Ryan's Bitch Part Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Ryan decides it is time to take some nice modeling photos of Danny's mom.


(All characters in this fantasy are 18 years of age or older. the author does not condone the activity in the story)






Ryan’s BitchPart Three by dale10




My own son, Danny, whom I had loved and cherished, and who had been the light of my life, had now become a sexual pervert against his own mother. I don’t know h ow else to describe it. I mean, the sweet, handsome, fresh faced teenage boy had been the light of my life. I did everything for him. In ever missed a school event or soccer game. I sent out pictures of him out to everyone on facebook. I was so proud of him. And now, he had become this teenage monster, under the influence of his jock buddy Ryan. I knew it was Ryan’s fault. Ryan has influenced him. I knew that Ryan was a nasty girl-fucking teen, but was my innocent son, Danny, now fucking girls and being crude and crass as well? He had always been such a good boy.


I stood there in shock as he once more returned from his upstairs room, this time with some large pieces of poster board and a magic marker. He had now stripped off his tee shirt, so all he wore were his white boxer shorts. He was a slender, slight boy, smaller than his nasty friend Ryan. Some might call him thin, except his soccer playing had made his body tight and athletic. The white boxers hung low on his hips, weighted down by the accumulated slime of dick leak soaking the crotch. The crotch of the white boxers was sodden with pecker leak, and thick slime made the material transparent, revealing the pink of my son’s healthy teenage pecker. He had a crazed look in his eyes.


“Look what I got, Ryan…” my son said, like an eager puppy dog anxious to please his owner.


“Perfect, my man.” Ryan who was taller and more filled out than Danny had removed his shirt, and his well-muscled chest glistened with sweat. The large pink, pouty nipples that graced his pecs seemed dance as the boy flexed his pecs.

Ryan still wore his jeans, but by the soaked crotch, and the thick tube down one leg, I suspected he wore no underwear. My God, he was a handsome boy. It was almost obscene what a beautiful young animal he was. “Tear the poster board in half. We don’t want to cover too much of the cunt’s body.”


I stood there, totally naked and trembling. Totally naked and exposed in front of my own dear son and his high school buddy. I was living a nightmare… how could this be really happening? 


I wanted to look away. As my son, Danny squatted down to tear the poster board, the fat head of his thick pink teenage prick stuck out from the leg hole of the boxer shorts. I was looking at my son’s erection. The pisshole in the fat cockhead opened and closed and a few drops of pre-fuck leaked out. I wanted to look away, but it was like I was hypnotized. I watched the pre-fuck extend into a long string handing from my son’s pisslips. My son, who was busy writing on the cardboard, never even noticed as the thick slime string extended lower and lower.


“Oh, my God, no please!” I begged when the sign was finished. But Ryan made me stand holding the sign while he prepared to take photos of me. I held the sign across my tummy, keeping both my large breasts and my naked pussy in full sight.  The sign read;‘MY TEENAGE SON SHAVED MY CUNT!’ Ryan began snapping photos of me. “No, no, please, I beg you, no one must ever see this!”


Ryan laughed. “Yeah, If you ex-husband gets hold of these, you can say bye bye to any kind of financial support. He’ll probably have you slapped in prison to boot.”  He squatted down to be able to shoot up…capturing my cunt, the sign, my tits and my face from a different angle.


My giggling son had a second sign. “I AM THE MILTON HIGH SCHOOL. SOCCER TEAM COCKSUCKER!” 


“But it’s not true,” I pleaded. “It’s not true.”


Ryan laughed again, flashing his even white teeth. “it’s not true, YET, Mrs. Logan. It’s not true, YET! Just think of all that fat juicy teenage high school cock waiting for you. Twenty-five boys with cum filled balls, and throbbing wet dicks, waiting to be sucked by everybody’s favorite soccer mom! Do you have any idea how much fuck can build up in a boy’s balls if he is not regularly drained? How is he expected to concentrate in class with his nuts sloshing around in his swollen ball sack? And let’s face it, Mrs. Logan, masturbation just doesn’t cut it. Who wants a stupid calloused hand whacking away, when there is a sweet, sexy, mom mouth available? A nice mommy mouth to suck all the ball juice from those hot, horny teenage boys.


“You are sick! You are sick and disgusting!” I spat, as I held the second sign, allowing Ryan to take pictures.


“just for some leverage, Dan, my man, how about some pictures of you and your mom together. Just in case we need to send any into the cops or anything.”


I turned on my son. “Daniel, do not do this. If you love me, do not do this to me!” I was shaking so hard, my tits were bobbing up and down. Danny stared at my hard nipples.


“I’m not so sure I love you in the way you think, Mom. I mean, I love you as the dirty filthy cunt who drove my dad away. I love you as the filthy slut I caught fingering her cunt while she stared at year book pictures of my best buddy, Ryan.”


I started to sob again. “I was lonely, Danny, it was just a thing I did. I know it was wrong. I am so, so sorry.”


“Don’t worry, Mrs. Logan. You are not the first cock-hungry bitch who has gone nuts over my gargantuan cunt-buster of a teenage prick!” Ryan grinned and groped his swollen member through his jeans. “I know you want to see this baby in the flesh. Well you be a good little cunt, and I’ll show it to you. I might even let you taste it too. Yummy teenage prick for Mrs. Logan.”


My son, Danny, with a huge grin on his face stood next to me with his arm around me, his pre-fuck sodden shorts hanging so low on his hips, his pubic hair was fully on display. The underpants hung so low, and so full of pre-fuck slop that you could almost see the root of his dick. I know, I should not have noticed that at that moment, but I could not help it.


Ryan played director. “Hey, buddy, why not take one of your mom’s nips in your fingers for the picture?”  I whimpered, but Danny was only too happy to comply. He grabbed one of my nipples and tugged on it.


“Danny, please, I’m your mother…”  I sobbed. My son only tugged the tit tip harder.


“How does that feel, Mommy? Does that make your dried-up old pussy nice and wet again? Is your cunt dripping?” my own dear son hissed.


I thought I would faint. I honestly couldn’t take any more. But things only got worse. Ryan was being creative.


“Dan, how about slipping off those soaking wet dick dripping underpants, and letting us see how your mommy makes you get your teenage dick all hard for her?” Danny, under Ryan’s spell, was only too happy to obey. He hopped out of the soaking wet white boxer shorts, and his impressive teenage pecker snapped up to slap his belly. His full young balls danced as he hopped from one foot to the other to remove the underpants. I didn’t want to look at my son’s rampant cock, but I could not help it. It was much larger than his father’s. It was a beautiful peach skin color, except for the huge swollen head which was pink. How lucky the girls at his school were if he allowed them to slurp on it. I know that was a totally filthy thought, but I could not help it. More shame washed over me, as I stood there, looking down at my son’s fuckmeat. With every move, it bobbed and weaved and danced, sending little spurts of pre-fuck this way and that.


“Great! Now let’s get some nice pictures. Turn your body slightly, Danny, so you get some pre-fuck from your dick on your mom’s body.” Ryan snapped away.

Good, now, tell you what. Pick up your slime soaked boxers and let’s put them in your Mom’s mouth for her to suck on!”


Hysterical now, I shook my head violently. “I won’t do it. I won’t. That is disgusting. That is sick and filthy!”


“Don’t you get it, you fucked-up piece of shit?” When Ryan lost his temper, he was pretty ferocious and threatening. “You will do any fucking thing I tell you to do. Any dirty, filthy, deranged, disgusting thing I tell you to do! Now open your fucking mouth and let your son shove his scum-soaked underpants in!”


What could I do? What would you have done? I opened my mouth, the look in my pleading eyes, begging my son to help me. Instead, Danny folded the filthy underpants inside-out, so the thick layers of glistening prick scum were more exposed. Then he took my jaw and shoved that part of the sweaty underpants into my mouth. My lips and gums became immediately coated with cock slime, and also the taste of boy ball and cock sweat.


“Let the end of the underpants hang out of the bitch’s mouth, so we know she is sucking on your scummy boxers. Now face front. I want to hear you sucking on that pre-fuck scum, Mrs. Logan. From now on, you will be sucking both your son’s and my underpants and jock straps clean. They will be washed only with your mouth. And they had better be spotless! Now, just to show what a loving family you have… Dan, take your mom’s hand and wrap it around your fucking hard dick!”


My son. My baby had placed my hand around his fat wet prick! I had not touched a male organ since my husband left me. I felt the spongy muscle and the soft smooth skin. I could feel it pulsing in my hand. I didn’t know what to do.”


“Smile for the camera, Mrs. Logan. Show us how happy you are frigging your son’s pecker meat. Move your hand back and forth. Gently move that prick skin. Doesn’t that feel great, Mrs. Logan? Just think how great it would be if you could do that to all twenty-five boys on the varsity soccer team. Twenty-five teenage cocks. I think your cunt’s getting really wet, Mrs. Logan. Jesus, you are a fucked-up slut. Suck on those filthy underpants, you useless bitch. Maybe you can do the laundry for the whole fucking team, with your fucking mouth! All those piss and cum stains you could suck out. Does that make your cunt drip?” 


I fell to the floor, passed out, unconscious, the taste and smell of my own son’s cock and balls in my mouth.

Submitted: April 01, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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