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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

A middle aged woman's continual humiliation and abuse at the hands of her son's best friend.

I want to thank those of you who have supported my work by purchasing one or more of my novels on Amazon. You can find them under the author name D.H.Gutzman. your support allows me to have the time and resourses to write erotica on this fabulous site.

(This fantasy only contains characters over 18 yrs of age, and the author of course, does not condone the nasty behavior depicted in this tale. )








I looked at the two, well built, handsome, healthy teenage high school boys in front of me. They were beautiful, filled with youthful spirit and unlimited potential, with the entire world ahead of them. One of them my own son, and the other his best friend and the star of the school soccer team. And then, I looked down at the enormous lumps in their jeans, and the wet spots forming there. How could they do this/ How could they throw away everything for perverted teenage lust?


“Please, Ryan, Danny, think about what you are doing. Please don’t throw away your lives by doing something stupid.” I begged, standing before the boys dressed in only a pair of flesh colored panties. It was bad enough they could see my big bare tits, jiggled and bounce with every move. I had never felt so ashamed in my entire life.


“The only life getting tossed out will be yours, you dried up old cunt, if you don’t follow my every order, starting by stripping off those ugly panties of yours. Rule number Two; From now on, you will not only never wear a bra on your udders, you will also never ever wear panties again!” When Ryan said this, my own son, Danny barked out a wild laugh and groped his swollen groin in his pants.


“But, but that’s impossible. I need some kind of underwear. How can I go around like that?”


“Like a fucked-up scag of a whore, you mean? Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. That will be the least of your worries. And there is a practical reason for it too. You see, anytime Danny or me or any of my buddies want a look at your dirty filthy cunt, all we have to do is order you to lift your skirt or dress. But…” Ryan’s voice got a nasty angry edge to it, “but, if you don’t hurry and take those fucking panties off, we’ll never get to the fun part of the evening. So, Cunt, strip off the fucking panties, NOW!


He truly scared me. He really did. I was horrified. I hooked my fingers inside the waistband of my panties and began to tug them down. I hesitated for a moment, looking across the room at my darling fair-haired son, the light of my life. How could I do this in front of him. How could I show him my pussy. The pussy that had given life to him. Tears rolled down my face, and my hands shook. And then, I noticed that Danny, my own dear Danny was rubbing his hardon. The pre-fuck leak stain on the front of his jeans had grown huge. It looked sticky. He had a crazy kind of grin on his cute teenage face, and his tongue actually stuck out from between his lips.


“Oh God, anything else. Please, Ryan, anything else.”


Ryan didn’t smile. He sneered. “Oh, we’ll get to anything else in just a little bit, but first you got to get rid of the cunt cover. GET THEM OFF, DICKHOLE!” 


I slid the panties down as modestly as I could, making sure one hand stayed over my genitals. I stepped out of the panties and stood, one hand over my breasts, the other over my pussy. The bulge in my son Danny’s jeans was large, but the lump in Ryan’s pants was enormous. It boggled the imagination. How could a high school boy have so much down there? To be honest, I had noticed his huge endowment in his soccer shorts when he played. I gathered from sly comments that other soccer moms and all the girls at the school had noticed as well. In fact, I would swear that at some games, he didn’t wear a jock strap at all, and he just let his big fat dangling dick swing and bounce in his shorts on purpose. Ryan was that kind of boy. Nasty through and through. Of course, I heard stories of all the school girls he had fucked and of all the soccer moms as well, but I never believed them, until Danny started bringing him over to the house. Ryan had bedroom eyes, and used them to his advantage. He had bedroom eyes, and a toilet mouth. Every other word from his mouth was “fuck” or even worse.


“There now, Mrs. Logan, that wasn’t so bad now was it? Now, Danny and me can determine what we got to play with. Okay now, Sweet Bitch, I want you to put both your hands up on your head like a good whore.”


He wanted me to uncover myself. To show my totally naked self. And my son was watching. My body wasn’t bad, and I was still young middle-aged, but I was shy. I had always been shy. My husband, before deserted us, had always complained that I never wanted to look sexy for him. Had I driven him into the arms of other women?

“I want to, but I can’t. I can’t lift my arms…” I sobbed, feeling really paralyzed.


“I will give you five fucking seconds to get your arms over your head, and then I will become really angry. If I get angry, I will take off my belt and I will beat you on your dirty cunt with the buckle end! I mean it.”


“Better do as he says, Mom,” Danny said, that stupid grin on his face. I raised my arms slowly, revealing my huge breasts with their swollen nipples and my hairy pussy. I placed my hands on my head. From nowhere, both Danny and Ryan whipped out their phones and snapped photos of me. I screamed, dropped my hands and turned my back on the boys.


“Now, that wasn’t very nice of you, Mrs. Logan. I may just have to send this photo out to the parents of our school. How about to your ex-husband? That would really fuck up your support payments, wouldn’t it?  Now, we’ve got to take pictures of your flabby ass. Oh, well, that along with the twat shot should make for good viewing on the internet.”


I spun back around and put my hands on my head. I was totally revealed to them. Ryan smiled. “Better, much better. Now spread your legs just a bit. Just a bit more. Bend your knees a bit, so your cunt is open. It’s too hairy to see much, but these will make swell pre-shaving shots. Now, take your hands from your head and make your nipples hard for me. They’re already mostly there, but I want you to roll those nipples in your fingers to get them really rock hard!”


The boy was a monster. I fucking monster, and I was in his clutches. And do you think my own son would come to his mother’s aid? No, he stood there like the village idiot, rubbing and squeezing his teenage prick through his jeans. He was getting off on his own mother!


“That’s right, Mrs. Logan. Nice hard udder tips for me.” He took photos. I was having trouble breathing, and my breasts heaved. “Now, Mrs. L., take one hand and put it down to your pussy and begin to rub your cunt. Keep the other hand working your tits, but also rub your pussy for me.”


I collapsed. I fell down onto the carpet, unable to do as he asked. I am just a normal housewife. Just an average woman. How could I be submitted to this?  My collapsing made Ryan angry. He stepped across the room and looked down on my sobbing figure. “You fucking bitch, you got to learn to follow orders!” he snapped out his foot and kicked me hard in my left tit. I screamed.


“Danny, help me. For the love of God, help me…” 


“You gotta learn to do as Ryan says, Mom. It’s for the best.” He was so engrossed in rubbing his wet, swollen crotch, that his young voice was ragged.


‘Well, as long as you are down there, you fucked-up piece of shit, we might as well get some shots. Lift and spread your legs. FUCKING DO IT NOW!”


On the floor, with Ryan standing over me, I lifted and spread my legs. “Keep rubbing your nipples, Whore. Spread those legs wider. I wanna see some pink!”


Can you, even for a moment, imagine how I felt? I wanted to die. In that moment, I wanted to die. “Pull your knees back to your tits, so I can see both your dirty, filthy cunt and your asshole!” I obeyed. I showed this teenage high school boy my asshole! And then, totally losing it, I rolled over and curled up into a fetal position, sobbing hysterically.


“Okay, Danny, go get a razor and some shaving cream.”  I buried my face in my hands and sobbed. But Ryan squatted near my head and yanked my face up by the hair. “If you would just be a good bitch and do what I say, we wouldn’t have to hurt you or go through any of this shit. Just be a good dried-up old whore.” Squatting there with his legs spread, he dragged my face into his crotch and rubbed it across the sticky wet spot. I felt his copious dick leak coat my face. But even worse, I felt the thick tube of his penis flesh beneath the cloth of the jeans. The swollen penis of an eighteen-year old high school boy.


“Don’t do this, Ryan. Don’t do this…” To shut me up, he forced part of his cloth-covered dick lump into my mouth. I was sure I felt the head of his pecker. This could not be happening to me. Yes, out of loneliness, I had fantasized about the high school soccer team and Ryan in particular. But they were just fantasies. We all have fantasies, don’t we?  And the boys looked so fresh and sexy in their soccer uniforms, one cuter than the next. And of course, Ryan. Everyone idolized Ryan, even the other boys. I know Danny worshipped him. Would do anything for him. My blood froze when I thought of that.  Danny returned from upstairs with the shaving gear, a wet washcloth and a towel. To my horror, I also noticed that he had removed his jeans as was just wearing white boxer shorts with a tee shirt. The huge wet stain on the front of the shorts made them almost transparent, and I could see the pink flesh of my own son’s hard cock through the material. Danny had leaked so much, that there were long drip streaks down his muscular, lightly haired thighs.


Light on his feet and nimble as hell, Ryan bounced into the dining room and returned with a dining room chair, one with arms.  “Okay, Mrs. Logan, onto your feet and sit in this chair please.” In contrast to his pleasant tone, the boy kicked me in the ass cheek. Not terribly hard, but hard enough. “MOVE IT, CUNT!”

I scrambled totally naked into the chair and sat stiffly, my body shaking.

“Good.  Now, spread your legs and hook one leg over each arm of the chair.”


Oh, my God. That would totally expose my sex not only to Ryan, but to my own son as well. They would see everything. Again, I was too slow for Ryan, and he reached down and grabbed one of my nipples and twisted hard. I spread and hooked my legs. Then as a bit of added fun, Ryan rubbed his fingers over the wet leak on his jeans, his pre-fuck leak. Then he brought those fingers to my mouth and rubbed them on my lips. There was not much taste, but the sticky feel was totally gross and disgusting. Ryan sneered. “Later, we’ll see whose tastes better, mine or Danny’s.” He laughed throat laugh, as I gagged a bit.


Ryan took his phone and snapped four or five more pictures of me…this time sitting splayed in a chair. Then he turned to my son. “Now, Danny, my man, you are going to have the honor of shaving your mom’s cunt and asshole!”


I almost fainted. Danny didn’t even flinch.  He squatted down on the floor in front of me, his wet prick pushing at the thin material of his boxers. He took the wet wash cloth and reached out and touched my pussy and my asshole.


“No, Danny. No, don’t do this. Please, Danny. I’m your mother. I love you. Please, Danny.” With Ryan now shooting video over Danny’s shoulder, my son squirted shaving cream onto the hair covering my cunt. I shook with fear and shame.


“Better hole still, Mrs. Logan, or your son might nick those fat swollen cunt lips of yours. And you wouldn’t want your clit shaved off, now would you?”  When Ryan said this, Danny actually giggled. He giggled.


“There’s so fucking much cunt hair here, we can’t even see her pussy,” Danny said making the first few scraped with the razor. I looked down to see huge clumps of my pubic hair fall onto the towel spread out on the floor.


“She’ll soon be as bald as a ten-year-old cunt,” Ryan responded, shooting the video. I head myself wailing with misery as my own son shaved my cunt. How many of you out there reading my tragic tale can say that your cunt was shaved by your own son? That horror would always live with me. Although it was nothing compared to what came later, in the days and weeks to follow.


My son stuck his cute teenage face in quite close as he scraped and scraped the hair from my cunt lips and surrounding area. It was like he was studying it for a scientific experiment. He found some small hairs that he had not gotten. I saw him pick up a tweezers, which I had not seen before, and now he plucked the hairs from my cuntlips. I screamed with pain.


“Good work, my man. How fucking creative. Pluck out those hairs from around her clit area as well. We want the bitch totally bald. And Mrs. Logan, your nipples are losing some of their hardness, get to work on them. Like an idiot, I plucked at my nipples, while my son plucked the hairs from around my clit. I had never imagined such shame. Ryan took a close-up video and some still pics of my bare cunt. “Looks good to me. Now, Danny, Next, shave every hair off from around her asshole!”


I was ordered to scoot down a bit further in the chair to really expose my asshole. “Look, Ryan, how pretty and pink and puckered my mom’s asshole is,” Danny said with glee in his young voice. “I bet Dad never got to fuck it. The uptight bitch probably wouldn’t let him.”  It was true of course. The idea of anal sex was repulsive to me. And now my high school son was six inches from my asshole, looking at it.  


“Well, get that asshole hairless. We still have lots of games to play tonight. Your mom has to learn how to be a good, obedient bitch!”

Submitted: March 20, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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If only it was man.

Mon, March 20th, 2023 8:36am

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