before sliding back and picking up his tongue on route.  Those actions were the begining of a more plentiful and volcanic like erruption that sent like a bullet of cum into his mouth, hitting the roof of his mouth and bringing gobs of her cum to the back of his tongue and throat.  He did not gag, but for a moment was unsettled about how he would take it, and being pinned to the matress by her body weight he had little choice or ability to maneuver other than to just take it and swallow and enjoy the experience.
She would have several more minis on route to three more large ones like she just had and he got so he could tell by the way she moved her body when they were coming and was better able to position himself to be on the receiving end of the sweet stream of cum that flowed out of her.  He thought the minis were a tad sweeter, and the larger ones were a bit sharper in taste, but he enjoyed the volume and reminded himself that he was after all her whore and her slut and it didn't matter how his work affected him only that he gave her the optimum pleasure he could hoping he would meet the challenge of being the lover she wanted and expected.
When she finally climbed off of him she kissed him passionately on the mouth, licked his wounds on his neck tongued his ear and said,
"You lick like a lesbian.  You are that good.  Wait till the ladies get a load of you.  You are about to make five women very happy my love.  VERY HAPPY."
She got up and went into her closet and took out a strap on toy, and some lube, she told him to move down on the bed and she stood at then of it with the toy fastened to her, and having lubed his ass, she said,
"Are You ready to have your anal cherry popped?"
Before he could respond she pressed the six inch toy into his ass and began to bang him, while he rubbed the satin robe on his nipples.  He told her it hurt but it hurt good and didn't want her to stop for anything.  Then he realized he had misspoken and apologized to his lady.  She smiled and said,
":this is all new to you I realize that, it will take time before you get it and it sinks in that's always me first, last and everything in between.  If you get satisfied along the way that is a bonus but the real thrill for you is to know you were able to afford me maximum pleasure each time I call upon you to perform."
He thought he was getting close to orgasm and told her and she banged him a few more times before stopping.  She took the toy off then pulled on his cock a couple of times before sliding it into her pussy and riding him hard and fast, then hard and slow, and she started to have the minis again and then a larger one.  She sensed he was on the edge of cumming and asked if he was close.
"Yes Mistress but I am trying to hold back."
She smiled and climbed off of him and laid on the bed with him moved further down the bed and stroked his cock, sucked it briefly and then fondled his nipples and told him to use his hand to finish and to point it at her stomach and tits when he felt it ready to explode.  He did and stopped but she smiled and stroked his cock some more knowing how sensitive it was for post orgasm rubbing and wanted him to experience how she would drain every drop out of him.  Then she took some in her mouth leaned down and cum kissed  him and smiled and said,
"Your are officially mine now.I have fucked you three ways, and cum kissed you sweet thing, I am taking possession of your body, it is mine from now on, soon I will own your heart and your soul and one day when you are on the verge of cumming when we are fucking we will both say to one another, I love you and mean it, and after I drain every drop out of you into my sweet hot and soaked pussy, I will summon your mouth to enjoy your first of many cream pies where you get to feast on the love juices from each of us."
She scooped the remaining cum off his body with her fingers taking some into her mouth and enjoying it and other times putting her cum drenched fingers inj Jonahathan's mouth for him to lick clean.  She told him a few more times like this and he will not find it difficult and will actually enjoy it and see  sucking his cum as  a reward of such.she said,
"someday you will be driving my car and I will have my head in your lap or maybe i will be sucking on one of your nipples while you drive and stroke your cock and when you cum feed it to you while you drive."
Feeling very fulfilled, she said to him,
"Are you in the mood to get wet? have you ever had a golden shower?"
He responded, 
:"I'm not sure I know what that is"
 so they got up and she took his hand and the walked to her bathroom.  Naked she told him to lay down in the tub and she climbed in and straddled his body and her bladder opened and her warm pee went first on his stomach, then his chest, then his face and hair and eventually some when in his mouth.
She asked him how he liked it, and his answer surprised her a bit,
"I found it incredibly intimate and personal, I felt one with you like I am in some kind of trance or love spell and what you did was so personal, intimate and exciting, I liked it, not so much the taste, just that you felt close enough to me to do that, I hope you do it more.....but I ope that is the only end you let go on me.
She laughed and said, I am not into the other, and yes I will but only in special moments.  There are some who see that as a form of punishment, or a way to degrade or humiliate a person, I have never seen it that way, like you I have always found it profoundly intimate, so your answer took me by surprise, cause no one has ever said it to me, or felt the way i feel about doing that.  She stared at him and said I should have jumped your bones the moment i laid eyes on you when you moved into the cottage."
The next morning, Jonathan awoke mid morning and he was alone in bed.  Dianna came in a few moments later with a tray with two coffees, two ojs and some danish.She wore the teddy from the prior night but the straps were down and her breasts were fully exposed, and the snaps in her crotch remained unattached, from their play the night before.  As he drank the juice and sipped the coffee she took some of the frosting off the danish and rubbed in on her nipple then motioned with her finger as if summoning him to lick it off which he did. When he came up from her breast he said,
"I swear I could spend all day between your breasts and your pussy My Lady"
She smiled and said
" and some days you will.  what are you up for today?"

"well I don't have anything planned, my vacation started as of when i got through yesterday and I have the next ten days off.Scuttlebut around the lumber yard is that some of us might get laid off and collect or a bunch of us have our hours trimmed back considerably.  That would really suck because if I can't earn enough I wont be able to live on my own, and I'd have to move back home with my folks a few towns over and that would be rough in so many ways especially now that I have met you and...."

She put her finger to his lips and said,
"Last night when I said you were mine officially I meant it.  It wasn't just a casual thing to mark that I had had you three ways.  I meant that I want you completely as in forever if that is what you want too, I am not interviewing or entertaining other young men to be my lover, Your it as far as I am concerned.  So let me put your mind at ease,  1. Since I am your landlord, you wouldn't have to pay that, and as far as I'm concerned, you can life here, and the house will cover all of your living expenses.  2. Even if you don't get laid off, I would extend those things to you.  You see I want to wake up in the morning and know that you are right here next to me in bed and ready to attend to me if I want your cock in my mouth or your mouth between my legs, or if I want to ride you and put you away wet as they say.  I am anticipating that you will shower  with me in the morning, help me get dressed and maybe do down and work out and do a few errands for me during the day. You couild visit me at the library we could have lunch together and I could lock the door and you could go under my desk and service me if I want you to.  When I said I would introduce you to a world that is beyond your wildest imagination, so starting today, the only thing you need to ever worry about, is pleasing me, giving me pleasure, and each day for the next ten days at least I will be showing you just how that is done, and I think you are going to very much enjoy the journey I have planned for you."
He thought maybe last night never happened, maybe I'm not really here, maybe this is all a dream and someone or something is going to wake me up but this all seems too good to be true. then he said
"will you please pinch me or slap me or something so I know this is really happening, it all sounds way too good to be true, and in less than 24 hours I have fallen head over heels enfatuated with you and I think I am tethering on falling in love with you too."
She smiled kissed him softly on the lips then probed his mouth with her tongue and touched the side of his head saying,
"You are so sweet and almost innocent, I won't lie to you, I don't love you yet, but I very much do lust you, and I want you and will have you.  I am claiming ownership of your mind, body, heart and soul.  Along the way, I am certain I will fall in love with you too, and it's fine if you fall for me first or quicker, but the love you get from me will be intoxicating, it will grip you like nothing you have experienced with a girl or a woman before.I know you see me as your Goddess, and I want to be that for you.  What I will be showing you and sharing with you today and the days that follow, are the ways, the means, the dynamics, the petty details of how your adoration will be transformed.  How you will learn and yearn to be at my beck and call and how you will cater to my every whim and desire, and how good you will feel doing so and how good I will make you feel for giving me all of your self, your love, your lust, your affection, and unyielding attention.Jonathan, from this moment on you shall never want for anything that I will not provide. understand?"
He nodded his head yes and said yes Mistress.She knew it was beyond his reach to understand the very essence of what it she had just said meant in actual interactions but so long as he was willing, and accepting she knew they were embarking on a journey of absolute sexual and sensual bliss.The kissed some more, and she rubbed some of the frosting from the danish on her pussy and then on her cheeks and her asshole which he immediately licked and smiled at her.
"that was a first for you wasn't it, licking someone's ass.  It was easier because of the frosting I know, but there wont always be frosting or flavored lotion there, but I assure you it will always be clean I would never do otherwise.  But do tell me, aside from the frosting, why did you do it.?"
"I am so enammored by everything about you that I just thought if you put it there I was supposed to lick it, beyond that, you are Goddess like to me, and i want to prove to you that I am worthy of your attention and affection and everything else. So if I had to put aside my comfort margin of doing oral anal for the moment, it seemed the least I could do to not give you any reason to doubt by sincerity and unyielding desire to be your lover, your male whore and male slut.  And as I say those words whore and slut, I don't readily know what they mean in terms of what demands and expectations go with being each of those from what you want and expect of me, I only hope that as you reveal and guide me along what you call this journey, I can be as eager and exuberant and enthusiastic with each thing you seek or ask or demand of me."
She kissed him, passionately and whispered in his hear,
" I had no idea how deep you were emotionally and genuine.  Those are high marks for me, and things that the others surely lacked and the differences of what others lacked is not marginal but substantial.  You are indeed a find,  thank you for coming into my life, we are beginning a bond that will be unbreakable and we shall be inseperable from this day forward for as long as you can eagerly desire me, I will want and love you with nothing less."

After some more kissing and touching she removed his pjs, and straddled  his face and he ate her again and salivated at the taste of her orgasms.  His journey had begun she was free to take him where she wanted, he wanted nothing more to fall further and further under her spell or control.  It was he felt more powerful than he could have created from any fantasy he might have conjoutred up in his mind.  He knew one thing, he didn't want it to ever stop.

Submitted: April 10, 2023

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