It's True

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John Waters, director, actor, author says, "If you go home with someone and they don't have any books, don't fuck them.'

From personal experience with women, I found this to be true.I just turned sixty, (I still can't admit that I'm sixty. Why couldn't my age stop at forty and stay forty!), and having my share of girlfriends, casual flings, FWB, and the one night stand, women who I have been with and who liked to read and go to museums, mostly art museums made for better lovers.

They were more creative in their love making, more passionate, louder, dirty talkers, scratches on parts of my body, love bites, wanting to do it in places other than the bedroom. Like in the woods, or joining the "mile high club", in a sauna, a movie theater on a cruise ship. etc, etc.

As for women who didn't like to read, or go to museums or engage in deep conversations, their lovemaking was...well, bland, almost boring.

I would be doing my best to make her feel good, different positions, eating her out and such, and in some cases, they would just lay there, no moans, sighs, no panting. Just nothing.

I felt like I was wasting their time. I would feel like saying, "Am I boring you?" Or, "Can you give me something to work with. Put a little effort into this."

With some of these women, I think I had it better with my hand, shooting my sperm inito the bathroom sink or down the drain in the shower.

Right now I'm single, but everything still works at sixty, (SHIT! I HATE SAYING SIXTY!)

So, I hope the next woman that I want to have sexual relations with likes to read, go to museums, good conversations, classic movies, and hot passionate dirty talking loud sex.


Submitted: March 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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You have just described my wife Dick!!!
She only reads the TV Week....
lol!! This ain't no FUCKING JOKE!
Pun intended....

Tue, March 28th, 2023 6:16am


Thanks for reading. Maybe take her to a museum or get her into a book club.

Tue, March 28th, 2023 12:53am

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