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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

I continue my adventures with my student in London, where he is humiliated at the movies.

(All characters ae 18 or older and this story is strictly fantasy. The author does not condone the action in the story)






 Part 2 After the incident on Old Compton Road, Link was totally mine. Yes, he was ashamed. Yes, he lost all self-esteem. Yes, he was humiliated and degraded. Yes, he fell apart emotionally.  All those good things. I had chosen that particular gay street because there are several pretty wild gay clubs there where young Londoners hang out, and some of them dress pretty crazily some times. There are guys in drag, and guys in cut-off jeans and all kinds of sexy extreme things, so I knew I was fairly safe with young Link totally naked except for the posing strap. Of course, he was a tender-aged teen boy who had never ever exposed himself in that way in public before. I still remember how devastating it was for him. His cute, young dick and balls covered by only a thin red piece of almost see-through material, and his young, round, smooth fuckable ass totally exposed. You can imagine what a wreck poor Link was. He kept looking to me for help. My dick was never harder.


He got his clothing back from a guy outside the Compton Pub... where a gang of really rough looking men in their thirties and forties put the young future fuck boy through the ringer. They called him every filthy, derogatory name in the book, made him stand at attention while they looked him over, and kept suggesting that he wanted them to fuck his baby ass! He was crying pretty hard, which made them all hard as well. I told him he had to walk back to the store to use the changing room to get dressed. I can recall walking a few feet behind him and watching his young ass globes rise and fall as he walked barefoot down the crowded street. That teenage ass really was a sight to behold. I wanted to see it filled with hole-stretching dick twenty-four hours a day. To humiliate him further, I ordered him to hold his clothing on his head as he walked,  so as not to cover his cute, virgin, teenage fuckmeat pouch. And believe me, his fuckmeat was on display. As we got to the door of the store, where more men had gathered to watch the fun, I gently reached down and untied the pouch from his smooth young body. He let out a terrible moan as the pouch fell into the street. He was now standing totally naked, holding his clothing on his head, crying like a baby, while a dozen or so men gazed at his teenage dick and balls.

And believe me, these perverts loved teenage dick.


Finally, I allowed him to get dressed. I didn't want to go back by evening train for a special reason, so I took young Link to an all-night movie in Notting Hill. In the movie theater, much to his horror, I made him totally remove his clothing once more. Sitting there in one of the front rows of the dark all night theater, he tried to slip out of his pants and underpants, shoes and socks and shit as unnoticed as he could.


I should explain that this theater often only has ten people or less at the all-night showings. Some come there to sleep. Some to make out with a date. Some to chill out after a night of drinking or drugging, and some to have kinky fun. Link begged me in frantic whispers to not make him do this, but I would not relent. I had him in my control and had to keep him there. This was a crucial point in our relationship.  I ordered him sit there totally naked with his legs spread and masturbate without cumming while we watched the film. At first he could not get hard, he was too scared, so I played with his nipples and reached down and fingered his young tight asshole, and his dick sprang up. The Viagra I had fed him helped. He had the dearest, most pathetic look on his young face as he beat his meat, his balls jiggling and dancing on the theater seat cushion. Link has nice full, thick teenage dick, bigger than many boys his age.


He was learning to follow orders, no matter where and no matter when. We sat in one of the front rows of a dark empty corner of the all-night cinema. Telling him to keep masturbating but not to even think of cumming, I went to the lobby and I bought a soft drink, finished it, and then took out my dick and pissed in the soft drink cup. Then, I ordered Link to sip my piss from the cup during the film.  You should have seen his sweet, handsome face collapse when I ordered that.  Still, he put the cup to his lips and drank. He made an awful face and coughed. I told him to relax and that he would get used to the taste of piss.  He struggled with it, but managed to keep the piss in his tummy without puking. He looked at me with a pathetic look on his face.


When he had finished, I took the cup and went into the mens' toilet and refilled the cup from a filthy, clogged urinal. I then brought my boy a fresh cup of stale male piss, this time from strange men. I also found some chewed gum in the urinal, so I carefully picked it up using a paper towel so as not to touch it. I gave that to my boy to chew on while he watched the film.


When anyone came up or down the aisle, I covered the top part of him with this tee shirt. If you know those cinemas, they are very dark and very empty late at night. There are young tourists and homeless who sleep in them most nights. Halfway through the film, Link told me he really had to piss because of all he had drunk. I told him to piss in the empty paper cup... and then drink it. I gently masturbated his dick for a while, getting it leaking copiously as often as I could. I had some candy with me which I covered with the dick leak and fed that to Link as well.

The kid was a trembling, totally confused, mess.


I pumped my own prick and I added my own cockleak to the candy as well, being one of those men who believes that lots of dick leak is good nutrition for a boy. A boy like Link must learn to respect whatever comes out of a man. All of a man's fluids and wastes are precious to a faggot boy. He is lucky getting to worship a real man. I took my shoes and socks off and had him kneel down naked on the sticky floor of the theater and lick my feet. We were lucky. An usher came by with a flashlight, but did not see young Link down on the floor. Then, I ordered Link to lick the sticky floor clean. I wanted this innocent boy to wallow in filth. Have you ever wanted to make a kid wallow in filth? It is such a great fucking turn-on.


While he was down there, I took my throbbing, wet dick in my hand and rubbed it on his back and in his hair and across his face. The feel of my dickhead on his soft face was heaven.  Next, I had him suck me off. By this time, Link who until this summer had never even had a gay thought, had become pretty damn good dicksucker. It was his mouth into which I regularly unloaded my big balls.  He had perfect cocksucker lips. He was punished for not sucking correctly or with enough enthusiasm. I also let Link practice his dick sucking skills on Crutchly. Crutchly was in his sixties and very very fat. Grossly fat! His belly hung so far over his short but very thick dick that a boy had trouble getting to it. I had Lincoln suck Crutchly almost every day to thank the schoolmaster for being so kind to me. After all, he let me watch his teen boy wrestling matches, he took me into London to see opera, he invited me to his "special gentleman's club," And he provided me with secure rooms and toilets for me to play games with my boys. I owed the old fart a lot.


Well, Crutchly loved to sit on boys’ faces. Of course, with his size and smell, it was a pretty awful experience for a boy. It was totally gross. It was enough to make any boy sick or even pass out. He loved to wiggled his ass crack on a kid’s face and then settle down and order the boy to shove his tongue as deeply up the stinking asshole as the kid could manage. I made sure Link had plenty of experience servicing Crutchly. The old man watched tv with his ass planted on Link’s face for hours at a time. Did I mention that Crutchly farted a lot as well. Link used to sob and promise me he would do anything if only I didn’t make him visit Crutchly for an “ass session.”  Of course, I would not relent, and when the boy returned, stinking of ass and weak and trembling, and terribly depressed, I told him what a “good boy” he was and how much I loved him. I told him that that is what good boys do…whatever their older lovers tell them to do.


In the movie theater, I made one more trip to the men’s toilet. This time I dipped the cup into the brown water-swill of an unflushed toilet. I was really pushing young Link to his limits. After this London trip, he would be totally mine. I returned with the reeking cup and handed it to the boy. “If you love me, Link, drink this.” The kid needed love so badly, he could not refuse. It did not go down easily. He choked and coughed and wretched, but I made him keep drinking, and while he did, I gently masturbated him, so he would associate sexual pleasure with filth and perversion and disgust.


As dawn came up in London, I had Link dress, without any underpants, and we left the theater. We made a quick trip to the men's toilet before we left, so I could allow the teenage boy to freshen up by washing his face in a piss clogged toilet. Then on to the train station.


The train stations of London are notorious among the practitioners of dirty sex. Alas, some of them now have attendants whose purpose is to stop the fun. I took Link into a particularly filthy stall with me and commanded him to lick the crap encrusted toilet bowl clean. Link was a  complete fucking mess by this time. He looked at me pleadingly with tear filled eyes and begged me to not make him do such an "awful thing." I spit in his face until it dripped with slime and forced that cute head down into the unflushed bowl. "Gobble, gobble, gobble," with coughs and chokes and burps and gags, young Link went to work.


For a boy of Link's age to learn that there is nothing too filthy or low for him to do, is a really good lesson. As a neglected, troubled teen, he was learning just what a filthy fuck pig he really was. Think how this would affect him in his future at school and in life. I made sure to take some photos to eventually send to some of his schoolmates back home in America. I already had some nice ones of him eating Crutchly's ass and sucking my dick. Of course, when Link would resist a command, like eating the crap out of a toilet, I could always ask him how he thought his uptight wealthy father would enjoy photos of his son sucking dick. You have to keep boys like Link on a short tether.  I made sure the toilet bowl was spotless. The poor little bitch was shaking like a leaf, unable to control his movements. I purchased tickets for a private first class compartment. I pulled down the curtains and immediately ordered Link to strip naked. He was shaking so badly by now that he could hardly stand. His eyes had a vacant, used and abused look. And as the train pulled out of the station, I opened the curtains again and ordered Link to stand facing the window totally bare assed and masturbate his teenage dick. Hundreds of people on the platform, if they happened to turn and face the departing train, saw a naked teenage boy pumping his young leaking pecker with balls bouncing. He damn near collapsed from that. I had chosen the train that made any number of stops before it reached our destination, and each time as the train pulled out, young Link had to stand in the window and jerk his dick. At one station, I made him finger his asshole as well. It was so fucking hot.  Young girls and boys gaped. Old people gasped. Perverts ran after the train, trying to see more.


When the conductor came round to collect our tickets, I threw a blanket over Link and pretended he was sleeping. I ordered some tea for us, and when It arrived. I made Link a nice hot cup of tea to revive him. I masturbated into his tea and instead of milk, he had cum. I then got hard again and took his virginity on the train, fucking him for a long time in the ass. My swollen dick had a hard time fitting into that tight little teen pucker. I had to stretch the hole open with my fingers. It was quite painful for Link, who kept quietly begged me not to do it. When my big cockhead at last popped into the warm interior of the boy’s rectum, Link passed out and I had to slap him awake. I had intended to fuck him gently, even romantically, but the animal in me took over and I battered the poor boy as hard as I could. I fucked him in ever positon, even making him stand with his front pressed against the window and my dick slamming into him as we passed a station platform filled with people. I told him I loved him and it would get easier. I  knew it would not. I would not let it get easier. I would come up with new and more perverted, sicker ways for the boy to be ass and mouth fucked.


But the summer was not yet nearly over, and I decided there and then that little Link needed a great deal more ass fucking, if he was to be totally ruined by the end of summer. I had to arrange some kind of gang fuck party for the boy. I went to Crutchly for help.

Submitted: February 14, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Best in a long time - can't wait for more!

Wed, February 15th, 2023 3:17pm

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