Humiliating Roger

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A girl finds a cute but very shy boy who she then proceeds to humiliate him and other submissives at every opportunity.

 Humiliating Men

I didn’t have a date for the prom. I decided that I could not wait any longer for a boy to ask me.  I knew this shy boy Roger who I was sure I could get to take me.  He was kind of cute, but I had never wanted him because he was so shy.  I wanted a male who was strong and confident, and Roger was everyone but that.  In fact, he disgusted me. When I asked him, he said yes. At least I had a date for the prom.

A lot of girls lose their virginity during the prom.  I certainly was not going to lose mine. I decided that Roger would lose his. At the end of the date, I went for his cock. At first, he stopped me, but I was relentless. I could not have cared less if it caused us to break up.  I wanted his virginity and I was going to have it.  Finally, I managed to get my hand down his pants and once I did, he grew an erection.  I cupped one hand around his balls and another around his cock.  I stroked him until he was good and hard.  Then I took his pants off. The I stroked his cock and caressed his balls until he spurted all over my hands.  Then I cleaned him up. I had achieved my goal. His virginity was mine.

I wanted to set him up to be exposed so I took him to a waxing parlor to have him given a Brazilian wax.  He was 18 so it was no problem.  I insisted that I watch. I used my phone to take a video.  I had made arrangement ahead of time for them to do it for free.  The trade off was that they would use him for training. Roger did not know of my deal.  We were led into the private room by the esthetician.  Once in the room Roger was told to strip below the waist.  Once naked he was told to lay face up on the table facing the door. Then he was told to spread his legs and hold his knees in his hands.  When he did, he was spread open for us and completely exposed. 

No sooner did Roger get in this position that the door opened, and a young girl walked in.  Roger immediately dropped his knees and covered himself up with his hands.  The esthetician looked at me.  I said to Roger, “Roger, she is a student.  She is supposed to be here.  Take your hands away and resume the position.  He did.

Just as soon as Roger resumed his exposed position, the door opened again, and another young girl came through the door.  This time Roger did not change his position.  He just looked at me and I nodded.  He understood.  She was another student.

Then the door opened again and this time two mature women came into the room.  I didn’t know why they were there.  I looked at the esthetician for an explanation.  She said, “These are customers.  They wanted to see how a manzilian was done."  Now there were 6 women in a small wax room all looking at Roger in what is the most possibly revealing and embarrassing position.  It was no surprise to me that Roger grew an erection. I was delighted to cause that much embarrassment.

The esthetician said, “You will notice that the subject has grown an erection.  This is rare but not unusual.  In this case it is probably because the subject has an audience of women watching.  It is fortunate that he has an erection because now you will experience how to deal with it.  The process is simple, just ignore it and go about your business as usual.”

Then the esthetician began putting on the wax, letting it cool and ripping it off.  First, she did the hair above the testicles.  Then she let her students do it.  Then before she did the testicles she explained, “The skin of the testicles is thin, and it will rip easily.  Thus, before you remove the wax you should stretch the skin tight.”  She proceeded to do show her student how to stretch the skin tight.  Then the two students took turns removing all the hair off Roger’s testicles. The manzilian was done and Roger got dressed.

I had a sleep over at my house with my girlfriends. I invited Roger to come by. When Roger arrived, I told my girlfriends that I had gone to a waxing parlor and had him given a Brazilian wax. Then I showed my girlfriends my video of his waxing.  Then without asking, I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his pants, dropped those pants and his underpants to the floor and showed my girlfriend how cute he looked without his pubic hair.  He tried to stop me, but I slapped his hands away.  I could tell he was embarrassed but that was what I wanted.  Then I let my girlfriends examine him. When they were finished Roger had a raging erection. After that I slipped off his shoes, took off his pants and underpants so that he would be naked from the waist down.  Then I made him be our waiter. When he was out of the room, I encouraged my friends to tip him by fondling his testicles.  They did and he maintained his erection until I sent him home.

My mother wanted to get to know Roger so she invited him over for supper.  My Dad was away on a business trip that night.  It was then I told her that I had taken him to get a Brazilian wax.

She said, “You did what?”

I said, “I took him to get a Brazilian wax.”

She said, “What did you do that for?”

I said, “I like to keep him under my thumb.”

She said, “What does that mean?”

I said, “Here I will show you.” 

Then I turned to Roger and said, “Roger, show my mother your Brazilian wax.”

Roger said, “She doesn’t want to see that.”

I said, “Sure she does. I told her how cute you are without all that hair so drop your pants and show her your Brazilian wax.”

Roger said, “I don’t want to.”

I said, “Roger, don’t make me cross. 

Roger lowered his pants and showed my mother his genitals.  I thought my mother might stop him, but she didn’t. I think she wanted to see if I really had that much control over him.  When Roger did lower his pants, she turned to me and give me a dirty look as if to say, “I not only can’t believe you did that, but I can’t believe you showed me.”  I wanted to leave him exposed but my mother told him to put his pants back on.

Then I took Roger in front of his mother.  I simply said to her, “I gave Roger a Brazilian wax.  You should see how cute he is now.”  His mother was dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything.  I then said to Roger, “Show your mother how cute you are without your pubic hair.”

Roger hesitated a moment then realized that if he wanted to keep me as his girlfriend, he would have to do as I say.  He lowered his pants and underpants and showed his hair free genitals to his mother.  His mother at first was still dumbfounded and didn’t say anything.

 She soon recovered herself and said, “Roger, pull your pants back up.”

When she said that Roger hesitated and looked at me for guidance.  I said, “Don’t you think he looks adorable like that?”

Mrs. Smith said, “No, I don’t think so.  What do you think gives you the right to have my son’s publc hair removed?
I said, “I am his girlfriend.”

Mrs. Smith said, “Well, I am his mother, and I don’t like it.”

I turned to Roger and said, “Roger, your mother does not like you hairless, but I do.  What is it going to be?”

Roger paused a moment and said, “You are my girlfriend.”

I smiled at Mrs. Smith, took Roger and began masturbating him.  Roger let me, but his mother left the room.  After a few more minutes she came back into the room and watched.

The next thing I did was to take off his pants and underpants put on some adult diapers.  Then I drove him to a wayside rest where I took him into the ladies’ room.  I took off the used diapers, took a paper towel wet it and cleaned of his genitals, his anus and his perineum while ladies walked by and looked.  Then I put on fresh diapers and went back to the car. 

I took him next to a free beach. On the way there. I put a cock ring on him and attached a leash to it.  Then I led him to the beach naked from the waist down.  I was stopped on the way by two young girls who asked me why he was naked from the waist down. One was a brunette and the other a redhead. As young girls they both had flat stomachs and small waists giving them nice figures.I said, “I am his dominatrix, and he is my submissive.”

They asked, “You mean he likes being treated like this.”

I said, “Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

They said, “What should I do?”
I said, “Whatever you want.”

The brunette said to Roger, “Bend over.”  He did as ordered. Both girls then began caressing his buttocks. After about a minute the hands of the brunette went to Roger’s testicles. While the brunette went to Roger’s testicles, the redhead went for his cock.  The redhead said, “Stand up straight.”  When he did the redhead resumed stroking his cock while the brunette fondled his balls. In no time Roger raised an erection.

I said, That’s enough.”  If anyone was going to make Roger cum, it was going to be me. 

I continued down the path with Roger now erect.  Every few minutes I stopped and stoked him to make sure he stayed hard.  Every time we came to someone they always stared at Roger as we passed them. 

When we arrived at the beach, I led Roger the length of the beach because I wanted everyone to see him in naked in my control.  The I walked him back and left. As we walked back to the parking lot, we passed far more people coming to the beach than we did coming.  As we were walking back to the car a couple of girls wanted to take our pictures.  I let them. Before I let them, I made them both fondle Roger so that he was at his hardest when the picture was taken. 

Then I put sunglasses on Roger and took him to a public beach.  I thought about changing him on the beach, but I wanted to humiliate him more.  When we arrived at the beach. I just stripped him naked and laid him on the beach face up. After about half an hour the lifeguard came over to Roger and said, “You can’t be naked on a public beach.”

I said, “He is severely retarded, he doesn’t understand.”

The lifeguard said to me, “He will either have to wear a suit or leave the beach.”

I said, “What difference does it make. He doesn’t know any better.”

The lifeguard said, “It may not matter to him, but people are complaining.”

I said, “He is just a man.  It isn’t like people don’t know what a naked man looks like.”

The lifeguard said, “I am not going to argue with you. He has to wear a suit or leave the beach.”

I bundled up our stuff and took Roger, still nude, out to our car. 

After that I received a request from another man to humiliate him like I had humiliated Roger.  I agreed and made him pay for the privilege.  Soon thereafter I developed a humiliatrix business. I was being paid by men to humiliate them in front of women in public. I did many of the same things I have written about. The most common thing I did was to lead the man with a cock ring and a leash. When I did, I always let women stop me and molest my submissive. Whenever they did, I made sure that they did not stop until my submissive orgasmed.

Then I was asked to bring a submissive to a night club for male strip night.  There I would bring my submissive out with a girlfriend of mine.We then stripped him naked in front of the female audience.  Then we tied him with leather straps to a wooden frame on wheels and wheeled him through the audience where the ladies paid to molest him. If the paid us $5.00 in cash, we would let them fondle his testicles.  It always worked and only ended when the submissive erupted.  It was most profitable. We were paid on both ends. The male paid us to humiliate him, and the ladies paid him to let them do it.  We never gave money to our submissives, we always kept all the money.  If they didn’t like it, we could always find another submissive anxious to do it.  I never knew until this happened how many men are starved for female desire. They want it, they crave it, or they woudln't behave like this.  Why don't we girls give it to them?  Why are we so selfish that we always want them to make love to us?








Submitted: March 04, 2023

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