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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Dick Wood

College girl Gail has to choose between her hankering step-daddy posting the bail bond to get her out of the local lockup, with the payback being her arse or seducing a young duty cop for a faster release and saving her virgin booty for prom.

The truth is I didn’t do what most College girls in trouble would do: Call their dad. Why? Well, I had a sleazy new stepdaddy who was chasing my arse. He hadn’t said so directly, but I knew. Young college girl intuition. 

The senior duty officer at the station gave me the option of getting someone to post bail or being stuck in a holding cell of the county jail till my arraignment in front of the local judge in the morning. I chose the cell—my reward for being caught in the middle of a barroom fracas. 

The sergeant said: "You'll change your mind and be a daddy’s girl. You all do."

He smiled and added, " An officer will check on you in half an hour."

Talk about fuckin Spartan. The cell was sterile. All brick and a concrete floor. A bare metal framed bed with a vinyl coated mattress. Real cheap shit. Against the other wall, a steel toilet. No privacy. As part of the vandal-proof metal unit, the wash basin was above it. The idea of my warm butt having to make contact with cold metal to relieve myself had me holding my bladder instantly. Well, I did need to go. I was full of booze piss. Besides, any sleazy officer could look through the Goddamn bars anytime, and knowing my luck, and it would be while my short stylish dress was up.

I paced up and down. My high leather boots echoed on the hard floor. I really should have called my goddamn stepdad. And satisfy the prick with a head job if he didn’t tell mum what had happened. I quickly downgraded his reward to a hand job. A girl needs room to manoeuvre. The sod definitely wasn’t getting my arse. I was keeping that for quarterback Jake and prom next month.

How the fuck had I gotten here? Well, there I was, one week past eighteen, out on a Friday night with my bestie Michelle and her current boyfriend Tim, who was playing pool in some swamp dive called The Alligator Bar. The music was throbbing, the alcohol was flowing, the rednecks were out in numbers, and Tim was caning some poor sozzled hick at pool. It was all a pleasant blur till some dude grabbed a generous handful of Michelle’s arse under her real short skirt, which she didn’t appreciate because he got arse. The bitch loves her G-strings like me. I might have liked it, but he didn't hit on me. 

Anyway, Michelle pushed the guy back, and he tripped over himself and fell into me, and down we went, but he rolled over on me and started groping my big tits in public. It was pretty good, but Michelle didn’t read it that way.

“Orrgh, you sleazy cunt, leave Gail alone,” and she slapped him. 

Then the sozzled bastard’s girlfriend, instead of giving him a clip around the ears as he deserved, took umbrage at Michelle dragging her man off me, and well, the rest was a blur. I tried to crawl to a safe spot. I managed to get under the pool table. The police, when they arrested me, called it disturbing the peace. 

The bar was a mess. Everyone, there must have been related, bush cousins, or just itching for a fight. Melee, free for all, or brawl doesn’t matter. I was the last one out, and the only one caught. And that last fact mattered. Local knowledge or luck allowed everyone else to scatter and hide. I was just too slow to get moving.

The prospect of calling my steppie Frank and getting him to bail me out at the price of my arse, it looked like I’d have to make that call. But my arse. My sweet virginal arse was being saved for a memorable prom, not a crisis payment to a sordid stepdaddy. 

I stopped pacing; my arms, I realised, were folded under my big tits, across my midriff, courtesy of my exquisite black little number. It offset my long brunette-free-flowing hair. I crossed my legs as my full bladder pressed and craved relief. I was headed for wet panty territory or worse! 

I got instant shivery goose bumps as my soft sensitive buttocks made contact with the steel rim of the cell’s exposed toilet. Sharp and raw on my bottom, but with my dress scrunched at the front, my legs open, and my black G-string spread taut around my ankles, I let it splash. My stream jetted loudly, splattering and beading with bubbles into the stainless steel bowl below. Pleasant relief. When the duty officer entered the cell, I was getting ready to wipe the last dribble droplets from my cute, fully fleshed, nicely shaved lady parts.

“Whoa, boy, back up,” I said to the youngish officer whose eyes weren’t meeting mine. 

They were tracking between my legs as I stood up, with my sexy knickers still around my ankles but my black leather dress covering my pussy. But he had got a clear view of my most impressionable private details.

The prick didn’t back up. He just stood there as I still needed to get my G-string up. I mean, I could have hitched it up, under my dress, or I could…

I thought there was another way to get out of there.

Dangle my girly goodies as jail bait.

I aroused the young cop.

I took the initiative; “So, you like what you saw? Want to see more? Want to touch? Want to play?”

He nodded. 

Oh, he wanted to body search me, all right. Every cavity, I’d say. 

“Well, if you get me out of here now, you can have this,” I said, lifting my dress to raise my skimpy knickers over my puffy protruding, pushed forward still slightly wet flappy slit. 

That got his cock’s full attention.

“Yeah, yes, but with my job on the line, I’d need more incentive,” he said. 

Screw coppers playing hardball

I could see the swelling in his groin. I bet his balls were tightening too. The sod probably wanted his cock sucked off. Hell, I was going to do that anyway.

“You want me to suck you off and later cum in my mouth, no problem,” I said.

The pig whacked me with a mental curve ball, “Look; it’s your arse or no deal.”

Well, my back alley wasn’t sacrosanct. It was just waiting for Jake and prom. But it wasn’t a deal breaker. And I was desperate; besides, he was way younger than my stepdaddy.

“Okay,” I said, “I’m ready.”

The young crew-cut, clean-shaven, blue-eyed lad was pashing into my mouth like he hadn’t had a kiss for a month or only had sex with trash whores. 

Then I realised he wasn’t super experienced at anything because he was trying to get his cock, which he had whipped out of his pants, nuzzling between my arse cheeks and forcing directly into my arsehole. He was young, virile and stiff and would have coerced my poor virginal butthole into sore action if I hadn’t slowed him down.

“Easy, easy, you need to prep me,” I said.

I got around and went down on him. I was lubing his hard cock with generous amounts of saliva. Suck and spit. Suck and drool. Dribble and glaze. Lick his balls. Salivate on his knob. I mean, I lathered and slathered his cock. It was glistening and inflexible. I sucked in a sloppy, drooly, slobbering way. 

Geez, it was my arse, and I wanted frictional support

His standard cock was agreeably wet.

I needed it nicely wet in my slot if I was getting broken in back there. 

The things a girl will do for her freedom and to avoid a rottweiler nagging mum.

He was male putty after I sucked him rigid. I gave him instructions as I held the edge of the vinyl mattress with my legs spread, my knickers off, and my dress flipped over my back. 

“Lick it like you’re a dog licking a face.”

Well, it was all I could think of. He got a general idea. His tongue excited me. My arsehole was more sensitive than I imagined. He developed a good repertoire of tongue movements.

“That’s it,” I encouraged as he circled my puckered indent. “Ooh yeah, more of that.”

I added, “Hold my arse open and spit in it.”

I wanted every bit of lube available.

He gaped me and got a good gob of spittle in my bum. Yep, I was nicely wet where I knew I would need it. 

“Your finger, ease it in my arse, now,” I instructed.

He got excited and poked straight in. I yelped, but it felt good.

“Get another finger in there,” I urged.

Geez, my back crack was more accommodating than I realised.

"Your cock, your cock,” I suddenly insisted. 

“Orrgh fuck,” I managed before I yelped repeatedly. 

Tears to my eyes. A genuine grimace

I had a brief instance of butt torture where my cute tight ring was battered, and I nearly buckled at my knees. Then, the sod rammed straight into my arse. It was intensely alarming and shockingly pleasurable at the exact moment.

Somehow my tender butthole accommodated his rampant repeated thrusting. Finally, however, it was clear the over-excited sod wouldn’t last long. That was a pity because the more he pushed into me and tugged drew out of me, the more sensational the addictive pleasure became.

He grunted, “Orrgh, Orrgh, Orrgh.”

I yelped, “Arh, Arh, Arh!”

The pig creamed my arse way too fast for my growing enjoyment.

Thankfully the cell sink meant we could clean up a bit. I wanted to be presentable as I was released. We had a bargain. And I had fulfilled my part and gained a happy but slightly smarting arse.

The weasel had a sheepish look after he zipped up. He was backing out of the cell.

I said: “What the fuck? You got my arse.”

He was at the door and saying: “Um, I don’t have the authority, but I’ll tell the senior sarge you want your phone call,” and the real reprobate was gone. 

Fuck, fuck, fuck, my arse was gone for nothing

Of course, Frank, my lewd steppie who had been mentally undressing me for a while, was more than happy to post my large bail bond after we negotiated his price over the phone. He was on his way pronto.

Yeah, I paced the cell again, wondering if my arse could handle another cock tonight. Maybe he would turn compassionate. He knew the rules: Look but don’t touch a step-daughter. My slightly roughed-up but happy arse, how much could it take?

The senior duty officer finally came to me and said my stepdad had posted my bail and was waiting to take me home. 

Frank was so smarmy smooth in the cop station. Luckily, I didn’t see that young pig who ransacked my arse without helping me. I was livid with him. Then I relaxed as I was out of the place. 

Then I tensed as I saw Frank’s massive black SUV. It was parked a way off, in deep alley shadows.

Guy’s minds are easy to read. Well, my stepdaddy’s always had been. He was close to me like an escort. Breathing on the back of my neck. He ushered me around the massive vehicle to the passenger side.

“Gail, the back seat,” he said, opening the SUV with the electronic keyless remote. 

I knew the back seat was plush and spacious, though space wasn’t the real issue; it was my petite arsehole getting it again so soon after its first virginal rather forceful take, only half an hour ago.

Frank’s big burly heavy six-two body was instantly crushed against my petite five-one frame. Though the sod knew how to use his hands to full advantage, getting my top and bra off and my dress and knickers too, while leaving my high boots on and feeling everything sensitive on my body in a generous pressured erogenous way. So, smooth the bastard with the spots that counted. My earlobes. My neck. My frickin armpits. The sides of my boobs. Really good. Yep, my nipples, but they were made to wait. My soft flat belly, my navel, my shaved pubic mound, my slit, my arse crack, behind my frickin knees. Yep, I was panting. 

Moany, “Ah yes, Ah yes, Ah yes,” to every spot licked or massaged.

Then I started, “Ooh yeah, fuck yeah, sweet Jesus, yes!”

Well, he was finger fucking me by this stage. With one finger jammed nicely in my arse crack at the same time. With pressure and movement, he knew what to do the bastard. Drive me wild. He anchored his fingers in me and then crooked and pulled. So exquisite. I was mussy-wet. My arse relaxed.

I was swooning in self-delight till he guided my head down with the instruction: “Suck it, baby.”

“OH MY GOD,” I exclaimed

His pecker was huge. I’d seen a few, but he was huge—at least nine inches. 

My head was steered down over the big knob, and I started sucking him off. I could handle his head and got in a good rhythm of tossing him off with a suck, slurp, and half his shaft in a swallowing action. All my stepdaddy did was groan and guide my head with his hands. Our heads combined.

When he was ready, he eased my body over his. I was facing away from him, holding the front seat. My pussy was poised above his massive dong, circling my pussy opening, which displayed a lush slut wetness to his teasing action. He taunted and tormented my young slit. I didn’t care how big it was; I wanted it in me. 

I speared down onto his meat.

“Orrgh FUCK! Oh, fuck that’s big! Oh, Fuck!”

Then immodest grunting me as he impaled javelin length deep. 

Geez, the wonder of fresh, youthful pussy expansion to hold a bludging burgeoning cudgel of a cock. His whopping prodigious meat stick just spread my girly flesh in marvellous pleasure. God, was I filled. Hell, was I stuffed. Fuck was my pussy monopolised by his pecker. Then I just enjoyed his thick prolonged thrusting. My pussy pleasure amplified with every massive stroke.

My enjoyment went up a notch as he fingered my arse simultaneously. 

“You like that, you bitch, don’t you. You thought Daddy wouldn’t be man enough for you. Well, you are going to remember Daddy?”

And yes, I’ll never forget my stepdaddy as he transferred his monster cock from my saturated sopping pussy to my waiting, greedy arsehole.

“Orrgh God,” I grunted as his huge knob spread my indented, rilled anus. 

I had trepidation as my tightness, even though I’d had a frickin cock in my arse half an ago, my starfish didn’t seem to flex. I felt his monster cock buckle. Then my arse cracked, well, it cracked open. I ceded flesh to his pecker invasion. His big cock was inching in. Inching in. And then my pleasure flood gates opened.

“Orrgh fuck, that’s good. OrRGH fuck, that is really good. Urrgh fuck! Arragh! FUCK!” 

I was then whimpering groans of delight mixed with smarting acceptance of arse bursting throbbing. My steppies monster schlong ransacked my sweet balloon knot. Incredibly deep. Impossibly deep, it seemed. Bowel fuckin deep. 

I leant forward, clutching at the front seat. My arse was spiked, skewered and transfixed by his burrowing beast. I winced. I gasped. I squirmed. He rifled my arsehole. Wrecked my crack. Desecrated any decency I believed I possessed. 

But boy, was my arse satisfied. The brute had the technique of anal seduction down pat. My back passage infrastructure tested to its limits and probably beyond.

“Fuck, your arse is sweet, Gail,” he grunted, “Fuckin perfect, you little slut. I’m glad I got to break you in.”

Yep, I had to agree that my arse was so sweet for me, but I couldn’t say anything as my head went back wildly in the throes of a body-defining orgasm.

Frank then gave a series of deep guttural groans. I felt his colossal pecker jag and stiffen in me. Fuck-Jesus! I thought my arse would rip open. But as he withdrew, my pulsing tenderness was salved in a warm custardy gel of dribbling cum seeping out of my gawped butthole.

To conclude, I got utterly away without mommy finding out about my time in a cell.

‘Frankie’ paid a brilliant lawyer quietly to get all the charges against me dropped.

But by then, I was addicted to my stepdaddy’s monster schlong in my arsehole—a slave to my own sodomistic rituals. So, by the time, Jake got my arse at prom, I was an anal pro.


Submitted: March 14, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Dick Wood

That was fucking hot. "Fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy, fuck your little slut bitch in the arse!" she should have moaned as she was getting plowed.

Tue, March 14th, 2023 2:50pm


It all adds up.
The bad cop.
The stepdaddy ritual anal rape.
Her pleasured anal hole
Almost reality short story
Easy to read.

Sat, March 18th, 2023 10:47am

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