Book 2: Tighter

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Group Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

With Erick on prolonged business trip, Ava went crazy for him, and for his prize she usually takes. But their little foursome adventure at the penthouse brought her something she wish for, and then some.

Table of Contents


With Dave hands nailed her against the mattress, Mia could only screamed and moaned. The blisters on the wall of her wet love well weren'... Read Chapter


Mia saw Ava entered the cafe and walked directly toward her, so she immediately stood up from the sofa to greet her friend. Ava's face wa... Read Chapter

One Request

"Aparently our last get-together, that I thought would teach her to obey my wish, brought excitement to her instead. So, could you please... Read Chapter


Mia's guest ruined Ava's mood. She went back to her desk and tried to to her tasks, but to no avail. After mis-located three files, almos... Read Chapter


Then, he exploded her third dose. He didn't know how much he could give this time, but he didn't care. Dave was a bit disappointed when h... Read Chapter

Missing Hims

 "Well?, How was Julia? Did you meet her? What did she want? Did you get the recording?" Ava whispered, pondered Mia the moment her ... Read Chapter


Ava took a very deep breath. "No!" she said, then released a deep long sigh. Mia cackled a little. She then reached for the shower he... Read Chapter

Another Load

Finally, after hesitated for a moment, Ava decided to follow her order. She kneeled in front of her friend, followed the push. Then, with... Read Chapter

Not Having Fun

“Morning!” Ava greeted Mia, who walked into the kitchen wearing a kimono. “Morning, Av!” Mia kissed her friend on tue cheek, ... Read Chapter


Dave's thumb and middle finger parted Mia to give his index finger an obstructed way to probe her valley. That finger moved slowly up and... Read Chapter


Ava surfed through her tasks today gracefully. Julia was faraway. “Hi, Av,” Dave greeted her around lunchtime. “Oh, Hi!” ... Read Chapter

Remote Meet Up

“Did you give her your load?” Ava said with harsh tone several seconds later, “ “No,” Erick replied weakly. “Perhaps ... Read Chapter

Off Camera

Dave rested his head on sofa’s head, his face toward the ceiling. His hands were caressing Ava’s hair as she clean him up. He felt em... Read Chapter

On Camera

“Nothing,” Erick said, I’m just lying on my back, and she came as she rubbed her slit over my rod.” “Av,” Melanie said be... Read Chapter

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Book / Group Sex

Book / Group Sex