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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Danny's mom suffers further abuse at the hands of his buddy Ryan. Ryan inflicts pain and humiliation to convince the poor woman that she has no free choice and belongs to him.

I am delighted to have so many readers of my stories, and I implore you to purchase my novels on Amazon written under the pen name

D.H. Gutzman.  You will not be disappointed.


(All characters of this fantasy are over 18 yrs of age. )








“Drink it all up, Filth Cunt. I wanna see that bowl of piss empty and clicked clean,” said Ryan, my teenage master and monster, masturbating his big, fleshy dick, the skin moving back and forth along the fuckpole.


“PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU,’ I sobbed, naked on the floor hovering over the large punch bowl, my tits swinging from the exertion, “I can’t drink any more, I’ll be sick. I’ll vomit!” I meant it too. The piss rumbled in my stomach and my mouth felt and tasted like a sewer.


Ryan smiled calmly. I can promise you, Mrs. Logan, that if you puke, you will lick that up too! So, you better control yourself, Slut.” He whacked his big prick harder. My teenage son stood near him looking down at me, also beating his boy pecker. The obscene scene was like something out of hell. Two teenage boys, masturbating over the disgusting, naked, piss lapping mother of one of them.


“All right, Dan, why don’t you see if you can find three large safety pins for me. The biggest ones you can find?” it was as if Danny hap been hypnotized by the other boy. He obediently trotted off into the kitchen, his leaking dick bouncing and swinging obscenely with each step. Ryan went on. “Almost done, Mrs. L. Just a bit more piss, and then make sure you lick the bowl like the piggy sow you are.” Can you imagine how I felt? How low? How pathetic and also how scared? 


Ryan had me show him the piss licked glass punch bowl. He approved and told me to stand up. I knew I could not cover my cunt or my tits with my hands. He looked at me with a gleeful lust, his hand moving back and forth on what was a gigantic pecker, especially huge for a teenager. Both my son and his friend were hung much larger than my ex-husband. I wondered briefly if many boys today were hung larger than years ago. How many boys on the soccer team had huge dicks? And how many of them fucked at their tender age? The image of a lithe naked boy fucking his big swollen dick into the pussy of a small, tender high school girl filled my mind. What was happening to me? Would the girl submit and put out because she loved the boy, or thought she did? Was she afraid he would dump her if she did not suck his dick and let him ram her tender teen cunt? What was this world coming to? And what was happening to me? As I stood there, I felt something tickling my ass cheeks, I put my hand back, thinking it was a fly or something, only to find it was the swollen head of my son’s hard dick bumping up against me. I screamed and jumped away, and he laughed, as a string of his pre-fuck connected my ass to his prick knob. I began to tremble.


“Will these do?” Danny asked cheerfully, holding up three large safety pins.


“Yes, they’ll be find for now. We’re going to help sensitize your dried up old body, Mrs. Logan. We are going to bring some life back into you. Please take one of the pins from your son.” 


Like a zombie or robot, I obeyed orders. I was filled with shame. I took the large safety pin in the fingers of one hand. Ryan grinned.


“Fine. Now, Mrs. Cuntface, kindly take the pin and shove it through your right nipple!” I could not believe what I was hearing. I watched as a thick glob of pre-fuck scum hung from Ryan’s prick. I had never seen anything in real life like his prick… only the dicks of porno stars on the internet. I had never seen suck a cock in the flesh.


“You can’t be serious!”  I was aghast. He strolled closer, and I reacted to his big wet dick by backing into my son’s dick all over again. I was trapped.


“I am not going to waste time with you, Cunthole, either you learn to follow orders instantly, or you will be a very, very sorry fuckpig. “He held up his phone.

I put my hand to my mouth in horror. He had a picture of me naked and fingering myself, and he was about to send it to the minister of our church, Reverend Hinkle.


“OH, GOD NO!” I screamed.


“Then, shove the fucking pin through your fat sow udder! Do it now. Right through the nipple!” My son moved around to get a better view. With trembling fingers, I raised the sharp safety pin to my breast. My hand shook terribly.


“Please, Ryan, I want to please you. I want to do it, but I just don’t think I can…”


“Oh, believe me, you can. Shove that pin right through that nice big brown nipples and close it. Think of it as piercing jewelry. I heard the ‘thump,’ ‘thump,’ ‘thump’ of my son’s hand pumping his pecker. My own dear little boy. I placed the tip of the pin at my nipple and biting my lower lip, I pushed. The pain was excruciating.  The tip of the pin popped through one side of the big brown nub. I let out a sob and pushed it further, until It popped out the other side. I felt like I was in a horror movie. “Close the pin, Mrs. Logan. There, doesn’t that look pretty? Doesn’t that look beautiful, Danny?”


“Shit,” my handsome frigging son said, “my fucksow of a mother has a titty piercing. On her huge tits, it looks great.”


“Oh, just wait, Dan, until we make her get huge breast implants, and she has tits the size of a freakshow bimbo. Then she will be truly a beautiful slut! Now the other tit, Mrs. Logan.  Pierce the other piggy nipple.”


“It hurts so bad. Isn’t one enough? Please…” I sobbed.


“You still have two pins left, you dumb cow. You gotta get with the program. I am losing my patience here. I am going to stick up naked pictures of you, showing your filthy cunt in every fucking stall in the boys’ rooms of the school.” I had never experienced anyone so evil, so sadistic. But with great pain and trepidation, I managed to put the second pin through my other nipple. There was some blood, but not much. My nipples throbbed.  Kept telling myself that there were girls who pierced their nipples, so it wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t so horrible, but in my heart and head, I knew it was.


“Now, Sow, because I am a nice guy, we are going to help you with the third pin. Please sit down on the chair you so beautifully posed for us in, once again.’ He was acting like a tv host, or a teacher lecturing.  “Now spread your whore legs wide. WIDER, FUCKFACE! Now, your son will hold you down by the tits, while I put the third pin right through your clit!” I tried to escape then, but Danny grabbed me from behind, one hand on each of my tits, squeezing my sore, bleeding nipples between his fingers. I threw my head back in pain and anguish, and Danny spit a huge gob right down into my face. He grinned down at me, a trail of saliva hanging from his lower lip down onto my nose and cheek. Ryan knelt down between my spread legs, slapping them so I would open them even wider. Then he reached out and grabbed my newly shaved pussy. My toes curled in shame and horror. Danny moved his fingers working my sore nipples, which stood out like two erect little towers. I felt like my life was over. Ryan reached up and peeled the hood of my clit back, took my swollen clit in his fingers and tugged. I screamed.


“This is to help you, Mrs. Logan. When this pin is stuck through your clit, it won’t be able to go back into the hood, so, your clitty will always be exposed. It will be enormously sensitive all the time, and you will probably have orgasms whenever you move. You will be fucking sopping wet all the time, just like a fucking whore! Now, you are never to remove these pins without my permission.”


I screamed bloody murder as his fingers pinched my clit ruthlessly. I felt some kind of sick sexual jolts shoot through my body too. I tried to twist away and close my legs, so Ryan gave me a vicious slap right on my cunt pad.


Behind me, Danny leaned down and spit in my face again. “Jeez, you got beautiful big whore jugs, Mom. Real prize winning teat-sacks!” My body bolted up, only to be slammed back down by my son, as Ryan pierced my clit with the pin. He pushed the safety pin through my swollen pink clit meat. I became a hysterical mess, and they both had to hold me down, but finally the large pin was closed, forcing my clit out of the hood at all times. It tingled and burned.




“You’ll get used to it, Fucksow. And now, for being a good girl during our pin game, you get your reward. Get down on your knees like the barnyard animal you are.”


I was forced to my knees. “Open your whore mouth and stick out your tongue as far as you can.” Ryan had peeled off his jeans, making his dick and balls look even larger. His fuck sacks swung and danced with each move. He was a teenage thug, an animal. Danny kept his hands on my shoulders now, to keep me in place.

“Stick out your fucking tongue, or I swear, I will put a pin through that too!”

I stuck out my tongue as far as I could. He could see the terror in my eyes and it seemed to please him. He moved in and to my disgust, he rested just the head, just the tip of his big fat prick on my tongue. The thick foreskin had pulled back, and the almost purple dick head bobbed and tapped on my extended tongue, squirting a rope of pre-fuck into my mouth. The slime slid over my tongue and down into my throat.


“Now if you had been a good little sow, I would have allowed you to suck my big fat prick, which I know is your dream, but you have been such a loser tonight, I won’t reward you. You will learn in days to come to obey every single order I give you without question, no matter how filthy or disgusting, and believe me, they will be filthy and disgusting. Remember little Mikey Johnson’s mom? Remember how she had a breakdown and was put in an asylum? Well, Mrs. Logan, that was because of me. She couldn’t handle having to help me fuck both her son and daughter. And she hated clean-up service after. She just didn’t have the stamina, so she cracked-up. But I feel you are made of sterner stuff, Mrs. L. I think you are going to do just fine. You just need a little work is all.” His thick prick bounced on my tongue, sending more pre-fuck over my tongue and into my throat. I gagged just a little, and he slapped me. “ALWAYS SHOW RESPECT FOR A COCK, MRS. LOGAN. ALWAYS RESPECT AND WORSHIP THE COCK.THIS MEATY THING HANGING BETWEEN MY LEGS IS YOUR NEW GOD. YOU WILL PRAY TO IT AND LIVE FOR IT. YOU WILL BATHE IT WITH YOUR TONGUE AND CLEAN IT. YOU WILL WRITE LOVE LETTERS TO IT AND SING LOVE SONGS TO IT. YOU WILL LIVE FOR MY DICK! And if you doubt that, you are a dumber cunt than I thought. And along the way, you will also provide your horny teenage son with some pleasure. Now I am going to remove my prick from your tongue, and I want you to taste that pre-fuck sauce I have been feeding you. I know the taste of pre-cum is not very strong, but I’ll bet you have a subtle palate.”  He withdrew and I could taste the slightly salty, slimy taste of his fuck slop in my mouth. It coated my tongue and teeth.


“All right Dan, your turn. Come on around and give Mommy a taste of your pre-fuck.” I recoiled in horror once again.


“NO, NOT MY SON. PLEASE, NOT MY SON!” It was the most unbearable thought I ever had, that my son’s dick might be in my mouth.

“Don’t freak out, Bitch, you are not going to get to suck it. he’s just going to rest the head of his prick on your tongue and give you some of his dick leak to taste.”


I was shaking so badly, I fell over. Like a broken puppet, I fell right over. They laughed and hauled me back to my knees. “Open up, Mom,” Danny cooed.

Letting out a ghastly sob, I opened my mouth. “Tongue out nice and far…that’s a good piggy mom.”  My son stood before me. I could smell his sweaty dick and balls, and the smell of sex. His bedroom sometimes smelled of cock and balls and teen boy sweat and cum. It made my pussy wet. I stuck out my tongue as far as I could, and Danny rested his round cockhead on my tongue. The piss lips did a little opening and closing motion, and a spray of pre-fuck shot out onto my tongue and into my mouth. His pre-fuck was not as thick as Ryan’s, it was more watery. The dick tensed and throbbed though and rose a bit and sprayed some pre-fuck onto my upper lip and nose. I wanted to die. It was so sickening, so filthy, so disgusting, I couldn’t handle it. My son’s pre-cum was spraying on my face. Then Danny withdrew, a long string of fuck going form my lips to his dickhead. I had become total scum for my son and his friend. My nipples and clit were swollen and burning. Then I suddenly went blind!  Ryan had taken Danny’s prick juice soaked underpants and put them over my head.


“Now, here is the game, Mrs. L. You are going to try to guess who’s dick slime you are tasting, mine or Dan’s. If you get it right, you get a prize. If you fuck-up, you get punished. How’s that for fair. You have tasted both of our ball slime. Eventually, when we play this game with the whole fucking soccer team, you will learn to identify each boy’s cock and balls blindfolded, by its smell, and taste, and the flavor of his pre-fuck and his cum. We will be able to put a ball hair from any boy on the team in your mouth, and from the flavor, you will be able to identify the boy.”


It wasn’t logical. I almost screamed, “That’s impossible. The smell and taste changes depending on what a person eats and other things.”


He lightly slapped my tit-tip. Sending a wave of pain through me. “I know that Bitch, but won’t it be fun punishing you when you get it wrong?” Both boys laughed.


And so, one by one, Ryan and my son dripped pre-fuck slop onto my tongue, and I had to try to guess whose cock goo it was. It was impossible. My entire palate was covered in cock slop, how could I distinguish one from the other. Besides, with Danny’s underpants over my face, everything smelled like my son’s teenage cock and balls. By the end of the game, I had wracked up over a dozen punishments, which Ryan said would be given to me on the following night.


That realization stunned me I think most of all. That this was not a once time thing, but it was to go on for days and days and perhaps weeks and even months. How could I stand it? How bad could it get?


I know how bad you want my dick, Mrs. Logan. But you don’t deserve it yet,” Ryan said removing my son’s stinking underpants from my head and face. “You were lousy at this last game. But, because this is all new to you, I am going to cut you some slack. I am going to shoot my load and let you lick it up. All my nice jock ball juice, to make you big and strong. I am going to let you lick it up. I am going to shoot it on Danny’s asshole, and let you lick it off your son’s shithole.”


“Aw, come on, Ryan, no way. That’s sick. I don’t want you to shoot on my ass. That’s faggot stuff.” Danny was red in the face and quite upset.


“All you gotta do, bro is reach back and spread your ass cheeks. I’ll jerk off and shoot my scum on your hole, and then Mommy can lick it up. Won’t that be cool? How many dudes get their slut moms to lick their asshole? Besides, it’s not going in your asshole, and if you want to keep it that way, you better not cross me, Bro!” There was a threat in Ryan’s voice.  Danny, red and sweaty, lowered his head, turned around, bent over slightly spread his legs, and grabbing a smooth, muscular teenage ass globe in each hand, spread himself open for us. I saw my son’s pink pucker.




Ryan moved in behind my son, jerking his dick frantically, yanking it wildly and breathing heavily. He grunted, and I saw his ass globes tighten. His big balls pulled up, and rope after rope of thick white sperm shot out of his dick and landed on my son’s puckered asshole.


Danny stiffened. “Jeez…” he winced and moaned, feeling the wet sperm hit his hole. A second, and a third, and a fourth large spurt of fuck. It began to run down Danny’s naked legs.


“Guess, you’re going to have to lick the dick slop off his legs too, Mommy. And I see some on the back of his ball sack. Better get that too.”


So, there I was, an entrapped mother, about to lick thick sperm off the asshole, legs and balls of my own sweet, dear, teenage son!  

Submitted: April 10, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Dale, you wonderful man, I made an account just to comment on this fabulous story. This chapter has all my favourite elements: the image of Danny's smooth and tight boy ass being jizzed on by Ryan's dick, about to be licked clean by the bitch made me shoot my load. Please do continue this - I would love to see Danny made to explore his own submissive side a bit more by Ryan.

Mon, April 10th, 2023 5:33pm

svartur fugl

Great story! Please, keep it up. I can't wait to read about Ryan making Danny a submissive bitch so that Mrs Logan could later take her revenge on her perfidious ungrateful son and make some money by pimping out his teenage ass.

Fri, May 19th, 2023 8:59am

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