The Professor's Anatomy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Professor Ethan Rivers has just started his first semester teaching at Blue River University, and in his Human Anatomy I class, he might soon find himself showing off his own male anatomy in ways he would never have thought of before...

It was Ethan Rivers' first ever semester teaching his Human Anatomy I class at his local University, he was the youngest member of the faculty at the age of 27, not much older than the rest of his students. He often went to the gym, and was pretty built but was very self conscious about his body, standing at 6 '2 with brown hair and green eyes, and had a square jawed face that made some of his students drool during class. But there was one student of his that lusted after him more than any other, and that was George, a senior. 

George was 23 and stood at 5'10 and wasn't very athletic, he was just average with blonde hair and brown eyes. Every class he couldn’t help but admire his teacher’s backside, which unbeknownst to the new professor, his pants clung tightly to his built and toned bubble butt. 

He often imagined what he looked like naked, and wished he could have caught a glimpse of him just once. George went to the same gym as his professor, and sometimes saw him there but no matter how hard he tried his professor always managed to evade being seen after he got out of the showers. But luckily for George, he would soon get his chance…

After spring break during the semester, Ethan gave out his graded mid-term papers and overall the class performed very well…all except for one student, a fellow senior named James who was on the University’s football team, and needed to keep his grades up for his scholarship. When he received a D- for his mid-term, he was absolutely furious, and so after class he waited to speak with the professor to dispute his grade…

I was filing away my gathered papers into my bag for the day when I heard someone approach from behind me. I turned and noticed James coming to the front of my desk and I tried to give him a welcoming smile but he had a scowl on his face and I knew what it was about. Oh dear, here we go I thought to myself as I prepared to explain why the 24 year old senior had gotten such a low grade.

“Hey professor! I understand you're busy but can you please spare the time for this, I really need to talk to you” James said. “No problem James, I’ve just about finished up here, but from the look on your face I think I know what the issue is, it’s about your mid-term, right?” I replied and James seemed surprised at first but he nodded and said “yeah, listen prof, can you please reconsider? I can’t fail this class or I’ll lose my scholarship! Can’t I just retake the test?” he said, his eyes pleading. 

James stood there at 6 '3 with bulkier muscles than mine, with black hair and brown eyes and a rugged face that made him a popular choice on the football team. My heart twinged, if it were up to me I’d have cut the kid some slack and given him some extra credit to make up for the grade. Unfortunately the University released new policies this year which forbid professors from giving out extra credit, and weren’t allowed to have their tests retaken unless they got approval from the dean. From my experience, that old witch would as soon as jump into a lake of fire before granting her permission for that I thought to myself.

I gave James an apologetic look and said “Listen, I’m sorry but I just can’t help you, if you have an issue with your grade, submit a plea to the dean and see if she’ll allow you to make up for it, but if not, there’s nothing I can do” I said.

James’ expression darkened further and said: “Bullshit, I’ve seen professors make exceptions before, you just don’t feel like helping me out, I see how it is” he said and stormed away before I could reply. There was something in his eyes that frightened me just a bit, and I thought to myself I’d better talk to Dean Killigan and see what I can do for the lad. I've got a bad feeling about what’ll happen if I don’t at least try…

Until then, I decided to push it out of my mind and finish up gathering the rest of my things before I left the lecture building and off towards the campus gym for my evening workout, little did I know what surprises would await me there tonight…

“Selfish bastard” I heard my friend James mutter under his breath after he stormed away from professor Ethan’s desk, looking quite angry. My curiosity peaked, I sauntered over and walked beside him for a moment and he seemed to be consumed in his thoughts because he didn’t notice I was there until he nearly jumped and said “Jesus George, don’t sneak up on me like that!” he said, looking quite flustered. 

“Oh please, you're fine, I just thought I’d lend an ear, what just happened with you and Professor Ethan?” I asked. James explained what had happened, and when he finished he said “what am I gonna do? I’ll lose my scholarship for sure! All because he couldn’t help me out, oh what I’d give to teach him a lesson!” he said.

When he finished, an idea came to me…Most of the students knew of the new policy about extra credit and make-up assignments, but James could be rather thick-headed sometimes, getting too stuck in his workouts and football practice. This could be my chance…I thought to myself as I quickly glanced back at the professor, his glorious bubble butt straining the fabric of his tight pants. Ignoring the movement down in my crotch, I leaned in to James and said “you know…I have an idea how you can get back at him”.

James raised an eyebrow at me, smirking, and said “oh? What’d you have in mind?” he said and I grinned back at him as I reveled in my head at the thought of achieving what I’ve failed to do for weeks. Poor professor Ethan won’t know what hit him I thought to myself as I whispered conspiratorially to James, and together…we had a plan.

My torso glistened with sweat as I worked on the gym’s treadmill, I looked at my current speed and distance accomplished and thought to myself I think that’s enough of that for tonight. I powered down the treadmill and carefully stepped off, before wiping my face with a towel and gave a quick glance around the room. No one else was occupying the gym tonight, it seemed, which was exactly how I liked it. 

I never felt right knowing others could watch my bare chest like that. Indeed, I was always so careful when leaving the showers too, I always locked my locker with my clothes inside and got in and out before anyone had the chance to catch so much as a glimpse of me naked. 

Not that some hadn’t tried either, I had noticed in the corner of my eye someone watching me and waiting to catch me in a moment of nudity, but fortunately for me they always ended up disappointed. 

I quickly gathered my things and made straight towards the showers, and while on the way there I could have sworn I felt eyes on me but whenever I checked there was never anything there. “I must be getting too self-conscious” I said to myself out loud, shrugged, and continued walking. 

As expected, the locker room was empty, and I put my bag and work clothes inside my locker  and grabbed a towel from inside before shutting it closed. I walked away and was about to turn back to lock it when I heard a noise behind me and I turned to see that the locker room door had shut. I looked closer to see if anyone had come in, but after a few minutes of searching I couldn’t find a sign of anybody so I shrugged and went into the showers. 

I turned the faucet on and used my towel to shield me as I stripped off the rest of my clothes, undoing my gym shorts and lowering them down my legs, then stepped out of them. I felt the water to see if it was warm enough yet and sure enough it was ready, so I grabbed the hem of my black briefs and quickly tugged them off and piled them with the rest of my clothes in the corner by the towel hook.

I left them there, then walked over to let the water flow on my bare body and started to rinse myself in the showers. As I lathered myself, I felt a stirring in my crotch and I spared a glance downwards to see my cock starting to harden. These past few weeks have been a dry spell for me, even as a bisexual man it was hard to meet up with anybody I actually liked or even just fool around with someone I found attractive. Because of this, I was just so horny, and these showers at the gym always brought it out for some reason. 

I checked again to see if anyone was around and while my one hand was busy lathering my body with soap, I spared my other to go downwards and sure enough it met and wrapped itself around my increasingly hard cock. “Fuck” I whispered out loud, I just couldn’t help myself, I even felt myself blush as my cock ached for attention and so I gave it a few good strokes and even played with my balls. 

I don’t know why, but I just felt so shy about people seeing me naked. It had been that way since I hit puberty and since then only a handful of people had gotten to see my bare butt let alone my cock. It was this shyness that forced me to stop my jerk off session so I could rinse the soap off me. 

In my mind's eyes, as the soap washed away, I thought of taking a thick cock up my ass. It been ages since I’d been fucked and as I tried to imagine being fucked and I felt my cock twitch and ache as I fantasized of being taken from behind by someone I found hot. But when I pictured who this guy could be, the first image that popped in my head…was James from my class! I opened my eyes in shock and thought to myself: where had that come from?

“No matter, let’s just forget it” I said under my breath and ignored my still-hard cock as I pushed aside all sexual thoughts and focused on getting out of here as soon as possible, planning on giving myself some appropriate release once I was back home.

Once I finished rinsing myself off, I turned off the water and went over to the towel hooks where my clothes were. However, as I rounded the corner I nearly gasped and my eyes widened as I saw that both the towel and my clothes….were gone. 

I quickly covered myself with my hands and darted my gaze back and forth trying to spot who had stolen my clothes, but with no sign of anyone I realized my only hope was my change of clothes stuffed in my locker. I gazed out into the locker room and upon seeing no one present, I quickly made my way towards my locker. 

However, my heart sank even lower and my jaw dropped as I arrived to find my locker open, and empty.”FUCK!” I said out loud, still covering my shame with my hands. I tried to think of a way out of this, but I was stuck with the reality that I was completely naked without any clothes in the middle of campus. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a whistle behind me and I whirled to see none other than James and he had his friend George with him, another student in my class and a fellow senior.

James was grinning at me with a grin that said “yeah, it was me alright” and his friend George’s gaze was drawn to the lower half of my body, and I double checked to make sure I was covered when I realized it. “What’s the matter there prof? You seem distressed” James said and my face blushed a deep red and I said “You can't be serious James! This is serious, now give me my clothes back and I won’t report you to campus security” I said, trying to maintain the demeanor I usually do around my students.

James saw right through me, however, and he simply ignored what I said and moved closer to me. I instinctively moved back, my focus was entirely on him that I didn’t even notice that George was gone. “Since you say you can’t help me with that mid-term, I’ve thought of another way you can help me out prof, what do you say about giving me and George here a private anatomy lesson?” he said, his eyes alight with excitement.

It took a moment to process what he said, and when it hit me my eyes widened and my blush deepened that I could barely keep focus on keeping my distance from James who was now backing me up against a wall. I realized I needed to get away, to run and I was about to flee when suddenly I felt myself get grabbed from behind. Oh no I thought to myself and sure enough George was behind me and was attempting to pull my arms away from my crotch. 

That seemed to be James’s cue as he practically pounced and helped George pry my arms away from covering myself and helped him bind my arms behind me with a zip tie. With me secure, James stepped back to admire his handiwork, and his eyes stopped at my crotch, he grinned at me and said “wow prof, you shave down there? You also seem to be getting a little excited too” he said. 

His words were true, I shaved my pubes regularly and despite myself my cock was beginning to harden again. George peeked from behind me, and while I couldn’t see it, I was sure he grinned too as he leaned in and whispered in my ear “I always knew you were packing down there” he said and suddenly his hands quickly caressed my bare ass cheeks.

A soft “mmmm” escaped from me when he did that and both of them seemed to approve of the reaction they got from me. “This isn’t quite the appropriate setting for an Anatomy lesson, let’s take this somewhere else” James said and George pushed me forward. “Come on you guys, just let me go and give me my clothes back, this isn’t a joke” I tried to say.

James, however, merely replied with: “Of course it’s not a joke, I take education seriously, and don’t worry teach we won’t bite, who knows, you might have fun” he said and gave me a wink. I let them lead me forward simply because I wasn’t going anywhere with the both of them on the side of me and my arms bound behind me. On the way, both George and James made soft, subtle passes at my naked body. Moving their hands up my back, pinching my butt, twisting my nipples, and even grazed my now fully hard cock. They were intentionally riling me up, and while I didn’t admit it I was getting so aroused that I imagined jerking myself off right then and there.

My face was red and flushed with heat the entire time it took us to reach the lecture building, and thank god we didn’t run into anyone on the way. My relief was short-lived, however, when we entered my classroom and right on the desk was rope, and five feet away from it, there was a camera positioned right towards it…

I was so stunned I barely felt George prodding me forward again and the duo led me towards my desk. George went towards the camera and James took the lead as he suddenly and aggressively grabbed me and pinned me on top of my desk. I felt his hot breath which tingled my neck as his eyes stared deep into my own. There was still excitement there, but now there was something else too…lust? 

“Play along, and things will go just fine, but if you don’t, well I’d hate to make you run like this all the way back home” he said, grinning. I thought for a brief moment, but I decided my best move was to just let this play out…despite how humiliated I already felt it couldn’t get any worse…could it?

So I nodded my understanding to James and he grinned even wider. Then without warning he lowered his face towards mine, his lips so close to my own, I felt my dick twitch which I’m sure he felt. I even felt his lips brush past mine and to my embarrassment I prepared them for a kiss but instead he leaned in close to my ear and whispered “your mine now, teach” which sent a shudder down my spine.

He then backed away, George was still busy with the camera and was transfixed by what he saw while James grabbed the rope on the desk and started to spread my legs wide. By the time I realized what he was doing I was too late as he used the rope to tie them together, using a knot in the middle to keep my legs spread. Rising back up, James nodded to George who started recording and my eyes widened when he said “good evening, tonight’s session will be a quick lesson in anatomy, specifically we’ll be dealing with penile and prostate stimulation” he said, his grin as wide as a devils.

“First, let’s test to see how sensitive our subject volunteer is to penile stimulation” I said, in a fake-formal voice towards George’s camera before turning my attention to the naked and bound professor beneath me. It had been surprisingly easy to put this together, I had a nagging suspicion George had this idea in his head for a while, indeed it was hard not to notice the bulge he had when he got to glimpse professor Ethan’s bare ass. 

I had to admit, now that I had him here like this, I felt a stirring in my own crotch. I had messed around with dudes before but I had always preferred women more. But damn, our professor’s ass was amazing! His cock wasn’t bad either, it looked to be at least 6 ½ inches long when fully hard. But it was hard to ignore my own growing boner when a brief thought of me sliding my cock inside my professor’s ass entered my mind and I almost lost my composure. 

I returned my attention back to reality, and I slipped some medical gloves on my hands as I suddenly grabbed a hold of the professor’s still fully hard cock, gripping it from the base of his shaft. Despite himself, professor Ethan couldn’t help but let out a soft “oh!” 

“It seems the subject responds quite well to outside stimuli, let’s see which parts of the penis are the most sensitive to stimulation” I said, and while still gripping his shaft, I used a cotton swab to lightly touch parts of his cock. All the while, our poor professor’s face was so red, it was actually rather cute how deeply he blushed, he certainly had nothing to be ashamed of about his body. Yet I could tell how embarrassed he felt, but a part of him was getting off on all of this, even before I started touching him his cock had been fully hard.

After a few moments of “testing” his sensitive areas, I said “it seems the subject responds most favorably to stimulation of the tip of the penis, while the balls are being handled” I said matter-of-factly. As part of the show, I softly touched the tip of his cock with one hand while gripping his balls with my other, and professor Ethan was finding it harder and harder to contain how much he was getting off on all the attention. 

“Now, it is time to see how the subject responds to stimulation of the nipples alongside the penis” I said. Before Ethan could respond I gripped his cock with one hand and used my other to reach towards his hairless nipples. I gave them a light twist as I stroked his cock, making sure to softly caress the tip as I did so, and over time I twisted his nipples even harder.

Professor Ethan had now given up on containing himself and was now letting “Mmpph” and “oh god” sounds from his lips, which I had come so close to kissing not long ago. I felt my cock lurch in my pants at the thought, which thankfully was facing away from the camera. 

After I felt satisfied, I released his cock from my grasp and I could have sworn I saw a look of..disappointment in his eyes when I had stopped. “Subject seems to be very stimulated in this way, even more so than our previous method, thus I feel it time to test our subject’s prostate stimulation” I said. 

This time Ethan perked up and said “please, you’ve gotten enough” he said, his voice barely a whisper. I ignored his words, and it seems he forgot his own because he didn’t resist as I gripped him from the waist and pulled him up, turned him around, then bent him over the desk so that his legs were spread wide open for me. 

As I gazed at his exposed ass cheeks, I felt such an urge to drop my pants, slide my cock inside that magnificent ass, and fuck him right then and there…but I wasn’t finished yet so I pushed the thought away for now despite my now fully hard cock trapped in my jeans begging otherwise. Instead I tightened the glove on my hand and poured lube on my fingers as I said “first we shall start with one finger insertion, then two, and finally three to test the levels of prostate sensitivity” I said. 

I spared a glance at George, who seemed a bit jealous I got to be the one to do this but still enjoyed recording the sight of me about to finger our professor. I started with spreading his cheeks open first, and lubing up his entrance with the lube I poured, making sure to get it ready. When I was satisfied, I stood back up and poured some more on my left hand before lowering myself back down. I made a point of it to tease him first, dancing my lubed up fingers around his hole and slightly inserting myself inside before quickly removing them.

It drove him nuts, as he squirmed beneath me, to the point where he said “please….just get it over with” he said. I grinned, then decided who was I to deny him and finally began to push one finger inside his hole. He moaned out loud this time, which only encouraged me as I slowly slid my finger deeper inside. When I had fully inserted myself, I turned back towards the camera and said “the subject responds quite positively to prostate stimulation with one insertion, now let us try two” I said and before prof realized it I was sliding another lubed up finger inside him and he moaned louder.

My cock ached in my pants as I so desperately wanted those moans to be from my cock inside him instead. I then slowly slid my fingers out, then back in, then back out, back in, out, in, out, in, until it slightly devolved into me basically finger fucking his hole. I slowed down to make time to say to the camera once professor’s moans quieted down, “subject seems to respond even more to two finger insertion stimulation, now let us finish off with insertion of three” I said.

Inserting the first two had gone smoothly, but getting a third was more difficult than I anticipated but with enough lube I eventually managed to insert three full fingers inside of him, though this time it seemed to make him a bit uncomfortable so I spent less time stimulating him that way. I fully withdraw my fingers this time, pulled off the gloves from my hands and said “our subject responded most positively to two-finger insertion for prostate stimulation, and responded most to simultaneous nipple and penile stimulation, thank you for joining us for our private anatomy session” I said and signaled George to stop the recording.

I breathed a sigh of relief when James told George to stop recording…although secretly I was so turned on I had to keep myself from begging James to fuck me, hopefully they’d let me go now and once I got home I could take care of this myself. My cock was still hard beneath me, and had started leaking precum when he was inserting his fingers in and out of my hole.

“So…can you guys untie me now?” I said, and James let out a loud chuckle and said “sure, but only if you can say, honestly, that you don’t get turned on by this…” he said and I realized he was behind me again, and had started lubing up his fingers. My face flushed as my cock twitched underneath me and I felt a familiar sensation as he started to insert two fingers inside of me. “Mmmmphh oh fuck” I said out loud.

“Oh, looks like someone’s turned on after all,” James said, chuckling softly. He then stretched to where his head was close to my ear while he continued to finger me. As he did so, he leaned in close and whispered “ have such a hot ass there prof, I never knew how much I wanted to fuck you until now, but I’ll wait, I need to hear you beg for it first” he said and my face flushed a deeper shade of red. 

However, I couldn’t deny that his words rang true, my body wanted him to fuck me right now, wanted him to shoot his load inside me. But…he…he humiliated me! I tried to tell myself, and tried to deny what my body so desperately wanted. I couldn’t help but moan as he fingered me, and it only encouraged James, because he said “well now, it seems to me you're really enjoying this aren’t you?” he said, and he waited for a response.

I found it hard to get the words out, but I couldn’t very well deny it now, could I? So I said “y-y-yes” I said softly. But James wasn’t satisfied, he said “I’m sorry, what was that?” and this time I made sure to say out loud “fuck….yeah….i-I like it” I said.

“Good boy” he whispered and the words sent a shudder through me all the way down to my cock. All the while he didn’t stop fingering me, George off to the side had now dropped his pants and was jerking off his 4-inch cock watching all of this unfold.

Fuck…what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I deny it? I thought to myself as I tried to form the words that would forever cement my shame, but as I lay there, bent over my own desk, I finally gave in to my carnal desires. James seemed to sense it, because he leaned in and said “what is it teach? You want something?” he said, in a soft, sensual voice.

“Fuck me” I said, loud enough for him and George to hear. James seemed stunned for a moment because he stopped fingering me, taking his fingers out from inside my hole and said in response “I’m sorry, what do you want me to do?” He said. 

He wanted to hear it from me again, the bastard. “Fuck me!” I said and after that I heard rustling noises coming from behind me. Then I felt him untie my legs and the ziptie binding my arms was cut. I could have fled and they both knew it, but I didn’t want to anymore…I knew what I wanted. 

James knew it too because he flipped me over onto my back and I saw he was completely naked now, his gorgeous body was very burly and quite hairy too across his chest, arms, legs, and of course his crotch which sprouted a proud 7-inch erection. George was on the side of my desk now, and he too was naked, and still held his cock in his grip as he stared at me with a lustful look in his eyes.

My attention shifted back to James however when he suddenly towered over me, his face mere inches from mine. Like before, our gazes locked and we slowly rose to meet one another but I decided I was tired of his games so I made the first move and met his lips with mine. His eyes widened in pleasant surprise but he quickly recovered and started to kiss me back, passionately while his free hand found its way to my cock and started to stroke it. 

The moan that escaped my lips echoed into James’ mouth. We wrestled our mouths together and explored each other’s bodies, and he took what he learned from his “anatomy” session and twisted my nipples while stroking my cock, driving me crazy with impatience. 

This went on for what seemed like hours before we finally broke away, and I repeated what I said before, while looking right into his eyes I said “fuck me” and he smiled so widely now, then he walked away from me for a brief moment.

He came back just a moment later, putting a condom on his cock and lubing himself up. I was distracted by a sudden contact because I felt something warm and wet meet the tip of my cock and I yelled out “holy fuck!”.

I looked to see George had come closer now and was starting to suck my cock, I moaned out loud as he lowered his mouth deeper onto my shaft. He stroked his own cock as he did so, and took cues from James because he started to twist my nipples too. 

James merely watched with amusement while he prepared himself, and once he was done he walked over and started to lube up my hole once more, even inserting a finger to loosen me up just a bit. George stopped sucking my cock at James’ direction, and he watched as James then lifted my legs and put them on his shoulders, spreading them wide to give him access to my waiting hole.

James never broke eye contact with me as he slowly guided his cock towards my hole, and I softly gasped as I felt the head of his dick press against my entrance. Ever so slowly, he teased around my hole, slowly making progress until finally he started to slide himself inside me. I felt something poke me from the side and I turned to see George’s cock, I briefly met his gaze and I licked my lips as I started to take his cock in my mouth.

All the while I felt James continue to push himself inside me, until finally he had buried his cock balls deep inside my ass. I gazed at James from the side as I sucked George’s cock, and I decided that no one was going to do it for me so I used my free hands to start stroking my own cock.

James waited for a moment before making his first thrust, which made a loud “ugghhh!” escape from me. It certainly gave him more confidence, because little by little he gained more momentum to the point where he was able to thrust in and out, in and out of my hole. 

I couldn’t help but moan out loud, albeit muffled by me continuing to suck George’s cock. I couldn’t believe how I had started the day as a new but dignified professor, and now here I was, getting fucked by my student. Not only had I begged for it, but I was…enjoying it! I felt pure pleasure as he thrust himself deep inside me right to the hilt, hitting my prostate each time.

“Fuck yeah baby, this sweet ass of yours was worth the wait, hmmm fuck yeah, you like this cock inside you?” James said.

I pulled my mouth away from George’s cock to face James, and I grinned at him and said “Mmphhh, oh yea, keep thrusting that big cock inside me” I said. With that, he picked up the pace even more, he fucked me with such intensity and passion I stopped stroking my cock but continued to feel the pressure build regardless. George was captivated, he watched as James fucked me and stroked his cock as he did so. 

He was probably the best fuck I've had in such a long time, he knew what he was doing too, for he learned what pushed my buttons and pulled out all the stops. He did it because he knew I liked it, and more so the fact that I realized he wanted me to moan, he wanted to see me squirm and writhe because of what he was doing to me. 

I almost didn't want it to end, his cock just felt so good, so right as it slid easily in and out of me, and it showed with how much noise I was making. To my shame, I thought to myself that after this...I wanted him to fuck me again someday soon...

I felt like I could do this for hours, I'd have bent over for him in heartbeat at this point, all manner of dignity and propriety had been thrown out the window. His each and every thrust sent waves through my entire body, and continued to touch and tease the sensitive areas of my body. 

He made me squirm as he teased and fucked me, and he got off on it too. I only hoped it wasn't going to be cut short, I could have gone on for hours yet. 

It even felt like that’s how long it lasted, but sure enough I could tell by the progression of moans and grunts from James that he was getting close. George was getting close now too, and he stepped closer and positioned himself so that his load shot right onto me. 

“fuck…I’m gonna cum…want me to cum inside you, baby?” he said and I barely got my response out as I said “mmmm, yes, do it, cum inside me” I said. He took my words and turned them into action as his thrusts became erratic and slowed slightly as he got close. I felt the pressure from my own cock finally build to the breaking point and so right before James could cum I moaned louder than ever before as I felt my cock erupt and finally shot my load. 

It was the biggest load I’d ever shot, landing on my face, my chest, and onto my hairless crotch, George followed right after me as his load mixed with mine, shooting it right onto my chest. Last but not least came James, who roared as his knees nearly buckled and said “I-i-I’m gonna…cum!” he said as he thrust one final time and I felt his cock shooting his hot load inside me.

We all spent a few moments catching our breaths after having shot our respective loads. James slowly withdrew his cock from inside me and deposited his used condom in the trash can nearby. I was preoccupied with the realization of what had just happened, my face turning crimson as I got distracted and didn’t notice as George got dressed, took his camera, and left. 

James however, once dressed, brought me out of my thoughts as he said “don’t worry about the video…it’ll be our little secret, I have a feeling we aren’t done with you yet” he said, giving me a knowing wink, and I could only blush in response. 

As he started to leave I tried to rise up, my ass sore, and covered in cum but before I could he turned around and said “oh and I know we said you’d get your clothes back, and you will, it’s just that they’re currently waiting in your car on the other side of campus…” he said and my heart sank. “But…I left you a little gift on the desk there, hope no one spots you teach, after all…that ass is mine now” he said and he gave me one final wink and a smile…then left.

Once he left, I scrambled to see what his ‘gift’ was and my jaw dropped as I picked up a jockstrap. As I did so, a small white sheet of paper fell out, I picked it up and I couldn’t help but smile as I read: 

xxx-xxx-xxxx here’s my digits teach, give me a call when you need that hot ass of yours filled with yours truly  ;) - James.

I made sure to grip the paper tight as I put on the jockstrap, and I hoped against hope as I leaned against the lecture room door that no one was out on campus this late. I smiled to myself, remembering James’ promise on the paper he left behind, and I thought to myself I’ll be holding you to that as I thrust open the door and out I went into the night.

End of story.

Submitted: March 30, 2023

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