Privates on Parade

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A retired 58 year old Marine Corps. sergeant, who remains in insanely peak physical condition, is tricked into posing naked by his wife and her unlikely ally, a gay teenage boy.


My name is George Clayton. I am a retired sergeant who served in the Marine Corps.

I live now in a quiet farming community in Maine. My three kids are now on their own. I am 58 and my wife Mary is 62.

I enjoy farming, fishing, painting, and small-town life. Mary is not retired; she works as a librarian.

I have always been physically fit. My time in the Marines only strengthened my resolve to stay in shape. Mary says I have the body of a 30 year old. I’m not one to brag, but it’s true, I guess. I am solid muscle, if compact (I am 5’7” 130 lbs).

Sadly, my once luxuriant head of red hair is now just on the sides but Mary loves my bald pate. I am out in the sun a lot, so my skin is tanned.  I have minimal body hair, and this is simply natural. I don’t shave it. I have a trim mustache and I’m Caucasian.

I’m burdening you with these details of my body because they will become relevant to the story I am about to tell. It’s a startling story, but it really happened, one summer a few years ago.

I discovered this website because Mary left it up one night, and I think she did that on purpose.

Mary has always loved my physique and often requests for me to lounge around the house naked. I dom’t mind this usually, but one day it lead to something I had not anticipated.

Our nearest neighbors, the Robinsons, have a very likable teenage son, Alexander. He often drops by the house unannounced because he’s an artist (as am I), and we’ve given him carte blanche to sketch on our property, since we are right by the lake and his house is not.

It’s a gorgeous property, perfect for painters and just hanging out, basically.

I walk around often wearing only a pair of sweats.

Alex seems to realy like that and I realized he was most likely gay. This doesn’t bother me at all. He’s a good kid.

But one day, a Saturday, I was lying around the couch, in the nude, while Mary made lunch. Alex usually knocks when he comes to the house. This day, he did not.

He pushed open the screen door (it was summer) and announced his arrival. “Hey guys! I brought you some apples from the farm!” My first thought was whoopee, Mary will be baking pies, and then when I saw Alex, a well-built blonde farm boy wearing overalls and no shirt, standing there staring at me. I realized I had no clothes on. Alex had never seen me completely nude.

I scrambled around to find something to cover myself as Mary emerged from the kitchen. She was wearing her Saturday morning putter dress and an apron. She laughed at my panic and simply went over to Alex, kissed him on the cheek, and took the apples which were in a sack. “Thank you, honey,” she cooed. “You’ll stay for lunch now.”

Alex grinned, looking at me. I felt like I was the lunch.

I finally found a pillow big enough to cover myself and sat back down.

Alex said, “I’m sorry to barge in, I didn’t know that you were being, uh, casual.”

Mary laughed, “Oh silly, I make him wear this on weekends. Did you get a good look? George, take the stupid pillow off.”

I said, “I don’t think so, kids.” I took my pillow and stormed off to the bedroom to find clothes.

Alex whistled, “I cannot believe George is in his late fifties. You could bounce a quarter off his butt.”

Mary laughed. “True.”

I was very embarrassed and probably blushing, but I guess I was a little pleased at the same time. Still, I did not want to be nude in front of a gay teenager.

As I got to the safety of my bedroom, I heard Mary and Alex guffawing in the living room. What was so funny? I thought. Then I heard them begin to whisper and giggle. Ominous. I knew my wife; she had a wicked streak. I suspected she liked embarrassing me if she could find the opportunity.

Something told me to find clothes and put them on quickly. I tossed the pillow and  found a clean T-shirt and pair of sweats, and threw them on myself. I considered underwear, but decided it wasn’t necessary.

More giggling in the living room. Hmmm. I smoked a joint. Something was brewing. For some reason, I was suddenly glad I had showered. I spritzed some cologne on myself.

I wandered back into the living room, barefoot. Alex and Mary were seated on the sofa, drinking cocktails.

Someone had set up an easel in front of a posing block Mary and I kept in the living room.

As I re-entered the room, Alex and Mary cleared their throats. I knew I had to be on my guard. I knew what they wanted to happen next.

They wanted me to pose naked. It was obvious. I felt conflicted.

Mary got the ball rolling. “George, I promised Alex you’d pose for him this afternoon.”

“Oh really?” I drawled. “Thanks for letting me know, darling.”

Alex chimed in quickly. “Oh, Mr. Clayton, it would be such a help to me. We can’t get figure models at the school. At least, none that look like you.”

The kid had a way with words, I admit, and it was apparent that Mary was hot and bothered and that the sex tonight might be spicier than usual.

I’d always suspected Mary got off showing me bared. Here was palpable proof. I looked at her pleading eyes. I looked at her sternly. I did not want to strip naked for Alex at all, but I knew she wanted me to. Damn. Can I get out of this situation?

“Oh, what the hell,” I said, as if I did not care about this situation at all. “But what about your parents, Alex? They OK with this?”

Mary cooed, “I cleared it with them. They are fine with it, honey.”

I glanced at the posing block. The only thing on it was a wooden stool.

Alex urged, “Mr. Clayton, you do this for me, I’ll do it for you. I’ll pose anytime.”

Mary gasped and sipped her drink. God, she was horny today.

It was super awkward. I knew I had lost this little battle. I regretted not having put on underwear; maybe I could have gotten away with keeping those on. But it was too late.

“Strip, George,” Mary suddenly said, in a very sultry tone. Alex shifted on the couch. To my horror, I noticed he was tenting underneath his overalls!

My xtomach waa flipping over. Alex was so very young and fit and he was drooling at me. I did not feel flattered. I felt very strange, bue I knew my wife wanted to exploit me, so what are you gonna do?

Without saying anything further, I began to undress. Alex  gasped and whispered, ‘Oh my God. He’s going to do it.”

Mary said nothing. She drank and stared at me, and she winked.

T-shirt was off and I already felt naked. Steeling myself, I removed my pants.

I closed my eyes when I was nude. Then I heard giggles. From both my wife and the college kid looking at me.

“Isn’t my husband spectacular?” cooed Mary.

I g rimaced.

Alex said, “He sure is. He is solid muscle. Amazing for his, uh, age.”

My eyes flew open. I looked at Alex and his tent. I felt rather faint, to be honest. Naked in the mid-afternoon, under these circumstances.

Mary chirped, “OK, honey. Stand on the block. Alex and I will tell you how to exhibit yourself.”

My penis is quite average, it is not long but it has girth, and my testicles are pretty big and low-hanging.

I do manscape, but I don’t really want that to be common knowledge.

My butt is solid steel. Years of even the most casual exercise ombined with a regimen of fitness will give you results, you know. Still, I wasn’t one to waddle around showing off my naked bum.

But, here I was, doing exactly that. I felt exposed and vulnerable and lusted after (a strange combo at my age, to be truthful).

“He has a great tan line,” said Alex, suddenly. I know I turned red. I felt it. Mary laughed.

“Oh yes, sweetie,” she said, mockingly. “I insist on that. I can’t have my husband wandering around underneath the sun with no protection.”

“Enough, kids,” I said. “Let’s start, OK?”

“Sure,” said Mary.  “Get up on the block and stand facing us, George, and put your hands over your privates as if you are trying to cover yourself.”

Alex giggled. I saw Mary admiring his explosed flesh. His back, in particular. The overalls showed off Alex pretty well. And he was tenting at my nudity.

I found this quite embarrassing. But my ordeal was just beginning.




Submitted: February 19, 2023

© Copyright 2023 goose. All rights reserved.

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Well fuck, let's bounce some quarters and bob for apples.

Mon, February 20th, 2023 3:27am

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