Perfect Fit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Lesbian threesome in a boutique store changeroom.

Despite being in school uniforms, Cathy and Talia entered the exclusive Star Boutique confidentially. Exclusive private school girls know their insignia indicates to casual underpaid retail staff that they have obscene consumer purchasing power for their tender age. 

Neither girl considered what their dad's made of their online monthly statements. The truth was interesting reading and daydreams that put both stepfathers on the cusp of undreamt forbidden intimacy.

Guys watching brunette Talia and sassy curly auburn-haired Cathy sauntering down the street to the boutique minutes ago had no such qualms. However, one peachy bubble butt in a short school skirt is heading turning. Well, this was the delectable double. Thank God we have two eyes, thought one guy as he focused full discrimination on the paired fetching rumps.

Of course, the dudes coming directly at them had to think twice to avoid walking straight into the two senior college girl's personal space. Their frickin breasts were an all-points bulletin of male delight. Thoughts like: Where were girls like this when I was at college? Or I wonder what topless beach they go to, or that's where I'd like to bury my face right now, filled with previously preoccupied male minds and thoughts of car repairs, the need for a beer or who would win tomorrow's football faded from their brains as they visualised to the best of their ability the hidden slightly bouncy profuse softness with just its hint of hard nipple firmness, so teasingly present.

Cathy and Talia just giggled and girly bumped into each other. They knew they had sass and their current boyfriend's balls under control. And if their boyfriends were away on those goddamn football recruiting camps, girls never kiss and tell; but let's say these two enjoyed close encounters of the intimate kind.

They entered the classy shop. The Star Boutique's range of lingerie was risqué, stunning and expensive. Immediately, the girls headed for the new season's exclusive imported designer range. When a design range is openly advertised as Playtime, it gets a girl thinking. 

Stephanie James, the casual assistant left with running the shop for the final hour before six o'clock closing on Friday, had been bored out of her mind for the last ninety minutes. There is a limit to the pointless tidying of beautifully racked silky items. Besides, she was jealous of what she couldn't afford and her seemingly permanent boy- friendless existence.

The ponytailed brown-haired shop assistant saw the two college girls deliberately pushing into each other's stunning bodies enter the store. Stephanie's jealousy barometer hit max before sucking it in; here was a likely double commission sale. She watched the pair head directly to the boutique's most explicit and expensive section.

Cathy was immediately checking out an appealing double-strand thong and then thought, what was the point? The item wasn't teasing or alluring. It was simply, well, here the fuck it is, boy, give it your bone.

The randy bitch with her red hair flouncing held it stretched before her dress for Talia to get an eyeful: "Worried about Jarryn straying sweetie. Try these."

Her brunette girlfriend saw the shy store assistant looking not bashfully but with a hint of jealous lust at the panties splayed across Cathy's short school skirt: and said quietly to her curly-haired friend: "Honey, I'd be more worried about the effect you're having on the girl behind the counter right now."

Cathy turned for a look at the girl; she was still holding the salmon pink thong where it would be if her dress weren't on. She saw the ponytailed young woman blush and pretend to fidget with paperwork on the counter.

It was game on as Talia suggested mischievously to her auburn-haired co-conspirator, "Let's tease the bitch behind the counter."

Talia deliberately took off the rack an outrageous pearl culotte bracli; that even had her mind racing. The pearl string had to rest and push into you know where naturally. Your cute, sensitive butt hole and right in between your pussy lips. 

She thought, where else could the frickin strand be comfortable. Her credit card was itchy. Those pearly white beads would create instant stimulation. Forget about turning on your boyfriend. This was turn yourself-on lingerie.

She ran the pearl beads through her V fingers—a rude sensual gesture for Cathy and the girl behind the counter who kept taking furtive glances.

Stephanie felt the leak between her legs and the dampness in her panties. She had never been attracted to girls. She rationalised it was the lingerie.

However: Stephanie's fingers were under her black work skirt pressing into her knickers behind the counter when Cathy flaunted a purple bow thong. She was so cute, flapping on her soft bent tush over her school skirt and drawing the eye to think about her unseen butthole.

Cathy and Talia came up to the counter. They had decided on bow thongs. Scarlett for the redhead and yellow for the brunette. They saw the sales girl's name tag: STEPHANIE.

Stephanie admired their frickin taste and credit card limits. As usual, she had on her daggy white cottontails and an off-the-rack self-fitted bra from a department store. Thank God these two wouldn't see her underwear.

 Still, these two college girls made a change from her usual clients, middle-aged women desperately trying to reignite wayward business husbands. Never a great combination — lace and cellulite, but Stephanie got bonus commissions and always told the plump ladies: 'It will look nice on you.'

The reality check came from Talia, who said," We are taking the possible matching bras to check for a perfect fit — in the fitting room, okay."

Steph returned to work mode and replied, "There's only one cubicle available. The other has stock in it. Sorry."

"No problem, "said Cathy, "We don't mind sharing."

And off the pair shimmied.

Stephanie heard the twitters, mmm's, and ah's of approval as they tried on the lingerie behind the curtain. She thought they were confident girls exposing their breasts to each other.

She heard the redhead say, "The open-up style suits you, sweetie. Spreads out your delicious muffins."

And the brunette replied: "Frick, that cupless design is so sexy. Barely covers your nipples, honey." 

"Yeah," said Talia 'but it's best we both try this last style together."

Cathy stuck her head from behind the dressing room curtain and said, "Stephanie, we need your advice. Come here"

Steph entered the cubicle.

Her eyes took in a stunning scarlet see-through, a hot yellow see-through brassiere and four hard, eye-drawing nipples trying to escape the filmiest of restraining fabric.

Talia was in front of Steph, and her tongue went straight into the young shop assistant's mouth. Her fingers were undoing her white work blouse.

Cathy was pressing her body into the ponytailed girl's butt, and her fingers were under her black skirt, forcing her knickers to one side, and her index finger was already working what she suspected was a moist ready slit. The amount of wetness caught her by surprise. Boy, had they turned the assistant on out in the shop.

Steph had that moment when she nearly hesitated, but her body took the lead. Her senses capitulated to the overpowering sweep of pleasure. There were soft girly hands on her body seemingly everywhere, and she liked it. She slutty liked it. 

The shop assistant's fingers were under the lace of Talia's bra and found those hard nipples. Her hands forced out both her titties and from God knows where her mouth was sucking another girl's breasts.

Cathy had Steph's dress and panties off and was double fingering her pussy. It was sticky squelchy wet. It was hot to touch and hotter to excite.

Talia guided Stephanie's face down to her black skimpy panty line and needed to do no more. The shop assistant tugged off the cute knickers and was greeted with sleek, shaved pink perfection. Her tongue zeroed in, slurping and nuzzling like an expert. Instantly. Talia was moaning. as a result of Steph's excellent enthusiasm and her friend's finger fucking frenzy on the ponytailed girl.

The brunette was surprised the little shop bitch got her to an incredible orgasm so quickly. It was time to repay the favour. She guided the willing lass onto the narrow bench in the fitting room but made her spread her legs wide and high and made her see her girly bits in the full-length mirror. She had a sweet bushy curly light brownish mound.

Talia went muff diving, and Stephanie writhed. Hell, touching yourself was good. Someone else was beautifully intense. It was so good. It got frickin excellent as Cathy started rimming her exposed arsehole. The double pleasure intensified all sensations.

Talia's pinpointed the shop girl's small dot of hardness in her hairy, copiously soft spread oyster glistening pussy flesh and hit it repeatedly with her flashing tongue. Steph was so happy that she nearly squeezed her thighs around Talia's head. Only Cathy forced her to keep them wide open and put a hand under her butt to lift her holes of pleasure where both could be worked together. 

Cathy had her lip balm out of her bag. She played with the slim cylinder around the shop assistant's petite pink rim and teased it over the sensitive, puckered flesh. She watched the flesh indent and seek the shape of the tube as it was withdrawn but never fully withdrawn.

Cathy realised the strawberry lip balm perfectly fitted this shy girl's delicate arsehole.

Steph loved her pussy, but her arse, she realised, was equal in pleasure creation.

Talia needed a new jolt of excitement, and it came as she got her head up from between Steph's satisfied inner thighs. Cathy, the bitch was a busy girl. But, geez, the lip balm tube looked just the thing, like it was designed to slide in and out of a tight, puckered crack. But oh, for something to stretch and gape that tight arse crack.

The redhead was a feisty bitch and grabbed what she needed out of her bag. Cathy saw her and did the same.

The brunette passed Stephanie the balm tube and raised her bent-over open arse in her direction. The shop assistant rimmed the pinkish tube around Cathy's cute balloon knot. Cathy moaned. Steph was caught in the wonder and attractiveness of insertion in another chick's arse.

Cathy spat on her lime green deodorant tube and had the rounded head nicely positioned in Talia's butthole. At nearly the same time, her friend had her yellowish stick, not under her arm, rolling to stop sweat, but she was using it to build moisture with the head in her brunette girlfriend's quickly gaping hole. Geez, Cathy had an arsehole to die for. It was pretty; it was so sensitive and so frickin responsive. 

The girls were caught in the thrill of dirty butt play. Nothing else for it. It was taboo, it was filthy, and it was a compelling lustful pleasure. And they kept cranking out the mutual delight for each other. 

It degenerated into a hothouse of randy smut rather than a cubicle for fitting clothes.

Hell, any clothes were on the floor. This was arousal. This was desire. And it was heading for mutually indecent as they strove to stretch each other's rear crack and gape presented arses with divine-rimmed pleasure. 

It had to happen. They needed the tongue where it does its premium work between the legs—first kissing each other's buggery hole. Then like their tongues were programmed to go to one spot only, they hit each other's sensitive clits. It was delicious, and mixed musky fem odours filled the small change room.

Cathy needed a dick. Talia knew it. She needed one too. Steph was lost in pleasure and didn't care what either girl did to her body as long as she got off again.

It was abrupt and stunning as the three girls finger fucked each other, digging their fingers into each other's coochie's deep and their palms massaging hard into each other's clits. It was the straight, fast, direct route to total pleasure for three young women. It was body instinctual. It was so raunchily spontaneous as they all started to cum. 

Cathy worked Steph to a mind-blowing climax. God, she was rough and deep with the shop assistant. As Steph came, she got more vigorous with the tight liquid gash of Talia's pussy and was determined her orgasm would match hers. Talia had a full sweeping pitch of fem-pleasure, building Cathy to her inevitable pleasure peak. And to cap it off for her best friend, as she finger fucked the life out of her, she got one finger into her butt hole, which drove her orgasm into the seriously intensified zone.

What a sight. Flesh, young flesh, flushed and sweaty and hot. What a pungent smell, the whiffy, heady musk of three women. And their breathing so deep and their heart rates- racing. Yeah, this was the meaning of life. Nothing philosophical or transcendental, only the joy of bodies shared.

Well, Talia and Cathy weren't complete bitches. They helped Steph shut up the shop and purchased the matching thongs and bras. They had boyfriends to keep in line over the weekend. 

But the most admirable gesture was buying Stephanie a matching coral pink thong and bra to wear to their planned get-together on Monday night.

Submitted: March 06, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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A total treat that ended sweet, just too bad they had no meat!

Mon, March 6th, 2023 10:30pm

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