Pervoncian the Great

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going from pervoncian to pervoncian the great

with a lack of much better to do pervoncian finds hisself peculiarly bored. he looks down at his very low-budget watch to check the time. its later than he first thought. then he decides to go over and play a nearby pinball game. its a older model. nearly a antique. hes not particularly good at it. not really. and soon becomes agitated. unreasonably agitated. he mutters a couple of foul words under his breath. and before he even knows it the game ends. he reaches in his pocket and, aside from an old piece of gum that he shouldve already discarded, he sees he doesnt have very much income remaining. so he just makes a choice. he reaches in another one of his pockets and pulls out a comb. he combs the naps in his hair and just decides to start going back home.
pervoncian really doesnt have much to go back to. hes had to move in with his aunt after his mother died from aids several years ago. his father died not long before he was born so he hasnt known him. and, not to mention, his aunt really hasnt been holding up very well lately. in other words, teetering on the brink. his siblings were left to become little more than mere statistics. none of it was his choice. just circumstances he found hisself in. many of the elders around him have not been very good role models. not at all. so many just didnt know what they were doing. theyve mainly been distracted, disenfranchised, or just didnt seem to give a fuck. or maybe they were just still kids themselves. unfortunately. hes seen it with his own eyes so he even knows how hard it is and can be not to succumb to such conditions and circumstances. but hes not exactly sure where to go from here.
after a very very long period of time passes (years) pervoncian still finds hisself in a similar predicament. unfortunately. but theres something different now. his aunt now finds herself battling aids. and she doesnt know how much time she has left. pervoncian cant believe it. now hes very sad and unhappy. indeed. and he doesnt know what to say and he doesnt know what to do. this doesnt help his temperament. at all. his aunt eventually tragically succumbs and passes away.
with not many other ways to turn pervoncian decides to relocate. hopefully to something better. perhaps a more pristine climate. and after he finds a new spot (far from the old one) he manages to make a few friends. not many. but now hes found a girlfriend. it wasnt easy. and she is very good to him. she enjoys taking care of him. she does it as best she can. shes very independent. shes a very hard-worker. shes very driven. shes very creative. she is constantly getting him and providing for him what she thinks he needs. but, unfortunately, he cant keep up with her. he is just too immature. and, eventually, too immature for her to take it anymore. so it doesnt last. they drift apart. after that comes routine wave after wave of bad relationships and doomed relationships. he cant find someone that can fix him nor resolve him. maybe because hes gone mad. or on the verge of it. losing it in the head little by little. he starts to accept that no matter what he tries or which way he turns its just another dead-end. that is, until he meets myraqua.
myraqua is beautiful. her hair is like a brisant breeze. her alluring lips are like some kind of cascading intoxicant. and she has the meloptic eyes of a princess. he was actually introduced to her by one of his buddies. shes as mellow as a haugh. on one of their nights together, while sitting there in her car, after pervoncian had too much to drink he starts to lose control. hes not very good with handling his liquor in the first place. hes sloppy and cant stop goofing off. she has to grab him to try and settle him down.
after she does she says to him, know, pervoncian...youre not being very professional..._
and a slurring pervoncian replies, _.....wh-wh-what are youu talking abrout?? dro you mean?...what professionnn..??..._
and then she tells him that shes a prostitute. and pervoncian feels stunned. because he didnt know this. and even in his imbalanced state he realizes this one isnt going to be able to fix him either nor resolve him. then he slumps back in his seat. then he exhales. then he starts becoming agitated (again). she doesnt know what else to say. but seeing this myraqua comes up with a bright idea.
thats when she says, _...ill tell you...hows about this?...i think i might know someone for you...and also something you can do...._
and pervoncian responds, _....w-whatt? do you mean??..._
and before he can say anything else she says, _...but not here...far from you might have to take a trip...but......on second could just go with me!..._
and pervoncian says, _....a trip?
and with a hypnotizing effect in her eyes her lips say, _.....horniewood..._
pervoncian soon finds hisself in a different place. and he knows he hasnt been here before. so hes like trying to ingest it all. but he doesnt know where to start. so he calls on myraqua. thats who got him so comfortably set up and properly situated here. and she tells him to call the person she told him about. after he does they agree on a date. and when he gets there hes tantalized by what he sees. with a cigarette in her hand she looks exactly how myraqua described her.
its devitchia. and she is inquinsically hot-looking. so much that she couldve lit that cigarette just by touching it with her fiery crimson nails. shes had a whooole lot of work done. but all of that work is working. very well. indeed. he knows its her just by looking. after he goes over they exchange introductions. and it doesnt take very long at all for him to conclude from her disposition that she isnt going to be able to fix his problems either or really help him with what he needs. until she begins to elaborate.
she says, what do you think of it here in horniewood?..._
to which pervoncian answers, _....uhh....i think im still learning i guess....seems like a hell of a place though..haha..plenty of possibilities..._
then she says, _...myraqua was telling me about you...she thought that maybe we could work what do you say?..._
and a uncertain pervoncian says, _....uhh...not sure where youre aiming at this like some kind of game or something?..._
then she giggles a little before saying, _...not at all....because trust me.....i am a professional..._
and pervoncian says, _...a professional what?..._
then she takes another puff from her cigarette and says, _....youll see...come on..lets meet afrumpo..._
pervoncian wonders who that is. after they get there he sees theres a handful of others there too. one of the women looks uncannily like devitchia. like she was cloned somehow. very beautiful. and thats when one of the people there, seemingly out of nowhere, very energetically and enthusiastically hops over to say hello.
he says, _...hi there brand new friend!...the names swenngeko!..._
hes older than pervoncian. and it shows.
after he shakes his hand swenngeko says, how long have you been involved with the adult entertainment field?...are you working on your own brand?...i was thinking about that..._
and a unsuspecting pervoncian says, the What field??..._
then he turns to devitchia and says, didnt say th.._
and she cuts him off mid-way and says, _...myraqua told me to take you here...okay?...its to keep you from making the wrong moves...i dont know why...maybe she just wanted to take pity on you...and didnt want you to turn out as just another loser...because shes already seen that happen enough times before already..._
she continues, this was could i put this....change your trajectory...yes..._
and pervoncian is still a bit perplexed.
he says, _...but i dont know anything about..._
and she cuts him off mid-way again saying, _...and thats why youre figure out how to play your part...theres nothing wrong with being lost in the beginning...and, by the way everybody, this here is pervoncian!..._
then swenngeko cuts in and says, _...its no big deal p-man!...i can help show you the ropes...plenty of people have come this way already...afterall, this is a business!...and we are all professionals...very very professional...of course..._
then he provides advice, _...just gotta figure out what youre good at...who knows what that might be..._
then he grabs a folder off a nearby desk and says,, me...i was thinking about a network...a variety of stuff....abundance....haha...sound groovy to you?...what you have to under-ceive is that the imagination is gender-less and creativity is gender-less too....isnt that exciting? talking about assortment so much..._
then swenngeko shows him a logo of what he had in mind. its a face in agony as two segmented horns tear out of both eye sockets. underneath are the words stimu-lord network.
pervoncian responds, i ask you a question?...whats with all the horns and stuff?..._
swenngeko says, _...oh, that....well brand new friend im not oblivious to the fact that we are living in a wicked society...obviously...maybe not all of it....but enough of it...and we are living in the middle of im just calling it as i see it..._
then he digresses, _...oh..let me slow i talking too much?...whew!...i find myself doing that...i cant believe it p-man...i scare myself sometimes..._
at first seeing him pervoncian assumed this eccentric swenngeko was some kind of hippie. because hes seen those before. but seeing his productivity and hearing about his work ethic now makes him think otherwise. he might actually be a professional. serious stuff.
then swenngeko adds, _...and im thinking also about a part called "supreme obscene"...some waaay out there the name says...haha...yes, "non-traditional" to say the least...haha..._
he goes on, _...theres even some stuff for pet-aphiles..._
and at first hearing it pervoncian says, _...did you just say ped...??._
and swenngeko insists, no no...i dont do any underage stuff...thats too far...i said know, like perversions and this one im working on about this serpent that fucks a chick and accidentally knocks her up..called "me & my baby mamba"...for those that get bored with the norm..._
then he starts to run his mouth again. on and on about how dying is just another step towards reincarnation. and how everything is some kind of animal after consumption and more consumption. and how everything gets a turn as every organism at some point. 
but pervoncian shuts him down with a single statement, _.....listen!....when your dick dont work anymore...that is death!...period..._
and, with a hint of his intensity, swenngeko is left stunned and slack-jawed at his abruptness.
afrumpo soon emerges. hes a robust-looking fellow. hes older (up there in age) and has a aloof disposition. perhaps hes on something. he seems to almost grumble when he speaks.
he says, _...well i hope everyones brought something Captivating with them today...because you know my standards...afterall, its like i always say...this is not a game, this is a business..._
and after the others come forth and present their projects and their ideas devitchia grabs pervoncian by the arm and pulls him along.
then she says to afrumpo, _...we may have us a new part of the team...this here is pervoncian..._
and a awkward-looking pervoncian just says, _...uhh....hello.._
and afrumpo is not impressed. not at all.
he barks off questions, _...what is he doing here?!...what are you good at boy? willing to get your hands dirty?? do know this is horniewood right?? you know how things are done out here??...what are your talents?! not looking for new losers...what are you bringing to the table? waiting...._
and pervoncian fumbles his words.
then devitchia steps in, _...put a cork in it frumpie baby...hes still trying to find his place..this could help put him on a more professional track....remember like you told me before, the devil is always hiring....right?...__
but afrumpo is still pessimistic.
_.hmph.._, he says.
after he starts working for afrumpo for a while hes beginning to have a hard time. at first its just running errands and menial tasks. but eventually it becomes grander and grander. and soon hes having a really hard time keeping up. afrumpo expects a lot. he really does. sometimes a whooole lot. he definitely has a standard. there is no doubt about that. productivity productivity productivity.
and hes taking it out on pervoncian, _...i dont give a tit-mouses asshole how long it takes...get it done! have more than enough time to do it!..._
the way he operates is he writes what he wants you to say or do and youre just supposed to obey and say it or do it. results results results. it just makes pervoncian more agitated than he already is. he feels that afrumpo needs to get over hisself. what was he so angry about anyway? maybe he was just mad at hisself.
but eventually it becomes too much for pervoncian. hes just too damn demanding. and the aggravation inside of pervoncian is too much. and now he thinks he wants to start doing his own thing. maybe he could even help someone else the same way he was helped along. to keep from being a lost loser. he remembered what swenngeko showed him. and how swenngeko was aiming to do his own thing too. thats when it hits him. if you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself. so he takes the risk of going independent.
after being dismissed by a awry and never-satisfied afrumpo he finds hisself on his own. and, like swenngeko, hes wanting to come up with something. and what he manages to conjure up is perverted paradox productions. and pervidential diaspora (for the more non-traditional stuff). but hes still not even sure if hes even mature enough yet or even professional enough yet.
tomorrow comes and pervoncian goes back just to collect and get his stuff. as hes doing it swenngeko approaches him.he says,_....what are you doing p-man?...i thought you had all of that work still left to puzzlefied!..._
and a fed-up pervoncian replies, _...i cant put up with him and his shit...not work work, all the fucking time!...what does he fucking think this is? just like you said you were looking to do your own thing...well so am i..._
swenngeko can feel the anger coming off of him. maybe he just doesnt handle adulthood well.
and swenngeko says, _...but p-man you havent even been working here for all that long...are you sure youre ready for something like this?...i mean, its not always easy in horniewood afterall..._
thats when pervoncian starts to get aggravated again.
and starts shouting, _...Do you think im just useless or something?! im still a kid?! think i cant do things on my own??...the odds have always been against me!...things arent fucking being ran here right anyway!...look at afrumpo...he doesnt fucking know what hes doing!!....ill show going to do it the way i fucking want to do it!...i see more than just this..._
and swenngeko cant believe how impatient he is. hes rebellious. maybe too much. swenngekos seen it before but this is being rebellious and over-the-edge. hes aggravated to the point like somebody owes him something. and he cant believe how emotional he becomes. because swenngekos approach is much different. swenngeko believes in taking his time. and gradually allowing things to develop organically. but not pervoncian. it almost seems like hes trying to force it or something.
then, as hes leaving, he says to swenngeko, _...this shit is not right...and if youre not going to be part of fixing it, then maybe its because youre part of the problem..._
and swenngeko just steps aside. he knows that he doesnt want any part of what hes saying. and pervoncian finishes gathering up his stuff and just barges out.
as hes walking out he passes by someone else that works there. and he reaches out to pervoncian and stops him.
he says, _...pervoncian?...whereve you been?...havent seen you in days..._
and a still-agitated pervoncian says, _...i know...and now its going to be even longer...i think this is good-bye...afrumpo is too much....too damn demanding...wheres-this-wheres-that-i-need-this-i-need-that...i mean, how long has he been around?...hes a relic!...and what has he really showed us?...tell me that!...and he doesnt even fucking know what hes doing..._
and the reply is, _....what?...are you skrewling with me?...what are you going to do?..._
and pervoncian says, _.....i dont know yet...but im thinking about starting my own thing...i think i got some ideas for some brands..._
and the reply is, _...what?...really? think thats a good idea?...i mean, this is horniewood..._
and pervoncian says, _...i know i know...but i remember how horniewood used to be...too bad that it cant...but now i want to help keep them from making the wrong moves the same way i was helped...the professional way..._
then as hes walking off he shouts to pervoncian, _...Well keep in touch with me!...i want to help...perhaps i could be useful on a new team..._
three days later pervoncian gets a phonecall. and its the same person he talked to when he was leaving out. they agree to meet up for a chat. at a distinct location. but when he gets there he sees a group there. this wasnt the plan. he starts to feel upset. who the fuck are they? he wonders. because he didnt leave the place on good terms. as he gets closer he sees he recognizes some of them.
pervoncian is then told, _...we are done working for afrumpo too...fuck him!...hes not going in the right direction anyhow...and plus hes impossible to fucking please..._
then pervoncian is introduced to them, _...this is avroneu...he does traditional adult films...hes a veteran...and this is millipoche...and hes like a stunt-man...he does the off-the-wall stuff for non-traditional adult films..._
and pervoncian cant help but notice how deformed and unusually disfigured he looks. he tries not to draw attention to it. and when he waves pervoncian sees that he doesnt have all five fingers on his hand. what in the holy fuck happened to him? he wonders. hes rough on the eyes.
but despite those thought pervoncian just says, _.....uh.....hello..._
the introductions continue, _...then this is jallovere..._
and after looking pervoncian asks, _...are you a hermaphr...._
and she cuts him off mid-way and says, _...thats "HIM"-aphrodite...get it right!...and i do non-traditional adult films..._
then he concludes, _...and this larger fellow over here is oregring...and he does traditional adult film work..._
now pervoncian isnt even sure what to say. or sure what to do next. its so sudden. but then hes told something else.
hes told, _...and we have managed to acquire some climaksium..._
and a confused pervoncian asks, _.....what is that?..._
then he pulls a small sample from a sack he brought with him. it has a throbbing and pulsating glow. and pervoncian is bewildered. 
its further explained to him, _...its a extremely rare mineral...only found deep within the dark and forbidden lands...far from horniewood...when applied to our productions it gives off an effect that you wouldnt believe..._
and pervoncian becomes a little more intrigued.
he says, that right?..._
and the response is, mystifyingly what do you say now pervoncian? we have us a solid team here or what??..._
and pervoncian looks back at the climaksium and utters, _...oh yes....i believe we may be on the verge of.....great things....welcome..._
and a mischievous and menacing cackle starts to spread throughout the group.
and pervoncian says, _....fuck afrumpo....because even without him.....the show must go on...HahahahA..._

Submitted: March 08, 2023

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