Easter Treats: Daughter’s Libido and Step Mummy’s Ego

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Chocolate starfish are the sweetest treat.

A young, intelligent, fawn-haired, honour roll student like Brenda Carter should have known that dropping your bag, your boyfriend's selection of chocolate treats, and his pants and boxers just inside your front door after college broke for Easter probably isn't the most private place for a head or hand job. Whether it be rapid or lingering, hand or lips or engaging in the stunning combination of multitasking moist mouth and firm grip on her chosen man member for a duet of pleasure delivery.

In this instance, Brenda's libido thrived on the ball-sapping incorporation of grasp and gobble.

Dean Richards' pleasure rod had been teased, touched and tantalised for a minute, already coming up the garden path through his grey school pants. His pecker was the centre of their mutual youthful joining, mentally and very obviously physically, inside the hallway door.

Between playful pashing and rump slapping outside, she had thanked her boy for the bag of Easter treats.

"Oh, Deany, oh chocolate, you melt my heart!"

Brenda's fingers worked from sac to head, where his skin was pulled and stretched over his ridge. Gently, his skin was repeatedly drawn to the head, then released to slink and slope away. Next, she regrouped his delicate tissue in her fingers and encapsulated his foreskin. The pleasure was drawn purposefully upwards and over, hard and sure back up the shaft to the head where her finger curled just under his foreskin tip. She delivered maximum enjoyment at the prominent male pleasure spot, drawing all that extra skin together at the tip and over the head.

"Ahh, ahh, ahh," groaned Dean, knowing Brenda's love of chocolate had got him super-fast dick action this afternoon.

Brenda was the happiest and most engaged she had been all day. So much for college providing a stimulating environment, science experiments and historical motivation. Her school couldn't compete with pecker play. She had the only rod she wished to experiment with and pushed all the variables. And no motivation had to be understood here. It was always her carnal wanderlust back to Dean's cock. Simple, her hand, tongue and soon her coochie, all seeking and needing meat.

Brenda moved the moment up a notch and was wanking him off. Stroke by rapid stroke. Exceptional handiwork, hand-raised satisfaction and hand-reared precum added to Dean's increased delirious male groans.

"Ugh, Ugh, Uggh!" moaned Dean.

 Seriously he couldn't have tugged his meat stick better himself!

Our college lass had always thought Dean's pecker was pretty big but had no comparison scale. This was currently her first and only cock. She loved it. She adored his ball sac because it hung, and when Brenda took head, his nut bag flapped around. A jiggle, joggle swinging sway. 

His rod was so hard and pointing up. His pecker was begging for her mouth. Yet his balls received extra attention first, encased in their creased soft, pliable covering. Her fingers drifted and teased over the velvety texture of his pouch. Smooth, like chocolate melting in her mouth.

Brenda felt his ball bag silk was not unlike her flapettes to touch and pull out. Though, God, there was just so much more supple, stretchy springy skin to manipulate. 

Suddenly dual touch drove Dean to heights of mumbled, moaning maleness.

"Orrgh, yeah, baby, oh Wow, baby!"

His hardness was in her mouth while her fingers stretched his silk bag downwards. Down like his finger stretching down inside the outer skin fold of her pussy. 

She loved it when one of his fingers teased downwards and another toyed inward in her pussy.

The sensation in his cock tip, the current pivot point of his and every male's bodily delight, was apparent in the escalating bobs of personal happiness for Dean, which merged into a continuous ticker tape of randy focus on his man piece.

“Orrgh Baby, orrgh yes. Uh, Uh, Uh!"

Well, in a flurry of tongue flicks and a swirling puckered suck, Brenda drew his foreskin between her soft lips like how Dean drew in her clithood when he sucked between her legs.

Brenda loved her man groaning. And she liked it even more when Dean begged for more.

"Oh baby, love it, love it, don't stop, oh Orrgh, Orrgh!!"

Brenda was now drawing the foreskin forward with her fingers. Stretching it forward, her finger was under his foreskin on his male spot. Only for a few seconds as she felt him tense. Besides, her wetness was ready for the main game.

Dean knew from experience that Brenda would be sopping already. So easy to take, but he knew his sturdy erectness would hold if left untouched while he pampered his little miss's cute fissure.

It was seeking sleek slit time, and Brenda appreciated up close and personal being given to her unique sensitive spots.

Brenda was back against the hallway wall. Dean was leisurely fingering her shaved muffin and pushing her into the plaster as their tongues built a second zone of wild wetness. He massaged her breasts out of her white blouse and dropped her tartan college skirt and pink panties, and went down on her.

Dean's tongue hit his target with the punch of a dart hitting the bullseye. But, man, was she sensitive. Brenda arched up against the hallway wall on her toes like a ballerina.

Brenda wanted the pleasure yet needed to escape it too. It tickled, yet she craved the ongoing frickin intense.

Dean's tongue probed in a deft circular motion above her fem-foreskin. Then his mouth hovered above her crinkled cowl to release a spit dribble. His spittle textured her twisted covering with his glistening film as he eased out the rosebud that held all of Brenda's potential pleasure from under its hood. Finally, he let his fingers play peek-a-boo with her clit by rolling her foreskin backwards and forwards.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, oh fuck, yeah, Uh, Uh, UH!”

Brenda was young and fast approaching orgasm-shaping territory. She felt the welling, swollen arousal building. Her body liquefied into an imminent climax like melting chocolate.

Brenda knew what was coming next.

No, she didn't.

Brenda's stepmom knew a non-standard pecker when she had the opportunity to see one, use one, or empty one. And Dean had the rare combination of a six-foot hunk and well-hung.

It had been a fair few dates back since a pecker even approached the gloriousness of one this size. Even her recently divorced cheating husband would have come up a few centimetres shy against this masterpiece of firm sculptured flesh.

The upward curve of the shaft. The perfect huge girl-shaping portion. His fucking gorgeous foreskin and dangling silky nut pouch were sleek. They needed licking. Fuck their swagger invited licking. 

Her ego urged her to join in the action uninvited, with no hesitation.

Her wet tongue tip hit Dean's butt hole and dangling sac between his kneeling open legs.

Dean's body shot up the wall, raising Brenda. Lifting her petite frame, his tongue got buried inside his girlfriend's pussy.

"Ooh, Ohh. Fuck yeah, Ooh, ooh!" shrieked Brenda.

Dean's tongue tip foraging inside her pinkness felt divine.

The anal rimming the college jock got was sensationally unexpected. And in a sexual fever, his tongue embedded and tucked itself deep inside his girlfriend's beaver.

Brenda's pussy exploded with Dean's extra heated tongue pressure.

The lass experienced her first squirt, and her man's face and hair were drenched!

"Oh MY God!" yelped Brenda.

 "Then, Oh My God, Mummy!"

"Sweet Jesus, you're a gusher, "said her mum.

Dean was male stupefied as girly rain rilled and dripped from his hair and cheeks. He shook his fine hair like a shaggy dog and noted the sultry glint in Mrs Carter's eye as she was sprinkled with the dregs of her own stepdaughters' jet of spray.

"Down on the carpet, big boy, let your baby ride you."

Jan Carter directed the pair of youngsters like a traffic cop on a busy motorway.

Complete, mature authority.

She held his piston and guided her stepdaughter onto a frickin meat pole.

God, Dean had a lot of cock inside Brenda and a lot of ball bag outside. It was exciting to watch the movement of both his boy parts in and around Brenda's now expanded, excited pussy lips.

The size of her stepdaughter's clit was the real revelation as Dean pumped Brenda on the hallway shagpile.

Mrs Carter was momentarily watching Dean's pecker fill her steppie. Stretching her eager pussy and occupying her filthy mind. A lass as trampy as herself it appeared.

Mrs Carter watched the speed with which sexual pleasure grew in Brenda as she rode cock. 

Dean pumped pussy perfectly, and the pace was up.

And the harlot moans too.

"Ohh, ooh, ooh, ooh," from Brenda because her stepmom had one finger probing her sweet pink starfish and another driving Dean's tight arsehole insane.

"Uggh, uugh, ugh, "Dean groaned.

Mrs Carter enjoyed the pace of Dean's pounding cock and the gorgeous interlocking of her stepdaughter's squealing juicy cunny.

"You dirty pair, you like it dirty, don't you," she said as she probed two butt holes.

"Rub your clitty, you little bitch," she added, teasing Brenda.

Mrs Carter watched as the randy young thing massaged her clit while Dean pumped.

She enjoyed it even more as Brenda mouthed off, "Ohh!" and "Fuck yeah!" before she lost control in her grunting climax and collapsed off Dean.

The lad was wooden, it seemed, and Mrs Carter wouldn't waste him.

She bent over the hallway table.

Brenda's eyes were agog from her recovery position on the carpet.

She watched as her stepmom opened her butt cheeks and flaunted a winking ring at Dean.

"Shove it where I need it, stud," her ego demanded.

"Orrhh, orrgh fuck, orrgh," groaned Dean, experiencing his first arse.

Mrs Carter's ring clenched around his firm young cock. 

"Pump me, you virile stallion," she commanded.

Dean hammered her arse, but she enjoyed it.

Mrs Carter squealed in delight. 

"Ohh, aaH, oOO." 

She appreciated the mammoth pecker in her starfish.

Dean's cock sought release. God, he had savoured two demanding holes in an afternoon.

Mrs Carter knew when to share the pleasure. That's what stepmoms are good at.

"Up on your knees, honey, you get to share the cream!" she urged her steppie.

Dean was stunned as the stepmother and stepdaughter worshipped his massive rod.

His shooting spurt came with a groaning heave, "Awwhh, Awwh, Awwwhh."

Jizz waves flew in spurts. Gooey wads lobbed and splattered into wide, expectant mouths. Man-cream dripped and dribbled in clotted clusters on lips and chins.

And the two bitches licked every drop from each other's cheeks and then swallowed in tandem.

Dean realised there was some truth to the phrase, like mother like daughter.

Mrs Carter still needed to be finished. She reached for the Easter chocolate treats Dean had brought Brenda. She peeled the tinsel from a giant soft egg, crushed the chocolate through her hands, and rubbed it over her stepdaughter's breasts. 

"Yum, mmm, mmm," moaned the young tartlette.

"Lick it off, Dean," Mrs Carter ordered.

The lad had never enjoyed chocolate so much- or so he thought.

And Brenda was so excited.

"Oohh yeah, Oohh yeah."

Mrs Carter's fingers had smeared the chocolate where it would do the most sensational good: her and her steppies' back door. She was intent on melting her stepdaughter's arse.

She urged Brenda to lean over the hallway table next to her.

"Spread and show your chocolate ring to your man, baby."

"Oh Fuck," managed Dean.

Mrs Carter coached, "Stick your tongue in her arse right now."

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," moaned Brenda.

The lass enjoyed her jock's burrowing dredging tongue as he scooped and ransacked her mussed starfish.

After a minute, Mrs Carter said, "Now me, but stick a finger in her butt to keep her happy too."

Dean's tongue swanned, lapped, romped, and rollicked in a mature appreciative butthole.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, you're a fucking fast learner Deano, ooh, ooh, ooh!"

"Oh bugger this," said Mrs Carter, and she eased herself to muss Brenda's starfish while Deano poked her rilled pinkness.

"Holey-Moley! Wow! Aha, Aha, Aha," managed the young lass as 'Mummy Dearest' matted her chocolate freckle with spit and kinky tongue twists right into her tender gaped niche.

After their twin sensational anal delve, Mrs Carter taught Brenda to coat a pecker and balls in chocolate. Caked, crusted and plastered. Glazed for gobbling.

Dean was then shared as their joint Easter treat.

And so, whilst the young libidinous heifer wolfed tacky, sticky sweet choc-topped head, the mature ego cow feasted on balls and rimmed a chocolate truffle tunnel.

Submitted: April 05, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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