X’s and O’s

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by willnorman

I had a surprise gift for my girlfriend; her girlfriend gave me a bigger surprise.

I finished Tamika's holiday card with a flourish of large and meaningful X's and O's. And, God, I would miss her while she attended her cousin's wedding in England. Yes, and her pussy, even more.

I knew I had time before she went to work today to catch her this morning at her shared place. We had tonight already planned for ourselves, and her flight left tomorrow afternoon. 

I looked at the card; it was tasteful, not cheesy or cloy. I'd give her a shag to remember tonight so she'd keep me at the front of her mind while she was away for three weeks. I trusted her, and yep, she rightly trusted me. I was behaving myself, a reformed one-girl guy. I even had the approval of her cute flatmate and bestie, her girlfriend, Fiona. As a nurse working odd split and night shifts, I didn't see that much of my girlfriend's housemate.

I thought as I drove to Tam's place to surprise her and demonstrate how much I cared. I had the card and a Tiffany heart locket, an eighteen-carat pay cheque buster. I thought: I more than wanted her after her wedding — holiday. I'd decided to propose when she returned, and I was ready to suggest we move in together. I needed to test-drive her arse before we married. Though, she seemed to be saving her starfish for her wedding or never!

I bounded to the front door of her second-floor apartment and let myself in. Boyfriend key privileges. No Tam at the breakfast bar. Probably in her room or, better still, the bathroom. I made immediate plans for her to be late for work courtesy of my cock.

Well, it looked like I had surprise on my side. Yep, I did because as I went past Fee's bedroom, the door was open, and there was my girlfriend's bestie naked on her bed, finger fucking her shaved pussy with her eyes closed, on the cusp of a brow wrinkling explosive orgasm.

I was privy to the cutest display of fleshy pink girly peripherals spread so fucking wideBoy, was she opening herself up. She was entirely on the pleasure eXpress.

Suddenly Tam's body wasn't on my mind but Fee's open pussy. Her gaped slit was ready for a tongue party licking. Over prepared for a hard dicking. Still, I manfully held my ground. I had my zip open wanking. I rationalised it wasn't cheating on my girlfriend, just watching a real live genuine girlfriend's private orgasm shaping. However, I did have to drop the card.

The bitch slut Fee had to finger her arse, though. She was now O-hing and Ahhing. Her performance was beyond X-rated.

That pushed me over the precipice of need. There is nothing filthier than a tart fingering her arse. She worked it with two deep digits while three fingers were pumping her pussy. Then she was up to four fingers.

She was doubling her pleasure and provoking mine. Man, was I stiff. I could see the thin partition between her twin holes stretch and flex as she stoked and plied both engaged, bliss-filled, sensitive inner spaces. 

My dacks and boxers were off. The way she was going for it, she needed a man. It wasn't right to see a young twenty-something female frigging herself solo. 

"Oh fuck;" she went, opening her eyes, but beyond that, she just grabbed my cock and tugged it; as I replaced her digits with my fingers in her arsehole. It was tight and tension free, perfectly flexed, ready for cock. I couldn't have done a better prep myself.

"Lick, lick it," she moaned.

Of course, I licked it while manoeuvring on the bed into a randy sixty-nine. This gave Fee's tongue and mouth my cock, while I enjoyed her arsehole. She was cock ravenous. Gulping and near choking on my meat stick. I spat in her arsehole and rimmed her rilled pink anus in firm tongue-tip circles.

She was way in front of me for escalating the pace. She sat on my cock, bouncing for dear fuckin life. I was wondering when the woman had last had a shag. But, boy, was she going for it and riding with delight. Arching with pleasure. Grinding with climactic purpose. A complete woman. The slut in her dominating. I wasn't complaining. My cock was getting A1 pussy service.

She had the self-control to deny herself, her trapped, demanding orgasm, as she got herself in the doggy position. She demanded I take her arse.

Her butthole was gorgeously gawped and gaped. You have either seen an arse like this, or you haven't. I was in adoration, near idolatry worship of her puckered, flawless and pungent winking masterpiece. 

Such a talented sumptuous orifice deserved an immediate reward: my cock. 

I teased her tight, constricted opening with my dick, and then I buried my cock in her butthole. Her arse crack encircled my shaft. I occupied her frickin back passage with depth. Full dip and dunk. Moving in and out rapidly. Her arsehole was packed with my pecker. Stuffed with my ramrod. Crammed, compressed and wedged in a completely buggerising way. I was dirtily forceful, but Fee appreciated it. Absolute anal hammer and tong. Complete cock exertion and body pleasure extortion. 

Her pussy, at the same time, was a sluice of escaping liquid fem-juices as she fingered her engorged clitty as I raked her arse. Then, finally, she burst into an effusive climax. She groaned just after I jizzed in her bum. She needed my cream pie anal filling to soothe her raw but bliss-filled back crack.

It turned out Tam had gone to her mother’s place early. So, Fee thought she was home alone. 

I did dutifully screw my girlfriend that night and kissed her goodbye at the airport; the next day. It was an actual goodbye. Within a day, Fee and I were 'shacked up' together. No way was I letting her arse get away, ever. And Fee received the Tiffany heart locket.

Submitted: February 13, 2023

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Whoa! Tremendous action here, just what every guy likes, getting down and dirty. And what a gentleman, to help Fee out like that! Sweet story, well put together.

Fri, February 17th, 2023 12:23am

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