The Seduction of Jonathan part II

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dominant woman seduces her tenant, Jonathan learns what it means to be Mistress Dianna's live in lover.

Part II


She put her bag down and went to the refrigerator and took out the Lemonade and put it on the counter, and she started to reach for a glass and stopped and said,
"Would you mind doing me a favor?Will you unhook my bra, that's usually the first thing I do when I get home."
Jonathan was all too happy to accommodate her and thought,
'is she coming on to me or is my fantasy of being with her in over drive?'
She unbuttoned her blouse enough to take the bra off and didn't rebutton the buttons which left an ample amount visible and Jonathan tried not to look but wasn't doing well with it.
She said,
"We are both adults right, it's ok to look even touch them if you want, I know you watch me through the telescope so seeing them shouldn't be anything new to you right?"
He blushed and was at a loss for words, as he sought to regain some semblance of compusure
She turned toward him and stepped into him handing him a glass of lemonade after first pressing the glass against her exposed bussom.  As he took the glass from her she buttoned up just enough to continue to draw his attention but not be hanging out.
"You'll find I am a very open person despite the prudish way I dress when I am the town librarian, somehow the folks who go to the library every day have a set image of what a  librarian should look and act like, and it is night and day from the person I am when I am home or on my own.  She opened the fridge  again and took out a pitcher of a tropical drink she had made the day before and said,
Where are my manners I should have offered you some of this, it has alcohol in  it and is a concauction of juices I make that really helps me unwind,  she poured two  glasses and said lets go in the living room shall we?"
Jonathan sat on the couch while Dianna sat in the comfortable chair very close to the couch.  He finished off the lemonade and began to sip the other drink and commented how good it was and that he couldn't taste the alcohol in it.  She told him that a good alcoholic drink like this one was not meant to have and alcohol taste, one should just feel its affects.
"You know on several occasions I have wanted to invite you over, and get to know you better, but I wasn't sure if you had a steady girlfriend or what, and wasn't sure if you would think I was too old for you?"
"No I don't have  a steady girlfriend, and I don't know how old you are maybe early to mid 30's?  and your age is perfect, you really could be interested in me?  I am blown away, I don't know what to say except, I think you are gorgeous"
"Gorgeous, well you are too kind, the truth is, I am a widow and a divorcee and have had my share of heartbreak from men so several years ago I decided that I would invest my time with younger men who could be open honest, loyal and had enough stamina to keep up with my insatiable sexual appetite."
Jonathan thought to himself,
' Is this for real or am I back at the cottage dreaming of this?  He kept thinking of that song Mrs. Robinson and the movie the Graduate and how so many young men dreamed and fanticized about making it with older women,  was this about to happen to him?'
"I guess I had similar thoughts as you, on one level I saw you as this beautiful woman like a Goddess, and I guess I had heard  you were a widow and made the assumption you were a bit older than me, but being well shy sometimes I thought if I approach you and it's one sided and you were not interested  you might feel awkward having me as a tenant and I didn't want to jeopardize my situation."
"So  you just drooled a lot after looking through my telescope and did what jerk off after you saw me undress different nights?"
Jonathan had no poker face, he blushed again, he was surprised she knew his actions so vividly, and yet pleased with her openness and ability to be candid about herself and her sexuality.  Was she going to seduce him?  He could only hope so.  He took another gulp of the tropical drink and it was affecting him, he was more relaxed and able to talk more freely with her and let her know he was interested, in his case, "very interested". 
Nervously he responded,
"I don't know what to say, I hope you are not offended or think I am a peeping tom or something."
She laughed and said,
"Boys will be boys, you haven't done anything that the last three tenants haven't done, and besides being very open sexually, I tend to be an exhibitionist.  I am sure you have seen me sunbathing topless on a couple of occasions.  And at night when you watch me undress and just see me with my eyes closed sitting naked or topless on the bed, I imagine you think I am using a toy on myself or using my fingers, well just so you know I am, and if you had been bold enough to make the first move way back when I would have let  you join me, we could self indulged together, at the very least you could have licked my fingers.  You would have liked that wouldn't you?"
Before he could respond she said,
Why don't you join me for dinner, we can order some pizza will that work for you?"
He said yes but thought he should go home to take a shower first but she said,
"nonsense, you can shower here, Use the bathroom off the master bedroom upstairs, I will grab you a towel and facecloth."
As they got up she freshened up his drink which was affecting him more and more, he had a slight buzz going and his inhibitiions and nervousness were less obvious.
They entered her bedroom which was the size of two rooms he thought, I king size waterbed with high posts and a red satin  canopy  that complimented the red satin spread. Ceiling lights a ceiling mirror and a large wall mounted TV caught his eye.  A couple of dressers, a walk in closet that was partially open and a vanity with a large mirror and an old fashioned screen that people in the last century got dressed behind  were the furnishing he saw.  The bathroom had an old fashioned tub and shower unit retrofitted to it was spacious for a bathroom. She left him and he undressed in the bathroom before climbing into the shower.  As he lathered himself up he thought about how she was very open in her conversation with him, and was clearly assertive and he loved the way she began to tease him with her foot edging up his calf, down his thigh and nestling in his groin.  He eard something and it was Dianna who said,
"It's just me I am leaving you something comfortable to change into, I'll throw your clothes in the wash they will be ready tomorrow."
He thought to  himself,
'If she is taking my clothes and will be ready in the morning does that mean she is counting on me spending the night?  Or maybe since his cottage is so near to the main house she figures he can just jog there with whatever she left him to put on'
When he stepped out of the shower he dried off and picked up the clothing she left behind.  Men's satin blue pajamas.  He put them on and kept thinking,
'This seems too good to be true.  Maybe he was really back in the cotage and this was all a dream.'
Dream or not he headed down stairs where Dianna had changed into a long satin robe that was barely tied by the loose fitting belt.  She wore high heels, open toe stilettos he thought, and as she stepped her gorgeous legs pushed through the length of the robe,  The two of them sat down with Jonathan on sitting sideways on the couch and Dianna seated with him just about the length of her leg away.  She gave him a refreshed drink, this one was a little stronger.  They both shared the pizza and he noticed the decor of the room.  It was spotless, as if someone had spend all day cleaning it to look good for her special guest that evening.  He noticed the books on the coffee table were about Hypnotism, and and another by Gloria Brame titled Different Loving.  It featured a woman in leather boots and a whip on the cover. Feeling more and more ad ease he asked
"Are you interested in hypnotism by chance?"
She responded,
"I'm a telepath you know, and yes I am more than interested, I am a practicioner.  Have you evern been hypnotised?"
He shook his head no as he finished chewing the bite of pizza he had just taken.  Then he said

"It's an area that has always fascinated me and No I have not been nypnotised but would love to try, what is it you mean when you said a telepath?"

She smiled a most engaging smile
"A telepath is someone who can transmit their thoughts to other people.  Sometimes it just happens without me knowing, and other times when I really concentrate I can send messages or suggestions to others whom I bond with.  The long you are with me the more you will understand it.  It has to do with energy fields and the energy fields that surround you right now are very prominent."
Very attentive he picked up the Gloria Brame book and asked,
"Is the communication one way or two,  I mean do you just send thoughts or can you see or tell or somehow know what the other person is thinking?"
"It works both ways, and I can tell you are lonely, that you like me that you are shy, and you are curious about if we are going to be lovers tonight.  The answer is most asuredly YES.  You are wondering why me, and that is simple, after losing my first husband to death and divorcing my second husband, and calling off an engagement, to an older man, I decided that I would only take younger men for dates and lovers.  Your thinking or wondering why, and its as simple as it is complex, Younger men are more impressionable, they are easier to train and mold, they are young vibrant and have lots of stramina and that is important since I am what some call a hedonist.  Years ago they called people like me and my friend Lauren whom You will meet nympfomanizcs, today some call us sex addicts, we prefer the term hedonists.So have  you ever dated or been intimate with older  women?"
Jonathan was blown away by both her openness and her candor.  He was amazed that she could read his mind, or could she?  or was he just obvious, or was it just a good guess, he didn't know but again her foot began to probe his leg as her high heels traced a line from his calf to his thigh to his groin while she sipped her drink and the tie on her robe was loosened enough to show much more of her lovely breasts.
"Well I have dated older women or had sex with them yes, but none of them were anything like you.  I mean, to me you are like a Goddess, and these people were what others call "midnight beauties".
"I know the type, middle aged overweight divorcees who at 9:00 P.M. dont get a second look from the men at the local tavern and by midnight are like runway models right?":
Before explaining further he commented on the book he had take off the table asking what it was about?  She told him she practiced something called FLR which stood for Female Led Relationships.  She said Gloria's book is all about the non vanilla world and delves into and explains the dynamics of such things as bondage and discipline, sado masachism, the joy of pain, the dynamics of degradation and  humiliation all aspects of the love shared between two consenting adults.  He responded
"Oh like kinky sex, well I have done a little of that but not much.  The women the beauties were hot to trot at midnight, one blew smoke in my face then told me what it meant I hadn't heard that before, but when she got me home to her place she smoked the entire time we were in bed.  She got on top of me and leaned her tits....her boobs into my face for me to suck on, and would say harder harder until I thought I was going to bite the nipple right off.  She wanted me to bite her cheeks enough to leave marks saying she wanted the other ladies at swim to see her battle scars of love bites.  I saw her a few times but couldn't deal with the smoking it really put a damper on the sex.  She gave good blow jobs and was the first woman to ever stick fingers in my ass which was felt good but in a wierd sort of way.  Another woman was younger, also very aggressive, not as plump as the first one and she loved young guys and would still see me If I wanted to, but I found out she is married to a cop, a great big guy.  Someone I know told me she is what they call a "hot wife".  and he is her cuck, but it didn't seem safe to me and I still don't know what a cuck is.  There were a couple of others that went nowhere too."
"I think you will like that book and some others I have, as for hypnotizing you, I can do that.  Picture something that you like something that relaxes you, maybe its laying on an innertube in a pool, maybe the ocean, with the sun beating down on your body. (As she spoke softly yet firmly she opened her robe displaying her perfect size and shaped breasts she took her hands and cupped them then traced her fingers around each nipple ever so slowly.) You are on the intertube and can feel the warmth of the sun on your face you feel the waves ripple under the tube, you smell the salt air, your eyes are closed you have an image in your mind, its my breasts, they are perfect in size and shape you picture your mouth on them you see the sweat from the son  making droplests that run down my chest and my fingers taking the moisture and moving it around the nipples your mouth, your tongue hunger to feel the erect nipple rubbing up against your lips, your tongue wants to trace circles around each nipple, the sun continues to beat down on you want to be my whore don't you, my lover, my male slut, you have been waiting for me to seduce you haven'[t you?  You see me as Your Goddess and you long to shower me with your adoration, to grovel and kiss your way up my lovely silky  smooth long legs,  I will be your mistress you will call me as such or My lady wont you?  Your existence is about serving me, about being at my beck and call, catering to my whims and desires, that is what you want from your life, to be my lover and to serve and service me. "
When she snapped her fingers, Jonathan sat there with a blank look on is face as if he had blacked out and lots some time, he wasn't sure what just happened to him but he took another gulp of the sweet torpical drink then asked,
"Are you doing that telepath thing to me now?"
"Why what are you feeling?"
"I have never done this before but I have this sudden urge to lick the heel part of your shoe, then remove the heel and kiss lick and suck your feet,  is that what is called groveling if it is I want to as weird as that must sound."

Submitted: April 10, 2023

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It would be more interesting if each dalliance were described rather than referred to afterwards.

Wed, April 12th, 2023 2:05pm

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