Shadowing the School Nurse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

A girl interested in nursing watches the school nurse give a boy a sports physical during career day.

Shadowing the School Nurse

My name is Bonnie Bowdoin.  I am now a practicing nurse practitioner in a Urology Clinic.  All I do all day long is look at penises. I see about thirty every day for various reasons. I have been doing this for over 15 years. I have seen over 100,000 penises. 

The one I remember the best was my first one.  I was still in high school. One day each year the school has a career day where the students are encouraged to explore their interest in future careers.  Since mine was nursing, I went to the school nurse for assistance.  When I did, she said, “Why don’t you shadow me for a day so you can see what I do?”

 I was ecstatic, I said, “Can I?” 

She said, “Yes, you can.”

I asked, “How much will I be able to see.”

She said, “You need to see everything. How are you going to learn what it is like to be a nurse unless you see everything.”

Arrangements were made for me to accompany Nurse Amanda Johnson for a whole day. I was excused from my classes for that day.  I was surprised at how much bookwork she had to do.  She spent most of the day just reviewing medical files of the students.  A couple of times that day students were injured and came in for assistance.  They never amounted for anything serious, just cuts that were sterilized and given band aids.

The one highlight of the day was that one of the star athletes of the school needed his sports physical.  His name was Wayne Smith and he was the quarterback of the football team.  He was also the class valedictorian and unanimously regarded as the handsomest and friendliest boy in the class.  Every girl in the school desired him but he already had a girlfriend, Desiree Deacon, the prettiest girl in the school. 

Nurse Johnson called him out of class and informed him that state law required a sport’s physical before he could play.  Furthermore, if she let him play, the school would forfeit the game.  All the other boys had been given physicals by the school board doctor the week before.  Wayne had been absent that day.

When Wayne arrived, Nurse Johnson informed him that the regular doctor was unavailable.  However, she would give him his physical if he wanted to play.  While she explained all this to him, I sat at her side and listened.  When she finished, Wayne looked at me and said, “Who is she and what is she doing here?”

Nurse Johnson said, “This is Bonnie Bowdoin. She is a sophomore. Today is career day and she is shadowing me today. She wants to be a nurse.”

Wayne this asked, “Is she going to watch my physical?”

Nurse Johnson said, “Yes, she will.”

Wayne then said, “Why does she have to watch?”

Nurse Johnson said, “Career Day is school board policy for the whole district. Bonnie has been assigned to me to learn.  She can't learn without observing.  I am required to follow school board policy.”

Wayne then said, “But I don't want her to watch.”

Nurse Johnson said, “If you don't take your physical, you can't play in the game tonight.”

Wayne said, "You mean you won't give me my physical unless she watches?"

Nurse Johnson replied, "Yes, you have the right to refuse and I have the right to refuse to provide you a physical unless you comply with my orders."

Wayne said, “I’ll take the physical.”

Nurse Johnson then said, “Please strip to your underwear.”  He did.

She then took out her stethoscope and listened to his heart and lungs.  She took his blood pressure and his temperature by mouth.  She checked the soundness of his joints and his reflexes.  Then at the end of the physical she said, “Stand in front of me.  He did. Then she said, “Lower your underpants.”

He said, “What?”

She repeated herself, “Lower your underpants.”

He said, “Why?”

She said, “I have to check you for an inguinal hernia.  It is a requirement for all male physicals.”

He asked, “Why only males?”

She said, “Girls do not get inguinal hernias.”

He looked at me and said, “I can't strip naked in front of her!”

Nurse Johnson said, “Why not?”

Wayne said, “She is a fellow student.”

Nurse Johnson said, "So what?"

Wayne said, "She is a girl?"

Nurse Johnson responded, “I am a girl."

Wayne said, “You are a nurse.”

Nurse Johnson said, “She is a nurse in training.”

Wayne said, “She is still a high school student and a sophomore at that.”

Nurse Johnson said. “This is nonsense.  Boys have no reason to be modest.”

Wayne said, “Why can’t boys be modest?”

Nurse Johnson said, “Girls need to be modest, boys don’t.:

Wayne asked, “Why not?”

Nurse Johnson said, “They don’t have anything to be modest about.”

Wayne said, "Boys have more to see than girls do.

Nurse Johnson said, "Males don't have anything that females want to see..

Wayne said, “Would you let me watch if you were giving Bonnie a pelvic?”

Nurse Johnson said, “Of course not!”

Wayne said, “Why not?”

Nurse Johnson said, "You don't have a need to see it."

Wayne said, "If I wanted to be a nurse would you let me watch?"

Nurse Johnson said, "No."

Wayne asked, "Why not?:

Nurse Johnson said, “Bonnie is a girl.”

Wayne said, “Aha, double standard!”

Nurse Johnson said, “No, girls don't molest boys."

Wayne said, "So what?"

Nurse Johnson said, "Girls need to be modest to protect themselves from being molested!"

Nurse Johnson continued, “If you don’t let me examine you for an inguinal hernia, you fail your physical and you can’t play tonight.”

Without answering Wayne lowered his shorts exposing his genitals.

I didn’t have a brother. I had never seen male genitals before. When I saw his genitals, I could hardly believe what I saw. He was so different from me. I saw a penis and testicles for the first time in my life.  He had a long, thick penis and thick heavy balls.  His penis was circumcised disclosing a large glans. His penis and testicles were symmetrical with the penis and testicles both handing the same distance. I thought they were beautiful. I can still visualize his cock and balls after all these years and seeing 100,000 other male genitals.

Nurse Johnson didn’t hesitate. She grabbed his testicles and fondled each one. She found nothing wrong. Then she took her longest finger and stuck it up through his scrotum to his right inguinal ring.  When she found it, she said, “Turn your head and cough.”  He did. Then she did the same to his left side. Then she grabbed a testicle in each hand and said, “Turn your head and cough.”  He did.

When she released Wayne’s testicles, I expected her to tell him to pull his underpants back up.  She didn’t. Instead, she turned to me and said, “Would you like to learn how to do this?”

Wayne immediately interrupted shouting, “No!”

Nurse Johnson said, “What's wrong now?”

Wayne said, “She isn’t a nurse. She was only supposed to watch.”

Nurse Johnson countered, “In order to teach new nurses, patients have to cooperate in their training.”

Wayne said, “She isn’t a nursing student.  She is a high school student.”

Nurse Johnson said, “Nevertheless, someday she will have to know how to do this. If you don’t cooperate, I won’t pass your physical."

Wayne said, “Damn!”

Nurse Johnson said, “Bonnie, would you like to learn how to administer an inguinal hernia examination?”

I couldn’t answer soon enough. I said, “Yes, of course.”

Nurse Johnson said to Wayne, “Stand in front of Miss Bowdoin.”  He did.

I grabbed his balls with both hands just as I had seen Nurse Johnson do.  I fondled his testicles feeling for anything wrong.  As I finished doing so, his penis started growing.  I was fascinated watching it grow.  I tried to find his inguinal ring, but I couldn’t because I didn’t know what I was looking for.

Nurse Johnson noticed me floundering and said, “You are looking for his inguinal ring.  You will find it at the top of his spermatic cord.  Trace the spermatic cord up from his testicle.”

I ran my fingers to the top of his spermatic cord and found the ring.  I put the tip of my longest finger against it and said, “Turn your head and cough.”  He did.

Nurse Johnson said, “Did you feel anything protruding through the ring.”

I said, “I did not.”

She said, “Do the left one.”  I did with the same result.

Nurse Johnson said, “Use both hands, grab both his testicles and tell him to turn his head and cough.”  I did. She then said, “Did you feel his testicles jerk slightly.”

She said, “Then he is perfectly normal.”

By this time his cock had continued growing and stuck out straight from his body.  I said, “Why is his penis growing?”

Nurse Johnson said, “Oh, you really are naïve aren’t you.  He is having an erection. It is perfectly normal. It is what happens when a male gets sexually excited.”

I asked, "Why is he sexually excited?

Nurse Johnson said, "He is a pubescent male exposed before two females.  It is not unusual at all."

I asked, "Do you mean I caused his erection?"

Nurse Johnson answered, "Yes, you did!"

I said, "Cool!"

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.  Nurse Johnson said, "Come in."

The door opened and Principal Anita Harvey entered.  She took a look at Wayne standing there with an erection and said, "Oh, I am sorry. I can come back later."

Nurse Johnson said, "There is no reason to leave, what can I do for you?"

Principal Harvey said, "I was wondered if Mr. Smith was going to be able to play tonight.  Are you giving him his physical now?"

Nurse Johnson replied, "Yes, I am.  He should be able to play tonight."

Principal Harvey asked, "What is this student doing here?"

Nurse Johnson replied, "Today is career day and Miss Bowdoin is shadowing me because she wants to be a nurse."

Principal Harvey asked, "Should she be watching this modesty sensitive examination."

Nurse Johnson replied, "If she wants to be a nurse she will have to get used to patient nudity."

Principal Harvey said, "I was referring to Mr. Smith's modesty."

Nurse Johnson said, "He is a male.  He has no reason to be modest?"

Principal Harvey asked, "Why can't boys be modest?"

Nurse Johnson said, "Medicine doesn't respect male modesty that same way as women.

Principal Harvey asked, "Why not?"

Nurse Johnson said, "When males enter a hospital it is like they are thrown naked into a sorority.  Gender neutrality is the rule with males."

Principal Harvey asked, "What is gender neutrality?"

Nurse Johnson replied, "The gender of the caregiver is not matched to the patient."

Principal Harvey asked, "So men just have to suck it up and let women care for them?"

Nurse Johnson said, "Exactly!"

Principal Harvey asked, "Why does Mr. Smith have an erection?"

Nurse Johnson said, "He is a pubescent male.  They get no reason boners all the time. "

Nurse Johnson continued, "Since you are already here, why don't you stay and watch.  This will be educational for you too".

Wayne said, "What about me, don't I have anything to say about it?"

Nurse Johnson said, "You are a male. It is not possible to provide you with gender specific nursing care.  This is something men have to endure.

.  You need to take this like a man."

I said, “His penis is so big.”

Nurse Johnson said, “No, he is just about average.  He only looks big because you've never seen one before.”

I said, "How do you know that?"

Nurse Johnson said, "Average is 5.2 inches."

I said, "He looks larger to me than that."

Nurse Johnson took out a tape measure and measure from his pubic bone.  She said, "Five inches exactly, slightly less than average."

I said, "But still statistically within the range of average."

Nurse Johnson repeated me, "Still statistically within average."

At that moment, the phone rang, and Nurse Johnson answered it.  She said, “Someone has been injured on the playground.  I have to leave immediately.”  She left and Principal Harvey went with her.

Wayne asked, “Can I get dressed now?”

I said, “I don’t know, we had better wait for the nurse to return.

After she left, I was still sitting in front of Wayne’s exposed and erect cock.  I didn’t know what to do so. I finally said, “You have a really nice cock,”

He answered, “Thank you.”

I looked up at him and said, “I have never seen one before.”

Wayne said, "Oh great."

I said, "Nurse Johnson said I caused it to grow like that."

Wayne said, "I am sorry, I couldn't help it."

I said, "Don't apologize, I am flattered.  It is something I have never seen before?"

Wayne said, "Did you like watching it grow?"

I said, "Very much so.  Can I touch it?"

Wayne said, "Go ahead, satisfy your curiosity."

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock.  I said, "Oh, you are really hard.  Does that mean you are sexually excited?"

Wayne said, "Yes, it does."

I said, "Can I feel your testicles."

Wayne said, "Be my guest."

I reached out with my hand and cupped his testicles.  I said, "Does it feel good when I do that?"

Wayne said, "Yes, it feels real good.  How does it feel to you when you do it?"

I said, "Yes, it makes me hot."

I continued to fondle his testicles. I noticed the scrotum had shrunk and was tight to his body. Then while I was fondling his testicles, I started stroking his cock. I was surprised he let me do it. I noticed he seemed to be enjoying it. I said, “Does that feel good?”

He said, “It feels wonderful.”

I said, “Do you want me to continue?”

He said, “Are you enjoying it as much as I?”

I said, “Yes, I am.”

He said, “What does it do for you?”

I said, “This is really exciting.  My panties are sopping wet.”

He said, “Turnabout is fair play. I want to feel how wet you are.”

I said, “Go ahead feel my panties but go no further.”

He said, “Why not?”

I said, “Because you are not my boyfriend.”  I opened my legs and let him run his hand under my skirt, up my legs and feel the wet cloth crossing my crotch. He lingered there for a while massaging my outer labia lips through my panties. I got so hot it frightened me.  I made him stop.

He said, “Oh yea, you really are wet.  I like that.”  He no sooner said that than he started spurting. Somehow, I knew that I should continue stroking and fondling him until he was done.  When he was done, I washed my hands and found a wet wipe to clean him up.” 

When he had finished spurting, he said, “Can I get dressed now?”

I said, “I think we should wait until Nurse Johnson gets back.”  I didn’t want to let him get dressed.  I wanted to keep him naked as long as possible. 

Shortly, Nurse Johnson amd Principal Harvey came back with the girl who had been injured on the playing field with two other girls who were carrying her on their shoulders.  When they saw Wayne Smith there naked as a jaybird and still with an erection, their eyes just about popped out of their heads.  Nurse Johnson was preoccupied with the injured girl and paid them no attention.  The two girls stood staring at his genitals.  Eventually Nurse Johnson noticed that the two girls were staring at him.  She said, "You girls can stop staring at Mr. Smith and get back to class.  Wayne, you can get dressed now and return to class.”

Just then the fire alarm went off.  Principal Harvey said, "We have to leave immediately."

Wayne said, "I can't I have to get dressed."

Principal Harvey said, "No time, I smell smoke, we have to leave now."  She grabbed Wayne by the ear and led him outside naked.  He was embarrassed, mortified, and tried to cover himself with his hands.  He had to stand there naked until the fire department declared all clear.  It was no use trying to maintain his modesty and eventually gave up.  After all the girls in the school saw him naked and erect, he was more popular than ever.

Wayne won the football game that night with a last-minute hail Mary pass.  The next Monday he called and asked for a date.  I accepted.

At the end of the date, he took me out to park. As soon as he stopped, I went for his testicles. I like testicles. I like to tease a man before I let him cum. I can play with testicles as long as I want and the man won’t cum.  I won’t let him spurt until he begs me.  After I got him erect, he wanted to finger me.  This time I let him. This time it was even better. I took off my panties and let him run his hand up my thighs to my pussy.  It felt so good with his fingers in my pussy. I came at the same time he did and gushed pussy juice all over his hands. 

He became my steady boyfriend. I took him away from Desiree. One night I had a sleepover with my girlfriends. I invited Wayne to come by.  When he did, I stripped him naked in front of my girlfriends. Then I let them all play with his balls and cock.  When they all had their chance with him, I had one of them fondle his balls while another stroked his cock.  He came quickly and squirted cum all over my friend Judy’s hands. When it was over, I wouldn’t let him get dressed.  I made him stay naked in front of my girlfriends all night long so that we could play with our new toy.  We invented games to play with his cock.  We used it as a pump, a trebuchet, a handle, and a leash.  We even put him on all fours and pretended to milk him.  The next morning, we girls masturbated him again. Only then did we let hm get dressed.

Wayne graduated and went away to college.  I found new boyfriends. I am hardly pretty but I had no difficulty finding other dates.  My reputation as a masturbatrix preceded me. I never dated the same boy twice. I made it a goal to jerk off all of the boys in my class over the next two years. Before I graduated. the remaining boys held a party for me so that I could jerk the rest of them. I am still a legend at Central High School. 

I love my job working as a Urology nurse practitioner.  I never tire of looking at male genitals.  I especially like it when they are modest and shy and don't want me to see them naked.  I really like it when they are reluctant to strip for me.  I always use a medical assistant to watch.  It embarrasses them more.  My excuse is that I need a witness in case of a claim of molestation.  It is bullshit!  Men do not engage in passive aggressive behavior. I also encourage my office staff to humilate my patients as much as possible.  They come in during the examination with a fake message if they think the patient is cute and will be embarrassed.  The more observers, the  more likely an erection. I keep track of how many times we can cause erections.  I love dominating men. I especially like embarrassing them.

One of my jobs there is to work with men who have erectile disfunction.  The first thing I have to do is determine if they really can’t get it up.  The male doctors at my clinic all refer their patients to me.  They need to know whether the patient's erectile disfunction has a medical or psychological basis.  My treatment is simple and straightforward. I gather a couple of my office staff and even a female patient or two if I can.  I bring them into the examination room and tell the patient that we are going to have our way with him.  Then we slowly undress him.  We take turns playing with his cock and his balls.  Sometime the patient is truly non-functional, but you would be surprised at how often the problem is simply a lack of stimulation.  Too many wives don't understand the need to stimulate their husbands.  They think they are supposed to lay flat on their back and fake an orgasm.

I am also trained in sports medicine.  After this incident I offered my services to Central High School's teams.  I now do all their physicals each year.  I require the boys to be naked througout. I do them on an assembly line.  I train their mothers do all of the functions. I only supervise.  There are never problems getting mothers to volunteer.  I even have a spare or two. The attitude of the boys' mothers is interesting.  They are always interested to see if there sons have developed properly.  You would think they would sympathize with their sons humilation because they all have erections throughout the exam but they don't.I tried to use female students but the administration wouldn't let me so I suggested mothers. The school administration's objection was for the sensibility of the girls not the modesty of the boys.  I do use a female student as a gofor to run errands. The reason that the school board lets me do the boy's physicals is that I do them free.  The boys are always informed they can have their own doctors do it but their parents will have to pay for it.

Since I have seen all the boys naked already, I freely enter the boys' lockerroom during the season.  I check on injuries after every game. The boys scarcely notice me now when I do.  I have them so well trained that when I bring in a female student aide to act as a scribe they hardly take notice.

I really love my job.  However, my job is a little frustrating. I get to look at toys on boys but I seldom get to play with them. I take out my sexual frustrations on my husband.  He loves that.

I am happily married now with have 4 children, two boys and two girls.  My life is full.



Submitted: March 12, 2023

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