Double Trouble

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Group Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dixie recalls one of the most debauched nights of her life, when she has a threesome with two of the world's hottest pop stars. How will she handle two men at once? And will the fulfilment of one of her most taboo fantasies live up to expectations?


I had my first threesome in my mid-twenties. I was dating this rich guy in his forties who rarely got it up due to using too much cocaine. He liked to try different things to make it exciting and he suggested we bring in another girl. Always up for an adventure, I agreed but it was largely disappointing. Whilst I think women’s bodies are beautiful, they do not turn me on. The escort he hired was a stunning Mexican girl as he liked the thought of two tanned, exotic women going at each other. All I can remember is lying there while she licked me out, trying to look like I was enjoying it, but instead my brain kept wandering to a dress I’d seen in Selfridges and how I wanted to buy it. My boyfriend was having the time of his life, lying beside us, tossing himself off, but even the escort was bored. We made eye contact at one point and I could see she was just going through the motions, so I faked an elaborate orgasm, my boyfriend came and it was all over.


I’ve had a couple more threesomes since then, and it was easier when I knew the girl and we had some sort of connection. I still never got turned on, but one of my friends joined us once and she used her vibrator on me while I sucked my boyfriend, and I did actually come. Maybe it was because I could imagine it was a man doing it to me. When I’m being licked, I like to feel stubble and the aggressiveness of a male tongue. Women are too gentle.

But my own personal fantasy was to have two men at once. Not like in porn films, where I’d be the helpless meat in the sandwich while one fucked my pussy and I sucked the other one off, and they did high fives above me. No, I fantasised about something far more taboo. I wanted to see them touching each other as well as me. But it was one fantasy I kept to myself as I couldn’t imagine any guy agreeing to it.


In my late twenties I worked as a lingerie and bikini model for a while. After splitting up with that older guy who did nothing but criticise me for not being attractive enough, and blaming me for the fact he couldn’t get an erection, I hit the gym and got into shape. I was too curvy for the cat walk, but with my big boobs, flat stomach and rounded butt, I was perfect for modelling underwear.


That was how I met Zach Baines. I was appearing in a video for his band The Lightning, and we were attracted to each other straight away. I think it was because he reminded me of Tom, my first proper lover. Zach was gorgeous, tall and slim but muscular, with black hair that he usually wore slicked back to make him look more dangerous. The press called him ‘Snakehips’ because his stage costume usually consisted of an open shirt and low slung leather trousers that just showed off his sexy moves. He had a tattoo of a crucifix on a rosary running from his neck to the middle of his chest, which he always reckoned was a nod to his Liverpool Catholic roots. He had a lovely deep speaking voice and a sexy Scouse accent. He was wild in bed. He liked me to choke him sometimes, and he was the first man who wanted me to stick my finger up his arse while he fucked me. I was besotted with him. I think it was love. Maybe it was a major crush mixed with lust, but either way I loved being with him.


The first summer we were together, the band moved into a huge villa in Sussex that a recording studio attached to it, so they could record their new album. When I wasn’t in London, modelling, I spent most of my time there. Zach would like to take a break from recording and find me and fuck me because he claimed it gave him inspiration. He even wrote a song about me, so I will be immortalised on that album.


It was his thirtieth birthday and me and the band organised a pool party for him. We invited loads of his friends and we all had fun around the huge kidney shaped outdoor pool. I spent the whole day in nothing but a silver string bikini and I knew I looked phenomenal. So much so, half way though, Zach dragged me into the house, to the nearest cloakroom and fucked me senseless.


The night wore on, and people left. The other members of the band were driving down to Brighton to go clubbing, but Zach chose to remain behind and catch up with his old friend Harry Taylor. Not many people knew this, but as a teenager, Zach had been a member of a manufactured boyband called Power Trip, with Harry. He’d quickly grown tired of it, realising his heart lie in rock, but Harry had remained and now Power Trip were one of the biggest boybands in the world.


Harry was a lot different in real life. Power Trip had a wholesome imagine, and no one would recognise him here tonight. He was very good looking, but a bit seedy. His once floppy dark hair was starting to recede so he’d shaved it all off, and he was skinny except for very muscular shoulders and long arms. Zach was far superior in looks. He’d changed into an electric blue suit with tight-fitting trousers and a well cut jacket. He wore his black shirt undone, showing off his sexy chest, and it was hard to look at him without wanting him to fuck me.

Eventually it was just the three of us, and we moved onto drinking neat tequila. None of us were that drunk, but the energy in the air changed in a way I couldn’t define. Harry claimed to be hot and took his t-shirt off, so all he had on were his skin-tight leather trousers. He had a sleeve of tattoos down his right arm and he looked thuggish. He was the heart throb of Power Trip, but I wondered what would have happened had Zach stayed in the band. He was so fucking handsome and sexy, the others would have paled into insignificance.


Zach had told me in confidence that Harry was bisexual – something his screaming fans could never know, and I couldn’t help but suspect he fancied Zach. He made sure he was the one sitting next to him, his arm around his shoulder, while they passed a joint back and forth. At one point Zach held the joint to Harry’s lips for him to suck at, and I saw the look of delight on Harry’s face, like he was imagining it was Zach’s cock (which was extremely pleasant to suck I can tell you!). I found it really horny. I wanted to see them together, dancing. I’d never seen Zach dancing properly, but he must have been able to because he couldn’t have been a member of Power Trip without being able to. It might have been ten years ago, but dancing was something you never forget.


The music we were listening to was from my phone, which was hooked up to the massive speakers around the room. I searched through Spotify and changed the song to Wake Up My Baby, one of Power Trip’s early ballads, the music sampled from Love to Love You by Donna Summer.

“Oh classic,” Harry laughed in his extremely posh voice – something he underplayed for the fans, to make him relatable. “Well done, Dixie.”

“Why don’t you show me how you perform it?” I said. “Go on.”

He laughed and jumped over the back of the sofa to the expanse of floor behind. He started moving his body to the rhythm. He danced in a slow, fluid sensuous way, and it was the first time I actually found myself attracted to him. Zach was looking round at him, cheering him on, oblivious to how excited I was getting.

“Zach,” I said.

He looked round at me

“What is it sweetheart?”

“You too.”


“You used to be in that group, you must know the routine.”

“It was years ago.”

I said nothing, just put my arms behind me, sticking out my chest, so he could see my hard nipples poking through the silver bikini top. I opened my legs slightly, giving him a glimpse of what awaited him if he did as I asked, and he leapt over the back of the sofa. He and Harry started dancing. Zach moved like a cat. They faced each other, both grinding their hips towards each other, getting down on their knees.  Their faces practically touching. God I was getting so turned on I almost creamed my bikini bottoms.

The song came to and end, I clapped and switched it back to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but before the guys could sit back down, I went over to the pair of them, standing between them while they looked at me with lust in their eyes. The air became deadly still and silent apart from the music playing, and we all knew what was going to happen.


Zach grabbed me, pulling me to him, my tits squashing against his hard body. He bent his head and kissed me, and I responded by wrapping my arms around him and kissing him in return. From behind I felt Harry close to me. He put his hands between me and Zach and squeezed my boobs, pinching my nipples. I moaned with pleasure into Zach’s mouth. The feeling of being trapped between their two muscular bodies was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I could feel Harry’s erection against my backside, and Zach’s against my belly. They were both bigger and stronger than me, but I felt as though I was the one in control, orchestrating the whole thing. They were both so desperate to fuck me, they’d agree to anything.


I wriggled away from both of them and walked over to the sofa. They followed me like obedient little puppies. They sat down next to each other, both of them bulging through their tight trousers, looking at me with heavy eyes of desire. I knelt between them both and looked at Harry.

“Take Zach’s cock out,” I said. Zach gave a low laugh, but Harry leapt on his belt quicker than the speed of light. I climbed up beside Zach and began kissing him again, watching out the corner of my eye while Harry pulled his beautiful cock out.

“Wank him off,” I ordered Harry.

Zach looked at me, his pupils so dilated with lust that his eyes looked like black pools. He smiled and buried his big hand in my hair and pulled my head back down to his again.

“You dirty fucking bitch,” he laughed, and we started kissing again. I kept my eyes opened and watched as Harry’s big, powerful hand pumped at Zach’s cock. I wanted to see him come. I started kissing his neck like he liked, stroking his nipples, down to the area just below his belly button. He moaned and slipped his hand down the back of my bikini bottoms, shoving two fingers in my pussy. He began to pant, his hips bucking, and as he lost control he fingered me more roughly. I could hear Harry breathing heavily too, obviously turned on at giving his mate pleasure

“Fucking hell, mate,” Zach groaned. His head fell back, his mouth dropped open and he came. His spunk shooting onto his chest and into my hair.

I lay across Zach and reached out to Harry’s trousers, undoing them and taking his cock out. He wasn’t as well endowed as Zach, but I didn’t care about that. I just got lost in the moment and wanted to give him pleasure too. I took him into my mouth and sucked him while Zach slipped his hand further into my bikini bottoms and started rubbing my clit in slow circular motions, just how I liked it. Those fingers that were so good at playing guitar, certainly knew how to handle a pussy. I was so turned on it didn’t take long for me to start coming. I lost myself to my orgasm, it was unbearably good. I let go of Harry’s cock so I could cry out, my hips bucking against Zach’s lap. As I became a little more aware of my surroundings, I realised with his other hand, Zach was wanking Harry. There was no tenderness or thought to it like when he played with me, it was literally like he was pumping something.

But it was enough for Harry. He came with a piercing scream and his spunk shot onto his chest. We were all so dirty and like animals and it was such a thrill. I didn’t want it to end now.

“Let’s go to bed,” I said. I got off both of them and ran into the big bedroom me and Zach shared. The two men followed, both of them with spunk on their chests and me with it in my hair. I stripped off my bikini and lay on the bed. I didn’t want fucking, not yet. I wanted them to both give me pleasure.

“Suck my nipples,” I said, squeezing my boobs together. They both stripped off quickly and got onto the bed, Zach to my right and Harry to my left. Zach knew exactly how I liked my nipples played with. He held my boob while he sucked the nipple into a hard, sensitive peak. Then he would gently nip the end with his teeth, before running his tongue over it, and then he’d start all over again. Harry was different, he sucked my left nipple until it was really hard, then he lubricated it with loads of spit and ran his tongue over it. The sensations were out of this world, and every lick and bite sent darts of pleasure down to my pussy, making me wet and my clit swell. I could orgasm just from my tits being played with and it was happening now. I could feel the lower half of my body tensing and my breathing become more shallow. Zach knew the signs and he reached down, putting his fingers inside me and stroking my clit with his thumb. I came violently, burying my hand in Zach’s hair and the other one on the back of Harry’s neck so they kept sucking my tits until I was done.

Once I’d finished, Zach moved down the bed and turned me over onto my knees and he started fucking me roughly. Harry was laying running his hand up and down his swollen cock, so I leaned over and started sucking him. I glanced up and saw he was watching Zach rather than me. He was obviously getting turned on at the site of Zach’s face while he fucked me. And who could blame him, the bastard still managed to look gorgeous in the throes of passion. Looking at Harry looking at Zach turned me on, wondering how many other men fantasised about fucking their friends, but would never admit it.

I lost my mind when Zach did this thing he did where he ground himself right into me and moved his hips in a circular motion. It always seemed to hit my g-spot and I came again, letting go of Harry’s cock.

I came but Zach didn’t. He pulled out of me and he and Harry switched places, while I remained on my knees. Zach lay before me, opening his legs so I could lick his balls whilst pumping his cock, making him moan. I then ran my tongue across his glans, making him pant and beg me to suck him, which I did. I then realised what Harry was doing behind me. For the first time ever, I was being rimmed. I’d had anal before, but I’d never encountered a man who was willing to lick my arsehole.

It tickled and seemed to make my pussy get wet, and I thought about all Harry’s little teen fans and what they’d do if they knew he was into stuff like this. He pulled my arse cheeks further apart so he could get his tongue further into me. Then moving his tongue down to my vagina and lapping the juices from that and spreading them over that exquisite sweet spot between my pussy and arse. I then felt him slip his finger in my backside. I was so turned on I yielded to it and felt no discomfort.

Zach took my hair and lifted my head off his cock. I then felt Harry pull his finger from my arse. I didn’t know what was going to happen now and my heart beat fast with anticipation. Zach looked up at me, He looked so gorgeous, his black hair all over his face, his sweaty sticky chest rising and falling as he was fighting hard not to come. He looked at his cock and I instinctively knew what he wanted. I climbed upon him, pushing his cock deep inside me. Within moments I felt my arsehole stretching and yielding to Harry’s cock. I thanked God he wasn’t as big as Zach or this would have really hurt.

Harry held my hips and fucked me, driving the rhythm I was then fucking Zach with. The feeling of being so full, so stretched was unbelievable. I could hear Harry moaning and groaning behind me and I wondered how much of the excitement was from fucking me in the arse, or the fact his cock was millimetres away from Zach’s.

Zach was the first to come, reaching behind him and gripping the headboard, watching me until his eyes rolled back and he came with a loud cry. Within moments, Harry pulled out of my arsehole but kept hold of me and came all over my back. Zach slipped limply out of me and gave me a sleepy smile, holding out his arms to me. I suddenly found myself not wanting Harry there. I wanted to be alone with my boyfriend. Despite the fact we were both covered with sweat and spit and spunk, I just wanted to cuddle with Zach and go to sleep.

I lie next to him, snuggling close to him while he wrapped his arms around me. Somehow I felt in need of comfort. I always felt like that after I’d had anal sex. I guess a tiny part of my sub-conscious felt ashamed, although I don’t know why. We were all consenting adults. I felt strangely emotional.

Harry went into the bathroom, I presumed to wash, and when he came back out, he climbed back onto the bed, cuddling behind me, making me the meat in the sandwich again! Zach was already asleep, but I lie awake realising what a physical work out that had been and guessing I would be a bit sore in the morning. My nipples were still tender after all their attention. I knew I’d get over this weird feeling by the morning, and be proud that I’d fulfilled yet another one of my fantasies.

I awoke the next morning in a tangle of limbs. Zach was still asleep, looking like a beautiful angel. I glanced round at Harry, he was a different story. He had patchy five o’clock stubble and dark circles under his eyes.

He woke up first, giving me a smile of appreciation, but luckily there was no lust. I was grateful, I didn’t want to have sex with him again.

“You’re amazing,” he said, propping himself on his elbow and looking down at me. “Zach’s a lucky man.”

“I thought you considered me the lucky one,” I said quietly and we both looked at Zach fast asleep, Long black lashes resting on his perfect cheeks, his mouth in that angry little pout. I wanted him to fuck me again, but just the two of us this time.

“He was the first person I fell in love with,” Harry said tenderly. “Even ten years ago he was beautiful. Look at him now, he’s perfect. Last night was like a dream for me. It was the closest I’ll ever get to fucking him.”

I no longer felt weird about what had happened. I felt sorry for Harry. I knew what it was like to be infatuated with Zach Baines and want him so much it hurt, but I had him all the time. But through what I instigated last night, I’d at least given Harry the chance to be himself, a bisexual man in love with his male friend. The public could never see this side to him, so I was glad to have helped him.

Zach awoke with a grumble, looking at me with those beautiful eyes and smiling.

“Alright gorgeous,” he yawned. He looked over at Harry. “Good night, mate?” he asked. “Ain’t our Dixie a cracker?”

“She’s amazing,” Harry said. “She gave me a night I’ll never forget.”

Submitted: March 21, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Dixie Prowse. All rights reserved.

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Spectacular threesome, and she loved it. Loved the whole piece, really hot.

Tue, March 21st, 2023 11:10pm


Thank you..glad you enjoyed it x

Tue, March 21st, 2023 4:21pm

Dick Wood

Really hot story. Usually it's male, female, female, but women can have double the pleasure just as well. Keep these stories cumming.

Wed, March 22nd, 2023 3:27pm


Ha ha oh yes we fantasise about two men. I am currently writing a novel about a.mmf thrupple!

Thanks for the great feedback

Wed, March 22nd, 2023 8:38am

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