The naked beer thief

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

After getting out of the shower in the men's dorm and finding his towel missing, cuddly college boy Ron immediately regrets stealing his Irish roommate's last beer that morning.

I LOVE these STRIPPING AND HUMILIATION stories. They really turn me on a lot.

Here’s one from MY past. IT IS 100 PERCENT TRUE with very little embellishment. There was no need to jazz it up much.

Davey’s college Halloween true-life story reawakened one of my own past pleasurable college experiences.

I am Paul. I’m gay. This happened in the late 80s. I’ve never ever forgotten it. I'm thrilled to find a website to share it with people who might enjoy it.

The guy we’ll discuss here is Ron. He lived in my dorm, a few doors down, with his roommate Jim. Ron was around 20, slightly overweight, but cute as hell in his teddy bear way. Ron and Jim were friends and they usually got along, until one day, they had a tiff.

Ron is not gay. I was a little unsure about Jim, but back then he strongly identified as straight. I knew I was gay, but I was not out of the closet, although I’d been pushing the door open in increments, carefully, since this college was in a Bible Belt small town and I knew it might be foolhardy to forget that.

One mid-afternoon, I came back to the dorm after a movie. Coming up the stairs, I heard this frantic exchange: “Jim, LET ME IN YOU FUCK! I’LL BUY YOU MORE BEER. TAKING MY TOWEL IS SO HIGH SCHOOL! I’M FUCKING NAKED OUT HERE!~

It was unmistakably Ron’s voice, and he was in a state of panic. And sounds like, he was naked? This I wanted to confirm.

Descriptions of us: I’m a basketball player, confident physically, 6 feet tall, kind of gangly I guess, brown hair. Ron was as I said a bit pudgy, also brown hair, shy, somewhat of a geek, but fun to be around especially when he smoked weed. I’ll describe Jim a bit later, but a quick assessment of him would be “cute leprechaun.”

I’d seen Ron coming back and forth from the communal bathroom, he was usually wearing a towel. Occasionally I’d allow myself to go in there and check him out clandestinely. I wasn’t openly gay in college, so I was careful. This college is in the Bible Belt. I had noticed Ron had a very nice butt that was much firmer than you might think, given his slight doughiness, and that he also had low hangers and a nice-sized cock.

But those had only been glimpses. I now was going to see him in broad dormitory daylight. I took the stairs up two at a time. Ron heard me approaching and yelled frantically, “JIMMMMMMMM. SOMEONE IS COMING UP THE STAIRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

And then there he was. He was indeed nude. Stark naked, and wet, obviously just out of the shower. Defenseless.  He wat banging on his room door and I heard his roommate Jim laughing hysterically. Jim had locked him out, apparently over a beer shortage.

I laughed out loud watching Ron scream and throw his hands over his privates. His butt wobbled. This was nice. Water dripped from him, and outlined what few muscles he possessed. I licked my lips looking at his deep ass crack. It was hairless and frankly gorgeous.

I could not help making comments from the get-go. “Nice butt, man,” I said to him. “You need help?”

“Paul, Jim is being a bastard because I accidentally took his last goddamn beer,” Ron complained. “He took my towel and locked me out!!!” I heard Jim laugh maniacally.

“BEER THIEF!!!” yelled Jim from behind the door. “SUFFER MY WRATH!!!”

My mind raced and I quickly arrived at a solution to this situation. I was always up for a prank, especially if it involved involuntarily male nudity.

I openly ogled Ron’s nakedness. He became even more uncomfortable. I was not out of the closet yet, but I was well known for my pranks. “Can’t you give me a towel, Paul?” Ron begged, nervously, knowing my reputation.

The hallway was otherwise empty, but that could change any second, and it was obvious this was on Ron’s fevered mind. Any little sound in the dorm made his eyes widen and he would shift from foot to foot as he desperately covered his cock and balls. I could see his balls, though. They truly were low hangers, as I said. And since they were fresh out of the communal shower, and wet, they actually made tiny squeaking sounds. Also, every time Ron shifted, his buttcrack would open in increments. I could not fully see his asshole, but I vowed to rectify that.

I very much liked seeing Ron in this embarrassing situation since he obviously did not see any humor in his dilemma. He had fleshy man boobs, appealing, brownish silver dollar nipples, a little chest hair, and jiggling love handles (this particularly turned me on greatly, me being an athlete watching an out-of-shape naked man trying to cover his manhood in front of someone with a superior body like mine).

“I’ll help you, Ron,” I giggled (yes, giggled). “But there will be a price.” I heard Jim go silent behind the door. He was clearly listening.

As I said, I was well known for pranks. Ron knew this. Grimly, he responded, “And what would that be?” he  spat, annoyed. He was blushing. He just wanted to get inside a room at any cost.  But I did not like his TONE, considering his condition and my generous offer of assistance, and I vowed then and there to show this ungrateful naked boy no mercy.

“We’ll go to my room so you can not be exposed out here, showing off your wares,” I explained. “But once in the room, I have a request if you want a towel—or anything—to cover yourself before I throw you out again.”

“WARES!!!” Jim shrieked behind the door. “You mean those big udders?” Jim guffawed and I heard him open a bottle of something and pour. Probably his secret stash of whiskey. I’d gotten drunk with Jim a few nights when Ron was out at the gym. “Gym,” Jim had sneered. “He walks by it, and that’s about all.”

Jim was one of those guys who jogged at dawn and ate whatever he wanted, and never showed it. More than once, I heard Ron complain about that. But I did not share Jim’s disdain for Ron’s body. I liked all types. The fact that Ron was introverted and did not seem to realize his appeal was enticing. I have never been attracted to arrogant men.

But his little bitch act had made me a bit riled. So I repeated my offer. “Do as I say and I will give you access to my room, and eventually clothes, but you will have to follow my orders.”

Ron sighed in wary relief. He had no idea what I was about to say. Frankly, I was amazed at myself, because what I said was:

“Once in the room, you have to blow a load, naked.”

Ron gulped, unsure at first at this request and apparently, what it meant.

“Yeah,” I explained. “You have to masturbate yourself in your current condition, while I watch—to completion.” I heard Jim scream inside the room. “I WANT TO WATCH THAT!!” he yelled. And Jim was as straight as they, er, come, or so it was proclaimed and believed.

Ron blanched and blinked his eyes. “There is no way I can do that,” he whispered. “Self-abuse is wrong,” he gurgled, lamely.

 Jim shrieked behind the door. “OH PLEASE! The bunk is not soundproof, Ronald.” (They slept in bunk beds. Jim was on top.)

“Fine, then,” I laughed at him and looked at his naked body with derision. “Stay out here with your blubber and enjoy your nudity. There’s some girls coming over in five minutes.”

“How can you do this to me?” pleaded Ron.

Jim laughed and laughed and laughed.


Jim laughed and laughed more. “His BLUBBER. His WARES. His BOOBIES!!!!”

I could not stop smiling. I also laughed. Ron was beet-red.

I said, “Ron, I am not doing anything to you. I’m provided you an out. OK, maybe I’m taking advantage of your, uh, problem, but c’mon did you think I’d just go fetch you a towel like a servant. If it helps you make up your mind, I have weed in the room. And beer, although obviously you may wanna cut down.”

I deliberately stared at Ron’s waistline, lifting up my shirt to show off my abs. Ron got the insult, winced and turned back to face the door. That one litttle gesture destroyed him a tad. Good. He’d been facing me, clutching his stuff. Now he was trying to hide. But he was still naked and had a belly that I"d just deliberately mocked.

Now I was re-greeted with a delicious view of Ron’s extremely nice buttocks. I could really chow down on that, I remember thinking, but of course back then, I could never say that right there in the fucking hallway. I was frankly surprised no one else was hearing this and coming out of their rooms to see what was going on, but it mid-week and most of the guys were probably in class or playing fresbee, or something like that. Ron was lucky in this regard. I wasn’t the only prankster in the dorm.

“Nice butt, the girls will love it,” I laughed. “I’m going to my room now.” It was time to apply pressure, as I detected Ron’s anxiety level was escalating.

“No. Don’t leave me here.”

“You know what you have to do. Just knock and I’ll let you in.” I knew I had achieved success.

Jim laughed more. “BUTT!” he yelled. “MORE LIKE, BARN!” Ron shook the doorknob. “LET ME IN, YOU LITTLE PRICK!”

Jim giggled. ‘NOPE.”

I strolled down to my room. Delightfully, I heard female voices two flights down.

Ron yelled in horror. “OH FUCK.”

I entered my room and closed the door, and I could hear Jim laughing all the way down the hall.

The next thing I heard was a rather meek little knock on my unlocked door. Showtime!

“Come in, it’s unlocked,” I said. I lit up a joint and pulled out two cold beers from my fridge.

A naked Ron, shivering, entered, still covering himself in vain. His balls really were big. I stared at them, smirking. This unnerved him.  The way Ron was standing, using his hands to conceal his jewels, was making his un-toned boobs squish together, and his nipples were grazing against his forearms.

I did not waste any time making fun of him. “Wow, your nipples are quite large. Do they lactate?”

Ron glowered. “Fuck you, Paul.”

“I am your host, and for now, I am your savior,” I tartly replied. “If I were you I would treat me with respect, buddy. Do you want a hit?”

Ron hesitated. To smoke, he would have to remove a hand from his cock and balls. But I knew Ron smoked.

Logic won. Ron offered me a hand. A lot of his shaft was exposed. Ron’s brown bush was appealing. It looked as if he took time to groom it, which surprised me. This wasn’t really common back in those days.

Ron had been in my room only once, and he had been wearing clothes. He looked around nervously. I was sitting at my desk. Ron looked fearfully at my bed, where I had placed a bottle of lube. He looked away from that pretty quickly. I laughed. “It’s good lube, man,” I teased. Ron smoked the joint and sat down. On the bed. He was freaking out slowly. It was a bright sunny day and I had the blinds up. Since we were on the third floor, this was not an issue about who could see in, but still, Ron was obviously sensitively aware that he was fully exposed at least to me.

I heard the girls roaming the halls. “Just in time, man,” I told Ron, who blushed glowingly.

I really wanted to touch him, particularly his shameful flabby boobs and his big testicles, but I did not press my luck at this point. I merely looked at him, grinning. This enough drove me wild and him to break out in perspiration. Otherwise he had pretty much dried off. His blushing body heat had probably burned off anything left from his ill-fated shower.

“So what is it you want?” Ron suddenly blurted, feigning ignorance.

“I told you,” I said. “I want to watch you masturbate, naked as you are now, and I want you to ejaculate. You can lie down. Come on, man, we are both adults here.” I wondered how this would register with him, now that he was safely in a room and out of danger. HA HA.

Ron stared at my floor. “Guys don’t do that type of thing, Paul.”

I laughed again. “Sure they do.”

I popped open a beer and took a gulp. “I like to watch.”

“This is gay,” Ron protested. “I am not gay.”

I laughed. “Who is?” I drank more beer. Ron looked very confused.

Ron gulped and scrunched his legs together and bent over on the bed, trying to shield his flesh from my leering gaze. This turned me on immensely.

Then, there was a knock at the door. An urgent one.

“Hey, it’s me,” said Jim. “I ain’t missing THIS party. Let me in.”

Ron looked stricken. “Oh, no, don’t let him in. Please. He will make fun of me.”

I shrugged and let Jim in. Ron had long since passed the “making fun” phase.

Jim, a short impish little redhead, took one look at Ron on the bed, naked and humiliated, trying to cover his nudity next to a bottle of lube, and burst into laughter.

Ron reddened and hung his head in shame. “This is bad,” he said. “This is downright cruel.”

“Wanna beer, Jim?” I asked. “I hear you’re out.”

“Yes I do,” Jim replied. “And some of that weed would suit me as well, if you don’t mind.”

Ron desperately smoked the joint to dull his senses. No problem. I always had several joints prepared. I lit one up, took a hit, and handed it to Jim. I had the best weed on campus, and this was well known.

Ron was not happy with the general air of merriment in my room.

“Are you warm enough, Ron?” I asked the only naked man present. The sun began to glow through the window, and I could see Ron’s tits were not only large, they were really really large. And as I stared at those knockers, unabashedly, I could see that Ron was self-conscious about their size, because he attempted to use his upper arms to conceal the nipples.

Jim laughed, and I realized Jim had noticed the same thing.

“Sun is sure out, isn’t it? You warm, Ron?” I repeated.

“Uhhh, I guess?” Ron squirmed on the bed, still sitting. He seemed thrown off my sudden shift to kindness. It was a ruse. I’m a jerk.

Jim giggled. “He sure ain’t HOT.” Ron shot Jim a foul look. That remark clearly stung him.

I saw an opening here. I said, “Jimmy, don’t be mean. Sure Ron should work out more. He has a bit of a gut, and he has man boobs, but from what I can see he has a respectable butt and some considerable balls. I haven’t yet seen his member, but we will soon.”

Ron blushed and perspired. Jim guffawed. “His ass is a barn and those titties look like my sister Beth’s except for those little hairs he has. And his nipples are stupid. They’re too big. When Ron gets out of bed, his boobs jiggle.”

Ron seethed in silence. Since Ron was completely nude, watching him seethe was kind of interesting. I noticed his armpits were wet. HUGE TURN-ON FOR ME.

Jim smoked a joint and drank. “When is he gonna jerk off? That is why I left the welcome silence o MY ROOM. I’ve always wanted to see if a fat thief can get it up.”

Ron groaned now. He was utterly debased and he knew it was gonna get worse.

“Well, if he’s ready, I’m ready,” I said, trying to make myself sound bored when in fact I was excited as hell. We all heard the rowdy girls in the hall. “If he can’t put on a show, he ain’t gonna get no clothes. The girls will love seeing him wander around the dorm AU NATURALE.”

Ron said, “Why are you guys doing this to me? I have done NOTHING to deserve this.”

Jim immediately answered, “YOU DRANK MY LAST BEER.” In college, this is a sin.

I offered, “Them’s the breaks, Ronnie. A naked student in the dorm is ALWAYS going to be, uh, a bit exploited for others’ amusement.”

Ron stalled for time. “I have never done this in front of anyone. ANYONE.”

Since I had a cohort in Jim, I did not yield. “First time for everything, man.”

I smiled at the naked, humiliated kid on my bed. I was as hard as a rock. Since I was not formally out, I knew I had to proceed with caution, although I realize now Jim probably had figured out I was not straight. Anyway, I had always been able to capitalize on my reputation of the bad boy basketball player to basically get away with anything.

Jim himself was one of the most popular kids on campus. Girls adored him, despite his short stature. He has since gone on to make comedy films and even got an Oscar nomination as supporting actor.


At this point, I saw no reason not to get Ron’s show on the road. I was high, Jim was high, Ron was absolutely humiliated, and let’s go Mets.

“Ron, stretch out on my bed, don’t worry if you get stuff on it, lay back, get comfortable, do your business for us and put on a nice performance. We’re all guys here.”

“This is hilarious,” Jim splurted. “I cannot believe he’s doing this, to be honest.”

Ron chewed his lip. He didn’t want to play with himself in the nude in front of us.

“Do you need more pot?” I asked him. “Here, take a couple of hits. It will help.”

Jim: “Yeah go ahead, you beer stealer. Let’s see what you can do. And I want sounds.”

Ron’s eyes widened. “Sounds?”

“Yes, you fool, those little noises you make on the lower bunk at 3 in the morning. Do you really think I can’t hear that?” Jim teased. Jim looked at me, “he sounds like a kitten meowing.”

I laughed boisterously.

Ron smoked the joint and then I demanded it back. “OK Ron, it’s high noon for you. Show us the goods.”

Jim giggled.

Ron returned the joint, and to everyone’s delight (except poor Ron’s), he finally stretched out on my bed, completely naked. He touched and moved the lube like it was a grenade.

At long last, Ron was fully revealed in all his embarrassed, nude glory. His boobs jiggled and kind of settled down, even kind of collapsing to the sides of his slightly tanned chest. Ron’s tan line was very mild, but it was apparent he did not wear speedos.


Ron’s cock was as large as I suspected. Nicely cut, rather big urethra. The balls, finally released from Ron’s dumb attempts to cover them, relaxed between Ron’s not-bad thighs. I remember thinking, if this guy did a month in a gym, he would be quite hunky.

It was killing Ron to show himself this way to us. He was fire-engine red in the face. He continued to perspire, although not copiously. This actually appealed to me a great deal, as the room was not that warm, so I knew the sweat was out of sheer embarrassment.

Ron rested his head on my pillow. Nude. No one said anything for a bit.

Jim and I just relished Ron’s abject discomfort.

“Hit it buddy,” I said, cutting the tension in the room in half.

“Ugh,” Ron grunted.



Jim stared wide-eyed. He did not dare speak as to disrupt the proceedings. To be honest, I don’t think he or I believed Ron would go through with this, but I suppose the idea of being thrown out naked in front of a group of girls was simply NOT in his wheelhouse and would never be. So, lucky us.

I was not so diplomaticwhen it came to withholding commentary to naked Ron. This was MY room after all, and I realized this was not something I’d be privy to very often.

So I told Ron, “Good. Play with your big balls. That’s what I do.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jim glance at me with admiration.

“Use as much of the lube as you require,” I instructed. “It will hasten the process and I’ll be able to give you a pair of sweats.” I was lying to him. My sweats were in the wash.

“AND,” I stressed sternly, “start playing with those big ass balls. I want to see those monsters jiggle.”

Ron had briefly brightened when I said the word “sweats”, so he:


“Oh this is classic,” said Jim, smoking a joint.

Ron looked at the ceiling, miserably stroking himself naked in front of his roommate and me. It didn’t look like he was having much luck. The big penis remained flaccid.

“What happens in this room stays in this room,” I advised all. “Right, Jimmy?”

Jim came out of his reverie. ‘Uh, yes, of course.” He stared at his nude roommate’s body.

More girls were heard outside.

“If they only knew, right, Ron?” I taunted the naked slightly overweight cute guy playing with his body in front of us. “Nice tan line, buddy. The girls would love to see it, I bet.”

“You guys suck,” was all he could muster.

Jim and I laughed, loudly.

“What’s going on in THERE?” a shrill girl outside demanded to know.

Ron stopped masturbating and propped himself up on his elbows. This was rather sexy, as it made his big tits stretch and the nipples stick out in profile.

“Ron, calm down, we’re not letting Cindy in.” I giggled.

“Go back to your show,” Jim commanded. “This is what happens to BEER THIEVES.”

“You STILL haven’t played with your big MASCULINE balls,” I complained. “Maybe I SHOULD let Cindy in to watch.”

Ron whispered, “NO MAN NO.” He began to play with his lubed balls, gingerly. You can tell Ron was a wack-it-off-roll-over guy. I felt, frankly, that this was the first time he had explored his body in this way, which added to the thrill, of course.

“Good boy,” I said to Ron, who was reddening further.

“Look at how NAKED Ron is,” jeered Jim. “Why is he so NAKED showing off all that flesh?”

This stung Ron hard and I could tell. So I decided, of course, to make it worse.

“Jim, speaking of NAKED, do you mind gettin’ that old full length mirror over there and moving it to the foot of the bed so Ronnie can see how NAKED he is?” And I had other plans for that old cheap mirror I’d found behind the dorm weeks ago. I’d used it to watch myself often; I had a single room.

Now the mirror would be “watching” Ron.

Yet more girls galloped through the halls. Geez, was it an invasion? It wasn’t even Saturday night.

Ron stroked furiously. He wanted to do his business, cover up, and bolt.

He wasn’t getting hard. His dick wasn’t small, he was just too embarrassed, and it was fun to see him tug and tug and tug on it to no avail. He would not even acknowledge there was a mirror at the foot of the bed showing just how exposed he was.

“Use both hands, for God’s sake,” barked Jim. “We ain’t got all day. Jesus.”

So then I said to him, “Ron, look in the mirror, spread your legs WIDE, and continue your strokes, please.”

Ron garbled something like, “This is SICK.”

Cindy outside squealed, down the hall, “BUT I WANT TO GO IN PAUL’S ROOM!!!” There were murmurs and giggles. I guess I felt flattered.

“Don’t let that crazy girl in here, she has a thing for me,” begged Ron.

“I don’t see why. You can’t even get it up,” opined Jim, drinking and smoking.

“Jim, I will get you for this, you little Irish turd.” Ron hissed.

“Oh, I’m scared,” responded Jim.

“Gentlemen can we focus?” I asked, calmly, but enjoying their bickering and Ron being nude while Jim was clothed and making fun of him. “Legs open, Ron, and keep beating that meat. Use more lube. I can get more.”

Ron rolled his eyes. But Ron complied with my new request. He spread his legs, his nice ass came into view again, and he continued to masturbate, now vigorously. He was under pressure. It would have been quite effortless to unlock my door and let these college girls explore a guy’s dorm room, especially one inhabited by yours truly.

Jim was reading my mind. “I think we should let them in. Look at him. He’s a whore, showing himself like that. You can see his damn crack. Look at those big balls heavin’ up and down. He’s just gay.”

Jim said that last remark carefully, and I did not respond to it. We were on the same page, but we had different approaches to reading.

“Ron, you’re doing a fine job. But let’s speed things up. I have a date with Olivia in an hour,” I tiredly admonished. That was a lie. I did not know anyone named Olivia and even if I had, I would not have left this delicious situation for a date with her.

“SO,” I suggested, smoking yet another joint. “Here’s what I want next IF YOU WANT CLOTHING. You can continue to jerk your nice big cock, but I ALSO want to see you play with your MAMMARIES and also, finger your asshole.”

Jim stopped breathing.

“Wow,” he finally said. Then Jim whispered to me, “He will NEVER do that, Paul. If he does that I will lose my fucking mind.” I said nothing.

“There is no need for me to do something like that,” said Ron.”Guys don’t do that to themselves. That is just sick. It is obscene and non-Christian.”

“Hey man,” jeered Jim. “You just took a shower so your butthole should be clean. Show it to us.”

I was mildly surprised that Jim was so blunt.

I smoked more weed. The naked Ron in his current state did not resemble any Christian I knew, but I admit I have never known that many nude Christian guys. A few years later, I did fuck a drunk Mormon named Jonah.

Cindy wandered around outside saying “I want to see Ron. I know he is in there. He’s in there with Paul and they probably have their shirts off smoking pot.”

Jim burst out laughing. The girls outside began to titter. “I hear Jim. He’s in there too.”

“Jim is short,” one of the girls huffed.

Jim frowned. “Bitch,” he spat.

I stood up and went to the door. “Get ready for Cindy, fellas. Jim, take your shirt off.”

Jim laughed. “I don’t think so, Paul. I’m too short.” Ron’s eyes darted back and forth and he blinked like a fiend. He continued to play with himself, to appease me. He did NOT want that door unlocked.

Ron began to comically play with his titties, even valiantly pulling on his big nips, and, VERY VERY SLOWLY, he opened his legs more, and BEGAN





This was super-awkward for poor, naked Ron. H used the forearm over the groin approach and had to arch his back a little to make proper contact.

As for me, that segment alone remains unforgettable. I enjoyed Ron’s inadvertently lewd positioning, but I knew a why to make him more uncomfortable and expose more flesh.

“Nice, Ron,” I chuckled. “But I now want you to REACH UNDERNEATH and pull your buttocks open WIDE and finger yourself that way.”

Ron cursed. But he did it. The girls were out there, roaming, and they sounded a little rowdy.

Ron’s anus was now the focus of us all. Ron could barely (giggle) look at it in the mirror until I commanded him to do so. Jim just stared and shook his head, chuckling.

Jim eventually said, almost reverently, “I cannot believe what I am seeing.”

“Neither can I,” I teased. “What a sight to behold. Why is Ron’s hole so, ah, BIG?”

Ron grimaced, BLUSHED FURIOUSLY and continued to finger himself as if the finger would conceal the hole somewhat. It really didn’t, and since Ron was lubed up now, his finger made embarrassing squishy sounds as it went in and out, in and out, and the lips of the anus would pooch out accordingly. It was a hot hot sight. Also, Ron’s breasts would heave as he violated his own hole and his nipples looked to be getting stiff.

So of course I said, “Look, Jim. Your roommate’s nipples are hardening like a woman’s.”

“Paul, do you HAVE to make these remarks?” Ron complained. “It’s difficult enough to do this without you mocking me.”

“is It?” I feigned innocence. “You seemed to be enjoying yourself. Perhaps I should unlock the door and pull it ajar.”

“No, don’t,” Ron wheezed. “I’ll do what you want. Just don’t expose me to the girls.”

Ron went from asshole to tits to cock to balls, all in a frantic attempt to get himself off. He was sublimely awkward in his almost pathetic attempts to shoot his wad so he could attain clothing. His balls throbbed and they began to bounce up and down, which I loved.

“Play with your damn piss slit!” I barked. He did. Jim whistled in shock. ”I’m only trying to help him,” I announced, looking at my Madonna poster and laughing to myself.

If you have never watched a shy guy touch himself against his will, especially when he is naked, I highly recommend you do this. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.

More girls meandered outside. “I heard Ron in there. He’s so cute,” one of them said. I wanted to bless her heart.

Another girl shared, “I CLEARLY heard the word ‘buttocks’.”

Cindy screeched, “WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THERE?”

“Cindy, shut up. What you think college boys do? They’re obviously watching porn.”

Jim and I looked at each other and simultaneously covered our mouths. I had to bite my tongue. Ron looked angry as hell, but he kept going on himself. The alternative was right outside, and he would have rather died than subject himself to it.

A man can only play with himself for so long without getting some sort of response, and Ron was no exception, finally. Ron, almost to his palpable relief,  had now achieved erection against formidable odds. You can tell when a guy knows he is going to cum, and wants to cum (for whatever reason), I have found, usually. Even drunk Mormon boys.

And so Ron finally did achieve orgasm after achieving a pretty formidable erection. He shot a very respectable blotch of the sweet stuff, splattering himself all over. He did not make real “sounds”, maybe a stifled groan. He did bitehis lip to keep from bringing attention to himself to anyone outside the door.

High comedy it was. Ron’s nipples were now RED, engorged, virtually throbbing with raw carnality. Niiiiiiice. And if you’re into naked men, quite beautiful.

After clean-up and some knowing glances were exchanged (nothing initially was said), the roommates left, both stoned, one of them utterly demoralized,  after I gave Ron not only a towel, but a fluffy bathrobe. “I want the robe back. You can keep the towel.” I told Ron, who had mopped up his seed with that towel.

Ron held back well-deserved sobs, and the thoroughly entertained Jim told me, “You are OUT THERE, Paul. Wanna go out tomorrow for a drink?”

And I said yes and we did and we a gay old time. (Well, OK, not really “gay” although I thought Jimmy was quite attractive.) Jim told me that Ron eventually wept once back in their room while Jim drank Jim’s secret stash of whiskey. “He’ll never get over it, man. But I loved it. Seeing Ron play with his butthole was amazing. He looked ridiculous.” I didn’t think the naked, humiliated Ron looked ridiculous, just NAKED, and honestly, rather cute. I always regretted not going over to the naked Ron and playing with his big boobs, pulling on his nipple nobs and fondling his erect penis, pendulous balls and yeah, why not, his manly anus, which was pinkish brown, rather open-looking to be honest (hmmm),  with a few little hairs. Seize the day next time, fellers!

But in the immediate aftermath of those wonderfully memorable hours in my dorm room that afternoon:

In the hallway, while still in my room, I heard Cindy squeal. “It’s Ronnie, and  he’s in a bathrobe!” Then I heard Jim say, “You have no idea, Cindy.”

Then I heard Ron say, “Shut up, Jim, you asshole.” And then Jim laughed loudly and a door eventually slammed, hard.

I stripped naked, after locking my door, and stretched out on my bed, looking into the mirror, noticing that a bit of the stripped and humiliated Ron’s sperm had landed on the upper right hand corner somehow,  and I will let you imagine what came next.


Submitted: February 12, 2023

© Copyright 2023 goose. All rights reserved.

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Enjoyed this, thanks. Please write more.

Sat, February 18th, 2023 9:11pm


Thanks very much. Would you mind sharing with me your favorite part(s)? It'll help me come up with more stuff.


Sun, February 19th, 2023 5:44am

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