Chapter 6: Cum Together

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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As John was giving Deans' virgin ass his first man fucking, Dean could feel his sperm, his warm white man juice wanting to flow from his hard missile shaped dick.

With the rain still pounding against the windows of the dank dirty office where two blue collar men, one 12 years older than the other having hard man/man sex, Dean couldn't hold back any longer.

"AAAHHH...I'm cummin...UUHHH....fuck!!..."

John could feel Deans' body tense up just before he was to cum.

He leaned over so he could see him shoot his sperm out of that missile silo he has a dick.

He said earlier that he thought it was hot to see a man cum. His white juice, squirting out of a hard dick. And Dean wouldn't disappoint John.

"AAAHHH...fuck me daddy...GGRR...make mmeee ccuummm...fuck me hard daddy...UUHHH...!"

With that, Dean grabbed tight onto the back of the black leather sofa with bits of yellow foam peaking through, arched his head back and squinted his eyes.

Dean let out three long spurts of cum that landed on the back of the sofa. His forth and fifth shots landed on his left leg, ,then his last small spurt landed on the seat of the sofa.

With each shot of his man fluid,, Dean would let out a grunt or groan to go along with the spasms of his body.

John, watching his younger partner cum, drilled his ass with each shot, fucking the cum out of his hard erect dick.

John reached up and grabbed Dean by his hair and pulled them together.

Tongues twisting in each others mouths, scruffy faces rubbing against each other as John continued to pound that young man's ass.

They released the kiss and Dean bowed his head as john fucked him hard.

John could feel his sperm wanting to leave his hard dick and break free.

He pulled out his dick and began to rub it up and down Deans' moist ass crack.

Up and down, up and down he went.

Dean let out a sigh of enjoyment as the way the dick felt going up and down his ass crack.

John wanted to see his dick shoot his sperm as he was tensing up himself.


With Johns' dick straight up, he shot his wad.

Sperm flew out like a volcano, except being red, this was warm white creamy man cum.

Landing on Deans' lower back and ass, John shot several spurts onto him, arching his back, moaning and grunting like and animal.

John got up and backed away, as Dean got off from the couch.

They both embraced and shared long man/man kisses, tongues probing each others mouths, sweaty bodies pressed tight, dick up against dick as the rain continued to pound out side.

After several minutes of making out, they both began to put on their clothes.

"How do you feel?" asked John.

"I will admit, it was hot. I thought that my first fuck with a guy would be with my dorm mate. But..this was...fucking hot."

"You still like girls after this?"

"Yeah, I still want pussy. But this might be a good diverson. You still fuck your wife, right?"

"Shit yeah, she still has a hot fuckin body, but sometimes, a guy needs to try different things."

The rain began to let up as they were leaving the office when john said, "Next Sunday, I made room on the schedule for a few hours, if you want to work extra?"

"Yeah, I could use the extra money." said Dean.

That night, John woke up his wife a 2AM and had hot sex. Made her cum long and loud.

Coming out of the bathroom room as she cleaned the cum ouot of her pussy, she said, "Damn, you came alot in me. You were really fucking horny, I like that you still think of me like that."

"Hey babe, you still make my dick hard."

Even though he didn't tell her as he was fucking her, he was thinking about his earlier fuck session with a younger guy, and what might happen next Sunday.

As for Dean, he was jerking off in his bed when his dorm mate turned on the light and saw him, with his hard missile shaped dick, stroking it up and down.

Dean looked at him and asked, "You want to suck me off?"

His dorm mate was on that dick, licking and sucking on him long and hard.

hey both got into a man/man 69 and made each other cum in each others mouths.

Submitted: May 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.


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