My Report Card

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Chloe puts her body on the line to improve her college report. A is for effort; seriously! A is for arse.

I got a bad report. A terrible first-semester report. I had been skipping college classes: time spent with the girls at the mall, in the back of boys' cars and too many all-in, alcohol-fuelled weekend teen sex parties.

Mum, a teacher, would make good on her threat and send me to an all-girls private catholic boarding school for the remainder of the year.

I had only one option, get my stepdaddy to help. Luckily mum had a late staff meeting, so I went home early to prepare for Larry.

When Larry came to the lounge from the downstairs garage, I was curled up on the sofa, indulging in a fake sob.

"My poppet,” he said, glad to have the excuse to put a hand even on my shoulder.

I hated ‘poppet’ like I was a mute sex doll. I had seen him drool over my tight shorts, skimpy dresses, and busty exposed cleavage. Yes, I was a dolly. A cute fuckin real sex doll.

I cried into his shoulder as he sat next to me. Then, I did a perfect blubbering imitation and handed him my tear-stained report. At the same time, making sure my long brunette hair swished across his cheek.

He looked at the scathing comments, repeated failures, and continued absences.

I blurted out the obvious: "Mummy will send me off to the nuns."

He patted and stroked me like I was a kitten and said: "Well, we can't let that happen. Can we."

"Oh, Larry, help me."

"Sure, Chloe, but I need something in return," he hinted, stopping at the precipice of lust. 

"Whatever you want, daddy. Name it?" 

I watched the dirty prick squirm. Daddy was getting it. He didn't fully realise it. YET!

He hesitated. He knew the boundary. He savoured the fantasy but dared not cross the line.

My body had no such qualms.

"Let me surprise you, and then you can issue me with a new report."

My stepdad was an assistant principal at another city school, and I knew he could access state templates, get those E's to B's, and write glowing comments about me.

I went direct to the quick unzip and release of his cock. Best not to give daddy time to think yet.

My stepdaddy was thinking — with his cock, and that's all I wanted.

My hand was around his shaft, my cute pink lips surrounding his pecker in the perfect O. Pity that wasn't a rating on reports. I'd be top of the class for sucking off. Schools don't acknowledge your true talents. My head bobbed back and forth as I worked his length, shaping it to maximum hardness.

I took time to lick his B for balls and suck his silky pouch skin between my lips and drive the prick delirious with groans as I swept my tongue between his legs, teasing his arsehole and stretched perineum.

I was soon lying back on the sofa; in my faded short denim jeans —something I had to ease off because they are so damn tight fitting on me. Still, a girl has to highlight her best assets, and my arse was a beacon of certainty to any guy.

I kept my legs together. My thighs squeezed. I love it when a guy has to work his way between your legs. Larry had to do the spread. Slide his hands between my upper thighs and jack them apart. But, boy, did he gain the whole eyeful. My sweet, shaved perfection. My lippy fleshy girly marvel. My stunning package of mutual pleasure and my C for clitty already poking out. My pink jellybean was so excited, as per usual.

Larry spread my pussy and stroked my clit. When it's so big, it demands instant attention and boy, does it make a great starting point. It gets me ramped for wild lewd action so quickly. My stepdad went the intense flick, flick over my engorged clitty. He was male happy. I was girly ecstatic. My oh my, my salmon pink pearl can deliver the goodies.

Little gasps of delight escaped my lips — tell-tale "Oh's" and "Ahh's."

Followed by no dreaded school D.

Just, “ Yes Daddy, Oh, yes Daddy, more D, D daddy!”

The raunchy, filthy bastard had more in mind than I had initially guessed. He turned me over. I thought he wanted to dog me.

Okay, that's an awesome position and my favourite D.

However, his tongue smeared into my crimped anus with raunchy waves of immediate pleasure. The dirty sleazeball was getting copious spit, and his finger embedded quickly and naughtily into my tight back crack.

He was seriously E for engaged in my erogenous zone.

Fuck knows how you spell that!

I was in a frenzy fever pitch for an orgasm. But he denied me — the cunning bastard as he turned me back over, spreading my legs and ploughing straight into my moist slit.

Daddy provided the F, and it was no failure.

“Geez, you are leaking fluid,” he said, smearing it on his fingers.

“Don’t waste it, you sod. Feed your fingers to me. Let me taste my juice!”

Fuck did his eyes bulge!

“Yum,” I managed.

My pussy nectar is sweet and sticky.

He pumped me. I teased my clitty openly. Larry liked that. It got him thrusting deep.

The bad, bad boy wanted every position he could have me in. It was like he knew he might never have this hold over me again. I already knew any excuse or no excuse would be enough to fuck my stepdad again. When you are a cock-a-holic like me, it's getting the boy's pants down anywhere, anytime.

He had me sitting over his pecker. He jammed his cock up into me, holding my arse cheeks and drilled my body back down to his balls. Hot and sensational. 

"Mmm, mmm," I started before I pitched, "Oh yes, deeper, daddy, deeper."

“Oh my God,” I mouthed as the cunt inserted a finger with his cock and aroused my G-spot!

I fucking gushed! I spouted fluid like a fire hydrant.

H is horny. H is hot.

“You’re a cagey sod,” I panted as I took the tempo from Larry, and he was in male paradise as I eased my butt up and down in a humping motion, rocking off his cock. Fuck I love to hump.

I did the work. I pleasured him and me. My buttock muscles shaped our sexual joining and sensual energy. The bastard was groaning.

He was surprised at just how good I was. I was the fucking Icing on his dick.

But Larry emerged as a typical Kinky daddy who wanted the lot, including My implacably tight arse. He got a finger in there, but he wanted his fat throbbing cock crammed in the most constricted, enjoyable space. But, boy, was he in for a treat. 

“Love my arse, you bastard,” but he was already there.

I loved cock up my butt, and I was relaxed and ready for Larry. I knew the secret of great butt fucking at eighteen was to loosen up, go with the beautiful tight flow of pecker up your bum and luxuriate in the most decadent of bodily pleasure.

"Fuck yeah, " I still girly yelped because Larry was good, very, very good. He spread my arsehole and spat fully into me. The arsehole worked two fingers into my expanding gaped; cock waiting space. I felt his hand wrapped around his shaft as he eased his hard, hard cock head into my slowly yielding crack.

I was delivering, too, as I said, “Do you like me Masturbating as you fill my arse.”
“Oh yeah, Chloe, be a hoe. I love it!”

His pecker Nudged and pushed very slowly into my butt. Then it just came, the beautiful giving by my arse muscles, and Larry was pumping with traction, steadily and happily for both of us: in and out of me, with a robust addictive rhythm.

"Oh sweet Jesus, " I started before I grunted, "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh."

My arse, my mind and my body were shaped by his Pecker filling my butt hole. He was groaning. I was panting and mouthing off.

"Ah, Ah, Oh yeah, Ooh, shit, Wow! Ah, Ah, Ah!"

The Wow as he jagged filthy deep. 

The Queef my pussy made was a fucking surprise as my muscles from my girly canal to my arse tightened.

“Cream me! Cream me! Daddy cream me!”

Screamed with pleasure!

Terrific Daddy shoved his load in obscene and over deep.

An oozy anal cream pie, but I wanted it. I love the cum seeping out of my tight crack after a great butt fuck.

Yeah: I gave Daddy an A+ in my mind. My stepdad got my glowing report as I sucked the dregs from his Uncircumcised masterpiece.

Larry wrote and printed out a new report. 

A Very, very good report after WE shared a shower together.

Later, Mum was so excited by my improvement that she promised me a car mid-year rather than at the end of college. 

My results crashed even further downhill in the second semester. I explored every X-rated sex position in my new red convertible, including Larry in our garage.

Replete with the signature words that get a step-daughter everything.

“Oh Yes, daddy, that’s so good, daddy, more daddy, don’t you dare stop!”

And believe me; it was the truth, and Larry, with plenty of butt fucking produced for me a glowing final end-of-year report. 

Soon after: I scored my first job as a legal secretary.

I did Zilch serious work, but boy, did I keep the partners at the firm happy, and yes, Larry remained the A+ stepdad.


[Oh, and an A+ to NightCafe for generating a Wow Chloe image]

Submitted: March 09, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Yes, that image is fantastic, hot storyline to go with it too!!!

Thu, March 9th, 2023 6:52am

Daisy xx

Felt I was there, in every way - I love your writing, Janus - you're so vivid and real! x

Thu, March 9th, 2023 11:16pm

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