Jeremy's pics are examined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

The stripped and humiliated college freshman Jeremy Moore's agony continues, as his naked Halloween pics are printed and distributed around campus.

"That CAN"T be his dick," said Grace, staring at a color photo of Jeremy Moore at the now-infamous Halloween party where Jeremy had been divested of his toga and rendered completely naked.

Tom, the villain (depending on who you asked), chortled, "That's it honey. I WAS THERE."

The other five college students staring at this and a few other choice pics of poor Jeremy giggled. A few of them had also been there.

"It is amazingly small, for such a studly guy," said Raoul.

"Is he circumcised? I can't tell," said Gina. "All you can see is a little nub. And his balls are the size of little marbles. How embarrassing. He's so cute. What a shame."

Raoul boasted, "I saw him go into his room that night and I yanked that sheet right off him. He showed his ass, but he was pissed."

Grace chimed in: "Here's a really good one of his butt, by the way." She passed it around. "You can tell he plays soccer."

Tom scoffed. "Soccer is for pussies. Speaking of which, look at his. It's really all he has."

Grace frowned. "Oh, I don't know. I think his pubic hair is nice." Grace had a crush on Jeremy.

Raoul blurted, "The right PERSON could get that dick to go to full mast."

Tom laughed. "He shot a load when it was a thimble. Dude had no self control."

Dave joined in. "Guys, cut him some slack. He is not speaking to me. I shouldn't have played with his pecs."

"And ass," Tom reminded everyone. "Don't think we did not notice that, Mr. Innocent."

Dave blushed. "I couldn't stop myself."

Everyone laughed.

"Oh, look," Eileen guffawed. "Look at THIS ONE. They got it as he shot his load!"

"LET ME SEE THAT!!" said everyone. And so, copies were made.

"He must never know this pic exists," said Dave, who now knew he had porn for life.

Everyone laughed again.

Then they all had beers, and the pics were examined more. Since they were all in a college pub, in a corner, with pretty good lighting near a window, they could drool over every aspect of the shocked, naked Jeremy Moore's gorgeous body.

It was eventually agreed that Jeremy was indeed circumsised.

"I really like his nipples," said Gina. Tom rolled his eyes.

Dave was getting very wet.

So was Grace.

To be perfecttly honest, Tom didn't look too disinterested either, particualarly fascinated by the ejaculation photo. I MADE THAT HAPPEN, thought Tom. Tiom marveled at the snow-white substance that Jeremy had expelled onto the yard. And in the photo, you could see said substance emerging from the little fleshy thing snuggled in Jeremy's crotch. Hilarious.

Raoul asked, "We're making copies right? When can I get mine?"

Tom replied, "Wednesday."

Back in the dorm, a fully clothed Jeremy Moore studied for an exam. Every time someone passed his  closed door,  that someone would whisper and giggle. This made Jeremy wince.

Jeremy misssed Dave, but Jeremy was still mad at Dave. Maybe I'll drop by his room later, Jeremy thought.






Submitted: February 19, 2023

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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Oh, wow. That's well written, though. I like the dialogue. At least the dude has a nice body. There are ways to work around this.

Mon, February 20th, 2023 3:23am

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