The Babysitter

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: CFNM

A young man recounts his youth when his neighbor girl used to babysit him and as part of her duties, bathe him.

The Babysitter

When I was 1 year old my mother had me in a crib out on the lawn. Mary Wells, the five year old girl across the street, saw me and came over. Babies fascinate little girls. When my diaper had to be changed, she watched my mother change me.  Shortly after that when my diaper needed changing, she asked my mother to teach her how to do that. My mother obliged her. She became a frequent visitor to our house. Whenever she was there, my mother would let her change me and feed me

One day when my parents went out for the evening, they hired Mary as my babysitter. Mary was dependable so every Saturday when they went out, Mary would babysit.  It was part of her regular duties to bathe me. The first time I remember her bathing me was when I was five. It certainly did not bother me because she had been babysitting and bathing me for four years.

It never occurred to me until I was an adult that a neighborhood girl giving me a bath was unusual.  When she bathed me, she made it fun for me. She would sing to me and play games. Since I had not been circumcised one of her duties was to roll back my foreskin and clean my glans.  She always made a kind of game out of this referring to my penis as her little soldier.  “Does my little soldier need cleaning? She would say. “How about his two friends? Do they need cleaning too?” referring to my testicles. 

One day when she was cleaning my foreskin my penis started growing.  It upset me but not her. I said, “Why is my weinie growing?”

She said, “Don’t worry about it. It is perfectly normal. My little soldier has learned to salute me. After she had cleaned the glans, she said, “My soldier is so cute,” then she bent over and kissed the glans.

Thereafter every time she cleaned my foreskin, I grew an erection. She made sure that I did.  She always referred to it her soldier saluting her and followed that by kissing the glans. I learned to regard it as just another part of taking a bath. When I did, since she had told me not to worry, I didn’t. I had no idea that it was unusual.

Occasionally, she brought a girlfriend along. I didn't like it because when Mary had a friend she didn't pay me as much attention.  However, Mary insisted so I had to go along with it. When my had a friend with her she always let her friend clean my foreskin.  That part of having another girl present when I bathed, I liked.

The way she treated made me feel proud to be a male. One time she said, “Boys are lucky to have a penis. It is so convenient to pee. We girls are so plain when boys are so fancy.”

I said, “I don’t understand. Why are girls not as fancy as boys?

When I said that she paused for a couple of seconds. Then she said, “You really don’t know, do you?”

I said, “Know what?”

She said, “Never mind, this is something that you need to know. I’ll have to show you.”  The she lifted her skirt and lowered her panties.  I looked at the slit between the two lips of her outer labia. She said, “This is what a girl looks like. As you can see my outer genitals are plain compared to yours.”

I said, “Is mine better.”

She said, “Not better but more convenient. You can stand up to pee. We girls have to sit down to pee?”

I said, “Where do you pee from?”  She spread her labia apart and showed me her urethral meatus.

She said, “I pee from this little hole inside my labia. All girls do.”  Then she explained to me where babies come from and how they are made.

When I turned thirteen my mother asked me if I beeded a babysitter. Since I had always loved my time being bathed by Mary because she paid me so much attention, I said yes.

She continued to bathe me when she babysat me because I wanted her to. It always felt special to me that she paid so much attention to me when she bathed me. Even when I went into puberty, she continued to bath me. She always paid special attention to my penis and testicles. Before she cleaned my foreskin, she always asked if my soldier needed cleaning.  She knew what the answer would be because my answer was always yes.  When I grew an erection she would comment, “I see my little soldier still salutes me.”

I started growing pubic hair. Of course, she noticed. Once again, she made a game out of it paying special attention to my manly parts.

She said, “I see my little soldier is growing into a big soldier.  Does he still need to be washed?”

I said, “A good soldier is a clean soldier.”

She then pulled back my foreskin and washed my glans. Then she took her soapy hand and washed my penis and testicle as she had many times before.  When she did, she suddenly said, “You are older now and becoming a man, do you still want me to bathe you?”

It surprised me and I really did not understand why she asked.  She had always bathed me, and I thought she enjoyed it as much as I.  I thought it was good fun for both of us.  I said with genuine hurt feeling, “Don’t you like me anymore?”

She said, “Of course I like you.”

I said, “Why don’t you want to bathe me anymore?"

Mary said, “We have fun in the tub don’t we?

I said, “Yes, we do.”

She responded,  “I will continue to bathe you as long as you want me to.”

When I was a little older my mother asked me again if I still wanted Mary to babysit me.  I said, "If Mary doesn't bathe me, who will?” 

My mother said, "You are old enough to bathe yourself."

I said, "When Mary bathes me, she makes it fun to take a bath."

My mother said, "Don't you want to protect your modesty?

I said, "Mary has always bathed me.  Why do I need to protect my modesty from her?"

I continued to mature, and my manly parts grew hairy and larger.  When they did, Mary paid more attention and made sure they were good and clean.  Nevertheless, she still treated me as a little boy when she bathed me.  When she was done cleaning under my foreskin she would say. “My little soldier is big now, but he is as cute as ever.”  Then she would kiss my glans.

When Mary went off to college, she had an apartment she shared with Valerie. My mother finally refused to pay Mary for babysitting anymore. I went to Mary’s apartment to get my baths. When I did her roommate Valerie was present. Mary insisted that Valerie help her. By this time I liked it, there were more than one girl bathing me. 

One time when I went to get my bath from Mary, Mary was not present. When Valerie offered to do it, I accepted. I grew my usual erection when Valerie washed my penis and testicles. When Valerie washed me, she was unusually thorough. She used both hands, stroking my cock with one hand and the fondling my balls with the other. Suddenly I exploded, spurting semen all over Valerie’s hands. Valerie was not surprised and did not stop her washing me until I stopped spurting. When it was over, Valerie said, “Did that feel good?”

I said, “Yes, it was wonderful.”

Mary and Valerie were studying to be nurses. One day Mary decided to use me to practice giving a bed bath.  When Mary gave me the bed bath her roommate Valerie asked her if she could givepractice giving me a bed bath and Mary agreed.  At the end of the bed bath with Mary watching Valerie washed my cock and balls until I spurted once again. Some of Mary’s fellow nursing students had never seen a live naked male before.  Mary suggested that they bathe me so that they would feel comfortable when they had to deal with their first real naked male patient.  When I went to Mary for my bath she informed me that it would be her friends who would bathe me.  I didn't resent this, I was always fun to let a new girl bathe me.  They all had been instructed that they had to reward me afterwards with a hand job.

Mary let her fellow female nursing students use me to practice giving catheterizations. They would use sterile practice to put a rubber tube up my penis until it went into my bladder and drained my bladder. Often there would be several nursing students watching.  They all the helped in the process of masturbation.  There is nothing more exciting that being masturbated by several girls at one time. 

When some of the nursing students asked me to help them give a hand job. I was only too glad to help. First, I told them to tease me by gliding their fingertips over my penis and balls lightly until I grew an erection. Then I told them to smear my cock and balls with baby oil. That was because I wanted to enjoy the pleasure for as long as possible, I told them to only fondle my balls until I told them I was ready.  Finally, after about a half on hour I would have them stroke my cock with one hand and fondle my balls until I finished erupting.  To this day, there is nothing I like better than a slow hand job.  It lasts so much longer than regular sex.  A couple of the nursing students asked to do it again until they got good at it.  Of course, I let them.

When Mary graduated from nursing school the baths and the attention I received from Mary and her friends stopped.  I really miss her!


Submitted: February 17, 2023

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