Katie, Don’t Tell.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My stepsister Katie was hula-hooping in the garage, fricking naked!

Thank you, God, for cancelling college wrestling training this afternoon.

The action in front of me was superb.

My stepsister Katie was hula-hooping in the garage, fricking naked!

I hadn’t always thought she was hot for a ‘stepsister’, but with time, I more than appreciated her: lean, buff and tall: long, light, vanilla blonde hair, sleek, flawless skin. I had taken peeks at her classic cute butt in tight shorts or her bikini when she sunbathed on the patio. And yes, her pink hula competition gear stirred my loins.

Her breasts were what I later found are called swoopers, where the nipple points up and away; beyond that, they were coney and a real handful each. Nature hadn’t skimped on the placement of fem-chest flesh in Katie’s case; boy, were they exciting titties when jiggling and swaggering in mimicked, uncoordinated freestyle rotation with her swivelling, hip hula movement. Her juggettes of male desire were designed to be scooped by hands tenderly, well to start with, then firmly fondled and finally treated like royalty by a tongue. Of course, today, I was thinking only of my tongue.

Boy, oh boy, was Katie’s naked body hooping with grace, rhythm and speed. So flexible and athletic. She was barely breaking into a sweat. I would have her sweating fast if I could touch her.

My concern was her mum, my stepmother or her stepdad, my father. Christ, we would both be sent to private boarding colleges for the last term of the school year; if they even heard rumours of this afternoon, they wouldn’t even consider the possibility of the consensual. 

I am getting ahead of myself; we aren’t technically related, but the obstacle to Katie and me was Katie’s boyfriend, Mitch. Katie and Mitchel; were at it like rabbits; you could hear them moaning in mutual pleasure behind her bedroom door.

When our parents were out. 

Oh, and keeping me away from Katie was Eden, my long-term girlfriend, a real shaggin’ machine. Eden tried, like any young woman, to keep a guy’s cock from straying by emptying it over and over beyond its youthful regular needs.

The problem is young ladies; youthful cock is insatiable like youthful coochie on the loose. The if it’s in front of you and you had another pussy half an hour ago, so, what.

Five years ago, Katie and I were just adolescents, embarrassed at our over-sexed playful remarrying parents and mortified to have a boy or girl of the same age in the house. We avoided each other for nearly three years through high school. Then, as college commenced, we tolerated each other and drifted into different friendship groups and steadies of our own. We finally acknowledged each other in the house and were starting to get on way better.

Katie as way better — was Katie currently hooping with finesse and expertise. I realised her fun naked cavort was either a dirty version routine before a competition or a naughty excited general fitness workout. 

God, was I getting a good look at her natural assets. Her titties had me for a moment, jelly jugs wobbling, but her trimmed pussy, with its light fuzzy covering and the hint of the crinkled twisty flesh under; had me rubbing my cock through my shorts, looking through the door crack.

Her hip movement was driving me crazy. She spun; her tushy then drove me insane, her hemispheres quivering and the view of her padded slit beckoning between her legs. 

Well, I was beyond watching; I was through the chink in the garage entry door and looking at Katie, still hooping, directly focused on her coochie, indirectly on her breasts. Bugger nature; it gives guys too many options on a woman’s body, but I did eventually stare straight into her lively light blue eyes.

“Like what you see. I know you’ve been wondering for a while; you think I haven’t seen you checking out my butt or cleavage.”

“Wow, Katie, you are super attractive butt naked.”

“You look promising, size-wise, with that boner nearly ripping through your shorts Miller,” she got back with her tongue sliding over her lips. “Well, get over here. I need my warm down.”

And boy, did she get it. Our tongues matched in desire. My cock and her pussy, too, as our fingers did their arousing as synced counterparts of craving.

We were stepbrother and stepsister, but here paired as fundamental, male and female.

Katie had a great cock grip and was massaging along my shaft and teasing my overstimulated head with skill. The precum leak was adding effective lubrication to my pleasure.

“Got you aroused, eh, big boy,” she said, flicking my balls.

Katie’s quickly moisture-filled slit was tight and giving in the same instance—so male inviting. I wanted to lick it. I wanted to nuzzle at her breasts too.

Katie beat me. She was on her knees. Her mouth wrapped around my cock. The warmth in her gob met the growing heat of my pleased pecker. She was enjoying herself. I was over the moon. This was sensational.

“Wow, fuck, yeah, super, suck it, Katie, suck it.”

The suck part was a nonsense instruction. Katie gulped and slurped my head between her sweet, accommodating lips.

Katie knew I couldn’t take too much. She realised I must have been looking at her hooping for a few minutes. So, she allowed me to hold my stiffness in check as she stood up and guided my head down, thankfully, to her chest — her nipples and jugs, ensuring my boner stayed rock hard. My hands cupped, my tongue savoured her soft tissue and then nibbled at her hard little cherries. It was an absolute treat.

“Mmm, mm, mmm,” moaned my stepsister.

Katie urged my head down farther, and wow, did she swivel her hips and push her thighs into me. I mean, she really, really liked a good eating out. My tongue was munching over her light downy fuzz and crinkly, kinked, crimped fem-lips. Her clit was a firm pink hot spot demanding full consideration, and I gave it full attention. Katie was building to bliss hastily.

“Ooh, Ohh!” she purred.

Suddenly she took me by surprise. She needed cock, and my cock was the one available. So, she faced away from me, holding the storage shelves, and got one leg up a couple of shelves and fuck; what can I say; it was a supreme cock invite. 

“Fuckin’ stab that meat stick where I need it,” Katie demanded.

My; was Katie’s coochie, a cock’s summons. I was in Cupid’s furrow, and I was ploughing. I was then pumping and thrusting, and Katie was moaning.

“Oh yeah, oh, ooh yeah,” and her hair was wildly swaying.

She was thoroughly wet, soppy wet, actually slutty wet but comfortingly enveloping and pleasantly wrapping. 

Good fucking pussy; in short.

Hot fucking stepsister pussy; in truth.

I expressed this as, “Orrgh, fuck, orrgh!”

I was well into standard male delirium, pleasure centred on my cock, spearing into and enfolded by Katie’s fem skin and covered in her sweet, silky moisture, when Katie shocked me.

“Arse time, stud,” she said casually. 

I was unprepared and didn’t tell Katie I was inexperienced at this. Eden kept me in her front garden. Her backyard was off-limits.

Here was the invitation to Katie’s cherub’s ring, and of course, I took it. A finger in, then two probing and easing her juices over her perineum, which got her date locker ready for my over-excited pecker. 

Wow, God, Awesome.

Nothing prepares a guy for his first ring date.

“Oh fuck, sweet fuck, sweet fuckin Jesus, Katie, you are tight!”

Snugger than prising open a tight oyster shell.

“Yeah, Mitch, I keep every frickin muscle tight and toned! Especially where it girly counts!”

As I stabbed her constriction with conviction, she only managed to add, “Uhh, Ugh, Uhh!”

My was Katie tight.

She pinned my cock in a straddle between her bum cheeks

I didn’t know how her petite cute hole managed and found space, yet it was super accommodating. Her arsehole was both stretched, yet fastened, fixed in place but giving room somehow to my pecker. Giving to hold cock, yet snugly defining its own compression. Male delight piled onto male pleasure.

Thank you, God, for Katie’s arsehole.

Expressed as, “ugh, ugghh, uggghhh!”

I was bursting for my creamy release. Nothing could hold it back. Her arse was so cock welcoming for release. I couldn’t resist it. Well, that and I actually couldn’t control it any longer. Katie got the starfish cream pie—my first. 

I suspected later; Katie was a regular at this option.

As I withdrew my cock; her ring was startling; a cluster of stringy dribbling gluey pearls surrounded it. My cum puckered her butthole. It looked stunning.

Katie had a fully satisfied sexual workout look on her face.

Expressed as, “Yeah, that was a good warm down!”

I knew I only had blank cock happy male stupefaction in the presence of a hot, sexually active female and my stepsister, to boot.

Katie got me back into the present even as I commenced wafting through the rest of the afternoon in a male cock daze.

“Don’t tell my boyfriend,” these were Katie’s redressing words. 

She looked good in her bright, colourful skirt and crop top anytime. But even better now, I was familiar with her syrupy shaved slit, spongy marshmallow fulsome cupcakes, and her sweet, compressing, stringent private ring concealed beneath dazzling pink.

I’d have thought Katie’s caution would have been; don’t tell your dad or don’t tell my mum; don’t ever tell your mates, and don’t ever think of telling my girlfriends; as my shorts went back on. 

As for not telling Eden, my girlfriend, that was for me to keep my mouth shut and work on getting into Eden’s backdoor.

Though Katie’s smiling words as she went through the door leading back into our house, spinning her hoop on her arm, were the real surprise: “And don’t you ever tell; about the next time or the time after that. Yes, I’m practising here tomorrow afternoon.”

[ Image: Katie in competition generated by NightCafe.] 

Submitted: April 01, 2023

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Prime real estate; location, location, location! How could one ask for more?!?

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