My step bro is huge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A stepbrother with the package.

Stepbrother’s eugh. You know what I mean—smelly socks left in the entrance hallway. The bathroom should be declared a flood zone after their use. Gross pubic hairs stuck in the soap. He scratched where the sun doesn’t usually shine over the breakfast bar. He left any uneaten pizza lank, limp, and olive-smelly on the bench. The gross nerd expected my mum to clean up after him. And don’t get me started on the toilet. I mean, no one’s asking a dude to sit down or take aim into a soda can, but they always hit the rim and splash and leave drips on the floor for my feet when I need to go in the middle of the night, and the bloody seat is never down.

I would have coped better if he had been an Adonis or a male dreamboat when I moved in with my mum two months back. However, Tom was no hunky college beefcake and not a patch on my desired school quarry, quarterback Matty, whom I was pursuing. My stepbrother was tall, the old-fashioned six feet, but thin, bony, gawky, and straggly. He needed a fashion sense and an idea of what to do with his hair. A glass-framed geek nerd. He was eighteen like me but no fun; he was already a boring studious trainee adult.

You couldn’t get a more significant contrast in steppies. I’m petite, an old-fashioned five-foot-one. I always wear platforms when I go out. I carry my ID to enter a nightclub. I’m fifty kilos of pint-sized mischievous baby-faced look. I can buy the most petite sizes on the rack and fit into the skimpiest of bikinis, and luckily, I have great boobs for my small delicate weight.

My fem state of mind was complex because I had experienced maximum disappointment with Matt two nights ago. I pursued him with girly lust in his field gear. He looked like he was packing it, you know where. But when I got it out in his car to get to business, I realised he was genetically cock-short-changed. I got over my disappointment, worked it up, and then got ready to bounce up and down off it, but the quarterback misfired before I got adequately aroused. It wasn’t only his pecker that was a letdown. I was left girly perplexed. How could you tell who was packing it, and even then, did the bloody dude know how to use it. To treat a girl like the secret slut she pretended not to be.

It was Saturday night, and I was undecided about what to do; when one of my new girlfriends texted me. There was a party her elder brother at Uni could sneak our entry. I had to meet her in an hour at her place to go. Of course, I wanted to attend. Older boys. Pricks that could please me where I needed to be pleased.

I stripped off, grabbed and wrapped a towel around myself and headed for the bathroom along the upstairs landing. I needed to prep myself quickly and go.

I burst straight into the bathroom. An unlocked door! There was Tom fully frontal naked, except for his glasses, wanking off, in profile next to the mirror. I mean, I took in his glasses with my peripheral vision because all I saw was his cock.


His huge frickin erect, ready cock. 

I blurted, “OH MY GOD”, not shocked he was naked but stunned at the sheer size of his engorged pecker.

Ten inches and change!

“OH, FUCK IT,” he said, turning around and facing away from me. “Julie, fuck it, Julie, go.”

“OH, I WANT to FUCK IT,” I exclaimed, “AND SUCK IT,” I added quickly.

As I hadn’t left, Tom turned and said, “You want me?”

“Well,” I said sheepishly, “I’ll start with your huge cock.”

I had the passing thought, double screw nerdy computer and chess club girls who kept this college monster a secret.

His cock was there, staring at me in its raised, elongated stiff glory. I stared back. I wanted it. I needed it. My mind focused on sucking it, jerking it and letting the monster fill me.

Well, in that instance, we both got what we needed. I got a big dick in my mouth, and Tom got relief from his massive hard-on. I don’t know what he expected from his step-sister, as I hadn’t removed my towel and was presently sucking along his shaft and licking his bulging knob with my tongue tip.

Fuck I had to concentrate on my breathing not to gag because Tom was pushing, pushing just that little more each time my head bobbed along his shaft and sucked more of his cock length. No way I could get to his balls for sure. I caught my breath, swirling my tongue tip around his sensitive pecker head, fondling his balls with my fingers, and gripping his shaft in the middle. I flipped up his cock and licked from his nut bag to his tip.

Fuck me; it was a bloody marathon lick.

I formed a tube with my hand, taking his head between my lips. I let a slurry of saliva and my greedy drool keep him lubricated. Next, I raked my nails along his perineum to excite him. Then I had to have a go. The challenge was getting as much of his monster schlong in my mouth as I could, short of choking. I spluttered and gagged in the end, but fuck I tried, and I got a frickin lot of meat in my mouth and tickling my tonsils. 

I caught my breath and let him face fuck me. 

“Oh my god,” he expressed in male happiness, and well he fucked my face off with his huge dick, holding my head.

It was wild between the pair of us. He couldn’t fault my enthusiasm. Well, I had a cock that rarely even appears in a girl’s wet dreams. He held my head tighter, and I pushed his bum cheeks into my face with my gripping hands. 

I knew I was super wet between my legs, so as I got up, I just dropped my towel, and it was at that point Tom knew the forbidden was entirely his. My pussy was begging for it, and my mind was craving a massive dick. 

I bent my body over the vanity, hopeful a splayed doggy position would allow me to benefit from such a monster pecker. Quickly, I got one leg up on the bathroom bench.

All my girly cock desires were answered in full. I was utterly pecker packed. Cock chocked. 

“Oh shit,” I yelped, feeling everything expand to its capacity, his thickness and length dominating me. And the geek bastard knew how to use his previously hidden-from-me wonder.

Fuck, I felt good.

He shoved his cock in deep.

“Orrgh fuck.” I gasped, my petite pussy bursting with meat!

He thrust with power. He wedged as much of his dick into me as I could take. He overfilled me. Then he got his thrusting rhythm going, and I was in fem-bliss mode. My pussy dominated me. I couldn’t believe how sensational a large competent dick could be shovelling and ploughing in and out of my encircling happy girly flesh. 

I was panting—full-on rapid sexual gasping.

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” I moaned, sure to fricking split open!

Then appreciative panting, endless, “Orrgh, Ahh, Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Tom was loudly groaning.

We consumed the mutual headlong and genital rush to overwhelming sexual release. I surrendered to the potent helplessness of my dazzling superior orgasm. I felt my pussy clutch.

“Holy crap! Oh, Oh, Oh, sweet fuckin hell!”

I marvelled as my clitty tingled in delightful sharp pleasure spasms. I repeatedly moaned as my body flooded with self-love, and my pussy released its liquid contribution to my ecstasy.

Of course, my clutches of spasms in my girdling cunt muscles drove Tom to jag fuckin’ Grand Canyon deep.

And in my fucking epiphany of sexual wonder, I, dirty girl, had to know.

“Spit in my arse and pump that legendary monster in my goddam rear!”

A moment of enjoyment as he drenched my arse in saliva and mussed my starfish with his tongue.

Then tingly unsure trepidation! I was surely asking for the impossible!

“Are you sure,” queried Tom, “No girl has ever managed half my length.”

Geez, I was a college tart and loved a challenge!

“Srewth,” and beyond that, I flamin whimpered and yelped.

“Ohh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh,” as my arse was packed tighter than a waist in a fucking choking corset.

My eyes popped and rolled. I went frickin cross-eyed. My tongue was hanging out. I panted beyond arse salvation. Hell, I felt ripped and shredded!

Tom’s cock jagged, jerked, yanked, wrenched and tugged and thrust, all in a haze of wondrous anal acceptance.

In a state of bliss, my arse expanded. I hit euphoria.

“How fuckin far are you in!” I managed.

“Over half,” he puffed.

My body and starfish bloody knew it!

“Oh, plunge deeper,” I yelped as I started an anal-gasm.

My back passage tensed and gripped. Fuck my alley was amazing.

Still, I was all grunts, “Ugh, Ugh, Ugh,” as his balls slapped my buttocks.

Then, finally, he gave me the full big pecker jolts that gave my arse unreal happiness.

As he eased out of my cum sloshed backdoor, his wad, which matched his pecker size, dribbled to the bathroom tiles.

Talk about the truism; never judge a book by its cover. But still, how did you know what a guy is packing till you see it, and even then, he’s still got to be able to use the frickin colossal plaything. 

Tom could see I was climaxed and flushed. But he was waiting for approval. So, what is it with guys and cock feedback? Mainly we girls lie. But not today. 

“Tom, step-bro, yep, you’re my step-bro all right, no complaints, fuckin awesome dude, fuckin awesome. But your goddam pecker is mine on call!”

He was about to get a towel to wipe my girly cum and the remnants of jizz, from his at-rest, slick-coated cock, which was still quite firm.

I knelt and cleaned him up happily, licking his gorgeous oversized dick to a clean flesh sheen.

Tom dressed and left the bathroom.

I showered with way too much touching.

Fuck, Tom’s pecker is huge!

Fuck, my step bro is massive!

Go to his room!

And wrapping the towel around my wet body, I did.

Submitted: February 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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