My First Brazilian Wax

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A man goes to have his first waxing for hygiene reasons and get talked into a full Brazilian wax.

My First Brazilian Wax

I have a problem with skid marks. The situation got so bad that I had to throw away all of my underwear.  I tried being more careful. The situation improved but still persisted. When I found that that Brazilian Wax Parlors routinely remove the hair off the anus during a Brazilian Wax that is what I decided to do.

I made an appointment on-line with a wax parlor.  They called me the next morning to say that they didn’t do male Brazilians.

I said, “But you service men.”

She said, “We do men, but we don’t give male Brazilian waxes.”

I was stunned. I complained to the state agency that enforces gender discrimination in public accomodations.  They claimed they didn’t have jurisdiction. How can the state agency that enforces gender discrimination in public accomodations not have jurisdiction over gender discrimination a a public accomodation?  It is like the police department not having jurisdiction over crime.  Either they were incredibly stupid or lying.

I found another salon that would do male Brazilian waxes.  It was the salon owner who did the male Brazilian waxes.  I said, “I want to have to hair waxed off my anus for hygiene reasons.”

She said, “ I want to teach my other estheticians how to do a male Brazilian.  Why don’t you let me do a full Brazilian?”

I said, ‘I just want the butt strip.”

She said, “If you let me do the full Brazilian, I won’t charge you.”

I said, “I just want the butt strip Brazilian.  I will be happy to pay full price.”

She said, “I really need someone to teach my estheticians.  If you let me use you as a teaching tool for my estheticians I will give you free Brazilians for a year.”

I said, “If I have to expose myself to an audience of women, I will be embarrassed by my own erection.’

She asked, “Is that all that is bothering you?”

I said, “Yes,”

She said, “Don’t be silly, do you suppose I haven’t seen an erection before.  We are women, we like erections. There is no shame in being potent.  Growing an erection is a perfectly normal response, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Go ahead and have an erection. Now that you have told us you will have an erection, we will expect it and there is no reason to feel embarrassed.”

I was convinced by her arguments. I began to look forward to her giving me a full Brazilian in front of a feminine audience.  I liked the idea of an audience of women appreciating my erection.  The owner me led into a private room with an examining table and two girls who looked like high school students..  The owner, Dorothy, was a comely brunette with small breasts and an nice figure.  The two recent high school girls were a blonde and brownette.  Both girls had the slender figures with the small waists and flat tummies of high school girls.They were small in breast size but with slender waists and ski jump buttocks, they had hour glass figures.  Only after I had evaluated their figures did I notice their facial features.  The blonde’s name was Nancy and the brownette’s name was Virginia. 

As soon as I entered, I had to know if these two young girls had even seen a naked man before.  I said, “Have either of you girls even seen a naked man before?  They both shook their heads.

I then said, “I have to be naked in front of you, will that offend you?”

Nancy said, “We have never seen a naked man before.  We want to see one."

I said, “What if I get an erection?”

Nancy said, “That's even better.”

Virginia said, "I can't wait!"

Then Dorothy said, “Strip to the waist, lay on the table face up and grab your knees.”

I was surprised. It was a most ignominious position. My genitals would literally be right in their faces.  I assumed the position.

I looked into the eyes of the two girls.  Both were staring at my genitals.  It excited me and I started to grow an erection.  Far from being embarrassed, I looked forward to it.  Dorothy was right, once I knew they wanted to see me naked, I wanted them to see me.  I wanted to show off."

Dorothy turned to her two training estheticians, she said, “Notice that our customer has grown an erection.  This is unusual. Most patients are accustomed to being naked during a Brazilian and will not grow an erection.  It happened this time because it is the first time for this patient, and he has a feminine audience.  It is still good experience for you to see that this can happen.”

Dorothy continued, “The first thing I want you to do is not be afraid of handling a man’s genitals.  You have to touch male genitals in order to do your job. If you don’t want to do it, you will need to find another profession.  Notice that a man has a penis and testicles.  The sack that the testicles are inside of is called a scrotum.  I want each of you to wet your hands with oil and rub that oil all over his cock and balls and anywhere he has genital hair.  Go ahead and give him a good feel.”

The two girls proceeded to do exactly that. Nancy did it first and Virginia followed. When they rubbed the oil over my scrotum, I found it intensely pleasurable and got noticeably harder. 

Dorothy said, "Notice that the customer got even harder when you both rubbed oil over his genitals.  This cannot be helped.  It is part of your job.  If the customer reacts sexually to what you are doing, you should ignore it."

Dorothy said, “Now Nancy, I want you to take the tongue depressor, put the end in the hot wax and spread to wax on his genital hair above his penis.”She did exactly that.

Dorothy said, “Now Virginia, I want you to do the same.”  She did exactly that.

Dorothy said, "Now take another tongue depressor and do it again."

Virginia asked, "What use another tongue depressor?"

Dorothy said, "It is a question of hygiene.  Why don't want to spread any skin disease."

Dorothy said, “Both of you repeat what you did in separate areas.”  Both did as ordered.

Dorothy said, “Now I am going to show you how to remove the cooled wax. Take your fingernail and flip up the edge of the wax like this.  Then take hold of the edge of the wax and pull it quickly ripping the hair out of by its roots, like this.  Then when you have removed the wax put your fingers on the skin from which the wax has just been removed. This will calm the nerves in that area and lessen the pain.”

Dorothy continued, “Now rip off the cooled wax.”  This did and this continued until all the hair above and to the side of the scrotum had been removed.

Dorothy said, “Now I am going to teach you how to remove hair off the scrotum.  First, put wax on two different parts of the scrotum.”  They did.

Dorothy said, “Now you have to be careful that when you remove hair off the scrotum you don’t tear the thin skin of the scrotum.  You accomplish this by using your fingers to stretch the skin tight before removing the wax.”  Dorothy demonstrated.

Then Dorothy said, “Now you girls proceed.”  They did.

I noticed that when Dorothy did anything she would freely manipulate my testicles.  I found this very exciting. I noticed that when the two girls did it, they followed her example.  When the reached the base of my cock they proceeded in the same manner as though they were liked handling a man’s testicles.  When the second of the two girls grasped my cock to remove the hair of the base of my cock, I erupted.  I couldn’t help it. This time I was embarrassed. Virginia, the girl who had my cock in her hand noticed the discharge and stopped.

Dorothy also noticed it and said, “Don’t stop, continue as though nothing has happened.”  She did.

When I finished, Dorothy said to Nancy, “Take a wet wash cloth and clean him up.  I have heard of that happening, but it is the first time I have seen it.  Do not be alarmed, it is perfectly normal. If there weren’t three of us., I do not believe it would have happened.  In any case it was a good experience for you.”

After all the hair was removed from the front of my genitals I was told to get on all fours where the hair was removed from both my perineum and my anus.  It was finished.

I returned to the same salon many times but only to do the butt strip.  When I did I asked for Nancy.  She obviously remembered me because she always rubbed oil all over my testicles until I got an erection.  She seemed to like teasing me.  Of course. I could have stopped it by just going elsewhere but I never did.  Despite the frustration I must have liked it.


Submitted: February 23, 2023

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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