Chapter 8: Another Load

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Group Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Finally, after hesitated for a moment, Ava decided to follow her order. She kneeled in front of her friend, followed the push. Then, without further ado, Ava cleaved apart Mia's bathrobe. Her neatly trimmed bush came on display. Faintly Ava smelled the familiar scent. She moved her face toward that bush and gently kissed the area around it, traces herself down toward Mia's swollen love lips beneath.

Mia gasped as she felt a coarse, warm and moist thing scrapped her. She pulled her bathrobe down, then gasped again before she turned her face to Dave. "You can watch us ...," she gasped, then continue, "... you can touch ...." She paused to inhale some air, before continued with heavy breaths, "... can touch me, but you can't touch her! Okay?"

Dave nodded and gulped.

"Now, can you ple...." Mia's words turned to a squeak. Her body trembled.

While still licking, Ava slid one finger into Mia, effectively cut Mia's sentence.

"Can you please ..., move to the ..., chair?" Mia spoke with trembling voice between her breaths. Her hands caressed Ava's head, "I need ..., to use ..., the bed!"

Dave get up, position the chair in front of study desk to face the bed, then sat there.

Mia exploded before she even moved toward the bed. Her body jerked a few times. Her hands pushed Ava firmly toward her love triangle.

A few seconds later, she pulled Ava to stand up, then immediately hug her tight and kissed Ava's mouth still wet of her juice. "Give me more!" she whispered her command a few seconds later as her hands undressed Ava out of the bathrobe.

Ava pushed Mia to the bed and crawled toward Mia's wet canal. She ate it, her tongue traced the lips and the button between, while she pushed one finger inside. Mia played with her own mounds. Turned her face toward Dave, smiled.

Dave returned the smiled, the heat in her eyes burned him up. He got undress and sat back on the chair, her hand semi-consciously massaged his hot-rod.

"Ready to come?" Mia teased Dave, her smiled trembled, her gaze move frantically.

"Not yet," said Dave, his eyes studied the contour of the exotic show girls in front of him.

Ava busily poke Mia and slurped Mia's sweet syrup. From the corner of her eyes, Ava saw Dave sat naked on the chair, massaging his own rod. That sight, combined with the grunt and moans Mia made, boiled her up.

"Dave," Mia called, half whispered.

"Yes?" Dave answered the call, his eyes enchanted by Mia's hazy gaze.

"Kiss me, please!" Mia asked, with coarse voice. Her hand squeezed her twin hills.

Dave move to the bed, laid on his side next to Mia, slid one arm under her neck, then started kissing her passionately. While they kissed, his other hand replaced one of Mia's hand in playing with one of her bouncy hills.

While tracing Dave mouth with her finger Mia's free hand sought for something to play with. She massaged Dave's baton with slow, firm grip.

Ava saw Dave's apparatus, only inches away from her face, being stroked by Mia. A drop of clear liquid oozed on top of it. She wanted to put Dave in her mouth but Mia, wriggled under her, still needed her full attention.

Mia felt the incoming surge. She pulled away from Dave's kiss. "Ready to come now?" she asked with trembling smile and sharp breaths. Her one hand still gave Dave the massage, her other hand held Ava's head firmly.

Dave just smiled and shook his head.

"Remember to give it to her okay?" Mia pleaded.

"Sure," Dave said, then he resumed kissing her again.

Then Mia erupted. loudly. Her body convulsed, both of her hands held Ava so her friend could keep giving her stimuli.

Ava pushed Mia's thighs to keep her steady so she could keep slurping off the overflowing juice. Her muscles between her thighs repeatedly clenched and relaxed to the burning desire.

Once she calmed back down. Mia stopped their kissing. While signalled Ava to stop her activity, she looked at Dave and said, "Get inside me."

Dave nodded and sat next Mia. Mia already was sat, waiting for her next instruction.

"Sit on me," Mia said to Ava, "I want you to watch Dave doing it to me!"

Dave moved to position himself between Mia's leg, kneeled there, slid himself into her, then started pumping.

As soon as Dave moved, Ava sat on Mia's face, facing Dave. She dropped her body to have a close look at Dave went in to and out of Mia

Mia gasped when he slid in, but her gaping mouth was welcomed by Ava's gaping slit. Her tongue immediately did its job, slid into the slit, her mouth sucked, invited Ava to release her juice.

The sight of Dave's action and the intensity of Mia's incitation made Ava surrendered. Her head fell on Mia's body, her pelvic made grinding motion on Mia's face. Dave's lower stomach slapped her face rhythmically, but she didn't care. She grunted heavily as the juice flow out.

Feeling Dave inside her, Mia had a mini-tide. Her love canal contracted.

Felt his rod squeezed inside Mia and witnessed Ava's tidal wave, Dave couldn't hold it much longer. He un-mounted Mia, then slid himself into Ava's mouth, an inch above Mia, muffled her moans. He pumped a few times, then, for the fourth time that day, fed Ava the juice she loved the most.

Ava let him slid in and pump her mouth. She was too busy screaming, coming and grinding, though, so she couldn't swallow. That priced liquid flew out of her mouth. The taste of Dave, nonetheless, intensified her ecstasy.

Dave finished planting, but kept himself inside Ava's mouth, enjoying her muffled screams vibrated his tip. Then once Ava resumed control of body, Dave kept it there to let her suck him. Only after the hypersensitivity set in, he retracted his limped organ out.

Ava stopped grinding, but she still let Mia cleaned her. She herself suck Dave to make sure no liquid was left in the pipeline. Then, when Dave withdrew, she licked the pool of viscous fluid on Mia's love triangle.

Dave sat on his knees between Mia's leg, watched Ava consumed his seed. Some drops had flown down, though, too far for Ava, so he scooped them using his finger and brought it to Ava.

"Thanks," Ava said, smiled, as she licked Dave's finger clean.

Finally, Ava rolled off of Mia, and lie herself beside her, panted. Dave followed to lie beside Mia, too. Sweat drenched the three of them.

"Are you still anxious?" ask Mia to Ava.

"Not anymore," Ava answered, "your therapy worked well."

"Were you jealous when you watched Dave did me?" ask Mia again.

"Not at all," Ava replied, "it was so sexy it made me came. I'd like to watch you again sometimes."

"No problem," said Mia.

"Was that part of my anxiety therapy?" Ava asked.

"Not at all," Mia replied, smiled coyly, "that was part of something else."

"Oh, what was that all about, then?"

"I'll let you know later on."

A soft snore picked their attention. It was Dave.

"Gosh," Mia commented, "you really drained him today, Av! I hope you don't die of overdose!"

Ava chuckled.

"Do you want to move to our room?" Mia continued.

"No need," said Ava.




Submitted: March 18, 2023

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