No Mercy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Husband charged with serial adultery fights for his life. A sci-fi tale set 500 years in the future.

No Mercy


by Saddletramp1956

Copyright© 2023 by Saddletramp1956, All rights reserved


It's really a shame that no matter how much our technology advances, humanity basically remains the same. Avarice, greed and lust have always been and always will be a part of human nature no matter how scientifically advanced we become as a species. I considered this as I thought about the events of the last two weeks – events which changed my marriage and my entire life.


Just two weeks ago, my wife, Charis, and I were on board the faster-than-light interstellar passenger liner as it entered our home system on its voyage from Earth to Pacifica. We had been together exclusively for seven years with five years as husband and wife, and decided to take a vacation from Earth, still struggling to rebound after the Great Nuclear War of 2510, a devastating conflict that lasted only 90 minutes but managed to kill over a billion people. The war had been over for 50 years, but the scars were still present.


Charis and I were part of the effort to stabilize and rebuild what was left of the information infrastructure, which included what people in the 21century called the Internet. We had been there for three years and decided it was time to take a break. So we headed home for what I thought would be a long vacation filled with sun, fun and of course, lots of wild, uninhibited sex with my beautiful wife, something that seemed to have dropped off considerably in the last couple years, due to the fact that our work had kept us separated for most of our time on Earth.


As I looked out the port in our small stateroom, Charis said she was going to the comm area to place a call to our families, letting them know we would be home soon. I nodded my head to acknowledge my agreement and kept looking out the small window, hoping to catch a glimpse of our home planet.


She returned a half-hour later, having made her calls and came up behind me, looking over my shoulder at the blackness outside.


We're still too far out to see home, dear,” she said. “Maybe in an hour or so, we'll spot it. Don't worry, we'll be home soon enough.” I turned to look at her and wrapped my arms around her small waist.


Yes, we will, and I can't wait to get you on the beach at Westmoreland,” I said. Westmoreland was an area on the western coast of the only continent on Pacifica that was known for its beautiful scenery and sandy beaches. Of course, the beaches were all clothing-optional with areas set aside for open-air sexual activity.


Charis laughed and pushed me away.


have to screw you on the beach,” she said, smiling. “Maybe at the dance club, but not the beach. You know I hate to get sand in my pussy and the last time we did it on the beach I got sunburned and couldn't wear panties for a month.”


Maybe we need to use a more powerful sunscreen on that shaved pussy of yours,” I said.


You're such a naughty boy,” Charis said.


We both turned back and looked out the window, hoping to be the first to spot our home world. Finally, we saw a tiny blue dot and knew we were getting close.


Pacifica, settled over 300 years ago after some 75 years of surveys, was considered to be one of the first successful human colonies outside the Solar System. Like Earth, Pacifica had its share of dangers in the form of poisonous plants, wild animals and carnivorous fish, but the powers-to-be decided the dangers were no worse than what humans had faced on Earth for millennia.


In fact, the benefits significantly outweighed the dangers. The ocean, which covered over 85 percent of the planet's surface, contained almost everything a human colony would need in the way of food, and desalinization units easily converted the salty water into something fit for human consumption. Better yet, the edible delights that came out of the sea proved to be quite beneficial for the humans who call the planet home. The same applied to the edible plants and fruits that were quite abundant.


As a result, colonists found they lived much longer and healthier lives than they would have on Earth. Researchers suggested that a person born on Pacifica could, in theory, live to be 150 years old if their entire diet consisted of local food. It also helped that the environment was free of the chemical and radioactive waste that polluted and suffocated Earth.


Being healthier and more active meant that native Pacificans tended to be more sexually active than their Terran counterparts – and for a considerably longer period of time. While Terran women were encountering menopause, native Pacifican women were just hitting their sexual peak and Pacifican men were still fathering children well into their 70s.


The founders also wanted to avoid the mistakes that led to Earth's ultimate downfall. By the time the colony was officially established, the crime rate on Earth had hit an all-time high. Gangs of armed thugs roamed the streets of the planet's cities taking whatever they wanted – food, money, possessions, women, you name it – with little or no repercussions. Illicit drugs were sold over the counter to anyone with a few pennies to rub together regardless of age and the planet's sense of morality was all but gone.


As a result, over 95 percent of marriages in the so-called “civilized” nations of Earth ended in divorce, with adultery being the cause for more than 80 percent of them.


So the founders, perhaps imbued with a false sense of righteous indignation, set up a tough system of justice that was swift and at times brutal and to some, unfair. Adultery, for example, was made a felony with harsh penalties. But as imperfect as it was, the system seemed to work and the crime rate on Pacifica was quite low, less than 10 percent that of Earth.


So while Earth continued its plunge into chaos, crime and endless war, Pacifica flourished.


Then the last Great Nuclear War happened, plunging much of the planet into something that resembled the Stone Age. Almost all of the great cities of Earth were completely demolished and all of the planet's electrical grids were smashed, rendered inoperable by EMP. Many of the remaining occupants of the planet lived in squalor, killing each other for a gallon of fuel or a stalk of green celery.


It took thirty years for the radiation levels to drop enough for off-world teams to begin the job of rebuilding the planet's infrastructure. And for the last three years, Charis and I were part of that effort. It was hard, to say the least. The hours were long and the work could be backbreaking. Food and medicine had to be imported and security for the teams was tight. Native Terrans had forgotten what it meant to be civilized and would literally kill for a tiny piece of bread or fish.


After three years of that, Charis and I decided we had to come home just to keep our sanity and reconnect.


Roddenberry, named after a man who created an ancient but still popular science fiction program, docked at Pacifica Station, an orbital platform that served as a port of entry for the planet. The intercom came to life announcing our arrival along with instructions for disembarking.


Finally, home at last,” I said, looking at Charis. She seemed lost in thought and didn't say anything for a few seconds.


Yeah. Finally,” she said quietly.


Are you okay?” I asked, concerned.


I'm fine,” she said in a neutral tone of voice. I didn't quite believe her, though. I would have thought she'd be happy to be home. Something was on her mind but I was unable to figure it out and she apparently didn't feel like talking.


We left the ship, grabbed our bags and headed for the shuttle that would take us to the planet below. After going through customs and the mandatory medical screening we walked into the main terminal and headed for the exit. My wife said nothing to me the whole time and barely acknowledged my presence.


She suddenly stopped and turned to face me. She didn't look happy at all.


I'm sorry, Jere,” she said.


What? What are you sorry for, Charis? I don't understand.”


I saw her divert her eyes and sensed the presence of two other men next to me. I looked and saw they were Pacifica Security Police officers. What was this all about?


Jere Kondrake?” one of them asked.


Yes,” I answered. “What can I do for you?”


You're under arrest, sir,” the officer said. “Please drop your luggage and place your hands behind your back.”


What am I being arrested for?” I asked. “I've done nothing wrong.”


Adultery,” the other officer said. “To be precise, multiple counts of first-degree serial adultery.”


I looked at my wife who was watching the whole thing.


Charis, what is this?” I asked. “I've never cheated on you, ever. You know that. Why are you doing this to me?” She took a deep breath before answering.


Like I said, Jere, I'm sorry,” she said, refusing to look me in the face.


Can you at least call my attorney?” I asked. “These charges are false.”


I've already called your father. He's contacting an attorney. I think it would be best if we said goodbye here,” she said before turning around and walking away.


My mind was in turmoil. What the hell was going on, I wondered. I've never even thought about cheating on Charis, even before we became exclusive. I loved her more than anything and was looking forward to spending my life with her.


The officers read me my rights and escorted me out of the terminal. I felt ashamed, as the eyes of everyone in the terminal were on me. Someone being led off in restraints by police was a rare sight on Pacifica.


I was placed in the back of the police cruiser and taken to jail where I was processed and deposited in a clean but tiny eight-foot by eight-foot square room with a single bar light, a bunk and an infoscreen built into the wall.


An hour later, I was taken from my cell and placed in a reception room where my father was waiting for me.


What the hell is wrong with you, boy?” he asked. “Why would you even think about cheating on Charis?”


Dad, I swear to you, I've never, ever cheated on her. I've never even thought of it. And I resent you immediately taking her side without even talking to me,” I said.


My dad knew that I would never lie to him, not after that one time when I just a child. He could always tell when I had screwed up just by looking at my face. Maybe that's what made him back down, or maybe it was my tone of voice.


Okay,” he said. “I just needed to see your response for myself. I believe you. I couldn't believe it when Charis told me so I had to confront you to your face. I hope you understand and I'm sorry.”


I understand,” I said. “I don't know why she would accuse me of this. She's never said anything and she never gave me any indication that something is wrong.”


I don't understand it either. Something about this just doesn't add up. Anyway, I've retained an attorney. He's the best there is and he should be here any time. I haven't said anything to your mom yet. I wanted to get your response first,” he said.


Thanks, Dad, I appreciate that.”


About that time, a tall, well-built man entered the reception room and walked up to my dad.


Kor Kondrake, good to see you again,” he said.


Yes, it's been too long,” my father said in response.


If you don't mind, I'd like to speak with your son privately first. The prosecutor will also want to interview him. Once I know what we're facing, I'll be in touch, okay?”


My father agreed, shook his hand and started out.


Don't worry, son,” he said before he left. “We'll get to the bottom of this.”


The lawyer sat down across from me and introduced himself as he opened his case.


Michal Dax,” he said, offering his hand. I did my best to return the shake but it was difficult with the shackles.


Before we get started, Jere, I'd like to do a quick polygraph if you don't mind. This isn't anything admissible in court, but it will give me an indication of your guilt or innocence. I'm not presuming anything, but I do want to know whether or not I'm representing a guilty man. Please take no offense, this is just for my own peace of mind,” he said, pulling out a small box with wires attached to it.


No offense taken, Mr. Dax,” I said. “What do I have to do?”


You can start by calling me Michal, please,” he said. “Let's put these on your fingers, and once that's done, I'll ask you a few questions.”


After placing the probes on my fingers, he turned on his tablet, connected the box and turned it on.


Are you ready,” he asked. I nodded to indicate I was ready.


Just a few questions to set a baseline, okay?” he asked. “Is your name Jere Kondrake?”




Are you married to Charis Kondrake?”




Have you been on Earth for the last three years?”




At any time since becoming exclusive with Charis, have you ever had sexual relations with anyone else?”




This time, I want you to lie so I can compare the reaction, okay?” he asked.




Are you a native Terran?”


Yes,” I said, lying on purpose.


Okay, that's all I need,” he said. “From this short test, I believe you may very well be innocent. Thank you for being so truthful.”


You're welcome,” I said. He disconnected the box and the wires and put them back into his briefcase. He closed his briefcase and looked at me, somewhat sad.


“I don't need to tell you that you're facing serious charges,” he said. “I haven't seen the charging documents yet, but I expect they'll be ready any time now. The prosecutor will want to speak with you, of course. This is very important. Under no circumstances are you to speak with him or anyone else without me there. At no time are you to speak to the media. If they approach you, direct them to me. If you have any issues in here, you contact me immediately, got it?”


“Got it,” I said.


“Tell me, did your wife ever indicate there was a problem?” he asked.


“No, she never did. I don't know where this comes from. I haven't done anything wrong,” I said. I felt so lost. Why would she do this to me, I wondered.


“I know you're scared right now. You're hurt, scared, confused. You're probably wondering why your wife would do this. I get it. But I need for you to be strong, okay? We'll get through this, together. Are you with me?”


“Yeah, but it's not easy,” I said. He patted my arm.


“It'll be okay, son. I'll be here with you,” he said. “Now, let's see what the prosecutor has to say.”


A couple minutes later, two guards came into the room and escorted us into a smaller interrogation room. A man I presumed was the prosecuting attorney was already there with a stack of documents. He glanced up as we were escorted in. The guard shackled me to a chair, then left, closing the door. Michal sat down next to me.


“So, Michal, I see you're defending cheating adulterers now,” he said sarcastically.


“My client hasn't been found guilty of anything, Don,” he said. “He hasn't even even had a trial yet. He's presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, or did you forget that part of our judicial system?”


“Normally, you'd be right,” Don said. “Except this is a capital adultery case. And the plaintiff has requested it be fast-tracked.”


Michal looked shocked.


“Aren't we jumping the gun here a bit?” he asked. “There hasn't even been any discovery. My client has a right to examine the evidence and so far there's been nothing.”


“The plaintiff, one Charis Kondrake, says your client has had at least 100 sexual encounters with as many as four women. She also says your client passed on a horrific sexually-transmitted disease requiring extensive medical treatment and she says your client is the father of at least one illegitimate child,” Don said.


“That's a pack of goddamn lies,” I said, nearly screaming. “She's lying her ass off. I've never, ever had sex with anyone but her since the day we became exclusive.”


Don tossed a folder on the table and Michal picked it up. He opened it and took out three photos, placing them on the table before me. There were also several other documents in the folder that looked like affidavits.


“These photos are fake,” I said. “They're obvious forgeries. Where did you get them?”


“Your wife provided them to me,” Don said. “She also has video.” Michal held up his hand to keep me from saying anything else.


“Don, I'd like to discuss all this with my client for a few minutes before we proceed, if that's okay with you,” he said.


“I think that would be very wise given what your client is facing,” Don said, pulling out another folder and handing it to Michal. “Here's your copy of the charging documents, the request for fast-track and the plaintiff's disposal request. I'll gather my things here and step outside so you can confer with your client. Let me know when you're finished.”


After Don left, Michal reviewed all of the documents and looked at the video, which was, at best, horrible and amateurish.


“I'm confused, Michal, what's this about fast-track and disposal requests? What's going on?” I asked. He held up his hand as he pulled his communicator out of his jacket.


“Hang on a second, okay?” he asked, hitting a button on his phone. “Jans, hi, this is Michal. Listen, I have a rush job that needs to get done right now. I need you to contact the Earth Rehabilitation Project office and get me all documents, work requests and dispatch records for both Jere and Charis Kondrake. I need to know every step they've taken on Earth for the last three years. Got it? Good. This is an emergency, so I need that information collated and on my desk ASAP. We'll also need the best audio-visual people available immediately. Thanks.”


After closing the communicator, Michal turned to me.


“This is worse than I thought. You've been charged with multiple counts of first-degree serial adultery, which under certain circumstances can carry the death penalty. Your wife has requested it be fast-tracked, which means we have one week to prove your innocence beyond a doubt. Normally, our system says a person is innocent until proven guilty, but there are times when the evidence makes it an open-and-shut case, like if someone is caught in the act of murder. In those cases, the court has said the perpetrator is basically guilty and to save time and money is presumed guilty.


“The disposal is a courtesy extended to the victim of the crime. In cases like this, the victim is given a choice as to how the guilty party is to be, well, disposed of. It seems your wife has a rather vicious streak because she requested that you be executed by mukla after being publicly castrated. Worse yet, the prosecutor's office has approved it.”


At that moment I felt like my insides were going to be turned inside out and I fought a strong desire to pass out. Mukla fish were vicious creatures, somewhat analogous to piranha on Earth, but far deadlier. They had rows of razor-sharp teeth set in jaws strong enough to crush a man's bone. It was said that a school of 10 mukla could completely consume a strong adult male in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, they were fairly rare, but if any of them ever got into a body of water, like a lake, it was only a matter of time before every other living creature in the water was consumed.


The founders, apparently expressing a rather vicious streak, thought execution by mukla would be the ultimate deterrent to crime. It had been done a few times, and was considered extremely cruel. In short, the convicted criminal was stripped naked, then bound to a metal pole with a ledge to support the feet. A gag was placed in the convict's mouth and the convict was slowly lowered into a large tank containing the fish. It didn't take long for the convict to pass out from shock and ultimately die, and the process did not stop until the person was completely consumed.


But that wasn't enough for my lying wife, who also requested I be publicly castrated for something I never did before being eaten alive.


Michal also explained to me that all of my assets would be forfeited and given to her in order to supposedly make up for what I had allegedly done to her.


I began crying, hysterically, and it took Michal some time to calm me down enough to understand what he was trying to tell me.


“Jere, please, let's get to work,” he said. “I didn't say this would be easy. I need you to look at these photos and these documents.”


I collected myself as best I could and looked at the photos. There were three of them, all of which were obvious fakes. Whoever put them together apparently didn't even have an elementary concept of photo editing. Even an untrained first-grader could tell they had been faked.


“These are obvious fakes, done by someone who doesn't even know how to edit a photo,” I told Michal. He readily agreed.


The affidavits were also obvious fakes, printed from what appeared to be old Earth devices. I not only didn't recognize the names on the documents, but didn't even recognize the names of the cities listed.


We also looked at the video, which looked like one of those grainy animated pictures popular during the 21st century. The quality, at best, was horrible. This was clearly faked and Michal assured me his specialists would sort it out.


“Okay, Jere, we're not done. I know this is hard, but hear me out. There is a way we can prove your innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt, but it could be dangerous,” he said.


I looked at him. At this point, I figured what could be more dangerous than being eaten by a bunch of ravenous fish.


“What, Michal, please, I'll do anything,” I said through my tears.


“Are you familiar with something called a memory search?” he asked. I wasn't and told him as much.


“It's fairly new, and has only been accepted by the courts in the last couple of years, so I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it. It's a technique that allows us to search and record your memories. Since this is her word against yours and the state is taking her side, it's the only certain way we have of proving your innocence.


“But there's a caveat. Actually a couple of caveats. First, the procedure could cause brain damage. It's a slight risk, but a risk nevertheless. And about one percent of those who went through the procedure have died from the complications. The second drawback is that if the search shows evidence of any criminal activity outside the scope of the initial search, the state has the right to pursue charges.


“So, I need to know. Have you engaged in any illegal activity at all since you became exclusive with Charis?”


“No, none whatsoever,” I said. “My parents raised me to obey the law.”


“Good,” Michal said. “Second, have you found yourself in any compromising situations, like, getting drunk at a strip club or something like that?”


“No,” I said. “I don't drink and the only time I ever go to a club is if I take my wife out on a date.”


“Okay,” Michal said. “I'll get the search request in when Don comes back. He has no reason to deny it and if he does then I'll file for a mistrial and demand all charges be dropped.


“One final thing, and I want you to cling to to this. There's a clause in the penal code that's only been invoked maybe three times in the last 150 years. It was put in to prevent this very thing from happening. It's called the Retribution Act, and it was inserted 200 years ago. It basically says that if an accused person is found innocent and was prosecuted due to the malicious actions by the accuser, then the accuser suffers the fate that was to be handed out to the accused.


“You mean, if I'm found innocent, then Charis gets the punishment she wanted for me?” I asked.


“Yes, that's exactly what I mean,” Michal said. “Along with any conspirators she may have been working with.”


I thought about it for a moment. I loved that woman exclusively for the last seven years, went to Earth because she thought it would be good for us, gave her everything I could. Now she wanted to falsely accuse me and use the state to kill me just so she could get my assets. Fuck her, I thought.


“Do it,” I said. “Burn the bitch.”


“You got it. Just don't let her know, though,” Michal said. I smiled. Finally, I had power over her and she didn't even know it yet.


Michal got up and let Don back in the room.


“So, have you two decided what you're going to do?” he asked.


“Yes we have,” Michal said.


“Good,” Don said, smiling. “Now, if your client will just sign this affidavit acknowledging his guilt, maybe I can persuade Mrs. Kondrake to go a bit easy, perhaps changing the disposal to something a bit more humane, like molecular deconstruction or incineration.”


“No, Don, that won't do at all,” Michal said. “In fact, I want a memory search and retrieval procedure on my client as soon as possible, like, today. I know you have the form there on your tablet and you can make it happen while we're here. If you refuse my request, then I'm prepared to file motion for immediate dismissal and I'll follow that up with a very expensive and public lawsuit.”


Don seemed to have deflated a bit after that statement and acquiesced.


“Very well, Michal, I'll do it now and we'll get your client's memories searched immediately. I had hoped your client could see his way to saving the state some money and disposing of this quickly, but apparently that's not going to be the case. Too bad, really,” Don said.


“My client's life is not something to be disposed of like common trash, Don,” Michal said.


“Of course not,” Don replied. “Do what you have to. There, your client is scheduled to report to the state hospital in three hours for his procedure. I've given you and his parents clearance to be with him the whole time. I hope that settles any concern you may have regarding potential prosecutorial malfeasance.”


“For the moment,” Michal said. “While you're at it, make sure to keep Mrs. Kondrake away from my client while he is in the hospital, if you would.”


“Consider it done,” Don said, filling out the restraining order on his tablet. He hit enter before looking back at Michal and Jere.


“Well, I take it then we're still on for one week from today,” Don said. “And Mr. Kondrake, I sincerely hope you take these last few days you have to make peace with whatever deity you may happen to worship. I'm really not a vindictive man, but I do have a duty to perform for the state.”


I was about to tell Don that at the moment, I was more than vindictive and to shove his duty up his ass but Michal gave me a look that seemed to say, “shut up.” So I said nothing.


The guard came to retrieve us after Don left and informed me that I had yet another visitor. Michal asked who it was.


“It's Mrs. Kondrake. Is that okay?” the guard asked.


“Only if I can be present during the visitation,” Michal said.


“Suit yourself,” the guard said.


We made it back to the visitation room where Charis sat, waiting for me. Michal hung back, but was still able to hear and witness the entire visit.


She looked good, but then again, she always did. I noticed she was wearing a knee-length wraparound dress, her favorite cover-up for the beach. I couldn't help but wonder who she would be with.


“Charis,” I said. “Looks like your headed to the beach. Looking to have yourself a good time while waiting for my death?” She at least had the good sense to look a bit embarrassed.


“Yes, I'm going to Westmoreland. I thought I might take in a little sun,” she said. “Who's he?” she asked, looking at Michal.


“Oh, him,” I said. “He's helping me with some of my final arrangements.”


“That's probably wise,” she said.


“So, what can I do for you?” I asked. “Especially since you're dead set on having me literally eaten alive over a bunch of false charges. You do know those pictures and video you gave to the state are obvious forgeries. Same with those alleged affidavits. I can't believe you'd stoop to that. Tell me, please, especially since I only have a week to live, who is he?”


“It doesn't matter if they're fake or not,” she said. “You'll never be able to prove your innocence and that's all that matters. Just so you know, I've got a brand new cutter that I intend to use on your balls. And no, I don't intend to use any anesthesia when I cut them off, so I hope pain is something you enjoy. You know, I've always hated sucking your cock, so I'll at least get some pleasure out of cutting your balls off.


“And by the way, my father said he's bringing in a fresh batch of very hungry mukla just for your last public performance,” she said.


“Yes, I know your father is the provincial justice minister, Charis,” I said. “Does he know what you've been planning?”


“Who do you think help set this all up? Who better than the justice minister to help grease the wheels?” she asked.


“He's also made sure that Rondal and I will have a front-row seat reserved for your execution and we plan on enjoying it to the fullest. Then we'll maybe take a long cruise and fuck each other senseless – on your dime, of course.”


“So, you're doing all this just to fuck that sleazeball Rondal Kalrissian?” I asked.


“You are a stupid cuck, you know that?” she asked. “Of course. And anyone else I feel like fucking. Who do you think kept me warm at night while you were out helping rehabilitate Earth's information grid? His balls aren't quite as big as yours, but his his cock is absolutely huge and I love swallowing his cum. And please don't worry about my pussy getting sunburnt. Rondal plans to take good care of it for me this week. See?” she asked, opening her dress to reveal her shaved pussy. I noticed an “R” tattooed on her bare flesh, the legs of the “R” straddling her slit.


“He's even marked me so everyone will know who I belong to,” she said with a wicked smile. “So don't worry, dear, I'll be very well taken care of.”


I couldn't help but smile. Charis had no idea what she had just done to herself, Rondal and her father.


“No hard feelings, okay?” she asked, letting her dress fall back down.


“You have no idea what I'm feeling right now, Charis,” I said. “Please, enjoy yourself. And tell Rondal to do the same. I'll see you in court.”


Charis's smile went away. My last statement had obviously confused her and for a moment, I thought I saw guilt on her face. That didn't last long, though.


“Goodbye, Jere,” she said. “I'm sorry about all this.”


“You have no idea,” I told her. “Go on, get out of here.”


After Charis left, the guards took Michal and I to the hospital where I was prepped for my memory search. Electrodes were placed strategically on my head and a nurse began an IV to keep me stable during the lengthy procedure. I was warned that I could experience a severe headache upon waking up, but that turned out to be an understatement.


After being connected to what looked like several banks of equipment-laden carts, a technician ran what I presumed were tests to make sure everything was properly set up and functioning. He walked over to me and gave me a final brief.


“Mr. Kondrake,” he said, “everything appears to be ready for the scan. Just so you know, we're only going to scan the last seven years of memories and that could take a while. You will wake up with a headache, but we'll give you something to alleviate that. Additionally, we'll keep you here for a couple days for observation just to be safe. I've already informed your lawyer that the scan will be saved, archived and protected from outside meddling. We should have the full results of the scan within 24 hours. Do you have any questions for me at this time?”


“No,” I said, “let's just get this done.”


A nurse came and injected the drug to help me sleep. Within seconds, I was out.


I was told the entire scan took nearly eight hours, but from my perspective almost no time elapsed at all. One second I was falling asleep and the next I was waking up with a splitting headache. A nurse injected a pain killer into my IV and the pain began to subside. Michal was at my bedside along with my parents.


“Good, you're awake,” Michal said. “The scan went very well and appears to have been a success. I'm going over to supervise and observe the analysis and I'll be in touch. You get some rest, now, okay?”


I simply nodded as my head still hurt too much to move, despite the pain killer. My parents looked at me with tears in their eyes.


“Son, Michal told us what Charis said today. I can't believe she actually did this. I'm so sorry I ever doubted you,” my dad said. “Just know that we're with you on this 100 percent. She and her father along with that Rondal character deserve whatever happens to them.”


“Thanks, dad,” I said. My mother hugged me close, and I could feel her tears.


“Just know that we love you and we believe you,” she said. I nodded my thanks. It still hurt to talk.


“We'll be right down the hall, okay? You just get some sleep,” my dad said.


I tried, but my sleep was plagued with nightmares, all of them involving my wife. They started nice enough, with images of my bride, nude, smiling, offering herself to me. Then she morphed, the “R” tattoo appearing above her shaved slit, her face becoming twisted and evil before turning into an image of a fish with rows of razor-sharp teeth preparing to swallow me whole.


I awoke with a start, my body soaked with sweat. I tried going back to sleep after calming down a bit, but the images kept chasing me in my dreams. Needless to say, I didn't get much rest.


I begged for relief, but none came. The staff all knew why I was there, and while they were professional and courteous, none were friendly.


I told one nurse about my nightmares and asked for something to help me sleep, but she politely refused.


“Given what you're facing, I'm not surprised you're having nightmares,” she said. “Try to think of something else, maybe a pleasant childhood memory.”


“But you don't understand,” I said. “I'm innocent. I'm being framed.”


“What you're going through is normal,” she said in a patronizing tone of voice. “It's best if you just accept your fate and move on.”


“Dammit, I'm not accepting anything. Now do something or I'll have my lawyer take action,” I demanded.


“Mr. Kondrake, if you don't settle down, I'll have to restrain you further. Please. I don't want to have to place you in stasis for the rest of the week, but I will if you persist in these delusions,” she said firmly.


I stayed quiet, resigned to the idea that I would get no rest at least for the remainder of my time here.


Finally, Michal came back into the room.


“My God,” he said. “You look horrible. Have you gotten any sleep at all?”


Not much,” I said. I told him about my recurring nightmares and the staff's refusal to take action. He patted my arm.


“Don't worry, I'll speak with them and get this taken care of,” he said. “I just wanted you to know that the analysis of your scan is complete. It's been verified, certified and filed with the court. As I suspected, there's no memory of any illegal activity whatsoever and certainly no adultery on your part over the last seven years. The court really has no choice but to declare you innocent of all charges.”


“So that's it, then, right?” I asked.


“Not quite,” he said. I've got a small army working on your case right now and they've been working pretty much around the clock. There's a lot of unanswered questions. We got the dispatch records from the Rehab Project and from what we can tell, you were no where near the places mentioned in those affidavits that were filed. Tell me, did you and your wife work together much while you were on Earth?”


“No,” I said. “She was kept in the Los Angeles area, working on the local medical facilities while I was sent all over the planet supervising installations.”


“Do you know if your wife worked with Rondal while you were on Earth?” he asked.


“I know they were in the same area most of the time. I didn't see her that much, maybe once or twice a month, sometimes even longer, but I was usually traveling most of the time. I saw him even less. I don't know how close together they worked and we never really discussed it,” I said.


“Interesting,” Michal said. “It turns out Rondal was working in the archive area. Were you aware of that?”


“Again, I have to say no. We didn't discuss our work much. Why?” I asked.


“Well, we tried to locate the people mentioned in the affidavits your wife filed to verify their claims, but we weren't able to find them. Then we did a search on the thumbprints used on the affidavits themselves. Guess what? In every case, the thumbprint belonged to a dead person. One was over 450 years old. And guess who was working in the graves registration project?”


“Rondal?” I asked.


“That's right,” he said.


“And guess who was directly responsible for getting those affidavits to the prosecuting attorney's office? Your wife's father, the Provincial Justice Minister. Trust me, that never happens,” he said.


“So you think Charis' father is part of this conspiracy?” I asked.


“Absolutely,” Michal said. “Given what your wife said yesterday, it all makes sense. Now, let me go talk to the medical staff and you try to get some rest.”


A few minutes later, the nurse came into the room with a man I presumed was her superior.


“Mr. Kondrake,” he said, “I want to apologize to you for the treatment you've received. We're here to alleviate pain and suffering, not perpetuate it, and I assure you that you will get the relief you need. Again, I apologize.” He looked at the nurse who seemed somewhat embarrassed. She came to my side and pressed something against my forehead.


“I'm setting you up with a brain wave generator to help you sleep and take the nightmares away, Mr. Kondrake. And I sincerely apologize for my attitude earlier. Please forgive me,” she said.


I accepted her apology as she pressed a button on the wave generator on my forehead. Within minutes, I was getting drowsy and soon fell asleep.


I awoke after eight hours of the best sleep I had had in some time. The guards came in to inform me that I was being moved back to the detention center. Fortunately, they allowed me to keep the brain wave generator and a nurse showed me how to properly use it.


The next few days flew by for me. My parents visited me on a daily basis to keep my spirits up and Michal came by every day to update me on the case and prepare me for my court appearance. It was clear that my wife had been planning this for some time with her father and her lover. By the time of my court appearance, I felt more than prepared for what was to happen.


On the day of my court appearance, the guards gave me a hearty breakfast, allowed me to take a long shower and even gave me extra time to get dressed in a well-tailored suit my parents had brought for me. In their view, today was to be my last day alive, so I was given some leeway. Michal and my parents rode with me to the justice building.


We were escorted to the courtroom and directed to our table. The prosecutor was already at his table with my wife, Rondal and her father sitting in the first row behind the prosecutor. They each looked at me with a smirk, confident that today would my last day. The media was also present, given the fact that my wife's father – the top justice official in our province – was in the audience. No doubt they were all hoping for a bloody end to the day's proceedings.


The judge entered the courtroom, and the bailiff ordered everyone to rise. We did and took our seats after the judge sat down.


“Are both parties prepared to present their facts in the case of the state versus Jere Kondrake?” the judge asked.


“The state is ready,” the prosecutor said.


“The defense is ready,” Michal added.


“Very well. How does the defense plead?” the judge asked. Michal stood up.


“The defendant maintains his complete innocence, your honor,” he said.


“Understood. The state may present its case,” the judge said. Don stood up and faced the judge.


“You honor, the state has provided evidence showing that the defendant, Jere Kondrake, has engaged in multiple counts of serial adultery against his wife over the last three years, and in the process, has infected his poor suffering wife with a sexually-transmitted disease. Additionally, he has impregnated another woman in the process and we believe he has plans to continue in his illicit and illegal activity upon returning to Earth. The evidence has been provided to the court, and it is up to the defendant to prove his innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt. Given the seriousness of the charge, Mrs. Kondrake, the injured party, requests an immediate judgment and asks that disposal be carried out at once,” Don said before sitting down.


The judge looked over the paperwork before him prior to saying anything further.


“Given that the injured party seeks Mr. Kondrake's execution by mukla, I'd like to hear what he has to say before we execute him, if that's alright by you,” he said, addressing the prosecutor.


“As you wish, your honor, but the state requests the order be issued expeditiously,” Don said.


“Kindly keep your bloodlust in check,” the judge said. Don nodded his head and sat down. The judge looked at Michal.


“What evidence has the defense to present?” the judge asked. Michal stood up.


“Your honor, the defense has incontrovertible evidence that not only shows the defendant's innocence of all charges, but also shows that the defendant is the target of a heinous plot to use the judicial system to kill him and legally steal all of his assets in order to continue Mrs. Kondrake's illicit and highly illegal affairs,” Michal said.


The judge's eyes widened at Michal's comments. An audible gasp was heard throughout the courtroom and Charis looked nervously at Rondal and her father.


“Present your evidence, please,” the judge said.


“To start, your honor, the defense would like to call expert witnesses to explain the alleged 'evidence' presented by the state.”


“Please do,” the judge said.


“The defense calls Lars Larsen to the stand, please,” Michal said.


A tall man in his early thirties approached the witness stand. The bailiff made him swear an oath to tell the truth under penalty of perjury before he took the stand. Michal approached him.


“Mr. Larsen, you are one of the state's foremost authorities on audio-video evidence, are you not?” he asked.


“Yes sir, I am,” Lars said.


Michal handed him copies of the pictures used by the prosecution.


“You've had a chance to thoroughly inspect the photographs provided by the state? Along with the original source files?”


“Yes, sir, I have,” Lars answered.


“And what is your conclusion after examining this so-called 'evidence'?”


“These files are clear forgeries. Worse yet, they appear to have been crudely manipulated to make it appear as though the defendant is engaging in sexual activity,” Lars said.


“What led you to that conclusion?” Michal asked.


“The original picture files were created with an encoding scheme that has not been used for well over three centuries,” Lars said. “After performing a deep dive of Earth's ancient Internet archives, we were able to find the exact photos that were used to create these forgeries.”


“Were you also able to determine who may have accessed these files?” Michal asked.


“The system log indicated they were accessed by an individual with the restoration team,” Lars said.


“And were you able to identify who that individual may have been?”


“We were,” Lars said.


“Can you please state the name of that person?”


“The credentials used belonged to a Rondal Kalrissian,” Lars said. Gasps were heard in the courtroom as Rondal looked around nervously.


“Thank you,” Michal said.


“Did you also have an opportunity to examine the video provided by the state as well?” Michal asked.


“We did,” Lars said.


“What was your conclusion?”


“The video file wasn't forged, but we were able to find the file in the same Internet archive,” Lars said.


“And?” Michal asked.


“The original video also dates back to the ancient Earth Internet archives,” Lars said.


“So, in your professional opinion, this video could not have been taken anytime in the last three years,” Michal said.


“This video could not have been taken in the last 300 years,” Lars said.


“Were you able to identify the user who downloaded it?” Michal asked.


“Yes,” Lars said. “It was downloaded by Rondal Kalrissian about the same time as the photos were accessed.”


“Thank you,” Michal said. “Finally, did you have an opportunity to examine the alleged affidavits provided by the state?”


“Yes, we did.”


“What did you conclude after examining those documents?” Michal asked.


“The documents themselves were created using century-old Earth technology. We were unable to locate the individuals named on the documents but we discovered an anomaly with the identifying thumbprints,” Lars said.


“Please explain,” Michal said.


“In every case, the thumbprint was of an individual who had been dead for many years. One document, for example, has the print of an individual who died in Seattle in 2018,” Lars said.


“So you're saying these affidavits could not possibly have been made by anyone living in the last three years, is that correct?”


“That is correct,” Lars said.


“Thank you, that is all,” Michal said. “Your witness,” Michal said to Don.


“No questions at this time,” Don said.


“Your honor, I'd like to call Abel Caine to the stand, please,” Michal said. The judge agreed and another man approached the witness stand. He sat down after swearing to tell the truth.


“Mr. Caine, can you please tell the court your current position?” Michal asked.


“Yes, sir. I am currently the senior system administrator responsible for the server farm used to handle memory searches,” he said. Michal handed him a sheet of paper with rows and columns of information.


“Mr. Caine, can you please identify the paper I just handed you?” Michal asked.


“Yes, sir. It's a portion of the main server access log file,” Abel said.


“Please direct your attention to the rows highlighted in yellow,” Michal said. “Can you please tell the court what those rows indicate?”


“They tell me someone attempted to access and delete a memory search file,” Abel said in response.


“Which memory search file was that?” Michal asked.


“The file corresponds to a search conducted on the defendant, Jere Kondrake.”


“Was the attempt to delete the file successful?” Michal asked.


“No, sir, it was not,” Abel said.


“Can you explain why it wasn't successful?” Michal asked.


“Yes. Our system is designed so that only two people can remove files. I am one of the two individuals with that right. However, I should add that even if the file was successfully deleted off this server, it would not have been deleted from the system due to multiple redundant servers and ongoing backups,” he said.


“I see,” Michal said. “Can you identify the individual who attempted to delete the file?”


“Yes, I can.”


“And whom might that individual be?” Michal asked.


“Justice Minister Cort LeDonk,” Abel said. The courtroom erupted in more gasps, prompting the judge to pound his gavel. The minister's face began to turn white as his name was mentioned.


“Can you offer any possible explanation as to why the Provincial Justice Minister might want to delete that file?” Michal asked. Don instantly rose to object.


“Objection, your honor. That calls for speculation,” he said.


“Sustained,” the judge said.


“That's all the questions I have for this witness,” Michal said. “Your witness,” he said to Don.


“No questions at this time,” Don responded.


“The defense calls Justice Minister Cort LeDonk,” Michal said. Cort hesitated at first but took the stand after the judge motioned for him to take the stand. He swore to tell the truth and took his seat.


“Minister LeDonk, you are Mrs. Kondracke's father, are you not?” Michal asked.


“I am,” Cort said.


“Did you or did you not attempt to delete the memory search file corresponding to the defendant?” he asked.


“I don't recall,” Cort said.


“Minister, may I please remind you that you are under oath and perjury is a serious matter,” Michal said. Cort became indignant.


“Of course I know that perjury is a serious matter,” he said. “I perform many mundane tasks during my workday and I simply don't recall accessing that file, that's all.”


“Okay, Minister. Let's try something a bit easier. Did you or did you not assist your daughter in her effort to bring these allegations forward?”


“I may have made a call or two,” Cort said.


“Did you or did you not order fresh mukla for the planned execution of the defendant?” Michal asked.


“I sign so many papers, I don't remember everything,” Cort said. “It's possible.”


“Let me show you a piece of video, Minister. Maybe this will jog your memory,” Michal said. He motioned to the court audio-video tech, who played video of Charis' detention center visit so the entire court could hear and see her statements.


“Well, Minister?” Michal asked.


“Okay, so maybe I did help fast-track Charis' complaint a bit,” Cort said.


“Of course. I understand, she's your daughter and you only want the best for her, right?”


“Yes,” Cort said.


“Tell us, Minister, how would you describe your relationship with your daughter?” Michal asked.


“Objection!” Don yelled. “Immaterial!” Michal turned to the judge.


“Your honor, if you will bear with me, please, this is extremely important to our case,” Michal said.


“Very well, councilor. Make your point,” the judge said. Michal motioned to the audio-video tech, who started another video. The courtroom erupted again.


“Order in the court!” the judge said loudly. Michal motioned to pause the video.


“Minister, can you please identify the three individuals in this freeze-frame?” he asked.


“Yes,” Cort said.


“And? Who are they?” Michal asked.


“Myself, my daughter Charis and Rondal Kalrissian,” Cort said.


“Please tell the court when and where was this taken?” Michal asked. “Keep in mind it is timestamped.”


“This week at Westmoreland Beach,” Cort said.


“Specifically, in an area designated for open-air sexual activity, correct?” Michal asked. Cort sighed.


“Yes,” he said. Michal gave another signal to the audio-video tech and playback resumed.


Charis was seen in the video embracing Cort as a lover before removing all her clothes. Cort and Rondal also stripped naked. Charis then straddled her father and lowered herself onto his hard cock. She then motioned for Rondal to stand and face her so she could suck his cock while riding her father. The court audience was treated to a vigorous sexual encounter between the three that lasted for only a few minutes.


I felt like I was about to throw up watching my wife debase herself like a common whore with both Rondal and her father. What they said afterward was even worse.


“Just think,” Charis said in the video. “In less than a week, we'll be able to do this every day, all day long. And we won't even have to sneak around anymore.” They all laughed at that.


“Don't worry, daughter dearest, soon your uptight snob of a husband will be mukla food. I'll personally see to that,” Cort said. “Even if I have to push the motherfucker into the tank myself.”


“I heard he had a memory search done,” Charis said. “Is there any way we can get rid of that or do something with it?”


“I'm the Justice Minister,” Cort said. “I'll go in and delete it. Don't worry.”


Michal gave the signal to stop the video. One could have heard a pin drop in the courtroom. Charis and Rondal held their heads down and covered their eyes as though that would somehow keep the media from seeing them.


“Would you care to revise your statement, Minister, or do you wish to be charged with perjury along with incest and the other charges you'll be facing today?” Michal asked.


“No comment at this time as I refuse to give an answer that might incriminate myself,” Cort said. Michal shook his head in disbelief.


“Justice Minister,” he said sarcastically. “I'm done with this... witness,” Michal said.


“I have no questions at this time, your honor,” Don said. Michal pulled out another tablet and handed it to the bailiff who relayed it on to the judge.


“And finally, your honor, this is the result of an intense memory search of the defendant going back over the last seven years – the entire time of his exclusive relationship with Mrs. Kondrake. As your honor can see by the summary on page one, signed and verified by the Justice Ministry, Mr. Kondrake has engaged in absolutely no conduct that could be considered illegal by the state, including adultery,” he said. “Since there was no adultery on the part of the defendant, there is no way he could have impregnated another woman in the last three years nor is there any way he could have passed on a sexually-transmitted disease to his wife.


“In light of this evidence, your honor, I move that my client be immediately judged innocent and all charges summarily dropped,” Michal said as the judge looked over the summary.


“I have to agree, counselor,” he said. “Will defendant Jere Kondracke please rise?”


I stood up next to my lawyer. The judge looked long and hard at me.


“Mr. Kondrake, it is the judgment of this court that you have been found innocent of all charges put forward against you. Please accept the apologies of the court.”


Michal spoke out.


“Your honor, my client hereby invokes his rights under the Retribution Act,” he said.


“Objection,” Don yelled. “This is highly irregular, your honor. The Retribution Act hasn't been invoked in years.” The judge looked hard at the prosecutor.


“You know the Retribution Act was put in place to prevent exactly this kind of prosecutorial malfeasance, counselor. The things I have seen and heard today frankly make me sick to my stomach,” the judge said. “You should consider yourself lucky that I'm not going to toss you into mukla tank with the three individuals behind you. I will, however, see to it that the Judicial Review Board take a hard look at your total incompetence in this matter. As for the co-conspirators in this attempt to commit murder through the court, you are hereby sentenced to death by the same method you chose for Mr. Kondrake.”


My wife, Rondal and Cort looked like they were going to be sick. Their faces went pale and their eyes were as big as saucers.


“However,” the judge said. “I am concerned about the possibility this conspiracy may be wider than the three of you. Therefore, I am ordering you to be taken from this court for an immediate memory scan. Once I have reviewed the results of those scans, I will make my final determination as to your disposal.


“Guards, take them away,” the judge ordered.


As the four guards approached my wife and her co-conspirators, Cort and Rondal looked at each other, nodded their heads then jumped forward and tried to grab one guard's sidearm. The other three guards reacted quickly, pulled their sidearms and fired multiple times, the plasma projectiles going clean through both men, sending them to the floor in bloody heaps.


“Please don't shoot me,” Charis cried, holding up her hands in surrender. The guards quickly grabbed her and secured her hands behind her back. She looked at me as she was being led out.


“Please, Jere, I don't want to die. Have mercy on me,” she begged through her tears.


“Like you were going to have mercy on me?” I asked. “Not hardly.”


The judge banged his gavel and declared order in the court. He looked at me before speaking again.


“Mr. Kondrake, I strongly suggest you get counseling to help you deal with the events of this past week. Again, you have my most sincere apologies,” he said.


“I will, your honor. Thank you,” I said.


“Mr. Dax,” the judge said, “please join me in my chambers after you've finished with your client.”


“Yes, your honor,” he said. Michal shook my hand in congratulations but he looked sad.


“I'm glad we won, of course, Jere, but I'm truly sorry for what it cost you. I'll call the medical facility to let them know you're coming after you check out of detention. Maybe your folks can take you over there,” he said. “I'll come by and check in on you.”


“Thanks, Michal, I couldn't have gotten through this without you,” I said. He was right. I had won my case and proved my innocence, but at what cost? My marriage was completely destroyed and my trust in basic humanity was all but gone. I would get my revenge, but I wondered if I would be able to live with myself in the long run. I had a lot to think about before I could go on with the rest of my life.


The guards escorted my parents and I out of the courtroom and to the parking area through a corridor not accessible by the media, which was fortunate. The last thing any of us wanted to deal with was a bunch of snarky reporters.


We went first to the detention center where I was checked out and my belongings returned to me. The guards at the center treated me kindly, having watched the entire debacle unfold on their infoscreens in real time.


From there we went to the medical facility where I was checked in and taken to a nicely-appointed private room. I collapsed in a reclining chair, mentally exhausted by what had taken place. My parents came over after talking with what I presumed would be my counselor.


“You get some rest, son,” my dad said. “You've been through a lot and I want you to know I'm proud of the way you handled yourself.”


“I'm proud of you too, Jere,” my mother said, giving me one of her world-class hugs. Suddenly, I broke down crying. My mother hugged me even tighter.


“It's all right, Jere,” she said. “It's over now. You're safe. No one's going to hurt you.”


I eventually calmed down and noticed an attractive woman about Charis' age standing over us when I looked up.


“Your mother's right, Jere,” she said calmly. “You're safe. And I'm here to help get you over it. I see you've taken a good first step. It's important that you deal with your grief as soon as possible.”


The counselor, who introduced herself as Cher, spoke briefly with my parents, then came back to me.


“Your parents are going home for now, but they'll be back soon,” she said. “You're very lucky to have such loving parents, you know.” She sat down in front of me and took my hand. I began to instantly feel better. “Now, tell me about your life with Charis,” she said.


I told her the story of how we got together in school, the years of dating and what I thought had been a good marriage.


“We took the six-year assignment to Earth so we could come back and start our family,” I said. “We figured that with our combined earnings we could buy a house overlooking Westmoreland beach and raise our kids. Guess that's not going to happen now. I don't understand how she could have done this. What did I do wrong? What made her hate me so much that she'd do this to me?”


“I don't know, Jere,” she said. “Maybe something happened when you two were on Earth. You said that you guys were apart more than you were together. Maybe she lost it during those separations. It's happened before, you know.”


“But she knew we'd be apart for most of the tour,” I said. “That's why we took this vacation – to reconnect with each other.”


“She's going through a memory search now,” Cher said. “Maybe then you'll get your questions answered.”


“Yeah, maybe,” I said.


“Look, you've had a traumatic day,” Cher said. “Why don't you get a few hours sleep and we'll talk some more later, okay?”


“Sure,” I said. Cher excused herself and left the room. I undressed and slipped under the covers and was asleep in no time.


I awoke several hours later to the sound of my door alarm. I threw on my robe and checked to see who was at the door. It was Michal. I opened the door to let him in and Cher was right behind him.


“Well, I see you're being well-cared for,” Michal said, smiling. “I have some news for you.”


“What's that?” I asked.


“The memory search on Charis is complete,” he said. “Unfortunately, she didn't fare too well in the process.”


“What happened?”


“It seems she had a massive brain aneurysm and they weren't able to get it under control in time. She's dead, Jere,” he said. I wasn't real heartbroken to hear that she'd died, but I was a bit relieved that I wouldn't have to witness her execution. I nodded my head in understanding.


“So what did you find out?” I asked.


“Her scan instantly popped up a slew of red flags, Jere. It turns out that your wife had numerous affairs while you two were on Earth and her, um, relationship with her father has been going on since she was a teenager.


“There's quite a bit more but I didn't have a chance to go through everything. Besides, as far as the state is concerned, the case is basically closed with her death. All that remains now is the disposition of assets and my people are already working on that. With the combined assets of your wife, her father and Rondal, it looks like you'll be set for life.


“Anyway, for now, you'll be in the very capable hands of my daughter, Cher, who, by the way, is not only available, but is actively looking for someone,” he added with a smile. Cher slapped Michal's arm, laughing. “So you'd better be on your best behavior, young man,” he added with a wink. “It wouldn't do to get the next Justice Minister upset with you, you know.”


“What?” I asked. “You're going to take Cort's job?”


“Yes, that's what the judge wanted to see me about after your trial. Turns out he's on the advisory board for the Justice Ministry and he offered me the job on an interim basis until the next election. The board has to approve it, but that's a mere formality,” he said.


“Congratulations,” I said.


“Thanks, but I'm not finished with your case yet, so I'll be in touch. And don't worry about the bill, either. Since the state failed in its prosecution, it's required to cover all court costs and attorney fees,” he added.


“So you get some rest, take care of yourself and we'll be in touch, okay?” he asked.


I thanked him for everything he had done for me, and shook his hand before he left.


Over the course of the next few days, Cher brought me up to speed on the extent of Charis' infidelity. From the memory scan, we learned that Charis had, in fact, contracted a very serious and life-threatening STD on Earth. To be precise, it was a mutated flesh-eating form of gonorrhea that could kill in a matter of days. Obviously, she had not gotten it from me. It turned out that she had engaged in a number of gang-bangs with as many as fifteen men while I was out working on the planet's smashed information infrastructure. Fortunately, she had it treated before we got back together so I never contracted anything from her.


She had also had frequent sex with Rondal, but it turned out that he was simply her father's sidekick and the sex was merely a “fringe benefit” for participating in my frame-up. Her “true” love, it turned out, was her father, who saw me as a roadblock to the relationship he sought with his own daughter.


Cher spent several days with me exclusively, talking me through the trust issues I now had and working with me to deal with my reluctance to even want a relationship with another woman. After what Charis had done, I simply couldn't allow myself to be put in a situation where I would be hurt like that again.


A week after my trial, Cher sat me down and we had a long talk.


“The truth is,” she told me, “human beings are the same today as they were in the Stone Age. We all have desires, and those desires haven't changed just because we're technologically advanced. Most of us want to be good, honorable people and truly want to do what's right. But there are some, like your ex-wife and her father, who don't care about such things and they'll hurt whomever they want to get their way.


“Jere, I've had a chance to spend the last week with you exclusively, and I know you're a good and honorable man who wants to do the right thing and maybe one day have a wife and a family. I know how hard this has been for you but we're not all like Charis.


“The truth is,” she added, “I've gotten to know you quite well over these last few days, and I'd love nothing more than to show you what it's like to truly have the exclusive love of a good woman. Would you let me do that for you?”


Wow, I thought. This was a counseling technique I'd never heard of before, but I was certainly willing to explore the possibility. I looked at Cher and tried to compare her to my best memory of Charis. That's when it hit me. For some reason, I had no real good memory of my former wife. Sure, we'd had great sex, but every memory I had of her now was sullied with what she had done and what I had learned from her own memories.


I also realized that Charis was the first woman I had ever fallen in love with and the only one I had ever been intimate with. No wonder I was so screwed up. I was hoping that Cher wasn't simply offering me mercy sex to help deal with Charis.


“You know, I've never been one for casual flings,” I told Cher.


“I know,” she said. “Neither am I.”


Cher's offer suddenly appealed to me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the lips. She responded, and we played tongue-tag for several minutes. Before long, we were undressing each other and were soon naked on my bed.


Cher looked me in the face, smiled and began planting kisses on me, working her way to my manhood, which was now rising to the occasion. Making eye contact, she lovingly took me in her mouth and gave me a toe-curling blowjob, stopping only after she had swallowed every drop she could coax out of me. But she wasn't finished.


After getting me hard again, she climbed on top of me and slid her shaved pussy along the length of my cock, making me even harder. Then it happened. She raised up and guided me into her warm depths and rode me like a woman possessed, all the while looking me in the eyes. Soon we had established a rhythm and were making mad passionate love to each other.


For the moment, my universe consisted of only Cher and I, my cock buried inside the warm, wet, velvety dimension made up of her pussy. All I wanted to do was make love to this woman until the end of time. Then I felt it – the familiar churning that signaled my orgasm. Cher seemed to sense it also and she became more frantic, urging me to fuck her and fill her with my cum.


I felt her pussy milking me to orgasm and suddenly she wrapped her arms around me, planting her face in my shoulder, moaning as she shuddered in orgasm. I exploded inside her at the same time as we experienced what was once called “le petit mort” together.


We slowly came back to reality and kissed like two long-lost lovers.


“So what's your prognosis, doctor?” I asked. Cher smiled.


“I think you need a lifetime of one-on-one counseling and I believe I have just what you need,” she said.


I liked the sound of that. We kissed again and spent the rest of the day making love to each other, eventually falling asleep in each other's arms.


Cher, of course, was right – she had exactly what I needed. And, it turned out, I had what she needed as well. It so happened that she had been the victim of an overbearing boyfriend who treated her badly, almost to the point of physical abuse.


This is the point where my story began, but the tale was far from over.


A few months later, we got married. Michal was right when he said I would be set for life after getting the assets from the three co-conspirators who tried to have me killed. On top of that, the Rehab Project bought out the last three years of my contract and also paid me what was to have been given to Charis.


Cher continued to work at the medical center until she got pregnant with our first child, a son we named Michal Kor, in honor of our fathers. After that, she decided to be a full-time wife and mother.


I continued to work as a part-time design consultant for the Rehab Project, performing most of my duties from our custom-built home overlooking Westmoreland Beach. The rest of my time was spent raising our son and engaging in daily one-on-one “counseling” sessions with my lovely bride, sometimes on the beach below our home.


Michal was elected the Provincial Justice Minister, with promises to reform the death penalty. At the top of his list was ending the centuries-old practice of feeding criminals to mukla. There were a number of changes within the ministry, which included a full review of all cases handled by some of the prosecutors. A number of the attorneys, including Don, found themselves looking for work outside the government sector.


Every so often, my thoughts would drift back to my past with Charis. Cher, being the empathetic, loving beauty she is, could see it in my face and would put her best counseling practices to use until all I could think of was her warm, wet, naked body wrapped around mine. After our third child, I found there was never any time left to dwell on the past. But there was plenty of time for me to think about my future with Cher, our three children and the grandchildren they would bring into the world.


And it was definitely a bright future...






























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