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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

A single mom is humiliated beyond belief by a friend of her son's.

(all characters in this fantasy are 18 yrs of age or older. The author does not condone the behavior of the characters in this story.)









Ryan’s Bitchby dale10




Hello. My name is Debbie Logan, I am a thirty-six-year old housewife, and this is the story of how I became a dirty, filthy, perverted, slut cunt of a sex slave to an eighteen-year-old high school soccer player. It has totally ruined a life that was already in trauma. Now I am nothing but a fucked up cum rag for a gang of high school boys.


Until my husband Don left me five years ago, I was a normal, happy, middle class housewife, who thought she had everything. I loved my husband and adored our son, Danny. I was content being the perfect soccer mom, driving Danny to sporting events and never missing a game. I lavished praise and attention on my husband, until one day I found some videos of my husband fucking a teenage girl. Rather than be repentant, he blamed it on my not keeping my girlish figure. He said he needed something younger and prettier to satisfy his cock. Imagine!


I admit that as a housewife, I had somewhat let myself go. I was not dumpy or out of shape by any means, but I had become a rather plain looking housewife and mother. And my breasts had begun to sag ever so slightly. Now, I always had rather huge breasts. I think that is why Don went for me in high school. I had the biggest tits on the cheerleading squad, and quite a few of the boys were after me, but I gave my virginity to Don. And now at thirty-six, my “jugs” as he called them had begun to droop just a bit. But I had let myself go in other ways. I had stopped dressing flashy, I guess and I looked…well… suburban momish. Anyway, When Don left, I had a breakdown. My entire world crumbled, and Danny blamed me for his father leaving.

He became sullen and short with me. I still went to all of his games and tried to support him and be a good mom in every way. It was going to his soccer matches that was my downfall. That was where I saw Danny’s friend Ryan.


I’d known Ryan since he was about fourteen. He and Danny were best friends, but in the last year or so, Ryan had blossomed. He had matured, and become a beautiful young male animal. He was always the wild type, and Danny’s father and I had warned our son to be wary of Ryan even when they had first become friends. Ryan smoked pot. Ryan drank. Ryan drove his parents’ car when he was still too young.

And Ryan spoke of girls in the most demeaning manner. I overheard him talking to my son when they were fifteen and Ryan was calling some girls in their school, “Cunts” and “Cockhounds” and “Dick teasers.” I heard him say of one sweet young girl named Marcee, that he would love to see her suck off a dog. And from the sound of the two boys thumping in Danny’s room, I’d guessed that the boys were masturbating. Now, I am not a prude, and I knew that some of that dirty talk was just normal teenage fooling around. I also knew both Danny and Ryan looked at some pretty raunchy porno sites on the computer. Things that hadn’t existed when I was young. But I tried to be a good mom and keep an open mind. I admit that I drank too much in my loneliness, and was prone to nervous anxiety. But that was before my world came crashing down around me. And all because of Ryan.


You see, in my loneliness, I fashioned a kind of fantasy over eighteen-year-old Ryan. He was so damned cute, I found myself thinking about him when I masturbated. I imagined what his thick teen cock must look like, and I wondered which girls at school he had fucked.

I heard from Danny that Ryan didn’t have steady girl, but preferred to “date around.” To me, that was code for “fuck around.” Is it so wrong for a single mom to have sexual fantasies over her son’s best friend? At the games, I would only watch him. I would wait outside the boy’s locker room for my son, but really hoping to catch a look at Ryan. He came over to our house to play video games with Danny quite a bit, and I always tried to make him welcome. I even began to dress up a bit and do my make-up and hair. Typical middle-aged female fantasies. I knew someone like Ryan would never go for an older woman like me.


But then I did a bad thing. I went on Ryan’s facebook page and downloaded every cute photo of him I could find. There were some of him in soccer shorts with no shirt on. My dried up old pussy became wet and had new life in it. I became obsessed with Ryan. Remember please, that it was all a fantasy game, and I would never have really done anything with him. I printed out the pictures so that I could look at them while I lay on my bed and masturbated. 




I will never forget his scream of anguish until the day I die. For a week he wouldn’t look at me or speak to me. How could I make him forget what he saw? How could I erase the event? He had seen his mother naked with her fingers in her cunt, looking at pictures of his best friend, Ryan. I was so ashamed I couldn’t look at my own son.

That did not stop him from inviting Ryan over. He would watch me trying to avoid the well-built teen athlete. He would order me to get Ryan a soda or some snacks. And then, I could tell from Ryan’s looks that Danny must have told him what he had seen. Ryan began to openly stare at me and smirk. He started to rub his jean covered dick right in front of me. He would squeeze and rub his crotch. I became quite scared. And then, one evening everything in my life fell apart.


Ryan and Danny had been watching tv. I served them some pizza and cola. Ryan looked up at me from the couch and said quite loudly. “You know, Mrs. Logan, you got quite a set of udders on you!” 

I can’t begin to tell you how awful I felt.  I didn’t know what to do.


“Ryan paid you a compliment, Mom, what do you say?”


Humiliated beyond belief, I muttered, “Thank you Ryan.”


“Yeah, you got a great set of tits on you. Must be what a D cup? You know with tits like that, you really shouldn’t be wearing a bra. Let ‘em hang free and wobble. Give the neighborhood kids a thrill.”


“Please, Ryan, I can’t allow talk like that in my house.” I tried to sound authoritarian. 


He laughed, his perfect white teeth flashing. “Sure you can Mrs. Logan. You can allow that and a whole lot more. Your son told me you diddle your twat looking at my pictures. Do you try to imagine what my big fat teenage dick must look like?”


I pointed at the door. “Leave this house at once.” Inside, I was shaking like a leaf. 


“Shut your cock hole, Mrs. Logan. Just imagine what would happen if I got some of my buddies to report along with me that when we were younger, like fourteen or fifteen, that you molested us. What if we told our parents that you would fiddle with our dicks and asses after the soccer games? Why, you’d end up in prison, Mrs. Logan.”


“That’s a dirty lie, and you wouldn’t do that!” I was really terrified now.


“Not if you are a good bitch for me. You’re going to be real polite from now on and do everything I tell you to. If we did go to the police, who do you think they would believe? Five or six sweet, young, high school boys, or a dirty, filthy cunt of a whore whose husband walked out on her and is dick crazy, and whose own son would testify against her?” 


I put a trembling hand to my mouth. I turned to my darling son. “Danny, you wouldn’t do that, would you?”


My son. My sweet innocent son put his hand on his own swollen dick lump in his jeans and rubbed. “’Fraid so, Mom. You are a filthy pig, after all, and you did drive Dad away.”


“Now, let’s just give this baby a test drive, shall we?  Mrs. Logan, I want you to go into the kitchen and take off your bra. Let’s see how your big fat tits look under that dress without a bra to hold them up.”


“I won’t do it. I WON’T!” I shook terribly. There was exasperation in my voice and a tear in my eye. “Please stop this.”  


Both Ryan and Danny laughed. Then Ryan took out his phone. “We’ve got it all set up. My buddies are ready to testify and so is Danny. We got our stories straight. Danny will even tell the authorities you’d come into his room at night and play with his dick while you thought he was sleeping.”


I clapped both hands over my mouth. “That’s lies. That’s all terrible lies!”  


Ryan nodded. “I know, but everyone will believe it. The school, our parents, all the other kids, folks at your church. Just imagine what they will think of you.  All I got to do it push the send button on my phone.”


Danny had one hand squeezing his dick lump. “You’d better do as Ryan says, Mom. He ain’t shittin’ you. He’s dead serious.”  The smile on my own son’s face made me sick.


“Now get your fat ass into the kitchen and remove that tit sling and bring it back here,” Ryan snapped. Even in my terrified state, I couldn’t help but notice that the lump in Ryan’s jeans was enormous.


I stumbled into the kitchen, not knowing what I was doing. I had to find a way out of this nightmare. I unbuttoned my dress and unhooked my bra and slid it off.  My breasts are huge and I always wear a bra. I am very self-conscious about them. One boy I knew in high school called me “Tits” and the other boys picked it up. I was always terribly shy and still am. This boy was so brazen he would walk up to me at school and pinch my nipples through my top and my bra. “Are you breast feeding any little piglets?’ he would ask and all the boys would laugh.


My naked breasts felt really odd under my dress, and my nipples rubbing against the material began to get hard. That’s another thing.

I have really large, sensitive nipples. My husband used to suck on my nipples for hours, while I lay there totally ashamed. He was a very odd man.


I carried the bra back into the living room and held it out to Ryan, my face red with embarrassment.  He took it from my trembling hand.


“Rule Number One, Mr. Logan. There are going to be lots and lots of rules, and you had better remember them all. Write them down if you have to. Rule Number One. YOU ARE NEVER EVER GOING TO WEAR A BRA AGAIN. NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO OR WHAT YOU DO, FROM NOW ON, BRAS ARE FORBIDDEN!” 




“Tough titty…”  Ryan laughed and Danny joined him.  “No bras, ever. You wear a tit-sling even once, and we go to the police. And speaking of tits, why don’t you give us a little show, Mrs. Logan. Why don’t you slowly unbutton your dress for us and show us your udders?”




But Danny had a huge wet spot on the front of his jeans, and I could tell he was getting off on this abuse of his own mom.


“You got my fucker pushing at the levis, Cunt, so get going and open up that fucking stupid housewife dress!” 


Starting at the neck, I began to unbutton the dress. My big tits pushed the material apart. To think I was doing this to two boys, one of them my own son, who had just turned eighteen.  Why would they want to torment me?


“Okay, now open the top of the dress to show us your mommy tits.”


“You are both really sick, twisted young men, “I snapped at them.


“One more rude remark and I push the button. Show me your fucking tits, Bitch! And if you are a real good girl, maybe I’ll show you my nice big fat dick!”


With shaking fingers, I pulled the top apart until my large breasts flopped out. In just the last year, they had lost a bit of their firmness, but they still were pretty perky and strong, each one the size of a large melon.


“Wow, Dan, my man, you said your dirty cunt of a mom had great tits, but I had no idea they were this awesome.  Christ, look at those fucking nipples. Did you really suck on them when you were a baby?”


I could see that Danny was terribly aroused but also feeling somewhat awkward. He was my only hope.


“Did he, Mrs. L. did Danny boy here slurp on your nipples when he was a baby?”


I tried to maintain some dignity. Yes, I did nurse my darling son.” I replied, trying to get some sympathy from my son.


“Shit, I bet she could squirt milk across the room. Well, from now on, with your new wardrobe, I am personally picking out for you, Mrs. L., you are going to be showing lots and lots of people your tits. And now, why not unbutton that dress the rest of the way and step out of it. Let’s see what kind of old lady panties you wear.” 


It was true, I did wear rather conservative, plain panties. But I knew my hairy muff would shows through the material and the boys would see it. But what could I do? I was trapped. I undid the dress and stepped out of it. Now I was standing before my eighteen-year-old son and his best friend, dressed in nothing but my panties.  I put one arm across my breasts and the other down to cover my crotch.


Ryan cracked up. “Ha! It would take more than that to cover up those big balloons, baby.  And what is that I see a shadow of through those boring panties you have on? Is that cunt hair? Do you have a big old cunt bush? Danny, can you see that your mom has a big old cunt bush?


Danny actually leaned forward on the couch. “That looks like a full pussy patch to me!”


“Mrs. Logan, Danny and me, we like our cunts bald. We like our bitches hairless. But don’t worry, Danny and me won’t punish you for your hairy twat. After all, you didn’t know you’d be undraping for us tonight. Naw. We’ll even help to shave you. But from now on, we better not find a single hair on your cunt or around your asshole.”


I remember the language was so foul and the things they were suggesting so perverted that I fell to my knees, sobbing. “Please, stop. Please stop this!”


“Stand up, Mrs. Logan. It’s time for you to take off your panties!”

Submitted: March 10, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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