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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The last chapter of Cari's terrible humiliation ordeal at the hands of her boyfriend Danny.








Each week, Danny would take Cari to be fucked by the football team. The poor young girl’s pussy grew swollen and raw. Danny pointed out to her that married women get fucked at least once or twice a day by their husbands, and it’s no big deal. Good girls learn to love being fucked, and Cari must learn that too.


She was so broken by now that she didn’t even argue with him, or even

question it in her own mind anymore. She had become a broken fuck-puppet, which was exactly where Danny wanted her. When he drove her to school in the morning, she could come out of her house, go around the corner of the house where her parents couldn’t see, remove her panties and bra and put on the very very short skirt Danny demanded, a skirt that only came down one inch below her cunt. He swollen nipples, that Danny worked on almost every evening, showed big and pink through her very thin tee shirt. If she moved ever so slightly wrong, her puffy pink cunt lips showed beneath the hem of her skirt. The poor sweet, formerly innocent girl looked like the cheapest and sluttiest tramp possible. And the saddest thing was she no longer even felt humiliated and degraded. Danny had so worn her down that she was now used to it. When she sat anywhere, at the fast food restaurant, at the mall food court, at the movies, on a park bench, she automatically spread her legs wide apart, so her cunt showed to anyone nearby… and all because Danny taught her to sit that way. If she closed her legs, or did not sit pushing her tits out as he had taught her, she was punished.


He started calling her “Cockhole” in front of his buddies and even out in public. If he said, “Finger it,” she had to immediately reach down under her skirt and begin to finger her pussy right in front of his buddies. Sometimes, he’d make her do that until she had an orgasm.


Anyway, when she got into his car for him to drive her to school, or when they were going out on a date, he no longer even said hello to her, and she no longer spoke to him. She would immediately bury her face in his crotch. If his big thick teenage dick was out of his pants, she would immediately begin to lick it and suck on the cockhead and tongue the piss slit. He told her that this is how a well- trained girlfriend behaves. If his dick was still in his jeans, She would nuzzle it and lick it through the material of his pants, feeling the swollen length of prick with her lips. She was a good girl, now and he told her he loved her. 

Of course, he also allowed all of his buddies to fuck her. Not a day went by that she did not have quite a lot of dick in her. Danny told her that most teenage girls took lots of dick every day, and that was what they were on earth for. That was a cunt’s purpose in life. So if six or seven of his buddies wanted to fuck her every day after school, no big deal, right? Why would she feel humiliated or degraded, it was just her job as a female.


Danny taught her that to a cunt, a man’s cock is the most beautiful thing in the whole world. A girl should spend her entire life worshipping and loving men’s peckers. All men’s peckers. There is no greater feeling in the world for a teenage girl than a huge swollen prick in her mouth. Cari came to believe this, because Danny had said so, and Danny loved her.  He even talked to her about how beautiful to a young girl a dog’s dick was. How a huge Great Dane prick is truly beautiful and how good girls love to masturbate and fondle big juicy dog dick.


Cari was confused over this and she cried, thinking about it. But Danny said, it would be okay, and she just needed some time to adjust.


One of the most difficult things for Cari to adjust to was another girl with Danny. One afternoon, he brought Cari over to his home, and for a moment, she felt warm and loved inside. He cared enough about her to share his home with her. However, she was shocked to find his mother and sister totally naked. She was also shocked when they greeted him by kneeling and kissing the dick lump in his pants.


“You see, Cockhole, they love me too. Just like you do.” Danny’s mom still did feel terrible humiliation and shame, and had trouble dealing with it. That her own son had fucked her and forced her to commit dirty sex acts with him and his sister, was almost too much for the poor lonely woman to handle. But her greatest guilt came from the fact that she was in love with her own son’s thick, long, massive cock and his huge balls. It was easier for her to let his teenage buddies fuck her than it was for her to accept his wet pecker in her holes. A mother, having an orgasm from her own handsome son’s massive dick! When she was not horny, it made her feel lonelier than ever. And if only the boy just fucked her and his sister, but he somehow really got off on degrading them.


He loved to have them lick his feel or suck on his balls while he watched tv. He enjoyed making them crawl around on all fours, and often made them lick each others’ cunts or assholes. Danny’s sister, who only wanted to be a normal teen was really freaked out by this and no longer even talked to any of her school friends. Unless it was a girl at school that Danny wanted to fuck, in which case, she had to introduce the poor girl to her “wonderful brother.”


On this particular afternoon, Danny wanted Cari to lick the pussies of his mother and sister. She froze up and began to tremble. She couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t.


“Don’t you love me?” Danny said, pinching her big nipples really hard. Tears rolled down her soft young cheeks. He guided her over to his sister, who had been instructed to sit on a wooden chair with her legs spread. He then had Cari kneel between the girl’s legs. His prick was rock hard and wet in his jeans. This was so hot for the teenage boy. “You’re gonna love this Cari, just trust me.” He gently but firmly pushed the girl’s face into his sister’s pussy. For a moment, the sense of shame and humiliation did return to Cari. She still had a bit of that in her. But it disappeared when she started licking. And licking Danny’s mom’s cunt became even easier. She just tried not to think of the woman as Danny’s mother.


To increase the degradation, Danny chuckled. “That’s where I came from. That cunt that you have your tongue up gave birth to me!” He made his sister suck on his mom’s nipples while Cari licked and tongued and sucked on her pussy.

You see, Poor abused Cari had become nothing but an obeying robot or puppet. This can happen to teenage girls, and lots of teenage boys prefer their girlfriends to be this way.  When Danny was ready for sex, he fucked his sister, and then he demanded Cari to suck his cum out of the just fucked pussy. She had to open her mouth and show him the cum inside. Then he ordered her to kiss his mother and pass the cum into her mouth.


Cari became more and more entombed in her boyfriend’s sick demands. She tried to obey quickly, so they would be more quickly over. On the weekend nights with the football team, she simply made her mind a blank as teenage jock after teenage jock rammed his horny wet dick into her.


But that still left all those weekday nights for more fun and games. Danny had a brilliant idea and went to work. One Wednesday evening, while she sucked his dick in the car, he drove to a school In the inner city. There, he introduced her to the “Walter Fornum High School” basketball team. These were tall, well built, black boys. When Cari backed away in fright, he once again reminded her that is was wrong to be a racist. There were ten of them, including the main player and the subs and boys who mostly warmed the benches. Of the ten, six were well over six feet tall and lean and muscular. Danny had chosen them for two reasons. One; they paid him for a chance to fuck this cute teen girl. (He had shown them naked pics of her) and Two; these boys each had a dick over eight and half inches in length and as thick as coke cans, while three of the boys sported dicks over ten inches long. Danny wanted Cari to experience the full thrill of huge male fuckmeat.


Poor Cari couldn’t even take those humongous pricks down her throat, but she had no choice. It didn’t seem they even cared if she could breathe or not, as long as they could feel her throat muscles massaging their prickmeat. They laughed and joked with each other while they fucked her, and then some of them decided to try her asshole. Danny as always, was all for three hung dudes fucking her at once. The dirtier the fucking, the better for him. It really excited him, which was why, during round two, he suggested that two of the biggest hung basketball players double penetrate Cari at the same time. Two huge dicks in her stretched pussy and a thick pecker down her throat at the same time.


The only way Cari could cope was to mentally and emotionally tune out. She knew her body would be agonizingly sore for days, not that it would stop Danny from further fuck games. One of the basketball players started biting her nipples, which Danny laughingly encouraged. He took her nipple nub between his big, white, gleaming teeth, and tugged hard, stretching the tit to unbelievable lengths.

That gave another kid the idea to wrap rubber bands around her nipples…forcing them to balloon out grotesquely. Some of the boys did their second spunk on her face. Boys love to do that to pretty girls. I don’t understand why some males love to defile the beauty they are fucking. After the first two boys to double penetrate Cari had unloaded their fuck into her womb, another two well-hung boys decided to try the same thing. They loved how their big swollen wet dicks felt rubbing against each other in a nice tight cunt.


Danny casually mentioned that some of the boys might want to try double penetration up her soft, sweet ass. So they did. After all ten boys had gotten off a second time, They stood around and pissed on the girl. That’s another thing guys seem to love to do with girls. Someone really needs to explain this whole humiliation, degradation thing. Ten large, thick, half hard dicks unloading torrents of strong yellow piss on poor Cari, lying on the floor of the locker room. Danny observed how messy Cari was. “You know, Baby, you really ought to crawl around and lick up all the piss you couldn’t swallow!”


This too became a weekly event. Basketball boys on Wednesday, football players on Friday. But soon, the football season would end, and so Danny began to seriously consider inviting the just starting baseball team to enjoy Cari.


You must be wondering about Cari’s parents. They were fit to be tied. They prayed for their daughter. They were not at all certain what was wrong with her. She had gotten so thin and become so listless. Her grades had fallen badly. They were totally out of touch with her.


And then, inevitably, with so much unprotected fucking, Cari became pregnant.

She was terrified, and she felt she had no one to turn to except of course for Danny, who said he loved her.


“Oh, Jeez, you dumb bitch!” was Danny’s response. Although secretly he was delighted. He loved to get young cunt preggies. Another victory. He and his buddies roared with laughter.


“Well, I guess it’s time to dump her,” he said to his pals, rubbing the lump in his jeans. “She’s a fucked-out mess anyway. She’s had so much dick in her, I can’t even feel her pussy walls or asshole when I fuck her anymore. It’s high time, I dumped her.”


And so, he did. When he told her, poor Cari could not believe it. “But… you love me. You said we would get married,” she sobbed.


“I’m sorry, Baby, I really am, but you are all fucked out. Besides, do you think I want to have a kid? Some little brat hanging on me? No way, man!”


Of course, Cari was hysterical. “But what am I going to do?”


“Not my problem bitch. We don’t even know what color the kid will be. It’s probably not mine. Your parents are so fucking religious that I’d bed abortion is out. You are just going to have to have the kid. Your twat is so stretched out, it won’t be much of a problem.”He stopped the car and told her to get out. He wouldn’t even drive her home. He cursed because he wished he had let her finish the suck job she was giving him before he broke up with her.


Cari didn’t know where to turn. She was shattered. Danny had made every single decision for her for months. She had to tell her parents. They were amazingly, quite kind, but they did insist that she give birth. She had a kind of nervous breakdown and quite school. She hid away from everyone and eight months later gave birth to a beautiful black baby boy.




The End




Danny was zooming around town in his car, looking for new, young pussy. There had been five other “girlfriends” since Cari, and hundreds of other fucks as well. He was doing well. He had a pretty good job working at a garage.

He also made money selling drugs. As he was cruising a side street that looked vaguely familiar to him, he noticed a cute, rather petite girl walking down the street pushing a baby carriage.


“Holy shit, it’s Cari!”Seeing her with the baby buggy, made his dick hard at once. Could he? Holy fuck, what a victory that would be!


He pulled over and lowered the window. “Hey, Cari. How you doing, beautiful?” 


She stopped walking and looked at Danny in the car. Her entire body began to tremble. She could not speak.


“Look, Babe, I know I treated you like shit. I feel really bad about that.

I’ve thought about you over and over these last few months. You know what? I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t shitting. I really did love you. And you know what, Cari? I still do love you.”


“I’ve…I”ve got a baby. A son. I… “She was shaking so badly, her legs hardly supported her.


“Oh, Cari, I have missed you so much. Haven’t you missed me?  I know I fucked up. Do you think, do you think maybe we could try again? I still love you, Baby, I really do. “ 


He could tell from the way she stood there, frozen, that he would get her. She would fall for him again, and he would fuck her again, over and over. He’d make sure she got pregnant again. He would submit her to even more disgusting indignities. He said the magic words.


“Hey, Cari, do you love me?”

Submitted: February 22, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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