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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: CFNM

A cab driver picks up three women who want to go to a male strip place. He volunteers himself as a substitute.


My name is Miles Pringle.  By any standard of measurement I am average.  I am 70 inches tall, I weigh 175 lbs.,I have an IQ of 100 and am average looking with an boring personality. I am, by no means a young girl's idea of a man they are "waiting to exhale" over..  Moreover, all of my body parts are average.  When I was examined by a lady urologist at the VA hospital, she took one look at my genitals and said, "You look like everyone else."  She should know what she is talking about, she has seen more penises in her life than a whole brothel, more than 100,000.

Some years ago, when I couldn’t find a better job, I became a cabdriver. There is nothing remarkable about that except that one day I picked up three adult women. When they got into the cab, they said, “Take us to a male strip joint.”

I said, “I don’t think there are any.”  Then I realized that this was an opportunity of a lifetime.  I said, “I always wanted to do that.  If you want, I will volunteer.”

They conferred a minute and one of them said to me, “Where would we do this?”

I said, “In your hotel room.”

They said, “Okay.”

I drove them to their hotel and called in, “Out of the cab for lunch.”

When we reached one of their rooms, I studied the women.  They were all in their early 40’s.  I asked them their names.  It was Donna, Barbara and Kathleen.  Donna was a tall, willowy blonde with a pretty face and a broad toothy smile and what still was an excellent figure.  She had a couple of lbs. more than she should have but she was still stunning.  Barbara was just as tall as Donna but a redhead.  She didn’t have the figure like Donna because she was bigger boned but she had a nice full, firm butt.  Then there was Kathleen who was a short, skinny brunette with a plain face and wore glasses.  Whereas both Donna and Barbara were full bodied women Kathleen was small breasted with almost no waist and skinny hips.  Donna and Barbara were first grade teachers and Kathleen was a kindergarten teacher.

I asked, “How do you want to proceed?”

Donna said, “You are the entertainment.”

I said, “Why don’t you help me undress?”

There took turns undressing me, piece by piece starting with Donna, then Barbara and lastly Kathleen.  Soon I stood naked in front of the with my cock growing as they stared at me.  I said, “Anyone want to dance?”

I picked Kathleen who was a little quicker than the others.  When a man and woman dance the position usually is that they hold hands, the woman puts her hand over the man’s shoulder and the man put his hand around the woman’s waist.  Since the man is supposed to lead, he uses the hand around her waist to lead her.

In this case I took her right hand and directed it to my balls, then I put both of my hands around her waist.  We then began to sway to the music on the radio.

Kathleen got the message and used her right hand to explore my cock and balls.  In short order, I was fully erect and hard.

Shortly Kathleen was tapped on her shoulder by Donna. Donna immediately put her left hand over my shoulder and her right hand on my cock.  As we swayed, she began to explore my cock and balls.  After she had explored my cock and balls, she took my left hand and put in on her left breast. I began to feel that breast.  After a little while I tired of feeling her breast and pulled her close to me. I wanted her to feel my erect cock pressed against her stomach. 

Then Barbara tapped Donna on the shoulder and replaced her.  She immediately took my left hand and placed it on her crotch.  I took my fingertips, found the slit between her labia lips under her clothes. Then I rubbed my fingers up and down her slit making sure I made contact with her clit.

After Donna put my hand on her crotch she went immediately to my cock and balls.  There she started exploring both of them.  She seemed to especially appreciate my balls, fiddling my balls through her fingers.

I was getting too hot, and I didn’t want to cum, at least not yet.  I broke off Donna and said, “Time for some puppetry of the penis.”

I said, “My first demonstration is a metronome.”  Who wants to help me? Once again Kathleen was the first to volunteer, she stood beside me, grabbed my cock and swayed it back and forth at a regular interval like a metronome.

I said, “My second demonstration will be a baseball bat.”  Barbara was quickest next.  She stood behind me and swung my cock as if it was a bat.

I said, “Now a pump.”  This time I didn’t have to ask for a volunteer, it was Donna’s turn.  She stood in front of me, grabbed my cock and pumped it like a pump handle.  Then she cupped her hands under my balls and started stroking my cock.  I had to stop her, or I would have cum. 

Barbara said, "He is really hard, let do a catapult."  She took a penny, put it on the head of my cock, pulled my cock down and let it go.  It flew into the air.  Then Kathleen tried a quarter with the same result.  When they tried other heavier items, it didn't work.  They tired of this game.

Donna said, “My turn, I want to do the popsicle?” Donna got up and got on her knees in front of me. She knew exactly what to do. She took my cock into her mouth and used her tongue to lick me at the same time. I was getting ready to cum, but I was having so much fun I didn’t want it to be over.  I said, “My turn to do some licking.”

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, put her on the floor, lifted her skirts and started to remove her panties.  She resisted, so I ripped them off her.  Then I went down on her. My tongue quickly found her clit and then I sucked on it. Then I inserted my social finger into her cunt, found her G spot and began massaging it.  Her resistance quickly melted away and she spread her legs to give me better access to her pussy.  Soon she began to move her pelvis in time with the motion of my social finger.  Suddenly my social finger felt her pubococcygeus muscle pulsate in orgasm.  I massaged that muscle with my finger to match its pulsations. When she stopped her pulsations, I continued to massage her g spot and suck on her clit until she had her second orgasm.  When she finished her second, I gave her a third.

Then I took Barbara and put her on the ground. She did not resist me. When I started to take off her panties, she lifted her butt to help me.  Then I went down on her the same as I had Donna.  When I stopped after her first orgasm, she said, “Do me again.”  I did and one more time after that.

When I looked up at Kathleen, she had already taken her panties off.  She hadn’t taken her skirt off yet, but she lifted her skirt to show me her pussy.  She clearly  wanted me to see it.  She wanted to show me her most intimate lady part.  It was a pretty pussy even though its owner was not attractive  She had been waxed free of hair so I could clearlysee the line of her slit.  Her slit was clean and simple with no protruding inner lips.  I knew what she wanted. She got on the floor and spread for me. When she spread her legs apart both her outer and inner labias spread like a flower opening in the sun.  I went down on her just as I had the first two. She was wilder than the first two. When she started to cum, she started bucking like a bronco. I put my arms under and around her thighs to hold her down while I continued to lick her.

I did her three times like the other two, but I was not finished with her.  She lay there under the glow of her three orgasms, with her legs spread apart..  Her inner lips were spread open like the petals of a flower beckoning my cock to invade her and deposit my pollen. I positioned my cock in front of her now gaping crevass, inserted in the head of my cock into the top of her vagina and when I was sure I was inside, rammed it home.  She screamed like a virgin as my cock split the petals of her inner lips apart. After the first couple of thrusts, she met every one of them.  I had had so much stimulation by then that I came almost immediately squirting my pollen deep into her vagina.  She countered every one of my thrusts with wild abandon.  Despite her small size and my weight on top of her, her ass never touched the floor.

When it was over, she was not through. She went down on me and sucked me back into erection.  The she put me in the amazon position and rode me like a bronc.  I couldn’t cum at first, but I could stay erect.  She rode me through 3 more of her orgasms until I finally came again.  I had the impression that she still was not satiated. She was the best fuck I ever had!  Despite her mousy appearance, Kathleen was my favorite.  She was the most eager!  I love eagerness above all else.  Who the hell cares about what they look like when they can fuck like that? Then it was over. It was the best sex I ever had. I put my clothes back on and left.

I never charged them for the trip.  I had to make it up from my own pocket.  It was the best money I ever spent.As an average looking guy of average dimensions and no way with women, I never thought something like this could happen to me.




Submitted: February 21, 2023

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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A metronome, a bat, a pump and a popsicle! Quite the entertainer! A hot read.

Tue, February 21st, 2023 8:17pm


Thank you!

Tue, February 21st, 2023 2:10pm

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