Jeremy, after the party

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

After being stripped naked and humiliated at a party, college freshman Jeremy tries to prepare for the aftermath.


Jeremy fled back into the dorm, a sheet hastily wrapped around his gorgeous, toned, athletic body. If not for the sheet, Jeremy would be naked.

Actually, Jeremy had been naked just seconds ago. He could still hear the jeering outside the dorm, where a Halloween party was in full swing.

Jeremy had been stripped, thoroughly humiliated, and groped. Groped to the point where he had inadvertently ejaculated in front of the entire party.

Jeremy had unwisely decided to wear a toga for the festivities. A “series of unfortunate events” had ensued, and the handsome, dark-haired Jeremy had been divested of his garment by a cruel upperclassman, Tom. Jeremy cursed as he raced up the stairs to his room. Why hadn’t I wore fucking underwear? He was furious. His friend Dave had tricked him into venturing outside wearing this ridiculous outfit without anything on underneath.

“I will NEVER speak to Dave again,” Jeremy vowed.

Jeremy was almost to his room until he encountered a gaggle of students roaming the halls. He clutched the sheet around his naked body. He would NOT be exposed again, he declared.

The students were all costumed and drunk. When they saw Jeremy they yelled in delight.

“Hey, it’s Jeremy!” “Is he naked?”

Jeremy raced to his door. Thank God he’d left it unlocked. He pushed the door open. Simultaneously, one of the partiers grabbed the sheet and pulled it off him.

Jeremy got inside but not before giving the party group a nice full view of his fulsome buttocks. He threw his hands over his genitals and slammed the door.

Jeremy heard them all laughing at him outside.

“OMG he has a great body,” that gay guy, Raoul, proclaimed.

Jeremy was horrified. Too many people had seen his body tonight.

The stripping of poor Jeremy had been epic. It had exposed his best-kept secret: a very small penis and balls. Yes, the rest of him was prime, but now the entire campus had seen him literally undraped. And photographs had been taken with damn cell phones.

Jeremy locked his door. He did not trust anyone to leave him be. Everyone was getting out of control. Fuck, Jeremy thought, I wanted to get drunk too. Now Jeremy felt violated.

He was naked in his room, but at least he was alone. He looked down at his tiny dick and grimaced.  It looks smaller than ever, he thought, and remembered the derisive comments he’d received from all his classmates.

Jeremy had been unmercifully groped and fondled. Dave had fingered his asshole!

Jeremy couldn’t believe he’d lost his self-control and ejaculated in front of the punch bowl. How did that happen?

Jeremy had a bottle of vodka in the room and he poured himself a big swig.

Life is not fair, thought Jeremy. How can I live this down?

He felt like crying.

My persona is shattered, he moaned to himself. It will be awful facing everyone tomorrow. There was no way he would be leaving the room tonight. Fuck Halloween.

To make this all worse, Jeremy began to hear a chant begin downstairs, “Pencil dick pencil dick pencil dick.” Then he heard “Here’s a picture of it.”

Jeremy wanted to leave campus through a time warp portal and pretend this night had not happened.

He looked at his otherwise perfect, nude body in a mirror. The rest of me is flawless, he thought. I’ve worked so hard on my body, and now it is ruined.

There was a knock at the door. It was Raoul. “Hey, man, it’s me. Let me in. You have a great ass.”

Appalled, Jeremy drained his vodka drink.

Raoul jiggled the doorknob.

Jeremy threw on sweats and a hoodie. They have seen enough, he grumbled.

“Go away Raoul,” he barked. There was laughter.

Where was Dave? Wasn’t he going to apologize?

Jeremy drank more. Raoul gave up and left him alone.

Before Jeremy passed out on his bed, his last thought was “I am devastated.”

He did not realize the degree to which his stripping and humiliation had delighted so many people at the college.

And how many people would pleasure themselves looking at his naked pics on their phones.


Submitted: February 18, 2023

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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Nice idea. A 'fictional' postscript to your 'true story' (which I loved, btw).

Sat, February 18th, 2023 9:03pm


Thank you.

I'm glad you made the connection.

I just felt writing something short and sweet (sorry, Jeremy).


Sat, February 18th, 2023 1:42pm

ENM Enthusiast

Where's the first story?.....I'm curious hehe

Wed, February 22nd, 2023 1:01am


First Jeremy story should be still in the True Life Experiences thread on this site, on either page 5 or 6. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll post it as a "new content" stand-alone.

Wed, February 22nd, 2023 6:39am

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